Happy Birthday kjwrit!

I’m going to start with that gif because it had me in stitches yesterday and caused a makeup malfunction for Wifey while she was in the office. But from now on, anytime I have a bad day, this is my go-to gif for lolz.

Now that we got that tomfoolery out of the way we can get to the good stuff! About a week ago justwanderingneverlost put up a post on Instagram featuring this gem.

Wifey and I agreed that Girls Who Don’t Read are Skanks is our favorite, but ultimately it was Bibliobimbo that spoke to me. I had been through about 2154641 different ideas for her birthday fic. I thought I was slick back in February and might do something featuring Eric in spandex, paying homage to George Michael, whom both kjwrit and I are fans and were devastated to hear of his passing back in December. That didn’t work out, although the thought is still there so maybe at some point I’ll get a plot together that I actually like for the idea. Even Bibliobimbo had to get a reboot when I got about 3k words into the first version before I realized it wasn’t working. So I managed to get this written over the course of the last five days.

Maybe next year I won’t come down to the wire on Wifey’s present but it’s not likely. So, for your viewing/reading pleasure, I present


In addition to being Wifey’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo, the Cubbies are also playing the Yankees. What a day. I’m off to go cuddle GusGus. He’s getting so big!

Happy birthday Wifey! I hope it’s a great one!

Happy Birthday KJWRIT!

Okay, so this year I thought I’d get a jump on Wifey’s story. Way back in February I was like, “I have the perfect plot, and this is going to be done way before Wifey’s birthday!” And what happened? That plot turned out to be a turkey. I started working on it but when I went in to read it a few weeks ago I had no fucking clue what the end game was. So I had to start over. Since my birthday is a mere ten days before hers, of course there was that reminder going off in the back of my head that Wifey’s was coming up soon too. I tried a couple of different things but none of it was working. So then this happened.


Of course I had no idea what that song was because I up until I searched YouTube for it, I’d never heard a Demi Lovato song. Then of course I was like oh sweet, she picked something angsty. All these dramatic images of a lovelorn Sookie filled my mind, and yet, I couldn’t get a single word out about it. I tried for like two days and there was just nothing happening. And then there was a blessing from plot bunny heaven that got me started on the path I ended up staying on.


That nugget of Skarsporn really helped to cement the scruffy Eric I had in mind. Please feel free to keep that pic as reference for when Sookie starts up with her random humping on Eric. I mean honestly, how could you not? I would.

So anyway, I knew this wasn’t going to be a short one shot, but that’s okay. Truthfully, I could probably flesh this out a bit more and turn it into a full story, but I’m happy with how it is. I broke it up into two parts just in case you can’t read it all in one sitting.

As for Wifey, I hope that your mom isn’t driving you too crazy. If she is, give her more meds or maybe take some yourself. Happy birthday my dear friend!

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Just A Head’s Up

In addition to being Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, it is also my beloved Wifey’s birthday. As is customary for us, I have written her a one shot. Only this one shot just refused to end, so it’s really more like a short story. If it’s possible, I’m going to post it all in one go. I’m warning you now that the story is almost 19,000 words. It’s a beast, but I really love it and I hope you all will too. I just sent it over to Wifey to give her a chance to read it before it goes live. Keep your eyes out for another post tomorrow.

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SUMMARY: Sookie’s a single mom of a four-year-old girl who has struggled to get her baby daddy to take part in their daughter’s life. She’s pretty sure she’s doomed to end up forever alone. Then Eric Northman walks into the salon she works at and gives Sookie the hope she was about to let die.

May cause toothaches.

The End Days Must Be Approaching…

Hello lovers!

Okay, so here’s the deal. I got this idea for a one shot that I wanted to post for Halloween. I started writing it and really liked the way it was going. Then something truly bizarre and slightly horrifying happened. I heard a Taylor Swift song that doesn’t make me want to punch her in the face or put an ice pick in my ear. This is truly a first. I have been unable to get the damn song out of my head and for once, I actually don’t mind it. I’m actually ashamed of myself for liking the song. I rationalize this by telling myself that it’s not as immature as most of the other songs of hers I’ve heard. To any of you Taylor Swift fans that might be reading this, please don’t take it personally since this is just my opinion of her. I’m not a fan and this song – as much as I unexpectedly like it – isn’t going to turn me into one. I have a whole list of reasons why I don’t like her but I’ll spare you all that particular rant unless you want to hear it and then I’ll put that up on my personal blog instead.

Anyway, Style prompted me to write a fresh one shot and I wanted to tie it into the whole Halloween thing. I wasn’t until I was about halfway through writing Style that I realized it would make a great first part for the one shot I had already started.  So I am going to need to do some rewriting on Afferte Vita, the original one shot I started, in order for it to make sense as a follow up to Style. But since I was able to finish Style tonight, I am hoping I will be able to get part two up for you late Friday night or sometime Saturday.

I’d link you to the video for the song but Taylor doesn’t allow embedding of her videos, so you’ll have to go hit up YouTube yourself if you want to hear the song. If not, I think you’ll do just fine.

Happy reading, kiddies!

Summary: Sookie goes along to Amelia's appointment to meet a psychic. Sookie doesn't want to know anything about her future, but is stunned when Marnie tells her something about her past... And it's not just in regards to this lifetime.

Summary: Sookie goes along to Amelia’s appointment to meet a psychic. Sookie doesn’t want to know anything about her future, but is stunned when Marnie tells her something about her past… And it’s not just in regards to this lifetime.

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One Shot: No One Like You

What’s this?! A solo project? Pshaw! Except it is. Mostly. I admit that Missy jumped in for a few lines to write some of the Sookie dialogue but I’m slightly co-dependent on her. It’s a blessing and a curse, I tell ya!

If you’re following the Dirty Lemons story Lay Low I feel the need to share that the guy that Eric was based on is no longer working with me and I am so bummed about that. He’s such a nice guy and I miss him quite a bit. Thankfully, he’s turned me on to a few things outside of work so I have no doubt we’ll keep in touch but I’ll miss seeing him every day. Texting just isn’t the same. *le sigh*

Anyway… back to this one shot! So I went on a music downloading spree last week and one of my finds was from the Scorpions MTV Unplugged album. How did I find that? Well it starts with me being awesome. Throw in an eclectic taste in music and there you have it. Plus I’m a sucker for anything acoustic and I like the full rock version of the song. If you aren’t familiar with it, I put it on the page with the one shot so you can listen to it. I strongly advise you to because it’s a fantastic song.

I also advise you to go read Wifey’s newest hit, Repossessed. Do you guys have any idea how blessed I am to get these chapters before they get posted? Likewise, Wifey was instrumental in cheering me up the other day when I was feeling down about Mike’s last day. Stupid feels were getting the better of me. But an awesome hashtag came from our texting and a new theory for her defense was brainstormed for her inevitable arrest for stalking/kidnapping Skarsy.


If the bloody glove defense worked for O.J. it can work for Wifey. Judge Eric in the purple panties said so.

One Shot: No One Like You

One Shot: The Iron Horse

So many moons ago Storiesforevy sent me a message via Facebook requesting a biker Eric with a tough guy personality but a big soft spot for Sookie. She requested that he call her Baby Doll and the rest was up to me. I accepted the challenge. This prompt has been rattling around in my head ever since, and it has been a long, long time since I got it.

Enter my shiny new tablet and Netflix account.

I started watching Sons of Anarchy. I just finished season 1. I am so glad I get to marathon this show because OMFG is it delicious.

It also gave me the juice I needed to finally write this. It’s short and fairly sweet but I like it. I hope you to do too.

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Happy Birthday Wifey!

The Wish

Today is Wifey’s birthday! *passes out cumfetti for everyone*

This year I decided to honor kjwrit in two ways to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of her birth.

1. I tried my hand at comedy and created a character named Willa that has a lot in common with Secrets That We Keep’s Betty.

2. If you don’t know by now that Wifey has a thing for amnesia!Eric you must be insane.

So this year I give you both of those things with a dash of romance and a hint of snarky Pam.

Hopefully this helps to dull the ache of those fucked up DEA spoilers we’re all seething over because



I think that about sums it up. Anyway… back to Wifey’s birthday present.

Happy birthday, Wifey!

The Wish