Chapter 72: Properly Balanced

Eric had Sookie pinned against the shower wall, and it seemed she became more and more like her usual self with every thrust of his hips. Her core gripped him tightly as it always did, and the pressure of her teeth on his neck felt fan-fucking-tastic.

“Bite me,” he growled, and she did. Not hard enough to draw his blood, but that was okay.

It was impossible not to note the reaction he had to being bitten, and Sookie filed that away for later. Eric’s grip on her backside got firmer as his strokes into her got harder, and when he pulled her away from the wall she kissed her way to his waiting lips. Sookie nicked her tongue on one of his fangs and then shoved her tongue into his mouth. She swallowed the new growl that came from him and rocked her hips as much as she could while he continued to thrust into her. Her legs were starting to get a little weak on her, and it didn’t help at all when Eric pulled out of her and set Sookie on her feet.

He turned her so she was facing the wall, but kept her hips pulled back. He dropped to his knees behind her and thrust his tongue into her, moving it in and out at vampire speed. In no time at all Sookie cried out as she came, and she was still in the midst of her orgasm when Eric thrust his cock into her again. She whimpered and tried to claw at the smooth marble wall, but found no purchase there. He pounded into her fast and hard, reaching around to rub her clit. When she threw her head back it left her throat exposed to him.

The temptation to bite her was incredibly strong, but Eric held off. He was saving the best for last. She came again a short time later, and when he pulled out of her again he was surprised when she dropped to her knees in front of him. She wasted no time taking as much of him into her mouth as she could. Her head moved with precision and what she couldn’t get in her mouth, she stroked with both of her hands. Eric’s hand slammed against the wall, and he stared down at the beautiful fairy that was on her knees, somewhere between pleasuring him and torturing him with her hot little mouth.

When she released him Eric lifted her again and pinned her against the wall one last time. He held her thighs tightly as he thrust into her. Sookie cried out and wrapped her arms around his neck. She leaned forward and nibbled on his nipple until she couldn’t stand it any longer and had to kiss him. That time he sliced his own tongue and the sweet, metallic taste of his blood filled her. Sookie broke the kiss and turned her head to the side.

“Bite me, Eric,” she pleaded, needing to feel his fangs in her flesh.

He nuzzled against her, searching for the exact right spot. As soon as he bit it triggered her orgasm, and as she came, her hands moved to hold his head in place. The explosion of her blood washing over his tongue and the way her core was milking him had Eric losing whatever control he had left, and he spilled himself inside her, tearing his head away from her neck to roar with his release.

Sookie panted while she recovered, while Eric leaned in to heal her wounds. Fuck, she was incredible. How, he wondered, had he existed for so long without her?

“I love you,” he said, looking deep into her eyes as he said it.

“I love you too,” she answered, and accepted the kiss that he offered, which led to another round on his bed before they finally got dressed.


“Hi, Sookie, this is Johnny Moss returning your call. I did some checking into the archives and I found several articles that mention your grandfather. If you could call me back with a number where I could fax them to you I’d be happy to do that, or you could come on down to the office and pick ’em up anytime between seven and six. Have yourself a good day now,” Johnny said and hung up.

“You hear that?” Sookie asked as she deleted the message.

“We’ll give him the number for my home fax. I don’t want anyone around the bar asking questions,” Eric said.

“What about Bill?” Sookie asked. “Maybe he knows more than he let on last night. I could still him and read his mind just to make sure he’s not hiding anything else.”

“That might not be a bad idea. I questioned him last night while you were out with Pam,” he explained and went over the things Bill had already told him. The more he talked the angrier Sookie got.

“That sneaky, lyin’ son of a bitch,” she shook her head in anger as they pulled into Fangtasia’s parking lot. “I know this isn’t my fault, but I still feel like a big idiot. God, how dumb was I not to see I was bein’ played the whole damn time?”

“You’re not dumb, Sookie,” Eric said as he pulled into his usual parking space. “You have a good heart and you had no way of knowing Bill wasn’t being genuine with you.”

“But that’s the whole point, Eric. Like a big dope I just fell for all the charm and how nice he was to my Gran. I figured he had to be one of the good guys because he saved my life and didn’t think of me as damaged goods even after I told him about-” Sookie cut herself off when she realized she hadn’t told Eric about Uncle Bartlett. “About being a telepath,” she finished, but Eric knew she was lying.

“Is that all?” he asked. “I can tell by the bond that you’re trying to hide something.”

Sookie took a deep breath. It wasn’t that she was worried that Eric would think less of her, or see her as damaged. It was just that it was a difficult thing to talk about. No matter how much time went by every time she thought about it, it was like it was happening all over again. Sookie had tried to sound all detached from it when she told Bill, but the truth was that it was still fresh in her mind. Those memories and images were never far from the surface.

Eric turned off the car and shifted in his seat toward Sookie. She shifted as well, but couldn’t bring herself to look Eric in the eye as she told the stories if what had happened to her as a child. The physical acts were bad enough but it was hearing Bartlett’s thoughts that had really messed her up. Knowing that he was restraining himself, biding his time until she began to develop into a woman… Those thoughts made her sick to her stomach, and probably helped to explain why she had remained a virgin for so long. Obviously her telepathy was a factor as well, but the memory of the things Bartlett had thought while he molested her didn’t help.

Eric’s anger rose steadily while Sookie talked and described what she had been through. Violent fantasies of killing the dirty old man started to play in his mind, so it was a bit disappointing when Sookie revealed that Bill had beaten him to it and already killed Bartlett. The old pervert was lucky, because Eric would have made sure his death was slow and painful. Draining and throwing his ass in a lake wasn’t good enough. He had gotten off too easily.

But at least Bill had done one honorable thing during his relationship with Sookie.

“I didn’t tell Bill so he would kill Bartlett for me,” Sookie told Eric. “And I’m only telling you now because you deserve to know. I don’t expect you to try and avenge anything on my behalf.”

“He’s lucky he’s dead. Why did your brother do nothing about this?” Eric asked.

“Because Jason doesn’t know. Gran and I never told him. Telling him was a fast way for it to get around town because Jason has a big mouth, and wouldn’t think about anything other than how angry HE was about what happened. On top of that, Jason and Bartlett were close. He would have had a hard time believing it was true, so it was just better to keep it from him. To this day he still doesn’t know, and I don’t want him to.”

“I won’t tell him. This information won’t leave this car if that is your wish,” Eric promised her.

“It is,” Sookie nodded. “It’s just part of my past that I would just as soon forget. Unfortunately it’s not that easy and it pops up at the worst possible times.”

Eric lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. The way he looked at her told Sookie that his opinion of her hadn’t changed. He didn’t look at her like she was a poor little victim or like she was somehow broken. She appreciated that, just as much as she was glad he hadn’t told her that what happened wasn’t her fault. She knew that already. She hadn’t done anything to entice him or make Bartlett think she wanted him sexually, regardless of what his thoughts had suggested.

Sookie and Eric got out of the car and headed into the bar together. There were boxes and bags stacked up in Eric’s office from Tracey’s Togs. Sookie’s eyes went wide as saucers, even though she had been there at the store the night before.

“Cheese and rice,” Sookie muttered.

“You and Pam must have bought the place out,” Eric teased.

“You shush,” she said and started inspecting the bags.

“Are you going to model these things for me?” Eric smirked and pulled a lingerie set from one of the bags.

“Eric!” she snatched the lace from him.

“I hope you know that will most likely get torn off of you,” he warned.

“It will not,” Sookie said, but knew he was probably right.

“We’ll see about that,” he said and went over to the desk to start his computer.

Sookie continued to look through the bags. She didn’t even recognize some of the stuff so she assumed Pam had added to the purchase when she wasn’t looking. That wasn’t surprising, and it made her feel better about the money that had been spent.

While it was on her mind Sookie called Johnny Moss back with Eric’s personal fax number. She wondered what the articles were about and how they had found their way to Sophie-Anne.

“Eric, how long have you been sheriff of this area?” Sookie asked him.

“Since 1995,” he said without hesitation.

So Eric wasn’t in charge when her grandfather disappeared.

“Who was the sheriff before you?” she asked.

“I believe his name was Victor. He was plotting a takeover, was discovered and ended up getting banished from the state. He fled to Nevada for protection under Felipe de Castro.”

“Is he still undead?” she asked.

“Last I heard he was doing time in a coffin chained with silver for staking another sheriff,” Eric said. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just thinking about how Sophie-Anne could have heard about my grandfather. If you weren’t the sheriff then it stands to reason your predecessor might have been the leak,” Sookie said, and Eric nodded.

“That’s entirely possible,” he agreed. “I’ll look into it. See what some of the other vampires that have been in this area for long enough to remember Victor. Any ‘friends’ he had here have more than likely moved on or died the true death at this point. From what I’ve heard Victor wasn’t a sheriff anyone really wanted to swear fealty to.”

“Why not?”

“He was very power hungry and didn’t like playing by the Authority’s rules. He pissed off a lot of regents and was accused of masterminding several failed coup attempts. The biggest disaster was a nasty battle in California. The king there, Leo, is one of the most skilled fighters I have ever had the pleasure of serving. And with California being so large he oversees fifty-seven sheriffs. Los Angeles alone has six,” Eric explained.

“Good gravy,” Sookie muttered.

“There are rumors that Victor has been working as a spy for Felipe for decades, but there’s no real evidence to back it up. If it’s true, however, that means it’s only a matter of time after he gets out of the coffin before he targets the next kingdom to takeover.”

“Have any of his plans been successful?” Sookie asked.

“Not yet, thankfully. It’s amazing the Authority hasn’t just killed him off with all the trouble he’s caused,” Eric said as he logged into his email.

“I’m not surprised at all,” she said as Sookie plopped down on the couch. “They seem to move slow as molasses over there.”

“Don’t underestimate the Authority, Sookie. They’re dangerous people,” Eric warned.

She shrugged. So far she wasn’t impressed by what she had seen. Eric answered his emails, returned a couple of calls and then when he was finished he led Sookie down to the basement. A text message buzzed his cell phone. The Authority was finally coming to pick Bill up at midnight.


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