Chapter 49: Run

Eric didn’t chase her right away. The predator in him was calling the shots, and it wanted her to run, to think she had a chance at not being caught. The biometric changes were… there was nothing like it. The jump in heart rate, the faster breathing, the smell of panic and desperation… the fight or flight instinct taking over… then the chase. He felt his cock swell as soon as she took off, and after giving her a thirty second head start, he gave chase.

He followed the smell of her sweetness, and ran only at human speed. At vampire speed he would have caught her almost immediately and he wanted to enjoy this. Sookie was anxious, but not afraid of him. There was something almost anticipatory about her feelings. He realized, as a blonde ribbon came into sight, that she was enjoying the chase almost as much as he was. Surely she had to know what running like that would do to him.

“Run faster, Sookie. When I catch you, your legs won’t work again for a while,” he warned as he continued to follow her.

He felt a jump in her excitement, but in doing so she lost her footing and tripped on a tree root in the woods. She pitched forward and actually went airborne, giving Eric’s reflexes a chance to kick in and move at vampire speed to catch her before she ate the earth. Immediately he had her trapped underneath him there in the woods, and when he licked some of the sweat from her neck, she shivered with anticipation instead of trembling with fear the way most humans would.

“Did you think you could outrun me, lover?” he growled in her ear.

“No,” she panted, the smell of her arousal filling his lungs when he inhaled deeply.

Eric turned her over so they were face to face. There was a sparkle in her eyes and when she stretched forward; her tongue peeked out to lick his fangs. That pushed him over the edge, and Eric lost control. He crashed his lips to hers, ravaging her mouth with his tongue while his hands busied themselves below her waist. He tore at material, completely oblivious to the moans of surprise rumbling up from her throat. He swallowed every gasp, sigh and any other sound she made as he kissed her.

Much to his surprise, her hands voluntarily went to the fly of his jeans and fumbled a bit while she struggled to get his pants open. He was prepared to tear everything to get it out of his way if he had to, but Sookie managed to get his zipper down just as his fingers slid through her folds. Her hips rose to get the friction she needed, and while she was wet, she wasn’t wet enough. Through his haze he was able to calm himself enough to prevent himself from hurting her.

Eric moved to her throat and when Sookie turned her head in offering to him, he didn’t hesitate to bite. She continued to writhe underneath him, stroking him while he drank from her neck. His fingers moved with precision against skin that got slicker and slicer with every one of his moves. He plunged two fingers into her to make sure she was ready, and once he was satisfied he was, he replaced his fingers with his cock in one swift thrust that made Sookie scream with the sudden feeling of fullness.

Eric sealed the wounds on her neck, but didn’t heal them. He pounded into her fast and hard, tearing away the t-shirt she was wearing, and then the bra she had on underneath. His kisses left a bloody trail on her body, and by the time he felt himself nearing release she was a mess. Her nails dug into his back as he rutted himself against her. It was the slight sting of his fang piercing her nipple just a bit that threw Sookie over the edge, and the power of her orgasm milked Eric of his.

He released inside her with a roar, and then dropped to the side of her so as not to crush her back against broken branches, leaves and God knows what else she was lying on. Sookie panted, trying to catch her breath while she recovered. Her clothes, what was left of them, hung limply from her still shaking body. Eric was the first to rise, and when he looked down at the bloody woman lying before him he worried for a moment he had been too rough, gone too far.

She wasn’t moving aside from her breathing, and her eyes were spacey, as if she was somewhere else entirely.

“Sookie, can you hear me?” Eric asked, and a slow smile spread across her face. He checked her blood to make sure she wasn’t injured, and she wasn’t. She was very, very happy at the moment—completely relaxed and he could almost feel the tingles he was sure were running through her since they were running through him.

“Maybe I should let you chase me more often,” she gasped, her eyes regaining some of their focus as she searched for Eric’s face in the moonlight.

He lowered himself so he was hovering over her, bracing his weight on his hands at either side of her head. He kissed the tip of her nose and said, “I think we would both enjoy that quite a bit.”

Sookie giggled and reached up to touch his face, “What are we going to do about the dead Were on my lawn?”

“I’m going to bring you back inside so you can dress yourself and get cleaned up, and I’ll deal with the dead Were,” he promised her, and then stood again so he could set his clothes back to rights. “Are you sure you’re not injured?”

“If I am it’s nothing a little first aid won’t fix,” she said, and sat up slowly, still slightly dazed by the attack. When she noted the look of worry on Eric’s face she continued, “Nothing hurts, Eric. I’m okay.”

He nodded and then bent to lift Sookie off the ground. Her arms wrapped around his neck after she attempted to pull enough of her shirt around herself to keep her chest covered while he flew them back to her house. The flight took less than a minute, and when Eric set her down on the back steps she was a little unsteady on her feet.

“Jesus, Eric, what’d you do to me?” Sookie looked over her shoulder.

“Did I not warn you your legs wouldn’t work for a while?” he reiterated with a cocky smirk that earned him a playful slap on his shoulder. He kissed her once more and then left Sookie to clean herself up while he went to dispose of the Were.

Wasn’t it just all kinds of convenient that they were located right next to a cemetery?

Sookie, meanwhile, headed inside and instead of going back upstairs to use the bathroom there she went to the en suite bathroom in Gran’s old room. She gasped at the reflection staring back at her when she looked into the mirror. Her clothes were destroyed, there were leaves and twigs in her tangled hair and there was blood all over her. A closer look at her neck revealed there were bite marks there but she didn’t even remember feeling the sting of Eric’s fangs entering her.

Like him, she had been completely lost to the physical sensations running through her body. The pleasure had completely overridden the pain that may have been inflicted, and when she thought about the look in his eyes when he had turned her onto her back, it was enough to make her throb in ways she didn’t know she could. Her thighs rubbed together and she reached behind the shower curtain to start the water. There was no way she was leaving without a shower.

She moved quickly, knowing the little fit of bloodlust had been an impromptu bonus to the evening, and it had put them behind schedule. Eric was leaving for New Orleans in just a few hours and they had things to do before he left. When Sookie stepped from the shower she wrapped a towel around herself and then ran upstairs to put on fresh clothes. It dawned on her, as she was combing out her hair, that Moli was gone.

Sookie went to the back porch and called for her dog when she didn’t see Moli anywhere in the yard. It took a few seconds, but she eventually heard rustling in the trees. Moments later Moli appeared with Eric right behind her. Sookie was relieved to see the two of them, but the Were’s body was gone.

“Do I want to know what you did with the body?” Sookie asked as Eric approached.

“No,” he shook his head. “Did you find any injuries?”

Sookie moved her hair from her neck and said, “Just these,” pointing to the fang marks on her neck.

Eric dropped his fangs and pricked his finger to heal them, but Sookie stopped him.

“Leave them, if you don’t mind. It’ll make a statement without me having to say a word,” she said.

Eric nodded, licked his finger and then leaned forward to kiss the marks on her neck. “We should go if you’re ready,” he said a moment later.

“I just need to get my shoes on, and we’ll be all set,” she said, and led them back into the house.

While Sookie got her shoes on, Eric went upstairs to collect the bags from her bed. He took them to the car and got Moli settled in the back as well. At the last second Sookie went back to the staircase to grab a picture from the wall of herself with Gran, Jason and Tara from a few summers before. She locked the front door and then went to the back to lock that door as well. Eric was waiting for her outside the SUV, and closed the passenger’s side door for her after she climbed into the car.

“I didn’t get much from the Were’s mind,” Sookie said once the SUV was started, and moving up the driveway. “I heard was him thinking about someone named Jackson.”

“Jackson isn’t a person; it’s a place,” Eric explained, and turned to look at Sookie. “Jackson, Mississippi is where Russell Edgington lives.”


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  1. Wowzer! Lol. Yep pretty. Much all I can say after that one. I have to admit that I didn’t realise Sookie was playing when she ran. That was fun!

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