Chapter 3: The Birthday Boy

It had been just over six months since Eric and I made the change from employer/employee to boyfriend/girlfriend and it was the smartest thing I’d ever done. I’d even gone to Sweden with Eric for Thanksgiving and it was lovely. I decided I wanted to learn the language and had signed up to take courses on it starting in the spring. Eric was thrilled, if for no other reason than he liked the idea of me being able to talk dirty to him in his native language. My boyfriend was nothing if not a horndog, but I was ass backward in love with him for it.

We managed to balance our personal and professional relationship fairly well and we were careful not to bring work problems home with us. We didn’t let work stress get to us and that was one of the things I’d worried about at first. We’d made a rule that after a certain time, we were just Eric and Sookie and the rest of the world could fuck off. We didn’t answer our cell phones if business calls were coming in. We actually stopped to enjoy life and believe it or not, Eric’s business thrived that much more for it. Word spread quickly that Eric was off the market. The news has even been fodder for tabloids but we didn’t pay much attention to that.

He asked me to move in with him at Christmas while we were sunning ourselves on a beautiful white, sandy beach in Fiji. I’d tackled him in the sand and accepted his offer. He’d promptly dragged me into the water and took me as far away from shore as he dared and we made love there. It was wonderful. The entire vacation was just what the both of us needed and it had ended far too soon. When we got back movers were hired and I was pretty much moved into Eric’s place the week before his birthday.

Speaking of which, shopping for a birthday present for a guy like Eric was damn near impossible. I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday. Eric was the sort who bought what he wanted, when he wanted it. I knew he wasn’t expecting anything from me, but since he’d done something so nice for me for my birthday, I felt I owed him the same courtesy. I even went so far as to consult Pam, but she was having about as much trouble coming up with something as I was.

“At least you can fuck him.” Pam snorted, being her usual snarky self. She’d meant it as a joke, or so I assumed, but it got the wheels turning.

Before long, I had formulated a plan. I couldn’t give Eric something material, but there was definitely something I could give him. I turned bright red at the realization and I spent the rest of the afternoon at my desk, nervously bouncing my leg underneath it. I was thankful Eric was out of the office all day on appointments, or he would have figured a way to talk me into telling him what had me so flustered. By the time I got home that night, I was a bit calmer, having worked out all of the details.

I was just pulling a pan of stuffed shells from one of two oven’s in the kitchen when I heard Eric pull into the garage. I set the pan down on the counter to cool while I got out plates and silverware. Eric walked in and called out to me while I was setting the table.

“In the kitchen!” I called back to him and moved to put a pan of garlic bread in the oven.

I still wasn’t used to how good he looked in a suit and I suspect the sight will always make my heart race. Today, it was gray with a crimson shirt and a tie of the same color under it. His eyes sparkled and his hair was gelled in place. He was carrying his laptop case in one hand and a bouquet of Gerber daisies in the other.

“For you.” He handed over the flowers and bent to kiss me. “How was your day?”

I sniffed the flowers and said, “I missed having you around the office. The intern started today.”

“Oh, shit.” Eric set his laptop down. “I completely forgot about that.”

“Don’t worry about it. I got her set up in that empty cube next to Selah’s and Maria-Starr let her sit in on the art department meeting. But I know she’s looking forward to meeting you.” I was putting my flowers in a vase when Eric hugged me from behind, his chin resting on top of my head.

“It might have to wait until later next week. Andre called in a huff over some breach of contract with Stan Davis.”

“Again?” I whipped my head around. Stan Davis has been nothing but a pain in the ass since the day Eric got into business with him. “What the fuck? He really needs to fire that asshole Hugo. Please tell me you an fix this over the phone.” The last thing I wanted was for Eric to end up spending his birthday in Texas. That would totally fuck up my plans.

“Andre wants me there in person.” Eric sighed.

“Eric!” I groaned and leaned against the counter.

“I told Andre that I wasn’t going to hop on a plane to chew Stan out. Instead, I’m going to talk to Cataliades about filing an injunction to get out of the contract altogether. I’m sick of dealing with this shit. But it means I have to go to New York next week. I want you to come with me.” Eric reached for my hand.

“And what about the office? You know if one of us isn’t there it all goes to shit.” That much was true. The only other person remotely reliable was Sandy and no one liked her.

“It’ll just be for two days, lover. They’ll manage.” Eric kissed my forehead. “Besides, I think a few days away will do us good.”

“We just got back from Fiji two weeks ago.”

“I want you to be involved in the plans for Fashion Week. Pam is going to have a lot of incoming talent to process and her assistant has never dealt with this before.”

I blew out a deep breath. “Fine.”

Eric pulled me into a hug and planted the mother of all kisses on me. I almost forgot about the bread in the other because of it. I pulled away from him and sent him to change while I got dinner on the table. He came back in a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. It really wasn’t fair that he looked almost as good as he did in his suit.

We ate dinner together and then he helped me clean up. By the time we were done, it was almost nine. Some nights we went for a swim. Some nights we watched TV or a movie. But most nights we went to bed shortly after dinner. We didn’t go to sleep, but we went to bed. I could tell that night would be a bed night.

Eric made sure all of the doors were closed and locked before setting the alarm. By the time he got to the bedroom I was already washing my face and brushing my teeth. I stepped out of the bathroom to find him peeling off his clothes.

“Will you unzip me?” I turned around so Eric could get my zipper.

I felt his fingers on my back, tugging the zipper down. Never one to waste an opportunity, he pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulders and even unhooked my bra for me. I smiled over my shoulder at him while the material fell to the floor. Before long we were both naked and tucked into bed. We kissed for a while, but eventually his hand drifted down between my legs. My hips bucked toward his hand, wanting more friction. His fingers stroked and rubbed until I was panting.

“Eric, please, I want you in me.” I moaned against his ear.

He kissed me deeply, withdrawing his fingers and quickly replacing them with his erection. He thrust into me in one fluid motion, filling and stretching me wonderfully. Our hips moved together perfectly, going faster and faster until we both tumbled over the edge. Eric collapsed on me, sucking gently on my neck, while my fingers trailed down his back.

I squeezed him closer to me. “God, I love you.” I lifted his mouth to mine. I couldn’t get enough of him.

I made our travel arrangements for our trip to New York. I also spoke to Pam’s assistant, Lindsay, to make sure she would be able to meet with me the following week. I emailed her what info I could, but it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense unless I explained it all to her. Fashion Week was when my obsessive-compulsive organizational skills really came in handy.

Eric spent most of his day trying to straighten things out with Stan in regards to their breach of contract. The stress had Eric tightly wound and slamming things around the office on the rare occasions he got off the phone. We ended up spending our lunch break at a hotel, fucking fast and hard. It was exactly what I knew Eric needed to clear his head and I certainly enjoyed it. Riled up Eric was all sorts of fun to play with.

The rest of the week went by about as smoothly as it could. On Friday we went to Geisha House for dinner with the majority of the office. A few of Eric’s former clients (and greatest success stories) made an appearance, bringing the paparazzi with them. By morning there were picture of Eric and me on most Hollywood blogs. I hadn’t given it much thought beforehand, but I’d put a ring on my left ring finger, starting a bunch of speculation that Eric and I were engaged.

I groaned at my stupidity. Not that Eric and I hadn’t talked about marriage (hell, he’d brought it up before we were even a we), but we’d agreed it was too soon. Yes, we’d known each other for almost six years but we were still sussing out our relationship. I didn’t want him to think I was pressuring him for more. I finished my cup of coffee and got started on breakfast. Eric always ate a lot, but even more so when he was hungover.

I put his breakfast in the oven to keep it warm and then went to wake him up. I peeled off my nightgown and got back in bed with him. He was sprawled on his back, mouth open, and making little noises that let me know exactly what he was dreaming about. As if the tented sheet draped over him wasn’t indication enough.

I had a sudden flash of genius and decided it would be the opening act of my plan. I grazed my lips over Eric’s ear and whispered his name. He responded with a groan that I only heard when we were in bed together. I loved that groan. I let my lips travel his neck and chest, stopping to pay as much attention to his nipples as he usually paid to mine. Honestly, you’d think I was the only woman in the world with breasts the way he worshiped (his word, not mine) them.

I nibbled down his rippled stomach, pausing at that beautiful V that led to his second best feature. For me, his ass would always come in first, though I never tired of letting him try to convince me otherwise. He was a boob man and I was a butt girl. We were perfect for one another, given the attributes we each had. I lifted the sheet to reveal what looked to be an almost painful erection.

I touched him gently, watching to see if he would wake up. When I got no reaction, I spread the little bead of moisture at his tip and started to stroke. That got me another groan and a whispered tumbling of my name from his lips. I leaned over and took him in my mouth, watching his hands grasp the sheets in tight fists. I took as much in my mouth as I could, sucking and teasing him to the best of my ability.

When his eyes finally opened, he growled when he saw the expression in my eyes. Before he could say anything, I relaxed my jaw and felt him slide down my throat. Eric nearly squealed. Encouraged by his response, I began to hum the tune of “Happy Birthday”, and I swear, Eric’s eyes rolled in the back of his head. His orgasm must have hit suddenly because I usually got a verbal warning before it happened, but not that day. I swallowed all he had to offer and kissed his tip when I released him. He laid there panting, grasping the sheets.

“Morning, Pookie.” I teased when I slid up along side him.

“Where the fuck did you learn that?” He was still breathing hard.

I giggled and said, “It was just an idea I thought I’d try out.”

“I fucking love the way you think.” He rolled us over quickly.

“Glad to hear it.” I smiled up at him and accepted a kiss that was part thank you, and part warning of what was to come.

Eric’s hand slipped between us and his fingers slid easily into my core. Seeing him so turned-on and into what I was doing had been a turn-on for me. I was more than ready for whatever tricks he might have up his sleeve. And to think, this was only the beginning of what I had in store for him.

It had taken more convincing than I’d thought, but I finally talked Eric into the shower. While he was in there I grabbed the bag I’d packed while he was still sleeping and slipped out of the house. I headed for the office and was just pulling into a parking space when my cell rang to the tune of “Head Over Feet” by Alanis Morissette. Eric.

“Hi.” I said in a bubbly voice, as if it wasn’t strange that I’d left without a word.

“Where are you? I got out of the shower and you were gone.” He sounded more concerned than he did angry.

“Oh, I’m at the office.” Perfectly normal.

“The office? Why?” Confused.

“The contracts for Claudine came in and I wanted to get them ready.” Business as usual.

“Sookie, it’s Saturday.” Annoyed.

“I know, but with our trip to New York-”

“It’s my birthday. All I want today is to listen to you scream my name when I make you come.” He used his most sultry voice. He was good.

“Well, if you come down here and help me, I’ll be done that much faster.” I suggested and then lowered my voice, too. “And we’ll have the office to ourselves.” That’d get him in the right frame of mind for what I had planned.

The line was silent for a few seconds. “I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” Hook. Line. Sinker.

“I’ll be waiting.” I smiled into my phone and hung up.

I had a lot to do and very little time.


I was convinced I had the coolest girlfriend in the world. There were times when kicked myself for not manning up years ago to tell her how I felt about her. But it had all worked out for the best and Sookie wasn’t at all opposed to making up for lost time. Just when I thought she couldn’t have been more awesome, she woke me up on my thirty-fifth birthday with the best blow job of my life.

I loved how when a person looked at her, they most likely saw a demure southern belle with good manners and a kind smile. She had a generally sweet disposition that hid a sassy streak that put even Pam to shame. And the fact that one minute she could be talking about pie recipes one minute like a Betty Crocker for the new millennium and how wet I made her the next, just blew me away. Sookie was nothing if not full of surprises and I wasn’t one easily shocked.

So when I stepped out of the shower to find that she’d left the house, I was once again surprised. When I called her cell to find out where she was, I was annoyed to hear she was at the office. What the fuck? I had made no plans for the entire weekend. All I wanted was time alone with her. I wanted to spend the weekend sleeping and fucking, with the occasional meal or swim thrown in. The rest of the world didn’t matter for a full forty-eight hours, as far as I was concerned.

I tried to seduce her into coming home but the little minx turned the tables on me. She reminded me we would have the office all to ourselves. I was immediately replaying a favorite fantasy that featured the two of us fucking on my desk. It was an old favorite and one I’d been improving on bit by bit over the last five and a half years. The possibility that might finally become reality was reason enough for me to meet her down there.

By the time I got to the office I was uncomfortably hard. You’d think it had been weeks since I’d had her and not just a couple of hours. As was the case with us every other time, just once this morning hadn’t been enough. I was quite certain that my eventual cause of death would be cardiac arrest brought on by over-exertion. I just hoped I wasn’t on top of Sookie when it happened.

The office was locked when I got there. I let myself in and locked up behind me, making sure the security bar was in place. No need for interruptions. I heard music coming from the back end of the office where Sookie’s cubical was. My office was right across from it. She was listening to swing music, of all things, but I’d learned she had an eclectic taste in music.

The genre of music she was listening to was also a pretty clear indicator of her mood. More than once I’d avoided a hornets’ nest by letting her be while she was listening to Linkin Park. Although I could have lived without hearing her screech along. My girl can do a lot of things- singing isn’t one of them.

I walked toward the music, expecting to find Sookie in the conference room sorting papers and putting together press kits. Instead she was sitting at her desk. Her hair was all done and hanging down her back in big curls. She was wearing a shirt I’d never seen before. She smiled when she saw me and hopped up with a steno pad and pen in her hands.


My throat started to close a little as I took her in. She was wearing a dress that hugged her body. The top half gave the appearance of a fitted button down shirt that appeared to be tucked into the tight pinstripe skirt. She was wearing pearl earrings (I’d given them to her for Christmas), stockings and those deadly red fuck me shoes I’d been dreaming of since the first time I saw her in them. My mouth was hanging open and my dick would have been doing a happy dance if it wasn’t straining to get out of my pants. Fuck. Me.

Sookie wiggled around her desk. “There you are, Mr. Northman, I was starting to wonder if you would be making it in today.”

Role play? God, I love her.

“Traffic was bad.” I said lamely. I really needed to get better at this and quick. Although, in my defense, most of my blood had rushed south.

“That darn 101 can be so much trouble.” She offered me a sympathetic smile.

Yeah, you know what else is trouble? “I don’t suppose Claudine’s contracts actually came in, did they, Sookie?” I took on a more assertive tone.

She dropped her head like a good little submissive and said, “No, sir.”

Yes, she was going to kill me. She was absolutely going to kill me. “I’d like to see you in my office, Miss Stackhouse.”

“Of course.” She set down her steno pad and pen before stepping ahead of me to lead me to my office.

I was curious as to how far she was going to take this. Sookie was definitely more creative and adventuresome than I’d thought she’d be, but this was totally unexpected. It was also fuckhot and I wondered how she was ever going to top this. Best. Girlfriend. Ever.

“Please, Miss Stackhouse, have a seat.” I gestured to the chair in front of my desk and she did as I asked. I walked around behind my desk and sat in my chair. “As you know, we have a strict policy here in regards to propriety. As my assistant, I need to be able to trust that you will follow the rules and codes I’ve set for all employees.”

“Yes, sir.” She nodded. “I’m sorry I lied to you, sir.” The little minx bit her lower lip and said, “I understand if you need to punish me, sir.”

I think I had my first official chest pain right then. I flashed back on the conversation we’d had on her birthday and for a second I was completely dumbfounded. Was she asking me to… the look on her face told me she was. Holy shit. I made a mental note to quit fucking around and buy a ring to put it on her finger immediately. Enough fucking around. She was the one. I loved her already and I definitely loved being around her. I saw her in my future in all sorts of ways. But this? This was just the cherry on the sundae. Decision made, I decided to go all in on this. She was doing this as much for me as she was for herself. I knew Sookie well enough to do she didn’t do something she didn’t want to do just to make someone else happy. I was a lucky son of a bitch.

“I’m sorry, Miss Stackhouse, but I don’t see any way around it. This type of behavior simply can’t be tolerated.” I stood up and gestured for her to come closer to me.

She stood before me with that demure southern belle look on her face, giving the proper aura of contrition and acceptance. This was going to be all sorts of fun, assuming I didn’t just by-pass it all to fuck her, which was what my friend south of the border wanted me to do.

“Turn around.” I twirled a finger, gesturing for her to turn her back to me. I put my hands on her shoulders and she eased into them. I positioned her at the side of my desk. “Put your hands on the desk, Miss Stackhouse.”

“Yes sir.” She bent forward, getting the idea of what I was going for. She was a little too good at this but I refused to think about who she might have done something else like this for.

I tugged her skirt up to find she was wearing a red and black lace garter belt and the tiniest pair of panties I’d ever seen in my life. I groaned at the sight of it all and had to start thinking about things that were anything but sexy to keep myself from fucking up this whole thing. She’d obviously put a lot of thought and planning into this and I didn’t want to ruin it for her. At the same time, I found myself having to give my dick some sort of sympathy talk and hope it would listen.

As much as I didn’t want to, I released the clips on her garters so I could get her panties down. They didn’t have to come off completely (yet), but they definitely had to be down for this. I was rewarded with the sight of her arousal glistening between her legs. Fuck, she was every bit as into this as I was. Have I mentioned yet that I have the best girlfriend in the world?

I ran my hand over her ass, cupping each cheek gently and leaned into her. I cleared her hair away from her ear and breathed in. She smelled of soap and something a bit more tropical, like a combination of coconut, pineapple and sunshine. It was sweet and intoxicating. I noticed her breathing had gotten heavier, and when my lips grazed her neck, I felt the thudding of her pulse.

“So, Miss Stackhouse, what do you think the appropriate punishment is for such a violation of company policy?” I nipped at her ear and she shivered.

Her voice was weak but heavy with desire when she said, “I trust that you will be fair but firm, sir.”

“Indeed.” I ground my hips against her ass and she moaned, making my dick twitch. Down boy, it’s not your turn yet.

I stepped aside and pulled her hips farther away from the desk. She kept her eyes straight ahead. My hands rubbed her ass and then moved further down to spread her legs just a little. I noticed she was gripping the edge of my desk so hard her knuckles were white. Her legs were locked. My left hand was trailing up the inside of her thigh toward her dripping core when my right hand delivered the first slap to her ass.

She cried out as a result, but she wasn’t in pain. I watched her eye close as she steadied herself. I rubbed the flesh I’d just struck and then repeated the process on the other cheek. After the second set of slaps, my fingers slide into her folds and teased her. She wiggled in attempts to get more of me. I quickly pulled my hand away and delivered another slap.

“Uh, uh, uh, Miss Stackhouse.” I chided her. I moved so she could see me and put one of my wet fingers in my mouth. God, she tasted as good as she smelled. She moaned again and I knew her frustration was building. She was going to be a wildcat if I let her.

I got behind her again and when I’d reached the ten slaps I’d decided was enough, I dropped to my knees and let my tongue run up the length of her slit, stopping briefly to tease her entrance. But again, when she got greedy, I pulled away.

“I hope you understand this punishment was necessary, Miss Stackhouse.” I began to remove her panties the rest of the way. They wouldn’t be needed for what I had in mind next.

“Yes, sir.” Her voice quivered with need.

“Would you like to know the penalty for a second infraction?” I spoke closely to her ear and nodded slowly. I pushed her closer to the desk. “Put your hands behind your back.”

She did as she was told and didn’t fight me when I bent her over my desk. I unzipped my pants, letting them fall around my ankles while I pulled off my shirt. Without another word I grabbed both of her small hands in one of my own, and I held her hip with the other. I used my thigh to nudge her legs farther apart. My cock rubbed against the wetness of her hot center and she whimpered again.

I entered her fully with one hard stroke, and we were both crying out in relief for it. I pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in. Her slick heat hugged me, already starting to pulse. It was a good thing, too, since I knew I wasn’t going to last long myself.

I tightly held her hands behind her back while I fucked her. She did her best to meet my thrusts but I could feel her knees starting to weaken. A sheen of sweat gathered on her lower back and I was tempted to stop just to lick it off. A severe warning from my cock said, “Don’t you dare!”

Sookie surprised me yet again by saying, “Harder, sir.”

I gave her what she asked for and she came violently, screaming my name in a way I’d never heard before. I came right after her and my legs almost gave out. I had to let go of her hands to hold onto the desk so I wouldn’t fall backward or on top of her. Best sex I ever had. No contest. I was reluctant to pull out of her but I had to. I had to sit before I collapsed. I staggered over to my chair and fell into it.

Sookie remained bent over my desk with her eyes closed, trying to catch her breath. I rolled over to her and pulled her into my lap. We didn’t say anything for a few minutes, both of us too far gone in our own worlds to speak.

“Thank you.” I finally whispered and Sookie laughed.

“I guess that was acceptable, as far as birthday presents go?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely.” I turned her face to mine and kissed her for all I was worth. She squirmed and I got worried I might have been too rough. Shit. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

“Oh, God no!” Sookie put her hand on my face reassuringly. Her eyes told me she was telling the truth. She smirked and looked down at my lap. “I was just saying hello to your friend.”

There was definitely some stirring going on. “He can wait. I’m kissing my girlfriend.” I said and went back to it.

After a few minutes Sookie moved to straddle me and I was surprised wen she got up altogether instead of impaling herself on me like I’d hoped she was going to do. She smoothed out her skirt and laughed at me when she saw I was pouting.

“I’ll be right back.” She pecked me and then disappeared from my office. She came back a minute later with a pan of something and two forks. “I read on a blog that this place in Chicago makes the best tiramisu, and since it’s your favorite, I thought we should try it.”

My face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. “Have I ever told you you’re the best girlfriend ever?” I asked, completely in awe of her.

“Nope, but feel free to show me.” She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

And I did. Once in my chair. Once on her desk. Twice in the conference room and one last time on the copy machine.

Happy birthday indeed.


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  1. Have read this many times and have just picked up on your nod to Halo Effect – well done. God I love this story, the prequel and everything else you write. Would love to read a sequel to this one day. Keep up the awesome work.

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