One Shot: The Iron Horse

So many moons ago Storiesforevy sent me a message via Facebook requesting a biker Eric with a tough guy personality but a big soft spot for Sookie. She requested that he call her Baby Doll and the rest was up to me. I accepted the challenge. This prompt has been rattling around in my head ever since, and it has been a long, long time since I got it.

Enter my shiny new tablet and Netflix account.

I started watching Sons of Anarchy. I just finished season 1. I am so glad I get to marathon this show because OMFG is it delicious.

It also gave me the juice I needed to finally write this. It’s short and fairly sweet but I like it. I hope you to do too.

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Banner_Iron Horse

Just A Quick Note…

Okay so first of all, I love all of the speculation about Quinn possibly having something to do with Sadie’s disappearance. You guys are great coming up with theories. I can’t say if anyone has been correct so far in their assumptions, but I love hearing what you think. Clues have been dropped so we’ll see if anyone ends up being right in their thinking.

Secondly, because The Lengths is such a drag, I needed a bit of fluff in my life. I got an idea for a one shot and I started writing it but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. So I turned to my trusty brainmate and invited her to write with me. Of course it’s grown beyond a one shot and is becoming a little story of its own. Go figure. We’ll see when it starts posting, but hopefully we can knock it out over the weekend. Keep an eye out for a little story called Throwdown on the Brainmates blog.

Which brings me to the next Brainmates production that is set to go live soon. Scribe and I are just doing some editing to Ain’t No Grave, and then we’ll start posting that for you. We haven’t set a date yet but I’m going to say no later than June 16th. If you don’t know why that date is significant, why in the eff are you even following either one of us?

And finally, if you haven’t already noticed…

Storiesforevy is back!






I am so excited that she’s able to return to us because I know a lot of you have certainly missed her during her absence from our little fandom. Her stories are available for downloading and formatted to mobi so they’re perfect for your Kindle, assuming you have one. I’m not sure what format other e-readers take, but there’s always the Kindle app. I had to DL it to read “I Was Wrong” since I hadn’t read that one. So far, I’m in love.

It was fun getting her blog all set up for her and I’m thrilled that she’s so happy with it, so if you haven’t already, go follow her and say hi. I know she’s excited to be back as well.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a kick ass weekend!