It’s Been A While…

I’m going to start by thanking everyone that participated in the Emma Meets World project.


Most of your goodies were stuffed into that box and mailed to her while Scribe was here, and she was thrilled to receive it. So thank you all for sending me the things you did and helping Emma learn a little more about the world around her.

I’ve been stuck on Cross Out Name and I’ve just been a shit about updating on a weekly basis. I have a few chapters banked, but I keep forgetting to upload them for you. Have no fear, I’ve added a new one so you can now get on with the next chapter. Hopefully my brain will unfuck itself and I can get back to work on it. I will finish that story, I promise! I’m changing the layout on my page so that all of the chapters will appear in the sidebar from now on since there are so many complaints about the drop down menu at the top. I’m going to work on adding previous and next links, but as I’ve said before, that’s a time consuming process. Seriously, it’s not that hard to just use the drop down. Also, if you’re reading from a mobile device, considering downloading the WP app. It’s super easy to use and very reader friendly.

Crossed Out Name: Chapter 15

Writing with Missy Dee has been very productive for us both. I’m super excited about teaming up with her. I still love writing with Scribe, but there’s a definite difference in the kinds of stories I can write with Missy as opposed to what I can write with Scribe. When I told Scribe about Play With Fire her first reaction was, “No.” I like that the stories Missy and I are talking about writing all have a taboo-ish edge to them and might make people cringe a little bit but they become almost guilty pleasure type stories without getting so far from reality that you can’t recognize the situations as being ones that could actually happen.

Which leads me to a little rant I need to expel from my system. I’m going to put the majority of this under a cut so that anyone not reading Play With Fire doesn’t have to read this or get spoiled with this post if they were planning to wait until it’s finished posting to read it. Check me out being all considerate and shit…

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I’m Lame. I Admit It.

Yep, I forgot to post on Monday again, but at least I’m remembering to post Over You, so that counts for something, right?

I’m truly amazed by the volume of stuff I’ve received for the geography project Scribe’s niece is doing. My continued thanks to everyone that has offered to send things for this. She knows things are coming and she’s super jazzed about it, so thank you!

I did an interview for the Fangreaders that you can read here if you’re so inclined.

Scribe and I have finished another story in only 21 chapters called Stolen. It will start posting when we finish posting Over You. We are now working on another collaboration called Ain’t No Grave, and we’re both super excited about this. I actually rocked out an entire outline for this story in just a few hours, and that pretty much never happens. It’s different from the other things we’ve written together to date, so I’m excited to see how this turns out. That will most likely start posting when Stolen is all up.

And finally, the new chapter of Crossed Out Name is up. It’s set to automatically update on Mondays, so if I have brain fail and forget to post an alert, just take a look on Monday afternoon and it should be there. I’ll try to get better about sending out these posts.

Read Chapter 11 here…

I hope everyone is having a great week!


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So It’s Monday Again…

And I actually remembered I’m supposed to post!


On a serious note for a second, I want to thank everyone that responded to last week’s post in regards to Scribe’s niece. She’s super psyched about all of the postcards coming her way. I appreciate everyone that’s “signed up” to be a part of this taking their time to do so. It’s super awesome of you, so thank you!


If you’re interested in finding out more about this check last week’s post for details. I would love to have the postcards here by March 25th because Scribe is coming up for a visit. This way I can send things back with her to give to her niece the next time she comes for a visit. It’s not too late to get in on this if you’re interested in being a part of this little pet project.

In other news, Scribe and I are almost finished with another story. Hopefully we’ll wrap it up this week so keep an eye out for a new story called “Over You” that we’ll be posting soon. I hope everyone has gone to vote for the Fangreader Awards. I’m nominated for a few of them, as are wifey and Missy Dee.

For those that haven’t seen her post, Missy Dee is currently on hiatus after having a stroke a few days ago. I can report that while feeling a little disoriented, she’s doing okay and will hopefully be released from the hospital tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her and she’s in my prayers.

And finally there’s the main event…

Crossed Out Name Chapter 8

Oh, and just for lolz, here’s my favorite gif this week:


You’re welcome!

Happy Tuesday!

Yes,  I know I’m late with this post again. I’ll make this quick for you.

I actually have a favor to ask. Scribeninja’s niece is all about geography and learning about the world. She’ll be six in March and she’s super awesome. I haven’t met her personally since I haven’t traveled to where Scribe lives, but I have spoken to my favorite little Troll Queen. She’s called me before. It’s actually kind of adorable. Anyway… she’s all about geography which I think is pretty awesome for a 5 year old and she’s trying to get people to send her things from around the world. Well, mostly just postcards or something like that. I’m sending her something from Chicago, my sister in Berlin is going to send something to her and Scribe/my internet friends are sending things from Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, etc. You don’t have to be from outside the U.S. in order to participate, btw. She’s tracking everything she receives on a globe and on an internet map, so anything she gets she’s super excited to find on her maps.

If anyone is interested in making a little girl’s day and helping her learn about the world around her please contact me via email ( so I can give you information on where to send things. I’ll have you send what you want to me and then once I have everything I’ll package it up and send it all to her at once. It’ll be like Christmas for her, I guarantee it.

For those just interested in my writing, there’s this too…

Crossed Out Name Chapter 7

Have a great week!