Chapter 76: Vermilion

Eric growled and Sookie watched as he turned his head again and kissed the inside of her thigh, slowly working his way to the center. She couldn’t see it when his tongue came out and licked her lower lips, but she sure as hell felt it. She held onto the headboard with one hand and spread herself open for him with the other. Eric didn’t disappoint. His tongue flicked against her clit before he latched on for a few seconds. Then his tongue was moving to her entrance and dipping into it. She moaned and threw her head back, worried about how her legs were going to hold up when she got closer to coming.

Eric held her hips in place and stiffened his tongue as Sookie started to rise and fall a little. She cried out when he started to flick his tongue against her clit again. Sookie moved her hand out of the way and grabbed onto the headboard instead. She leaned forward a little to try and see what Eric was doing, but his tongue was moving much too quickly. Whatever he was doing, it felt amazing and the constant moans leaving her let him know it.

Her legs started to tremble and her knuckles were white from holding onto the headboard so tightly as her orgasm exploded. Eric growled in victory and immediately dispatched his tongue to lap at the honey that was dripping from her. Gods, she tasted amazing.

Eric moved Sookie so she was no longer straddling his face, and then said, “Get on your hands and knees for me, lover.”

Sookie lazily bent forward, presenting herself to Eric. He got up on his knees behind her and kissed his way down her spine, over her ass and then the slightly parted lips of her pussy. Sookie groaned and let her face fall against the mattress while he teased her. But then all of a sudden one of his big hands was in her hair, pulling her face away from the bed. She felt his cock gliding up and down her folds, parting them gently and collecting her wetness.

Eric held onto her hair tightly as he pushed into her from behind, and since her legs weren’t at all parted she felt especially tight. Eric pulled almost all the way out until just the head of his cock was resting inside her, and then slammed back in again.

“Yes!” Sookie cried and gripped the comforter tightly. “Oh God, do that again!”

So he did. Several times until Sookie was pleading with him to fuck her.

He wondered what it would be like to spend an entire night making love to her, from the time he rose in the evening until he was forced to rest for the day. Would Sookie even be able to move by the time he was finished? The thought of her passed out beside him, completely exhausted from being fucked in every way he could think of until she couldn’t take any more excited him. How many times in a single night could he make her come screaming his name?

What new sexual pleasures could he open her eyes to? There was a great deal that Sookie had never experienced. He felt her apprehension every time to she moved to go down on him, even though she had no reason to be nervous. The good thing, it seemed, was that she was eager to learn what pleased him. She took instruction well, and she was creative enough to fill in the gaps when she wasn’t entirely sure of what she was doing. The most important thing that Eric could ever teach her about sex was that there wasn’t an instruction manual, or a check off list.

Sexuality was a subjective thing. What he found erotic or sensual might not appeal to Sookie, and overtime her tastes might change. What she found to be a turn-on at twenty-five might not be so sexy when she was forty. Sexuality was a constantly evolving thing as long as a person kept an open mind, and Eric was old enough to have experienced everything there was except for one thing.

This was the first time he was having sex with someone he was in love with.

He couldn’t tell if that was pitiful or not. In some regard it seemed pathetic to be his age and have the big love count stand at one. On the other hand, there was a part of him that was glad Sookie was the first. He didn’t have any other firsts to give her besides this one, and yet he suspected this was the only first that would matter to her. Any others might be irrationally expected.

But because of what had happened to her when she was a child, they were going to need to talk about things that included her being held down, tied up or if she allowed it, being punished. The predator in him roared at the idea of Sookie being tied to his bed, face down, just waiting to be used in any way he saw fit. He was vaguely aware that the idea could be a turn-off if presented the wrong way, but when done properly it was very pleasurable to both parties. It would take a good deal of trust and communication before they got to that point, but he hoped that someday Sookie would be willing to give it a try.

She was a tiger in her everyday life, but in bed it was another story. She didn’t seem to mind being directed or letting Eric take the lead. Every now and then she would take control and push him onto his back or pin his hands, but those instances were rare. Sexy as hell when it happened, but rare all the same. Eric considered himself to be more dominant by nature, but he wasn’t above giving up control either. He knew the pleasure that could be found by relinquishing himself to someone else.

Of course that brought Nora to mind, and the last thing he wanted was to think of his sister while he was balls deep in his bonded. To cover for it he jerked her head so Sookie was up on knees. He wrapped an arm around her waist and continued to pound into her from behind. She screamed at the change of angles, and when he whispered the command in her ear for her to touch herself, Sookie willingly complied.

“That’s it, lover, make yourself cum for me,” he scraped his fangs along her neck.

“Ugh, Eric, so close,” she whimpered.

He held her shoulders and bent her forward just a little bit, and then really let his hips move good and fast. Not as fast as he was capable of because he wasn’t sure Sookie could handle that and he didn’t want to hurt her, but faster than the average human anyway. Not that Sookie would know since she’d never had sex with a human man before. But anyway… the change in speed and angles was enough to throw her over the edge, and the feeling of her coming undone around him was something he would never tire of. Her moans, cries, screams and the uncontrolled squeezing of her pussy was just magnificent.

He wanted more. He never wanted it to stop.


Hours later Sookie was sound asleep at Eric’s side. The sun would be up in a matter of minutes, and he had an email that needed to be sent off to Bobby. Like it or not, he was ordering a credit card for Sookie that would stem from Fangtasia’s business account. No doubt she would be pissed off about it, but there was no reason why she should be sitting around the house all day just waiting for him to rise.

Sookie was always going to be a target, but at least now he was fairly certain who was behind the first attempted kidnapping with the lone Were that Eric had drained in Sookie’s backyard. With Bill heading down to New Orleans, where Sophie-Anne would certainly be occupied, there wasn’t much of a reason why Sookie couldn’t go back to work at Bon Temps if she wanted to.

The prospect made Eric nervous, which was something he wasn’t used to feeling. He wanted to keep Sookie close to him, but knew she wouldn’t stand for it forever. On some level it had to be driving her a little crazy being all cooped up like this and he couldn’t blame her. She was like him, in that she wanted to feel useful, like she had a purpose. She didn’t want to feel like a human drinking fountain and she wouldn’t stand for Eric taking care of her forever. She had tolerated it because of the threats hanging over their heads, but as soon as the queen was eliminated Bill would take her place and everything could go back to normal.

Well, a new normal.

The credit card would take at least a few days to arrive, but his plan was to have Bobby bring over one of his other cars for Sookie to drive since he didn’t think she would be comfortable in the sports cars that were parked in the garage. If she didn’t look so peaceful he would wake her to ask what her preference was. He certainly had plenty to choose from in the fleet of vehicles he owned. In the end he went with one of the SUVs since he suspected Sookie would more than likely take Moli with her wherever she went, and anything would be better than that yellow tin can that was still at Tray Dawson’s.

He was debating over whether or not to tell Sookie that the car was beyond repair. A little white lie like that wouldn’t hurt, but she’d know he was bullshitting her. It wasn’t worth getting into an argument over something that ridiculous. Logic seemed to be working with her lately, so maybe, and it was a novel idea, he would just try that. She might be more receptive to his thoughts if he knew he was thinking out of concern for her safety. The way she automatically became defensive every time he tried to do something kind for her… well, it was plain weird to him.

He finished off his letter for the day man, and then closed the laptop to let the sun take him under.


Sookie woke in the afternoon, and every muscle in her body felt like rubber. Eric had certainly kept her entertained after they returned from Fangtasia and he had successfully distracted her from her worries about the queen and Bill for a few hours. Rather than letting herself get bogged down in such heavy thoughts, she rolled onto her side and looked at Eric.

Much better.

His skin still retained that glow that only vampires had, like he was constantly bathed in moonlight. She reached up to touch his face and it was no surprise to her when he didn’t shift. He didn’t register her presence at all. Sookie thought about how much things had changed in the last few weeks and wondered if Eric was really capable of sustaining a relationship for the balance of her natural life. That led to questions of whether or not he would want to turn her at some point, and she felt herself seize up a little.

Being a vampire wasn’t something she was interested in. She liked having twenty-four usable hours in a day. Sookie couldn’t imagine a life for herself that would require her to seek shelter from the sun when she was so content to bask in its warmth and light. Nor could she imagine looking at humans like they were a food source. While she obviously didn’t have a problem with vampires, it didn’t mean she wanted to be one either. Her life, she figured, was strange enough already without throwing fangs into the mix.

Eventually her bladder forced her out of bed and all those human needs she wouldn’t have to worry about as a vampire took over. She went to the bathroom to take care of business, and felt soreness in muscles she didn’t know she had as she walked. A smile claimed her face as she remembered how she had earned that soreness. Her mind replayed everything that had happened the night before, and just thinking about some of the things Eric had done to her had her blushing.

There were new positions, sensations and he’d tried some new things with her that had made her nervous in a good way. Sookie trusted Eric to take care of her and not push her too far. He’d gotten a little bossy and demanding with her the night before, and what had surprised her was how much she’d liked it. When he told her to touch herself in certain places, or certain ways she had responded eagerly instead of telling him to fuck off. She had enjoyed his instructions, knowing it not only brought her pleasure, but him as well.

And that was what sex was about, wasn’t it? It wasn’t just about making yourself feel good, but about pleasing the person you were with. She was certain that if she had been uncomfortable at any point Eric would have switched gears and moved on to something new. But she had enjoyed it, every single second of it.

After brushing her teeth, Sookie went over to the enormous soaking tub and started the water. Eric’s bathroom was ridiculous. There were bathrooms in four start hotels that weren’t as nice as the one she was currently sitting in. The shower stall had two large showerheads hanging from the ceiling and when they were on the water falling felt like rain. There were three other jet-type things in the wall that made for a great massage when they were in use. The temperature for the water was set manually by a digital reader on the wall, and there was even a timer so that the shower could start automatically every day.

The tub was more than large enough for a man of Eric’s size, and Sookie tried to imagine him coming home from a long night of glaring at fangbangers, only to take a long bubble bath. For some reason the image just didn’t work in her mind, and she couldn’t help but giggle a bit as the tub started to fill. There was an iPod dock built into the wall, and an iPod was plugged into it. Since Black Sabbath could come and hold a concert in there for her without waking Eric up, she didn’t hesitate to push the play button on the little device.

Sookie realized she had no idea what kind of music Eric liked. She didn’t expect that he was a huge fan of the music that was played at the bar since it was all geared toward the fangbangers and promoting the image of a vampire bar, but there was more to Eric than just being a vampire. He had tastes and interests that had nothing to do with his fangs or a lack of a heartbeat. Sookie located some bath oils under the bathroom sink and poured a few drops into the tub. She strained to hear the music that was playing over the sound of the water filling the tub, but then realized with Eric’s much keener hearing there was the distinct possibility that he didn’t need the volume turned up that high.

Since she was already naked all Sookie had to do was step into the bathtub. It was only about a quarter of the way full, and she presumed Eric’s water heater had to be considerably larger than her own if he had a tub that size to fill. If she were back home at the farmhouse she would be out of hot water already. No way would a tub that size fit in her house anyway, unless she wanted to convert one of the bedrooms into a new bathroom. Sookie reached over to the iPod and turned the sound up a little bit. The name of the artist and song were in a different language so she didn’t know what, or who, was coming from the speakers.

It was soothing, however, and after grabbing a rolled up towel from beside the tub to put behind her head, she made herself comfortable. The tub started and stopped by a button instead of regular faucets, so she didn’t even have to move to turn the water off. Her body started to float, and she let herself drift off for a bit until her stomach started to rumble. She needed to eat something, and Moli needed to go out. She wondered if Eric had taken the dog out before he died for the day, but since she couldn’t be sure, Sookie scrambled out of the tub to keep Moli from redecorating the house.

Sookie dried off and dressed quickly in a pair of lounge pants and a plain white t-shirt, and then headed downstairs. She found Moli asleep in the living room in a patch of sunlight. As soon as Moli sensed Sookie nearby, her head popped up. She made a little noise and then was on her feet to greet her mistress.

“Mornin’, Moli,” Sookie reached out to pet her dog, and Moli responded eagerly. “Sorry I was such a Pitiful Pearl yesterday, but I promise I’ll be better today. Do you need to go outside?”

Moli barked a response and Sookie went to the sliding doors in the kitchen to let the dog out. Moli ran into the yard while Sookie started a pot of coffee. Sookie left the glass door open, but the screen door closed so she’d be able to hear Moli without worrying about bugs getting into the house. Did vampires get mosquito bites? Hmmm…

Sookie was in the middle of making breakfast when there was a knock at the front door. She pulled the pan of eggs off the burner and made her way to the door. Who in the world would just be stopping by like that? As far as she knew the only person who knew where she was, was Pam, and Pam was as dead for the day as Eric. Sookie peeked through the peephole to see the somewhat familiar face of Eric’s day man standing on the front stoop. She unlocked the door and then pulled it open.

“Miss Stackhouse,” he said with the same sneer she’d seen before.

“Mr. Burnham,” Sookie nodded. “What can I do for you?”

“Mr. Northman asked me to bring you these,” Bobby said, and held out an envelope and a set of keys. “Is there anything you require?”

I still don’t know what the Master sees in her. She must be phenomenal in bed if he’s keeping her around this long.

Sookie arched an eyebrow and said, “As a matter of fact, Eric and I fucked until I was unconscious last night. Wore me right out. Now if you’ll excuse me, my breakfast is burning. Have a good day, Mr. Burnham.”

She closed the door with a smile on her face, and just the expression that had claimed Bobby when she answered the thoughts in his head was enough to make her feel a little bit better. Not that she really cared what Bobby Burnham thought of her, but he had no reason to be so spiteful, other than he was jealous of her. Although why he would be jealous she had no idea. If he knew what her life was like away from Eric’s bed he might change his tune real damn quick.

Sookie took the keys and the envelope to the kitchen so she could finish making her small meal. Moli was still frolicking in the yard when Sookie tore open the envelope to find a small stack of cash and a note that included the security codes for the house. The keyring Bobby had presented her with had a car key for something made by GMC. Sookie decided she would check it out after she finished eating. For the moment, her stomach was screaming at her to fill it.

She set aside the envelope and keys in favor of finally eating breakfast. Sookie poured herself a cup of coffee and plated up her eggs and bacon, and then went to the table to sit down and eat. Moli was still running around the yard, chasing God knows what, when Sookie finished eating. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she pulled the small stack of cash from the envelope. All told, after she counted it, Eric had given her just under $2,000.00. She had no idea what he expected her to do with that, or why she would even need it.

That is, until she realized she was flat broke. She hadn’t worked a shift at Merlotte’s in… geez, she couldn’t even remember how many days it had been since she’d told Sam she was going to need to take some time off. Shit. There were bills to pay at the farmhouse, and even though the mortgage was paid off, there were utilities that would get shut off if she didn’t pay them. Is that what the money was for? Eric hadn’t said anything in his note, but it wouldn’t surprise her one bit if that was what he was doing.

She sighed heavily, not wanting to accept his charity but feeling like she had no other choice. Thankfully she could pay her utility bills at the pharmacy in Bon Temps, but she couldn’t keep this up forever. She needed to start pulling in her own paychecks again, whether that meant going back to work at Merlotte’s, taking jobs using her telepathy or even waiting tables at Fangtasia. But then Sookie laughed at that last idea. She could just imagine the look on Eric’s face when she was strutting or wiggling around the bar, being groped and molested into serving drinks for humans who despised her for having what they never would.

Besides, if her WalMart wardrobe would reflect poorly on Eric’s ability to take care of her, she could only imagine what working for him in the bar, as a lowly waitress no less, would do to his reputation. Sookie decided a phone call to Sam was in order. She needed to get herself back on the schedule and Eric was just going to have to suck it up and deal with it.


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