Chapter 57: The Red

Eric turned to catch Sookie before she hit the ground, but the distraction was all that was needed for another assailant to launch a silver net in Eric’s direction. He howled when the silver landed on him, searing his skin and crippling him before he could get to Sookie, who landed in a heap on the rooftop. Moli barked frantically, and then growled at the figures dressed in black that stepped forward to take Sookie.

Eric called to Pam, but didn’t feel her coming any closer to him. When his pain suddenly intensified, he worried that she had been silvered as well. He looked around, attempting to memorize any details of the attackers, but all he saw were the whites of wild eyes.

“What do you want with the girl?” Eric asked when one of the figures knelt down and checked Sookie’s pulse to make sure she was alive.

“Not your business, fanger,” the figure spoke, but didn’t have an accent he could easily place. “She’ll be in good hands from now on.”

“She is mine,” Eric said, even as the silver netting burned his lips.

“Not anymore,” the figure said in a way that allowed Eric to imagine it was smiling behind the black mask covering its face. “Enjoy the sunrise. It’ll be your last.”

“Don’t count on it,” Eric said with confidence, even though he knew there was always the possibility that he was seriously fucked.

He knew it wasn’t vampires that had attacked him and Sookie. He also knew she was knocked out and not dead. Whomever had taken her obviously was more interested in having her alive, but for what purpose? Eric could only imagine. All he could do was watch helplessly while Sookie disappeared with the masked figures. He paid close attention to their bond so he would know which direction to go once he was freed of the silver.

But then there was the smell of Plumeria, a telltale sign there was a fairy nearby. As if his hunger for fresh blood wasn’t painful enough, the scent of fae in the air worsened it significantly.

“Show yourself!” Eric demanded, taking deep unnecessary breaths in attempts to calm himself. Between his hunger and fury, he was in quite a dangerous state.

A dark haired woman appeared from behind the venting system on the rooftop. She held out her glowing hand and light shot in Eric’s direction. His movements were frozen, keeping him in place so he wouldn’t attack. All he could do was growl as the woman came closer to him. She knelt down and without any preamble or warning, ripped away the silver netting.

Eric roared as she did so, and she tossed the net to the side. He was burned on his face, arms and hands, but the damage wasn’t too severe. He would recover with a good, fresh meal, which the fairy was perfect for. Eric watched her as she moved around him, checking his wounds. Her hand began to glow again and she dosed him with another batch of her light that healed his wounds immediately.

Then she disappeared without a word, and a moment later Eric could move again. He was on his feet immediately, attempted to track the Plumeria smell, but it led nowhere. The fairy had simply vanished.

Pam’s pain tore at him, and immediately he went to his child. He found Pam, Felicia and what was left of Chow on the fourth floor. Pam and Felicia were both netted in silver and Chow had met the True Death.

“Get this fucking net off of me!” Pam hissed.

“Wait here. I’ll be right back,” Eric promised and went up to the penthouse to retrieve a pair of gloves so he could remove the net.

There was the smell of vampire in the penthouse, and Eric snarled at the scent. He paused for a moment when he noticed the box that had contained the letters Sookie had been meaning to read. Some of them were scattered on the floor, but he would come back for those later. For the moment, he needed to attend to Pam and Felicia. Eric pulled on the leather gloves and was back at Pam’s side in the blink of an eye.

Just the like the fairy had done, he ripped the net away taking bits and Pam’s skin along with it. She screamed in pain and fury, and moments later Felicia made a similar sound. So far there was no activity from any of the residents in the building. It was like a ghost town.

“There are seven other dead vampires,” Pam said once she got control of herself. “I didn’t even see the nets coming.”

“Neither did I,” Eric said. “Sookie is gone. She was taken from the rooftop.”

Pam hissed at that, as did Felicia, but then she sniffed the air. “I smell…” her eyes glazed over, “I smell something delicious.”

“We’ll discuss it later,” Eric pulled off the gloves. “I’m going after Sookie. I want you to continue your sweep of the building and then I want you to make the proper phone calls. That includes Sophie-Anne this time.”

“You want to involve that silly twat?” Pam looked at him incredulously.

“Sookie is under her protection now as the state’s telepath. If she has been taken out of state, I’m sure the queen will want to be informed her latest asset has been stolen out from under her,” Eric explained. “I’ll call you when I locate Sookie.”

With that, Eric was gone.


When Sookie came to she was bound at her wrists and ankles. There was a gag in her mouth so even if she screamed, no one would hear it. She could tell she was moving, but was surrounded by darkness. She was in a tight, confined space, more than likely the trunk of a car.

“Sookie,” Bill’s voice suddenly filled her ears.

She moaned, but that was all the noise she could make.

“Sookie, are you injured?” he asked.

She moaned again, but that was all the conversation they were going to have. She tried to remember the last thing she saw, and that was Eric securing Moli on the rooftop. She clearly remembered sensing the presence of other vampires, or at least she thought they were vampires. When she reached out with her mind at that moment, she felt Bill, five other vampires she didn’t recognize.

Since Sookie had no idea what had happened to Eric, she felt it was safe to assume he could be injured or truly dead. The idea of being trapped in the trunk of a car next to Bill wasn’t something that appealed to her in the slightest, but at least she could assume he wasn’t at fault for the kidnapping. When she moved her legs she felt Bill’s cold, papery skin against her leg.

Bill wasn’t moving, suggesting that he had been silvered to keep him still.

Then all of a sudden the car they were in came to a sudden stop, sending Sookie careening into Bill’s body. Moments later the trunk of the car opened and a masked face appeared in the open space. Sookie felt her hands start to warm the way they felt whenever they started to light up, but with her hands tied behind her back, the fact that they were glowing and ready to fire was hidden from the figure standing over her.

“Let Sookie go, I beg of you,” Bill pleaded with the figure.

Moonlight was the only light filtering into the trunk. The figure reached into the trunk and pulled Sookie’s body out of the way so it could reach Bill. There was a clicking sound, and then Bill screamed. Sookie saw the flash of the silver chains that had been removed and then the figure said, “You’ll make a tasty snack for the wounded.”

The figure pulled Sookie’s gag from her mouth and just as the trunk of the car was about to slam shut, she felt fangs at her throat.

♦ ♦ ♦

And now a text conversation between MMHS and kjwrit:

MMHS: lol yeah vamp!Eric is going to give epic O_O, /:) and #_# faces. I’m just warning you now.

kjwrit: On second thought… perhaps I’ll wait until he can make me make this face *hearts in eyes*

MMHS: lol that might be a good idea.

kjwrit: *peeks out from behind Skarsicorn* Does he dock his longboat in a port that’s not Sookie’s? *inhales Skarsicorn’s chocolate scented fur*

MMHS: No, he doesn’t do that. There will be no more sexual fuckery from Whora either. That blowlarm clock was her last chance at showing his longboat any of her rough seas.

kjwrit: Oh… well it’s all good. I knew that magical Skarsicorn would come in handy.

MMHS: *zips lips* *tucks away the silver netting*

kjwrit: mo fo! *runs to doc*

1 hour & 3 chapters later…

kjwrit: Oh, so Bill was well enough to beg for Sookie’s release, but the minute that fucker was freed he dove in fangs first? *shoves my silver bullshit flag up his ass*


3 thoughts on “Chapter 57: The Red

  1. Re the chapter. More crappity crap! Dang it all. And I thought The Bill trunk thing was going to go differently. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was a setup… But, then again, would bill really voluntarily let himself be silvered? I think he a sneaky enough to do it, but I think he might be too much of a woos to, oh I don’t know, my head hurts.

    And re the text convo. ROFLMAO perfect!
    *helps Kjwrit push her silver bullshit flag further up Bill’s ass*

    Oh hold on *runs to get something out of storage and fiddles with is a bit* this whack-a-bat has been used to punish many morons in chat rooms who needed their head pulled in a little.
    I think the new silver lining and spikes might make an excellent companion to that flag!

    *hands it to kjwrit so that she can do the honors*

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