Chapter 28: A Rush of Blood to the Head

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It took some convincing, but Eric was ultimately successful in getting Sookie to understand the importance of knowing just what it was her blood was capable of doing for a vampire. It seemed she was the gift that kept on giving. If it was true that the fairy in her blood would bestow a vampire with the ability to walk in the daylight without suffering any negative consequences for it, Eric had no doubt that would increase the bounty on her head. Given the run of luck that Sookie seemed to be having, he was willing to bet that his theory was correct.

Even at his age it was difficult to be awake during daytime hours. The bleeds would begin relatively quickly after sunrise, and would only become increasingly heavy and painful as his body fought against the pull of the sun. Truthfully, just the ability to be awake during the daytime, even without the added bonus of being able to go into the sun, was quite a valuable thing. Being that vampires were so secretive, hiring a day person to act as their liaison during daylight hours was a necessity for some things, but if a vampire had the ability to rise for even a short time during the human business day the need for a human assistant would cease. Bobby Burnham, for example, did his job well but if Eric had the ability to complete the tasks himself he wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

The invention of the internet had been instrumental in vampires being able to take back a lot of their independence. For a regent like Sophie-Anne to get her fangs into Sookie… that could be catastrophic. Eric suspected that Sophie-Anne wouldn’t be able to keep it to herself that Sookie’s blood contained magical properties. Discretion wasn’t exactly the queen’s strong suit, and it wouldn’t be long before Sookie ended up being passed around to the highest bidder on some fucked up undead black market.

Eric simply wouldn’t allow that to happen.

So yes, he may have scared Sookie a little bit with the things he said but she needed to know what the possibilities were if his theory was correct. She worried that if he was wrong, he would meet the True Death before he was able to take cover but Eric assured her he would be fine. The worst that would happen is that he would get a little burned, and that was nothing a couple of TruBloods and his daytime rest wouldn’t cure. He would be just fine by nightfall.

Since there was time to kill before sunrise, Eric added Sookie’s thumb print to the security system so that she could access the elevators without issue. She didn’t know it, but that print would allow her access to any of the houses that Eric owned. He decided not to tell her that piece of information just yet since there were certainly implications to it, and Sookie had dealt with enough for the night.

Once that was finished Sookie had gone to set up Moli’s food and water bowls in the kitchen. While she did that Eric made up a list of commands for the dog and printed them from the laptop since he didn’t expect Sookie to remember them all right away. The fact that she was willing to issue commands to her pet in his language was a big deal to Eric. It was an unexpected show of respect, and quite possibly affection, but without the connection in her blood he wasn’t sure what her intent was when she’d made the suggestion.

Sookie played with her puppy for a while before ultimately falling asleep on the couch with Moli curled up beside her. Eric had gotten some work done via computer and checked in with Pam in regards to the sweep she was supposed to do at Sookie’s house.

“Still haven’t fucked her yet,” Pam taunted when she answered Eric’s call.

“I should command you to personally destroy your Louboutins one shoe at a time,” Eric sighed, and Pam cackled.

“But you won’t do that because you know I’ll just use the corporate cards to replace them,” Pam pointed out. “Enough about that. I did some sniffing around in Sookie’s house. Bill Compton is either a very naughty boy, or a filthy pervert depending on your level of modesty.”

“What did you find?” Eric asked after his fangs violently extended from his jaw.

“Not only did he plant listening devices in just about every room of the house, there are also several cameras hidden in the kitchen, living room, Sookie’s bedroom and even the bathroom,” Pam revealed, and Eric was ready to uproot a tree. As it was, he had to restrain himself from crushing the phone in his hand. “I considered making a special gesture to our favorite brown noser, but decided that would be childish.”

Good thing. Eric didn’t plan on tipping their hand if it wasn’t necessary.

“Email me the precise locations of each device so they can be dealt with accordingly tomorrow,” Eric ordered.

“Consider it done,” she answered. “I made contact with Herveaux. He isn’t thrilled that you’re call in his debt, but I reminded him of the consequences of reneging the deal. He’s actually quite loyal.”

“You gave him the building address, I presume?”

“Of course,” Pam purred, and Eric could see her faint smirk in his mind. “I told him to make sure he showers before he shows up so as not to offend your sense of smell.”

Eric chuckled quietly. As far as werewolves went Herveaux really wasn’t such a bad guy. Loyalty and honor were something that counted for a lot with Eric. The Were had been willing to take the responsibility for his father’s debt. Explaining to Sookie why she needed a bodyguard might get tricky, but he was confident he could get her to understand, especially if his theory proved correct.

“I’ll need you in Bon Temps an hour after first dark tomorrow. Meet me at Sookie’s house,” he said, and after Pam acknowledged the order they got off the phone.

Eric let Sookie sleep for as long as he could before finally going over to the couch to wake her. He spoke softly and gently touched her shoulder. It took some gentle rocking in order to wake her, but then Sookie’s eyes popped open and fixed themselves on Eric.

“That time already?” she asked in a raspy, sleepy voice.

“I’m sorry to wake you,” Eric answered, but nodded all the same.

“It’s okay,” Sookie yawned and stretched herself out a little. “So what’s the easiest way to do this?”

“If you’re comfortable there you can stay right where you are,” he told her, although he would have much preferred if she straddled his lap. That way the experience could be just as much fun for her as it would be for him.

“No, I’ll move. I don’t want Moli to get squished,” Sookie said, and glanced at the puppy that was between her and Eric.

He moved out of the way, but took a seat on the other side of the L-shaped couch. For someone Sookie’s size the couch probably wasn’t terribly comfortable. Eric had selected it because the dimensions included a rather deep seat, ideal for someone with legs as long as his. Sookie, on the other hand, looked like a little girl when she sat all the way back.

“Where do you want me?” Sookie asked as she stood in front of him.

His eyebrows wiggled as he said, “Underneath me would be sufficient, but if you would rather be on top…”

Sookie slapped his knee and said, “You behave yourself, mister. This isn’t foreplay.”

Eric grinned, “Well, well, aren’t we sassy this morning?”

Sookie folded her arms over her chest, clearly unimpressed with Eric’s teasing. She was just about to roll her eyes when he moved at vampire speed and settled her in his lap. Sookie gasped and her hands went to his shoulders to steady herself. Eric swept her hair back from her neck and watched the pulse of her veins there.

“This wasn’t quite what I had in mind,” Sookie whispered a little breathlessly.

“By all means, make yourself comfortable,” Eric smirked.

Sookie climbed off his lap and stood in front of him. She pushed his knees a little further apart and then sat on the space between them with her back to his chest so her head was resting against his shoulder. It was an interesting choice, but one that Eric was more than willing to work with.

“Have you ever been bitten when it wasn’t during a sexual act?” Eric asked her, and Sookie jerked her head up.

“That isn’t really any of your business, now is it?”

“I’m only asking because there is a fine line between pleasure and pain, Sookie. One can heighten the other when done properly. If I were to simply bite you, you would most likely feel it and it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for you,” Eric explained.

“I’m not havin’ sex with you, Eric,” she said adamantly.

“Not tonight, perhaps, but you will,” he predicted.

She scoffed and said, “I’d tell you not to hold your breath but there isn’t much point.”

“So what will it be, Sookie? Do you want the pain, or should I make this pleasurable for you? I can guarantee you I will enjoy myself either way,” Eric said as his fingers lightly trailed over her throat.

Sookie turned her head and with a hint of fear in her eyes said, “Don’t hurt me.”

Eric’s fingertips slipped under Sookie’s chin and he leaned closer to her. He brushed a feather light kiss over her lips and felt her relax just a little. He kissed her again, that time with a little more force. His plan was to distract her as much as possible to get her mind on anything other than whatever fear she might have about being bitten. Sookie returned his kisses, which didn’t surprise him considering the few they had shared over the last couple of days. The greater struggle was in maintaining enough control so that he didn’t tackle and pin her beneath him.

He reminded himself to be patient and let nature take its course. He was confident that when she was ready to do so, Sookie would come to him willingly. It was hard to remember the reasons why patience was a virtue when her lips were pressed against his, or her tongue was stroking against his fangs. She was playing with fire, something she had to be aware of. Just in case she wasn’t, he decided to take the opportunity to inform her.

Eric broke the kiss and trailed his lips along her jaw. Sookie sucked in air and tilted her head to the side to give him better access to her neck. Eric nibbled and licked at her ear and noticed that she shivered just a little when he did it. He was taking good notes as he moved along her skin, paying close attention to every gasp, moan, sigh or shiver that she made while he worked. His arms tightened around her small body, holding her to him.

“Do you know what it does to a vampire when you touch their fangs, Sookie?” he whispered in her ear, and she shook her head. He took a chance and allowed one of his hands to move lower down her stomach until it stopped between her barely parted thighs. Sookie gasped, but didn’t push his hand away. “It’s the same as if I touched you here,” he said, and applied a little pressure to the right spot.

Sookie squirmed just a little. To his way of thinking it looked more like she was thrusting her hips against his hand. If she wanted more he would be more than willing to give it, but she was going to have to ask for it since she had already told him this wasn’t an exercise in foreplay. Before Sookie could ask any questions Eric used his other hand to turn her face to his so he could distract her with more kisses.

It worked masterfully.

He kissed her until he could afford to waste no more time. Once again his mouth moved to her neck, and he didn’t think Sookie had noticed that the hand between her legs was still there and moving at a slow pace, applying just the littlest bit of pressure. He could smell her arousal in the air and feel the heat rolling off her body. She smelled so much sweeter when she was turned-on—that could be dangerous for both of them.

Eric said nothing, but let her feel his fangs on her neck, giving her a chance to pull the plug before he bit. But then something unexpected happened, and her hips began to move against his, rubbing against the definite stiffness that had taken root in Eric’s pants. Sookie whimpered softly, and her hips began to move faster. Eric licked the spot on her neck where he intended to bite giving her one last chance to stop him, but she made no attempts to do such a thing.

As gently as he could Eric slid her fangs into her neck, and almost instantly the taste of her blood exploded in his mouth. He growled, tightened his grip on her and sucked a little harder at the wounds on her neck. Sookie cried out, but not from pain. He was pretty certain that she’d managed to have an orgasm from all of the stimulation he’d provided, and the smell in the air became even sweeter than it had been just moments before. Eric was careful not to take too much of her blood, and before he pulled away he nicked his tongue on one of his fangs to heal the little marks on Sookie’s neck.

He felt slightly drunk, which was something he hadn’t felt since he drained his last fairy. That was centuries ago. He wanted to lie back and enjoy the sensation of it. It was almost as if he was floating in his own body, but the sound of Moli yelping brought them both back to reality. Much to his amazement, Sookie didn’t blush or try to hide herself in the aftermath of what had just transpired on the couch. She stood up slowly on shaky legs and smoothed the skirt of her dress.

Eric knew by her heartbeat that he hadn’t taken too much from her; she was shaky because of the orgasm, and he couldn’t help smirking smugly because of it.

“What are you so happy about?” Sookie asked in an accusatory tone when she turned to face him.

“Your blood is magnificent, Lover,” he said before he could stop himself.

“Lover?” Sookie snorted. “I suddenly feel like I’m trapped in a Harlequin romance novel.”

“If that were true I would have eaten your-” Eric started with a hint of mischief in his voice, but Sookie cut him off.

“Don’t even think about finishing that sentence,” she said, her blush finally rising from her neck.

“There’s the Sookie I know. You’re quite an intriguing woman to me, Sookie,” Eric said as he got to his feet with a slightly goofy grin stretching his lips. His eyes were hooded and he swayed a bit.

“Are you okay?” she asked him.

“Never been better,” Eric gave her a thumb’s up.

A thumb’s up.

Then he giggled. A lot.

“My stars,” Sookie muttered while she stared up at the Viking vampire turned frat boy who couldn’t hold his liquor. “I don’t believe this! You’re drunk!”

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