My Last Beach Trip

Today I went to Miramar Beach with the monsters. I fly home Monday so it was my last chance to get my beach bum on. There were little fish swimming close to the shore. I’m pretty sure I stepped on more than one. Blame the big ass waves that kept knocking my big ass over. All in all, it was a beautiful day.



The waves were pretty awesome today, not gonna lie.


Monsters are play.


A sailboat that floated by us shortly before we left.


The view from the car on the drive home.


Footprints in the sand. I didn’t even realize there were footprints there when I took the picture, but I can’t see shit on my phone’s screen when I’m out in the sunlight so it was purely by chance.


My first glimpse of Miramar Beach. It was beautiful.

And just because it’s fitting for the occasion, I leave you with a little Zac Brown Band, which has been playing steadily on my iPod this summer. It just fits.