Gimme Back My Bullets

There was only a second to react from the time Eric saw the bomb to when the detonator was pushed. His reflexes sprang to life. Without any thought at all he used his body to shield Sookie from the blast. She didn’t even have time to scream, it all happened so fast. The bomb exploded, destroying everything possible in its path. A magnificent fireball blew out the windows. Vampires had already hit the deck but there were several human casualties. He hoped one of them would be Sookie’s brother. It was only Jason’s connection to the wriggling telepath underneath Eric that had saved his life in the first place. For obvious reasons Eric couldn’t kill the boy outright, but a suicide bomb would do nicely.

Sookie was breathing hard underneath him. The force of his shove to the ground had knocked the air out of her. He could feel her breasts under his head and had the urge to turn and snuggle against them. Bill Compton was a lucky man who was working on borrowed time. While it was true vampires were possessive by nature, Bill was especially attached to this human. Yet, he was not bonded to her which Eric felt was peculiar at best, and ill-boding at worst. There had to be more to it than Sookie’s stubborn nature and he was determined to uncover the rationale behind Bill’s odd behavior.

Bill appeared then, frantic with worry for Sookie’s safety. “I covered her. She’s only stunned,” Eric said when Bill reached to pull Sookie from underneath him.

“I’m okay,” Sookie agreed as she took Bill’s hand.

“Get the humans.” Eric ordered, and Bill left Sookie to Eric’s care.

Sookie pushed at Eric’s shoulder. “Can’t…breathe…” she choked out. “You weigh a ton!” She scrambled away from him when he shifted his body off of hers.

She began calling for her brother, and his eyes followed her around the room as she searched. He heard her sigh of relief at the sight of the boy. Eric, on the other hand, didn’t share the feeling.

Seeing an opportunity too good to pass up, he played up his injuries. Godric watched from across the room with curiosity and amusement. Eric would explain later. For now, he moaned and whimpered as if final death was closing in on him. He preyed upon Sookie’s humanity, knowing that if he did all the right things, she would do her best to save his life.

“Well what are you waiting for? Heal yourself.” Sookie knelt at his side.

“Can’t. Silver.” Eric was willing himself not to heal. It hurt like hell since it was silver embedded in his body, but the little bit of pain would be worth it in the long run.

“I’ll get Godric,” Sookie offered, but Eric’s maker had made himself scarce.

“No.” Eric reached for her, making his voice as frail as possible. “No time.”

“But how do I-”

“Suck it out.”

“What? No. No! It’s gross, and it’s….it’s you.” She stomped her foot.

“Dying now.” His voice was staggered. He dropped his head in a dramatic display and relaxed his face.

Sookie fretted for a few seconds, debating over what to do. Godric was gone and Eric wasn’t moving. She had no way of knowing if he was really dead or just faking it. She’d witnessed his wounds heal themselves in the church and that wasn’t happening now. He was banking on her having no knowledge that a vampire could control the speed of their healing and it was paying off big time. She cursed him audibly and sank down beside him. He felt the warmth of her small body hovering over his cold dead one. The sweet aroma of her lingered above him. She made a noise of discomfort and then bent to suck a piece of silver from his neck.

Her lips closed over the wound and began to suck hard. It took all the control he had to keep from groaning. He could hear the little noises she made while she sucked the silver from his neck. The slurping sound was just delicious. Even before she spat out the offending projectile- and most of his blood along with it- she swallowed just the few precious drops it would take for a connection to form. He felt himself invading her and it was like a tour of Valhalla. He was in her now, a part of her forever. She would never be free of him.

“The other one,” he whispered to her.

She pulled back and shook her head vehemently in protest. When his head dropped back again, threatening death for a second time. She made another round of grossed out noises before bending over his chest. She pulled down the material of his shirt to reveal a nasty wound near his nipple. He could feel her revulsion at the whole thing, but still, she bent with the determination to heal him.

Eric opened his eyes and looked down to watch while she labored. He wanted to cradle the back of her head with his large hand. Actually, he wanted to flip her onto her back and fuck her until he couldn’t move anymore. For now, he would have to settle for the deep satisfaction that came with knowing he was now a part of her. He felt no shame in the arousal such knowledge brought him. The more she sucked on his chest, the more intense the pleasure was. He laid his head back and grinned for all he was worth.

He felt another piece of silver leave his body. There was a tingling sound accompanied by a splatter when Sookie spat out the offending materials. Then her mouth was back on his chest, going after a third piece of silver. He was in awe of the power of her mouth. He wanted to feel that power on other parts of him. She was so lost in her task that she didn’t notice when he pillowed a bent arm under his head so he could keep watching the movement of her cheeks as she sucked.

And then, with impeccable, timing, Bill appeared. He froze in horror. Eric smirked at Bill, his satisfaction increasing ten fold. This couldn’t go better if he had planned it! He offered a quick prayer of thanks to the Old Gods for giving him the opportunity that had been presented to him. He closed his eyes with bliss as a third piece of silver was excavated from his chest.

Sookie spat again before moving to go after a fourth piece. Of course, Bill had to put a stop to Eric’s fun. “Sookie, what are you doing?”

Sookie’s head popped up and turned to look at Bill. She missed the expression on Eric’s face. He was wide awake and grinning like he’d just gotten the best blow job of his thousand years. The sight of his blood on her chin dripping down onto that pristine white coat pushed him over the edge. Sookie didn’t see the slight jerk of his body when he came, but Bill saw it. Bill glared at Eric with pure hatred in his eyes.

“Eric had silver in his chest. I sucked it out and saved his life.” Sookie explained excitedly, and with just a hint of pride in her voice.

It was painfully obvious she was ignorant to the healing powers of a vampire, and once again Eric was wondering how Bill could leave her so ill-prepared to be a part of their world. Bill shook his head disdainfully and Eric immediately felt Sookie’s betrayal and rage.

“Eric was already healing.” Bill spoke quietly with disappointment in his voice.

“You mean he wasn’t dying?” She was horrified.

“The bullets would have forced themselves out. He was in no danger,” Bill hissed.

Eric was still grinning up with bright blue eyes full of satisfaction and stars. “She was superb,” he pronounced.

“He’s forced you to drink his blood. He will be able to feel you now. He’ll know how to find you.”

“What?” Sookie stared up at Bill with disbelief. “No! No!” She shouted as if her denial would change anything.

“You are connected.” Bill told Sookie, who was feeling like she was being punished for something.

Sookie pounded on Eric’s chest, her blows a bit harder than usual thanks to the minuscule amount of his blood she’d taken in. “You great big lying a-hole!” She swore at him before lurching away to take comfort in Bill.

“You know, I believe you’re right, Bill. I think I can sense her emotions.” Eric continued to smile up at Sookie who was taking absolutely no amusement in any of this.

Sookie looked over her shoulder at Eric while Bill held her tightly. “I’ll never do anything for you again! Monster!” She pouted.

“It’s not your fault,” Bill attempted to soothe the roiling telepath.

No, Bill, it’s yours, Eric thought as he used vampire speed to get to his feet. He was already completely healed since he purpose has been fulfilled.

“Sweet,” Eric said with no emotion in his voice.

“I didn’t know.” Sookie apologized to Bill, feeling genuinely terrible for what she’d done.

“It’s not your fault,” Bill repeated.

“I think I’m going to cry,” Eric teased them both.

Bill continued to stare at Eric with malice in his eyes, while Sookie cheated a glance his way. Eric kept his eyes trained on the blond, honing in on her emotions and enjoying the tour of her body his blood was taking. He couldn’t blame Bill for wanting to be connected to her. She was definitely different from others, but still…why weren’t they bonded?

It was a question that would haunt Eric until the following evening when he learned it would be Godric’s last night on Earth.

4 thoughts on “Gimme Back My Bullets

  1. Poking around a bit here and again found something I hadn’t read before. It’s interesting how adding Eric’s mental commentary to this scene brings so much more to it. His questions about why Bill has kept her so ignorant of their world are right on targt.

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