Look What Ya Done Now…

First of all, thank you to everyone who left me well wishes for my upcoming travels. Y’all are sweethearts and I appreciate the positive vibes floating my way.


For those that don’t know it, the winners for the You Want Blood Awards were posted here very late last night (bless central time!). Can I just say that I was pretty much knocked on my ass when I saw this?


Because I was. Holy crap, y’all! I really wasn’t expecting that story to place, let alone win the category! I suppose, though, if you want some crazy drama it doesn’t get any better than LTS. It spawned some fun OCs and I remember having a blast writing it, but that was years ago. Like I put down Always For You to start that story. At least I finished it but still… haha.

But that’s not all! There’s also all these:





I have to thank Scribe and Missy as well, because they’re obviously integral parts of the Brainmates and Dirty Lemons machine. I love them both and working with each of them has been wonderful. I’m also proud of Missy for her individual wins. The first thought in placing third for the Mr. January award? I’d happily have a threesome with Wifey and Heather any day of the week!

You know what’s kind of funny to me? I won an award for doing the beta thing and I don’t even beta anymore. I almost feel like I should recuse myself from that award but I’ll just pull a Kathy Griffin and say, “Suck it, Jesus! This award is my god now!”


Free- 6: Parrotheads