Chapter 65: Lover Lay Down

Eric’s eyes popped open a few minutes before the sun had fully set, which meant he was trapped in his chamber for just a little while longer. He could hear the faint sound of Sookie’s heart beating elsewhere in the house, and he decided that as soon as Dr. Ludwig gave the all-clear for them to proceed, he was definitely going to be finishing the bond with Sookie. There had been enough stalling on the issue, and he knew that Sookie was certain about it now. He’d felt it in her blood when she had told him she was ready.

The minutes seemed to creep by slower than usual. By the time the sun was gone, he was pacing his chamber like a caged lion. As soon as it was safe for him to exit the room that was precisely what he did. He found Sookie in the living room, reading one of the books from his library. She smiled up at him when he entered the room, but her smile faded quickly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, and set the book aside.

“We need to speak with Dr. Ludwig,” he said.

“She came to check on me this morning. She said I’m fine and it’s okay for you to feed from me again,” Sookie told him. “She also gave me another vial of Illumia just in case I ever need it.”

That was interesting.

“I put it away for safe keeping,” Sookie promised him, and stood up from the couch.

“Did you mean what you said about finishing the bond?” Eric asked her, just to be absolutely sure she hadn’t said it without thinking, or as a knee jerk reaction to what had happened to her.

“I did,” Sookie smiled a little. “But if you want to wait—”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence before Eric was a blur of movement and his lips were on hers. Sookie let herself get lost in the kiss, and she was faintly aware of her legs moving as Eric moved her around the house. This wasn’t quite what Eric had in mind for finishing the bond, but the important thing was that it was complete once and for all. Sookie tumbled back onto the bed when her knees hit the side of the mattress, and after a few adjustments of their bodies, Eric was hovering on top of her.

When he pulled back, he let his fangs down. Sookie looked up at him, sucking in air and reaching up to touch those razor sharp teeth of his. He shuddered at the tingle that ran through him, followed by a sharp increase in lust. In his mind he saw this going perfectly, but the plan had been altered from what he had originally had in mind. Adaptability… it was key characteristic of any vampire that was going to survive beyond its first century.

He gently turned her head to the side and leaned in to kiss her neck, from her ear to her collarbone and back again, over and over until Sookie was pulling his face to hers again. She looked up into his eyes, feeling like she should say something but not able to find the right words for what she was feeling. Everything felt like it was all tangled up inside her, and it was hard to separate one thing from another. There was just too much.

She pushed Eric over so he was lying on his back, and Sookie climbed over to straddle his waist. He was already nude, having died for the day that way. Sookie lifted her arms over her head, and he pulled away the t-shirt of his that she was wearing. It was a shame the dress she’d had on the night before had been compromised because Eric had definitely been enjoying it before it was stained with her blood. He tossed the t-shirt off to the side, and stared at her naked form parked on top of his. This was a sight he could get used to.

Sookie bent forward and turned his head the way he had hers. Just as he had done, she kissed him from ear to collarbone, but then she kept going. She kissed his chest and dragged her teeth over his nipples one at a time. When she bit him, his hips bucked up off the bed and he definitely hissed. Sookie got as far as his bellybutton before he cupped her face in his hands, and pulled her mouth to his. He kissed her deeply, exploring every bit of her mouth that he could until Sookie had to pull away to breathe.

By then his fangs weren’t the only part of him that was desperate to be inside her. Eric nuzzled her neck and was careful not to let his fangs puncture her because once he got a taste of her blood he knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop himself from drinking until he’d had his fill. After rolling them over again, Eric returned the favor Sookie had paid him, and kissed his way past her neck to her chest. Her hands threaded into his hair, holding him close to her while he kissed and nibbled at her breasts. He laid open mouth kisses along her stomach and let his fingers trail over her side. She squirmed a little bit since it tickled, but it didn’t distract her entirely from where Eric’s mouth was headed.

Much to her surprise he changed his course and started moving up her body again. His lips claimed hers once more, and then when he pulled back there was a serious look in his eyes. He kissed the corners of her mouth, her cheeks, her nose, her forehead and even her eyelids when she closed her eyes. It was time. Eric was ready and the way Sookie looked at him when she opened her eyes, he knew she was, too.

Eric lifted his wrist to his mouth and bit into it for her so Sookie wouldn’t have to try and bite his neck. As he lowered his bleeding limb to her mouth, Sookie turned her head to the side to give him access to her neck. She drank first, and the pull she took from the wound had Eric growling all over again. He lowered his head and after licking her neck where he intended to bite, he let his fangs slide into her as gently as he could. Sookie moaned while taking another mouthful of his blood, just as the first burst of her taste washed over Eric’s tongue and slid down his throat.

Sookie had never felt anything like it, and it was strange to feel the pathway between Eric and herself start to open. Her legs spread on their own accord, and she moaned again when Eric thrust himself inside her. When the wound on his wrist closed, she started to move her hips underneath him. Eric began to thrust lazily into her until he knew he had taken enough of her blood. She was sweeter than usual, more than likely because of the Illumia, but he wasn’t so overwhelmed by it that he lost control. Perhaps it was because Claudine had been right about him being part fairy, and by extension part of him knew that Sookie was his mate.

Whatever the reason, the focus on her blood was soon lost to the pleasure that was being passed back and forth as their bodies moved together. When their lips met their blood collided there, and he felt the warm tingle of Sookie’s hands running up and down his back as he thrust into her. When she moved to cup his face, he noticed that her hands were glowing again.

Her light. Was that how she really shared it with him? So many questions to ask, but now wasn’t the time to ponder the answers. Instead he focused on her, and bringing her as much pleasure as he possibly could.

Sookie’s lips made their way to Eric’s ear and she whispered, “I feel everything.”

He made a noise somewhere between a groan and a growl, and then kissed her neck where he had bitten her. The bond was complete. They were one.


It was strange to her, to be able to feel Eric all the time. When she got up to go to the kitchen to get herself a snack she could tell precisely where he was in the house, and felt him coming toward her while she sliced an apple. Her back was to him when he came into the room, and even though she had insisted on putting his t-shirt back on before leaving the bedroom, it was no match for the very horny vampire that was quickly closing in on her.

He took the knife from her hand and swept her hair to the side. His scent was all over her which was the way he liked it. Eric’s hands moved down her sides, and then up under her shirt to grab her hips and pull her back toward him a little.

“Eric!” Sookie gasped, feeling that he was ready to go… again. “Take it easy there, big guy. I’m still human, you know.”

“You smell like me,” he whispered in her ear, and it made her smile. His hand dipped between her thighs, making her gasp again.

“You smell like a garden,” she answered in an almost strangled tone of voice, and tried not to giggle. His fingers moved expertly as his lust flowed into her through their brand new bond, and she weakly said, “I need to eat. You already had your dinner.”

“You’re right,” he said, and backed away from her, even though he didn’t want to.

“Whoa, wait,” she said. Yes, she was hungry, but she had been enjoying his attention.

“I thought you wanted to eat,” he teased.

“Maybe it can wait just a few more minutes,” she turned to face him with a coy little smile on her face.

It was all the invitation Eric needed, and he lifted her up onto the counter next to her plate of apple slices. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer to her. He left her t-shirt on as he slid inside her again. Sookie moaned and nibbled on his neck as the thrusting began yet again. God, would she ever get tired of this? She hoped she wouldn’t. The intensity in his eyes felt like it was searing itself into her. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and when her hands started to shimmer and glow again, Eric leaned in to kiss her.

Eric hadn’t told her he loved her again, but she was almost thankful for it. She knew now, thanks to the bond, that it was absolutely true. It was impossible not to feel it, but hearing him say the words just didn’t seem right. Not when Eric had always been so verbally stoic with his emotions. Besides, everything Sookie had ever really needed to know she had been able to see in his eyes. His eyes were so very expressive, and while it was true Eric had the best poker face of anyone she’d ever met, there were times when he simply couldn’t control those windows to his soul.

That moment, there on the kitchen counter, was one such time. One of his large hands cradled the back of her head, keeping her forehead pressed against his. Her legs were locked around his waist so Sookie could use her feet to pull him deeper inside her. The counter was the perfect height for this sort of activity, and she wondered if he’d picked that house because he knew of that. But no, he’d said not even Pam knew the location of this house, so there had been no inviting lusty fangbangers back to that particular location for a night of feeding and fucking. She was the first.

She would be the only.

The bond flooded with his love for her, and she could just as easily see it in his eyes. Her own feelings overwhelmed her and she came with a strangled cry. Her eyes squeezed shut to give herself some privacy in the moment, not that it did much good.

“Look at me, Sookie,” Eric insisted, and she opened her eyes again.

A few tears rolled down her cheeks and without the slightest bit of hesitation, Eric licked them away before returning his eyes to hers. She was desperate for him to finish, but he wasn’t done yet. What was supposed to be a quickie on the counter turned into something much more than just a rush of hormones and lust. He was sweet with her, gentle, even. And it felt good. Without having to ask, Sookie knew she was quite possibly the only woman to ever receive treatment like this from him.

Eric’s fangs didn’t even make an appearance during the encounter, and by the time he finally allowed himself to release, Sookie was a trembling mess of emotions and pleasure. Eric held onto her, trying to sift through all of the things she was feeling and ended up finding something he didn’t expect. He dared not give it a name just in case Sookie hadn’t yet registered its presence, but he smiled in victory knowing that it was there.

He kissed her one more time and then disentangled himself from her. Sookie looked at her plate of apple slices, which had since started to turn brown. So much for her dinner.

“Come, let’s get you dressed. Finally, we’ll have our date,” Eric urged her.

“I thought we had to go to ground?” Sookie reminded him.

“Fuck them all,” Eric said, standing a little taller than usual. “If they want war, they can have it.”

It was time to start fighting back.


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