Happy Birthday Scribeninja!

Alright, so this is my birthday present to my wonderful partner in crime, Scribeninja. It was going to be a one shot but my brain doesn’t seem to be capable of writing those anymore unless it’s all porn. Crazy, right? Anyway… this is a concept I have wanted to work with for quite some time but I really do owe a huge thanks to Ali for reviving the idea in my mind after I read her third entry in the I Write the Songs contest. You should go read it here if you haven’t already because it’s quite excellent, especially if you’re jonesing for a happier ending than what we got with the end of the Southern Vampire Mysteries series.

So anyway, I present to you, Resurrection.

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SUMMARY: In a world where vampires are unknown to humans, the last thing Sookie Stackhouse expected after a Hitchcock double feature was to fall prey to one. Follow along on her journey to accept her new circumstances with the help of her maker. Will she choose to remain immortal, or will she meet the sun before the end of her first year?

Happy birthday to Scribe and I hope you all enjoy the first installment of her gift.

Happy reading!

Resurrection: The First 3 Days