Chapter 5: Remember Tonight


I felt like death. Three days after Sookie and I got back from New York, I started to feel a scratchiness in my throat. I loaded up on vitamin C and prayed that whatever might be attempting to take root in my body would be flushed out with all of the orange juice I was guzzling. No such luck. Two days later, I was essentially useless. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been sick and it sucked. I was running a fever, coughing, blowing my nose constantly and generally felt like I’d been hit by a train. It was absolutely no fun.

And thanks to all of the glorious makeup sex Sookie and I had our last night in New York, I took her down with me. She did her best to play caretaker to both of us, and she was quite the excellent nurse (leaving my fevered brain with images of her in a slutty nurse’s uniform), until she ended up dragging her exhausted body into bed with mine. For the first time ever, we both took sick days because we were actually sick. We seemed to be drifting in an out of consciousness, thanks to all of the night time cold medicine we were taking. Every time one of us would wake up, we’d wake the other so we’d get more fluid in our systems.

The words ‘Swine Flu’ raced through my mind but after a quick internet search I realized we were missing two of the key components of the illness and crossed that off the list of options. Sookie and I just had the regular flu. That was bad enough. What we had was luckily just head and chest issues and nothing further south in our bodies. Well, unless you count the all over aching that made us both feel like we suddenly had the bones and joints of someone in their eighties.

I called Liz to tell her to stay away. She offered to make a delivery of any supplies we needed and I was more than willing to give her a list if it meant not having to leave the house. Neither of us were in the right condition to drive. So I emailed Liz a list. She was kind enough to leave it all in the outdoor kitchen for us and promised to check in on us in a few days. Being that we stayed in bed with the curtains closed, doped up on cold medicine, it was easy to lose track of how many days had gone by since we first dropped out of the rest of the world.

I woke from one of many naps to find Sookie laying next to me in bed, clutching a pillow with a wad of tissues in her small fist. Her mouth was open slightly so she could breathe. Her hair was wild and slightly matted from a lack of brushing in between naps. Her face was flushed and her lips were chapped. Her nose was as red as my own and I could hear her struggling to breathe. I wanted to reach out and touch her but it would take too much energy. Just getting up to go to the bathroom took all the energy I had after sleeping for five or six hours.

I fell into some strange dreams. At first, I was dreaming of ways to hurt that kid who had sneezed on me during the flight to New York. I was sure it was that little fucker’s fault we were sick in the first place, and I found myself wishing I knew voodoo so I could curse the little bastard. But the longer we stayed in bed, the more my dreams evolved. Some of them were pretty whacked out and I blame that on the cold medicine. Others were more clairvoyant and rooted in what I hoped would be my future with Sookie.

I spent some time considering how I was going to ask her to marry me. I thought about the fight we’d had in New York and how we’d frozen each other out for those two days. I hated not talking to her. It drove me up the wall and I was a crabby bitch the entire time. Pam had all but kicked me in the balls to get me to quit being such a fucktard about the whole thing.

“Oh for the love of God just ask her to marry you already! Who gives a shit how you do it so long as it gets done? I can’t take your moping anymore, Northman.” Pam had told me on the way to El Quijote on our last night in New York.

I knew she was right. How I did it wouldn’t really matter but Sookie had always said she wanted something spontaneous. I wanted to hunt down those assholes from E!, who had filmed me ring shopping in New York. It wasn’t any of their fucking business what I was doing in the Diamond District. Since our relationship was old news in LA, I didn’t figure anyone in New York would give a rat’s ass what I was doing. I was wrong. I had considered the likelihood that Sookie had simply gone on the internet to see if she could track down the video they’d shot but a fear of rejection prevented me from bringing it up.

What if I proposed and she said no? We’d talked about marriage while we were in Fiji. It was one of the things she asked about before consenting to move in with me. We had the traditional ‘where is this going?’ talk, and I told her that I’d meant what I’d said when I told her I wanted her to call me her husband someday. She’s grinned from ear to ear when I said that so I assumed that meant she wanted to marry me, too. But since it was so early on in our relationship, I didn’t want to push for more. She seemed content to wait a while and let it happen when it was the right time. I was fine with that, so for the time being, living together would be good enough.

But then my birthday happened and I realized I would never find someone I could love, or want to be with, more than I did her. She was it. I don’t know where the sudden burst of insecurity came from, but it had practically consumed me. I was a douche about the whole thing and it made me feel like an ass that she was the one to call a truce when I should have just manned up and asked her to marry me. But I didn’t want to end an argument with a marriage proposal. I didn’t want her to think that was my way of shutting her up. I would ask her to marry me when it felt like the right time, and that certainly wasn’t it.

My dreams evolved from ways of nearly torturing a small child to what our wedding day might look like. From there I had more than a few racy dreams of all the delicious ways we could tease and torment one another while on our honeymoon. And then, for the first time in my life, I dreamed of being a father. I’d never really wanted to have kids before Sookie. I figured that was because I’d never met the right woman to have them with. The image I had in my mind of Sookie round and heavy with our child inside her was reason enough for me to put a ring on her finger. God, she was going to make the sexiest pregnant woman ever to walk the earth.

I imagined what our children would look like and all of the cheesy family things we would do with those children. I saw us growing old together and playing with our grand kids. I could see everything and I think the only thing that prevented me from freaking out completely was the cold medicine and the way Sookie would occasionally reach over and hold my hand in her sleep. It was the most contact either of us could stand but it was enough to let me know she missed me every bit as much as I missed her.

I would have held her closer but with the fevers we were running, it was just too hot. It took four days but I finally stopped feeling like death. I got out of bed on shaky legs that were weak from a lack of food and made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. I felt a bit more human after that and went to the kitchen to make myself something to eat. Sookie was still out of it but I managed to get her to sit up long enough to take a little bit of the soup I’d made. She offered me a weak smile of thanks and promptly went back to sleep.

I rubbed her chapstick over her lips and smiled when she smacked her lips together. I woke her up every couple of hours to give her a fresh dose of medicine and to get her to drink some water or juice. But then on my second day out of bed (I was giving her space to spread out as much as she wanted), I heard her come out of the bathroom and then the unmistakable sound of her falling.

“Sookie!” I called out from the kitchen and listened hard for the smallest of responses. When I got nothing, I raced back to the bedroom to find her curled on her side on the bedroom floor. “Sookie!” I dropped down beside her to make sure she was still breathing. She was, but she was breathing very shallow. “Lover, hold on.”

I was terrified. Fuck. What if she was sicker than I thought? I grabbed a blanket from the hall closet and wrapped her in it before loading her into my car. I took her to the hospital, not wanting the attention of an ambulance rumbling up my driveway. She stirred for a few seconds on the way to the hospital but she was out again before I could get her to say anything. I explained to the nurses that we’d both been ill and running fevers pretty consistently for the last few days. I wasn’t at a hundred percent yet but I was damn near perfect next to Sookie.

She was admitted to the emergency room and diagnosed with dehydration. She was hooked up to monitors and given IV fluids. Her doctor ran tests on her kidneys to make sure they were still functioning properly and the words ‘kidney failure’ started to run through my head. I sat at her bedside, clutching her hand and praying for her to wake up. I just sat there staring at her for God knows how long until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

I woke up to the feeling of someone stroking my hair. My eyes opened and Sookie was staring down at me with life in her eyes. She smiled at me for the first time in days and I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. Before I could stop myself I lurched toward her and kissed her hard. She had to pull away quickly so she could breathe, but just knowing she was awake and feeling better was all I needed.

“You scared the hell out of me, Stackhouse.” I said against her cheek.

She stroked the back of my head and asked, “What happened?”

I told her how I’d found her on the bedroom floor and how I’d brought her to the emergency room. “You’ve only been here since yesterday.” I told her when her eyes widened with concern. “The doctors said you were severely dehydrated. They ran some tests on your kidneys to make sure they were still functioning properly.”

“My kidneys?” Sookie looked a bit panicked and I couldn’t blame her. I was pretty sure it was the same expression I’d had on my own face when they mentioned a potential problem.

“They said as long as you can hold fluids and make urine, you should be fine.” I explained and she relaxed.

“Good, because I really have to pee.” That was the best thing she could have said to me.

I found the call button to summon a nurse from somewhere and a perky redhead appeared a few seconds later. “Oh, good, you’re awake. I’m Rachel, I’ll be your nurse. How are you feeling?”

“Like I was hit by a mac truck.” Sookie gave a weak smile. “And also like if I don’t get to a bathroom really soon you’re going to have to find me a new bed.”

“That’s what we like to hear. Do you think you can walk alone, or do you need help?”

Sookie looked to me and I was already sliding an arm around her to help her up. “I brought my help, it seems.”

Rachel giggled and said, “The bathroom is to the right. You’ll see it on the left side. I’m going to call to get you a tray. Your husband said it’s been a few days since you’ve eaten anything substantial.”

Sookie smiled up at me and bit her lower lip, clearly debating over whether or not to correct the nurse’s assumption that we were married. “He tried.”

When she didn’t correct the nurse, I took that to be a good sign. Sookie was released from the hospital later that evening after going through another bag of fluids. Her doctor was pleased with her ability to make urine. She was warned that if her fever returned or she was unable to hold anything down she needed to come back to the emergency room. I promised to keep an eye on her and she was discharged. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store. Sookie had been offered watery soup and the saddest looking sandwich either of us had ever seen. Oh, and the lime Jello-O. That was the most edible thing on her tray.

We stocked up on as much healthy food as we could find. She napped in one of the guest rooms while I made us dinner. I stripped our bed of the sick sheets and put fresh ones on it while the dirty ones washed. The house was definitely in need of a scrub down after the two of us had been so covered in germs and touching everything. Sookie insisted on doing it herself before letting Liz back in the house. I told her it wasn’t necessary since I knew Liz wore gloves when she cleaned, but Sookie wouldn’t hear of it. Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood to argue.

The day after Sookie was released from the hospital I was just getting off the treadmill when I heard the water start for a shower. I quickly stripped off my sweaty clothes and got in the shower with her. It was obvious to me that she’d lost at least ten pounds or so over the course of the last week and I was anxious to see her put them right back on. As far as I could tell, Sookie had never been all that self-conscious about her body. She was very aware of her curves and I knew she was proud of them. She was always saying how God made an obvious choice when he gave her the curves he did and she didn’t intend to offend him by trying to make them go away. It was a healthy attitude to have. Personally, I just liked having something to hold onto.

“How’d you sleep?” I asked while she shampooed her hair.

“I’m still a little stuffy but at least I didn’t wake up hacking.” She smiled at me. “I might even be able to go back to work in a day or two.”

“No.” I said firmly.

“Excuse me?” Sookie arched an amused eyebrow at me.

“No way. Not until you’re one hundred percent.”

“Eric, you’re being silly.”

“I’ll remember that when your hospital bill comes.”

“Health insurance will cover it.”

“That’s not the point, lover.”

“So then what is the point?”

“The point is that you need to get better. I don’t want you to push yourself too hard.”

“Oh, you mean like going for a run the day after you’re able to stay out of bed for longer than twenty minutes?” Sookie smirked at me. She had me there.

“Maybe you’re right but I also wasn’t in danger of going into kidney failure.”

“You’re being overprotective.” Sookie sighed and started to rinse her hair.

I waited until she was finished to pull her from under the water. My hands cupped her face and forced her to look up at me. “I love you. I want to keep loving you for a very long time. If that means you stay home from work for a few more days and you hate me for it, I can live with that.”

She smiled in spite of herself and then rose on her toes to kiss me. “I love you, too.”

We forgot all about getting clean, instead focusing on one another. We stood there under the water kissing like the world was going to end if we stopped until Sookie broke away to breathe. I went for her neck but she surprised me by dropping to her knees in front of me. She gave me one of her devilish smiles that told me I better brace myself. One of her small hands ran up the back of my thigh and grabbed me ass, pulling me closer to her. Her other hand had started to stroke me before she added her mouth to the mix. It had been more than a week since we’d left New York and the last time we’d had sex.

While it was true both of us were far too exhausted while we were sick to really even think about sex, it didn’t mean I hadn’t missed it. From the look in her eyes, it was obvious she had as well. I gently eased her off of me and I couldn’t tell if she felt rejected or curious. I pulled her up from her knees and pushed her against the wall. Our mouths met again and I reached between her legs to see how ready she was. She moaned into my mouth and pushed me back onto the tile seat in the shower.

She came at me, her lips crashing down on mine briefly before she turned around and lowered herself onto me. Her head sank back against my shoulder, baring her neck to me. My hands cupped her breasts while she rocked her hips. She nibbled my neck and I watched as one of her hands sank down between her legs to touch herself. My heart skipped a beat. I don’t think she had any idea how big of a turn on that was to watch. She moaned against my skin and the sound went straight to my cock, making it a little harder. I didn’t even think that was possible.

My hands gravitated to her hips and she changed the position of her legs so her feet were on the floor instead of hanging from either side of my lap. I guided her up and down, my hips bucking to meet her movements. She sucked my earlobe and turned my face to hers with her free hand to kiss me. I tasted a cherry flavored cough drop on her breath and it made my mouth tingle a little.

“Faster.” She moaned and I complied.

The closer she got to her orgasm the tighter her grasp on my neck, holding me to her. It was almost as if she was afraid I was going to disappear if she didn’t. I couldn’t blame her. I didn’t want her slipping away from me either. I pounded myself against her, listening to her moans and sighs along with the sound of our skin slapping against each other. Her back arched and then she was clamping down on me, crying out as she came. It was a beautiful thing to watch and it set me off. I came a few seconds later, my arm wrapping around her waist to hold her closer.

We panted and kissed our way through the haze that followed before getting up to finish our shower. “I missed that.” Sookie said in a dreamy tone of voice once she was conditioning her hair.

“Me, too.” I bent and kissed her softly.

“So, how do you feel about me working from home?” Sookie asked casually and I just rolled my eyes.


Eric handed me a glass of wine while telling me about a new photographer named Lisel that he’d contracted to start doing work for him. She’d photographed him when he was still modeling more than ten years before and he had always had a profound appreciation for her eye. He liked her style and the ease with which she captured the most poignant emotions. He’d shown me samples of her work before so I knew precisely what he meant. She really was brilliant and would make a fabulous replacement when our regular photographer, Al Cumberland, retired in a few months.

I was unpacking a box of photo albums while Eric talked. I stopped to flip through one of them briefly, smiling down at the images of my friends and family from back home. I felt heaviness in my heart at the knowledge Gran hadn’t lived long enough to see me so happy. There were times when I wished I could hear her thoughts on Eric but I knew she’d always trusted my instincts when it came to people. As far as she was concerned if I liked someone that was reason enough for her to like them as well. For that reason alone, she would have loved Eric. And it wouldn’t have hurt one bit that he would have charmed the pants right off her, at least figuratively speaking.

“Well, well, well, Miss Stackhouse, what have we here?” I looked up from my photo album to see a pair of black fuzzy handcuffs dangling from one of Eric’s fingers.

I turned bright pink and rolled my eyes. “Those were a gag gift from Tara.” Eric arched an eyebrow that demanded an explanation. I set my album off to the side and took a big drink of my wine before telling the story. “She bought those when I was dating Bill-”

“Wait. I changed my mind. I don’t want to know.” Eric shook his head.

“I never used them.” I offered up, hoping that might set his mind at ease. “She gave them to me and I knew full well that even if I did have the guts to mention the idea to Bill I would never let it happen. I didn’t trust him enough to make me coffee, let alone allow him to cuff me to anything.”

“But you thought about it?” I could see the wheels turning in Eric’s head and I had a pretty good idea that before the night was through, I was going to find out what it was like to be handcuffed to a headboard.

“Sure.” I shrugged, trying to sound casual about it.

I went back to my unpacking and listened to the sound of Eric setting down his own glass. His footsteps were light as he crossed the room to me. He took the album that was in my hands and set it down on the shelf in front of me. I froze as he gathered my hands one at a time and put them behind my back. He didn’t cuff me there but I realized I definitely wanted him to. My insides did the little nervous dance they did whenever we were about to try something new. I was a little scared but mostly excited.

I loved that I felt safe enough with Eric to know that if I ever felt uncomfortable all I had to do was say so and it would stop. He would never pressure me for something I wasn’t into. I trusted him one hundred percent and I wanted to experience this with him. I looked over my shoulder at him, planning to tell him I wanted to try it, but instead his mouth crashed down on mine. Leave it to Eric to know what I was going to say before I said it. One cuff closed around my wrist and the clicking sound did strange things to me. The fear slipped away and the excitement rose.

He broke off the kiss and when my eyes opened, I saw the questioning expression in his eyes. I wanted him, no doubt about it, I just wasn’t sure I was quite ready for handcuffs. I was still a bit weak from being sick and per Dr. Northman’s orders, I was still not released to return to work. After our romp in the shower two days before, Eric had gone so far as to hide the power cord for my laptop to make sure I didn’t spend too much time working. We’d had one hell of an argument the day before that resulted in some angry up-against-the-wall sex when he found me ransacking one of the guest rooms in attempts to find the missing cord.

I smiled and offered him a kiss as I pulled my hand away from his. “I want to, I do. I trust you. It’s just that I’m not sure I’m quite there yet.”

“No problem.” Eric kissed the tip of my nose. “Just let me know when you are.”

Have I mentioned that I love this man?

He released the cuff from my wrist and left the room to go stash them away somewhere. I went back to sipping my wine while my brain started to conjure up images of what it would look like to be handcuffed to Eric’s bed while we made love. My traitor body was instantly yelling at me for being a wimp and was demanding I go after Eric. My lady business was definitely intrigued by the concept of bondage. That word flashed in my brain and for a second, the southern belle that lived in me began to blush furiously. The little devil that lived on my shoulder, whispering I should be doing more deviant things more often wanted me to be blindfolded while I was handcuffed.

I’d worked myself up into a bit of a frenzy by the time he returned. I turned away from him and took a big drink of my wine to keep from pouncing on him. I shook the dirty thoughts from my mind and reached into the box I’d been unpacking to retrieve the last of the photo albums that had been inside it. When I finished I asked Eric to grab me another box from the pile. He selected one and put it in front of me.

“Thank you.” I rubbed his back and then grabbed the utility knife to slice through the tape. I pulled the flaps of the box back and right on top was a blue box I didn’t recognize as one I had packed. “What’s this?” I wondered out loud. I looked to Eric, who just shrugged.

“You tell me.”

I quirked an eyebrow and plucked the mystery box from the bigger one it had been packed in. My hands started to shake for a second at the thought of where Eric had been while we were in New York. I had a feeling I knew what was in the box and tears started to gather in my eyes. I looked up at Eric and he offered me a smile. That son of a bitch set me up.

“Open it.” He urged. Yep, I’d definitely been set up.

“Eric, I-”

He took the box from me and opened it himself. Inside was a beautiful ring. A diamond that had to be at least two carats was front and center on a band that was encrusted with small diamonds. My heart leapt around in my chest and I didn’t know if I should just shout the ‘yes’ that was on the tip of my tongue, or throw up because I was suddenly nervous. I watched as his fingers plucked the ring from the box and he reached for my left hand.

“I’ve been carrying this around since New York. I thought about asking you there but I didn’t want it to be like that. And I thought about asking you over some fancy dinner or after some elaborate set up because I know you wanted it to be a surprise. The thing is, I think we’ve had enough surprises lately. What I want most out of our life together is what we have right now, just you and me. I want a life full of little moments like this that mean more to just us than they would to anyone else. I think we have enough stories to impress others.” Eric slipped the ring on my finger as a tear fell from my eye. He turned my chin up so he was looking me in the eyes. “Will you marry me, Sookie?”

I’ll admit it wasn’t what I had imagined when I thought about getting engaged but Eric wasn’t really the image of the man I thought I’d be saying yes to. He was much more than that. I couldn’t find the voice that had been so ready to say yes a minute ago, so I nodded instead.

“Yes?” He smiled at me nervously and I nodded harder. “Lover, you have to say it.”

“Yes.” I was able to whisper. A small sob tore from my throat, freeing my voice and I said, “Yes, yes, I will marry you.”

Before I could tell him I loved him or anything else, his lips were on mine. It clicked in my head that his kiss would be the only one I’d have for the rest of my life and it set something loose in me. It briefly flashed in my mind what an idiot I’d been to deny him all those years. God, I’d wasted so much time. I could have had this all along and I’d just been too stubborn to let myself have it. I pulled Eric closer to me and kissed him harder, like I needed it to survive. Maybe I did. Maybe that’s how you know you’ve found the one you’re meant to kiss for the rest of your life.

I pulled back to look into Eric’s eyes and I saw nothing but love and adoration there. Without looking away from my eyes he brought my hand up and turned his face to kiss the ring he’d put on my finger. I smiled at him and then started to pull him out of the room and toward our bedroom. I was surprised to find candles lit and adorning just about every flat surface in the room. There were jasmine petals on the floor and the bed, giving the room a warm, lovely smell in combination with the vanilla candles. Eric had definitely put some thought into this.

“How long have you been planning this?” I stared at all he’d done in the room while his lips were busy at my neck.

“Since my birthday. I realized I don’t want to spend another one without you. I bought the ring in New York and just waited for the right time. I woke up this morning and you were laying there next to me, holding my hand. It was so simple. I decided I want that in sixty years when we’re both old and probably too tired to do anything else.” Eric reached down and began to pull up the tank top I was wearing.

I lifted my arms and he tossed the material across the room, careful to make sure it landed on the floor and not on the dresser. “So that’s why you were in the Diamond District?” I turned my face back toward his.

“Why else would I be there?” Eric planted a row of kisses from my shoulder to my neck. He moved my hair out of the way and continued across my back to the other side of my neck.

“You don’t even want to know what I was thinking.” I shook my head.

Eric stopped his attentions and moved so he was standing in front of me. We never really talked about what happened in New York. I’d come to the conclusion that I was being ridiculous and just letting paranoia get the better of me. It wasn’t him that I didn’t trust so much as there was that little voice in the back of my head that told me I wasn’t good enough for him. It told me I was boring and could never keep him interested for long. It was my own insecurity that had brought on all of my thoughts of cheating and him leaving me. It wasn’t anything he had done.

“I think I need to know, even if I don’t want to.” Eric looked at me sternly, his hands gripping mine roughly. His thumb pressed against the new ring on my finger and the pressure sent a chill up my spine. I was such an idiot sometimes.

“I thought maybe you were seeing someone else.” I whispered. I couldn’t even look him in the eye. This was so not how this conversation was supposed to go, but it seemed we were going to be having it now. We should be celebrating, not talking about what a doofus I could be.

Eric sighed and let go of my hands. This was exactly what I didn’t want. He turned away from me and shook his head. I couldn’t tell if he was angry or disappointed. It was probably both. He started to blow out the candles and I stopped him.

“Eric, don’t! Listen to me.” I tried to pull him away from the dresser before he made a huge mess with all of the melted wax. He turned to face me and I held his face in my hands. “I jumped to conclusions because of me, okay? It’s not because I don’t trust you or because-”

“How in the world could you think I would cheat on you, Sookie? I know I don’t have the best track record in the world when it comes to being faithful but you also know how different I’ve been with you. I told you that you aren’t like the others.”

“I know.” I nodded fiercely, rubbing his jaw with my thumbs, hoping to ease some of the tension from his face. “I think there’s always going to be this part of me that is going to be afraid you’re going to get bored and leave me.”

“That’s insanity.”

“Maybe it is.” I agreed with him. “It’s not that I don’t believe you when you tell me I’m the only one. I wouldn’t have said yes to marrying you if I didn’t believe you were in it forever. You’re all I want, Eric, and I know in my heart you feel the same way. It’s just reconciling that with my head that gets tricky.”

“I’m not going anywhere, lover. I’ll say it everyday if I have to.” Eric tucked some of my hair behind my ear before lowering his face to mine.

He kissed me sweetly and with as much passion as he could muster. I did my best to match his efforts, leaving nothing out of my feelings for him. I got lost in that kiss and didn’t even feel it when he scooped me up and laid me down on our bed. He hovered over me as he started to peel away my tiny boy shorts that served as pajama bottoms. I rose my hips without taking my mouth from his. I was awash with the feeling that I didn’t ever want to stop kissing him. I loved that feeling. But eventually his mouth broke from mine and drifted down the column of my neck.

He parted my legs gently with his hands before settling between them. I felt some of his weight press against my pelvis, nudging it with his own. I felt his increasing arousing with each pass of his hips against mine while his mouth worked my breasts. He sucked and teased one nipple while mimicking his movements with his fingers on the other. My hands anchored in his hair, tugging and telling him where to go. His lips trailed down my stomach planting wet kisses as he went and blowing cool air against each spot. Goose bumps broke out all over my bed and by the time he got down to my center, I was all but writhing underneath him.

He nuzzled the inside of my thighs, pulling my legs up over his shoulders before letting his tongue dip into the slick heat between them. I cried out at the feeling of his tongue licking me, then swirling around my nub that so desperately wanted his attention. My pulse raced and my ability to breathe properly became compromised. My hands were still in his hair and when I tugged at it, the growl he issued sent shock waves through my body. The vibrations from his lips around my clit did wonderful things to me. He took his time, teasing and licking where I needed it. Just before I could demand he get on with it I felt his fingers slip inside me and begin to coax my orgasm from where it had been hiding.

His fingers curled just a bit, stroking my sweet spot and when my hips lifted off the bed in attempts to get more of him, he held me down with his free hand. He grazed my clit with his teeth and I felt the first tremor of my orgasm breaking free from the pit of my stomach. Everything got faster after that. His tongue flicked against me faster. His fingers moved inside me faster. The cries that escaped my throat came faster. I wanted the feelings to last but they were too intense.

“Let go, lover.” He whispered to me, and I did.

A scream filled the room and it took me a minute to realize it was my own. Before I could get my eyes to focus properly, or my breathing to return to anywhere near normal, Eric was hitching my legs up and sliding inside me. He did so slowly, taking his time burying himself as deep as he could go. My legs locked around his waist, pulling him deeper, closer to me. Our lips met as his hips drew back, his tongue sliding along mine while his hips pushed forward. He set a slow, leisurely pace that I knew would ultimately drive us both mad.

Oddly enough, he was the more patient of the two of us. He had absolutely no problem bringing me to the edge just to pull me back. Sometimes he did it to drive me crazy, but usually it was because neither of us wanted it to end. He knew just how to work me into a frenzy and I could tell that’s where we were headed. This was the beginning.

Just as I predicted I was there teetering at the edge when he stilled inside me, pausing to look me in the eyes. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” He whispered to me before plundering my mouth with his tongue.

We kissed until we were breathless and only then would he move, regardless of how much urging I’d done with my hips. His weight against me was heavenly. I felt safe and protected under him, like it was where I belonged. The gentle rocking of our hips to meet one another began again, the slow strokes stoking the fire that was burning deep in my belly. We stayed on edge for as long as either of us could stand it.

Then Eric flipped us over so I was on top of him. I rocked my hips against him almost violently, having decided that enough was enough. He tried to slow me down, wanting to stay on the edge a while longer but a roll of my hips and the graze of my fingertips against his inner thigh changed all of that. He held me steady and thrusted up into me, watching the bounce of my breasts when he did so. My breath punctuated each thrust, my hands bracing against his chest.

My walls started pulsing around him, and my hips rocked a little faster. He sat up and I locked my legs around him again, the two of us clutching one another like we were afraid the other would float away if he didn’t. I came violently with a shudder against him, my cries stifled by his mouth on mine. I felt him swell and then pulse inside me, tugging my hair back to shout my name before sinking his face into the hollow my neck. We were both shaking at the explosion of our release, limbs jittery with energy and bliss.

“Still wanna marry me?” I whispered in his ear, teasing the shell of it.

His hands slipped into my hair as he slanted his mouth over mine, kissing me deeply, leaving no doubt as to what his answer would be. “Yes, Miss Stackhouse, I do.”


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