Oh, he can’t be serious! No, no way was I going to suck silver out of his chest! Godric was around somewhere. Eric had survived silver in the church. If I called out that Eric was injured, surely Godric would come.

“What? No. No! It’s gross, and it’s…you.” I had a look of total disgust on my face as I crouched over Eric’s bloody body.

My sympathy got the better of me. He did look pretty pathetic laying there like he was. Of course, Eric was always pale and since he was a vampire, he was a master at playing up the sympathy of humans to suit his purposes. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he was faking, but was I willing to take that chance? He had just saved my life, after all.

“I’m…dying…now…” His voice was weak and staggered. His movements still.

Oh shit, I whined in my own head. Out loud I said, “Son of a mother!” I hopped over his chest to take up a position closer to the wound in his neck.

Thick blood older than I could fathom oozed from the wound. I could smell its metallic sweetness. I really didn’t want to do this, but I couldn’t let Eric die, either. He’d gotten me out of the church. Well, not exactly, but he’d shown up when Bill hadn’t which is much more than I ever would have expected from Eric. He had offered himself in Godric’s place. Maybe Eric wasn’t beyond redemption after all.

My hands fluttered up to hold my hair back so I could get at Eric’s neck. The smell of his blood mixing with his cologne stirred something in me. His whispered plea in the lobby of the church replayed itself over and over in my head.

“Trust me,” he whispered. The memory sent unexpected chills down my spine.

I squeezed my eyes shut and closed my lips over the wound. I began to slurp and suck to pull the silver from his body. The first taste of his blood hit me and I groaned a groan that was equal parts disgust and surprise. He tasted different than Bill. It was beyond gross on a fundamental level. Vampire or not, it was blood that was swirling in my mouth. But, it wasn’t nearly as awful as I’d thought it would be. I guess I had been hoping his taste would reflect the nastiness of his personality. It didn’t work out that way.

You can do this, Sookie. Just get the silver out, and for the love of god, spit! Don’t swallow!

I felt the first piece of silver pop out of his neck and knock against my teeth. I spit it and a mouthful of Eric’s blood onto the floor. I looked at Eric to see if there was any change. There was mild relief on his face.

“The other one,” he groaned, his voice still graveled with pain.

Other one? No! No.

I shook my head, but he flopped back in a dramatic fashion. This was so effing gross! I gently peeled back his tank top to reveal a chest that many a fangbanger had risked a swift and savage kick to the head for the chance to worship. I had to repeat my little pep talk to myself before I could go after the silver.

But when my lips closed again, I felt something different. The disgust went away. Instead, I felt powerful and needed. I could have sworn I felt his eyes on me, watching me suck his chest. It still felt dirty and wrong, but in a sexual way. But rather than putting a stop to it, I sucked even harder. If he’s playing some sort of game with me, I might as well let him feel what he can’t have. Jerk. My tongue may have even lapped at the wound, but it was an unauthorized movement.

I spit out the silver and blood before going after a third wound without stopping to argue with Eric. But, I decided, I would not give him my blood. This would be the extent of my healing him. He would just have to suffer through a bottle of True Blood, or find a donor, if he needed blood to heal.

I had just spit out a third piece of silver- and was about to go after a fourth- when Bill’s voice stopped me.

“Sookie, what are you doing?”

Uh oh. He sounds horrified.

I looked down at Eric briefly, who was looking mighty comfy with his muscular arm pillowed under his head. Were his arms always that big? I nearly did a double take. The usual spark of mischief was back in Eric’s eyes. Oh shit. What have I done?

I wasn’t going to panic until I had a good reason.

“Eric had silver in his chest. I sucked it out and saved his life,” I said with a hint of pride in my voice, anxious for Bill to understand that I wasn’t sucking on Eric for the fun of it. There was a good reason for me to be there, to have his blood in my mouth. Blood I’d also spit out, thankyouverymuch.

Bill looked at Eric behind me with an obvious rage on his face. “Eric was already healing.” He looked to me with disappointment.

And just like that, it all started to come tumbling down.

“You mean he wasn’t dying?” Shock. Anger. Disbelief. Horror. Shame. Guilt. Betrayal. Lust. Whoa, wait a minute! Lust? I looked at Eric, who have me a little smirk. Hate. Definitely, hate.

“The bullets would have forced themselves out. He was in no danger,” Bill hissed.

That son of a bitch!

Eric was still grinning up with bright blue eyes full of satisfaction and stars. “She was superb,” he pronounced, his eyes on Bill as he spoke.

If I thought it would do any good, I would have clawed those beautiful blue- whoa, since when do I think anything about Eric is beautiful?- eyes out! Rage. More hatred.

“He’s forced you to drink his blood. He will be able to feel you now. He’ll know how to find you.” Bill looked to the floor, unable to meet my eyes.

“What?” I stared at Bill with my mouth open. “No. No!” I whipped my head around to look at Eric, who gave me a small shrug.

Oh I bet this is no big deal to you, you asshole! See if I ever save your life again!

“You are connected,” Bill almost whispered.

Flabbergasted. Stunned. Speechless. Devastated. How did this happen? How did I not know Eric and I would have this link? It seems like I should know this. I’m not the most educated person when it comes to vampires, but I’ve been dating- and sleeping with one- for long enough that it seems like I should at least know this. What the hell was I thinking? God, I’m such an idiot! I might as well have ‘sucker’ tattooed on my forehead.

I slapped at Eric’s chest as hard as I could. He was going to pay for this! If it was the last thing I ever did, I was going to find a way to get back at Eric Northman for doing this to me. He had no right to invade my privacy like this! None!

“You great big lying a-hole!” I shouted at him before hopping up and rushing into Bill’s waiting arms.

He told me I could trust him. This is how he earns my trust? Hate.

“You know, I believe you’re right, Bill. I think I can sense her emotions.” Eric continued to smile up at Bill and me.

Oh, you are so not funny! I seriously considered finding a stake. There had to be a splinter of furniture somewhere I could use. I burrowed against Bill before turning to look at Eric over my shoulder.

“I’ll never do anything for you again!” I turned toward Bill, only to turn back to Eric to say, “Monster!”

Bill was trying his best to soothe me. “It’s not your fault.” He stroked my hair.

“Sweet.” I heard Eric murmur from behind me. There was a very short list of people I had wished death on. Eric was doing his best to get on that list.

I looked up at Bill and said, “I didn’t know.” But I should have! I should have known! Bill should have told me. I should have asked. I shouldn’t have just turned into some silly Girl Scout the second Eric put on his little act. Idiot.

“It’s not your fault,” Bill repeated to me and I shook my head at my own stupidity.

“I think I’m going to cry.” Eric was having far too much fun with this.

I glanced over at him. I could feel anger rolling off of Bill in tense waves. Eric was smirking at me, all sorts of satisfied with himself.

Godric announced that the local vampire hotel was expecting everyone to take shelter there. Bill began to herd me outside to get me away from Eric. I could feel Eric’s eyes on me as we walked out of Godric’s house. From the outside, it was truly amazing there was anything left standing. No sooner were we in the transport vehicle the hotel had sent, than I realized my purse was missing.

“Shit,” I mumbled and rubbed my forehead.

“It’s alright, Sookie. You didn’t know that would happen.” Bill rubbed my tense shoulders.

“No, it’s not that. I mean, yes, that, but I left my purse inside.”

“I’ll get it.” Bill moved to go.

“No, it’s okay, I’ll go.” I stood to get off the van.

“I do not want you alone with Eric,” Bill said through a clenched jaw.

“He’s done enough for one night, Bill. Besides, I think Godric is a bigger concern for him at this point.” I watched Eric’s maker as he walked toward the van.

Eric stood in the doorway of the house, but he wasn’t watching Godric. He was watching me. I gulped and then got out of the van. I passed by Godric who gave me a smirk that was a strange hybrid of ‘I told you so’ and ‘I’m sorry’.

I marched past Eric without a word, but since his large body took up most of the doorway, I decided to try and get even with him a little bit by making sure my chest brushed against his. His head snapped around to watch me. I found my purse on the floor where I remembered it being. It wasn’t in the best condition, but I didn’t want to have to replace the license and credit cards inside.

Laying next to the purse was one of the pieces of silver I’d sucked from Eric’s chest. I looked over my shoulder to see if Eric was still there. He was gone. Before I could think about it any further, I reached out and grabbed that piece of silver. I rolled it in my hands for a few seconds before depositing it in my purse.

I straightened out my coat and went back to the van like I hadn’t just gone back to claim a souvenir.

5 thoughts on “Monster

  1. That was great and i can see her doing that exact thing, even keeping the prized piece of silver. i laughed at the scene while watching it and laughed and giggled now. Sookie is his little bullet sucker… lol Kristie

  2. I was always irritated that after Bill went on and on about the effects of vampire blood, specifically Eric’s, she didn’t put two and two together and realise Bill did exactly the same thing to her, and his blood would do exactly what he told her Eric’s would do. Eric could now feel her emotions, now she’d be attracted to Eric, she’d dream about Eric, Eric could use it to control her, Eric could locate her….blah! Blah! Blah! can Bill! Stupid Sookie…

  3. Neat. Compliments the previous one shot. Really Sookie should twig earlier that if Eric can feel her emotions so can Bill. But hey this made a wonderful story. Thankyou.

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