Yep, late again on the posting. I suck. I remembered last night but just didn’t do it. Why? Well, I got busy writing with Missy Dee. That’s right, kiddies, we’ve teamed up to write a story that is chock full of porn. You just don’t even know.

Play With Fire

SUMMARY: Eric is trapped in a loveless marriage with six kids, and no hope of ever truly being happy. Then he plans a bachelor party at The Cathouse for his best friend. While there he meets Dixie Darling, one of the working girls. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman and temptation is just too much for him to walk away from. He becomes a regular client to her and breaks the number 1 rule of getting involved with a girl like Dixie. He falls in love with her.

This story will include angsty bits, as the summary suggests. We’ve created a blog here on WordPress where we’ll be posting this story so that either of us can post and/or respond to your reviews/comments. I don’t know if we’ll get into the habit of writing together regularly, but it’s a possibility. So far things are going quite well and she’s a great writing partner. When this idea came to me I texted her immediately, mostly because this is exactly the kind of story that’s up her alley. She suggested we write it together and BOOM! Dirty Lemons was born. Lame name, I suppose, but it was all I could come up with.

Trust me, the porn is better. There is an actual plot to this story, but there’s plenty of citrus mixed in to keep things interesting. To say the least.

In other news, Scribeninja arrives on Friday and I’m so fucking stoked she’s coming into town. She’ll be staying with me for a few days before going on to stay with SophieMyst for a little bit. I’ll try to get a pic or two of us to include on the next post. Maybe we’ll do a video blog? Hmmm…

Anyway, for anyone still reading, Chapter 12 of Crossed Out Name is here, so go read it.

Have a great week!