4: A Promise to Keep


Cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night wasn’t fun. Even less fun? Fighting off the drunken advances of a horny giant who had just covered me in the aforementioned vomit. Showering together became quite the battle of wills.

“Three years, Baby Doll…” he said with that sad puppy look in his eyes.

“You just threw up on me, Northman,” I reminded him. I was still pretty grossed out by that.

“Blame Dillon and Dawson for that. They’re the ones who were feeding me shots.”

While I wasn’t a heavy drinker, I had been drunk enough times to know that throwing up when drunk is really a blessing in disguise. The first time I got so drunk I puked, I couldn’t recall ever feeling better in my life afterward. I never thought I would be so happy to toss every cookie I ever consumed, but I was thrilled.

Like Tom Cruise jumping on couches happy.

“We’re newly engaged. Aren’t we supposed to be fucking like rabbits?” he pointed out.

Were we really newly engaged considering that ring had been on my finger for three years?

Those big hands of his were going on a field trip around my hips and up my sides. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where their final destination was going to be.

Guess what else isn’t sexy: Your fiance throwing up on you in the shower.

I tried to jump out of the way but it still ended up on my feet.

“Eric! Goddamnit!” I knew it wasn’t exactly his fault but that didn’t make it any less gross.

It was absolutely disgusting.

Any chance he had of getting laid went right out the window at that point.

To his credit Eric did try to apologize between heaves. Unfortunately it seemed that he was emptying that third leg he had filled during dinner. I couldn’t blame him for that though. It was his first homemade meal in years and my mother was an excellent cook.

I got out of the tub once my feet were vomit free. Eric stayed in there for quite a while. It was a good thing we had switched over to a tankless water heater the year before. I didn’t want to leave him alone but I had to find us some clean clothes.

Mom to the rescue, right?

I called her from my cell phone, hoping she was still around somewhere.

“Hey, baby,” she answered.

“Hey. Are you still here?”

“Nope. The Old Man is feeling frisky,” she replied.


No matter how old I got, I didn’t want to know about my parents’ sex life.

“Damn. Okay, never mind. Eric threw up on me so I’m on the hunt for clean clothes for both of us, but I can ask Animal,” I told her.

“Just flash him your tits and you’ll get whatever you want.”

“I don’t think Eric would like that and I know Jase’s head would explode if he found out.”

“Your brother can eat a dick.” Not the reaction I was expecting, but then Mom’s reactions were rarely the usual, stock mom responses. “You’re a grown woman. At least you’re not feeling up the preacher’s daughter in the choir loft at the Baptist Church.”

Say what?!

“Whoa, whoa, when did that happen?” I ask her.

“A long time ago… Before she married that Newlin prick.”

Holy. Fucksticks.

My lame brain brother felt up Sarah freaking Newlin?

How the fuck did I not know that?


“Her parents didn’t want it to get out, for obvious reasons. Jase really liked her so he kept it to himself, but of course Reverend Porter came by to make it clear that he didn’t want Jason anywhere near his daughter,” she told me.

Well that wasn’t a surprise. Of course the uptight Reverend didn’t want his precious, firstborn getting molested by the local hellion. I found it creepy how invested some fathers were in their daughters’ sex lives. Was it really any if their business? Hell, my high school tried to get the girls to take purity vows.

My mother went ballistic.

It sure as shit wasn’t the school’s business whether or not I was sexually active. Of course no one tried to make Jason take such a vow. It was a pathetic attempt at slut shaming that my mother wouldn’t stand for. She hated the double standard that boys were supposed to run around fucking everything with a vagina while girls were supposed to stay pure. Just who were guys supposed to be fucking if the girls were staying pure for marriage anyway?

Don’t get me started on those girls who considered daddy to be their boyfriend until they got married.

You know that shit wasn’t their idea either, which is just sick.

“Yeah of course not. Although in the reverend’s defense he probably spared Sarah from her first pregnancy scare,” I snickered.

Jason liked to believe he was too big for condoms.

Now I was no expert on how well endowed my brother was in that area but I knew how big Eric was, and he could wear a condom. Given the significant size differential between Eric and Jase, I had to assume e Eric had Jase beat in that department too. Jase was just a lazy fucknut.

“Oh I don’t think so,” Mom replied. “Sweetie works at a clinic over in Red Chute and she told me more than once she saw Sarah in there for procedures.”

Procedures meant abortions.

That was no surprise either. It was, however, very sad.

“Sook?” Eric called out.

“Mom, I gotta go. I’ll call you in the morning, okay?”

“Not too early. Your dad and I sleep in late on Sunday.” Like I didn’t know that.

“Right. Love you.”

“Love you more, baby.” Mom hung up and I tossed my phone down on the desk.

The water turned off in the bathroom as I walked in that direction.

“Feeling better?” I asked Eric as he stepped out of the tub.

“Yeah, I am. I think I’m done throwing up now.”

“Good. I’m going to go hunt down some clothes and clean sheets for us, okay?” I still has my towel wrapped around me. It would do for the time being.

“Okay. I’ll be here.”

I turned and went back to the bedroom to strip the nasty sheets off the bed. He better have been done because I definitely didn’t want to take another middle of the night shower.

Flaming Heart

I woke up to the heavy smell of smoke. When I rolled over I found Eric sitting up against the high, wooden headboard with a Marlboro red hanging out of his mouth. He looked like hell but that was to be expected. I probably didn’t look much better.

“Morning,” I said quietly in the hopes of assessing his hangover situation.

“Hey,” he replied in a gravelly voice, probably gruff from all the throwing up. “Sorry I ralphed on you.”

“It happens. How are you feeling?”

“I have a bit of a headache but it’s not too bad. You?”

“I’m fine. I didn’t drink much last night. I’ve sort of had my fill with the drink til you’re sick thing.” Of course I had the last three years of my life to abuse my liver with something other than jailhouse moonshine.

“I’m sorry I missed that,” he chuckled and then groaned quietly. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“You’re welcome.” I pushed myself to sit up. He offered me the cigarette and I took it. My lungs weren’t thrilled about it but I needed to talk to him about some serious stuff. “Look, I uh, I need to talk to you about things. I know it’s a crazy time for you right now, but if you can fit me in somewhere…”

“You’re my Old Lady, babe. I’ll always have time for you,” he said.

I took another drag off the cigarette and handed it back to him.

“Thanks. I need coffee. Do you need coffee?” I threw the blanket off me to reveal an old Black Sabbath T-shirt I borrowed from Alcide when I raided his room for clothes.

“It wouldn’t hurt.”

“Okay. Well I need to run home for a change of clothes. Do you want to meet at the Starbucks over near Barksdale?” I got up out of bed and grabbed my dress off the back of the chair where I’d left it.

“Yeah, sure. When?”

“An hour? My house isn’t too far from here.”

I bought a place of my own over in Bossier City while he was in jail. I had been house hunting before he got picked up. Eric had been going with me, actually, but I ended up picking the place out all on my own since he’d decided to cut me loose.

“You bought a place, huh?”

“Yep, about five months after you were sentenced,” I told him. “It’s a little three bedroom place over on Wild Rose about a half mile from here.”

I didn’t know where Eric was planning on living. With me made the most sense but we were going to have to talk about that too.

“I’d like to see the house sometime.”

“You will,” I smile. “There’s plenty of room in the garage for your bike.”

I got a two car garage. Three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and almost 1,300 square feet. It was more than enough house for me. I was using one of the bedrooms as an office and the other was a guest room. The kitchen was an okay size and I got lots of natural light. There was a nice deck off the back of the house and I had a big grill back there for feeding burly bikers and their old ladies.

“Good. Well then I’ll see you at Starbucks in an hour.” Eric snubbed out the cigarette and got up off the bed. I pulled off Alcide’s shirt and dropped it on the floor.

When Eric puked on me I was stripped down to my panties and bra, so I was going home naked under my dress from last night, but it wasn’t like I had a long drive ahead of me. Of course a naked girl was an invitation to pick up where he left off in the shower the night before, only I was a little more inclined to give in since he wasn’t in danger of upchucking anymore.

“In case I didn’t make it clear to you yesterday, I really missed you, Baby Doll,” he told me while rubbing his hands over my hips.

“You did, but I don’t mind hearing it again,” I replied with a little smile.

He dipped down to kiss me and I felt something inside ignite. I had been missing that feeling for the last few years. I knew there was love between us but there was also all this passion and chemistry that I hadn’t experienced with anyone else. The others all felt safe, like a good pair of moccasins. That feeling was okay thirty years into a marriage but not thirty days into a dating relationship.

It dawned on me that those guys also happened to not be bikers.

They liked to think they were because they owned a bike, but riding a motorcycle and being a biker weren’t the same thing.

Yet another indication that I wanted the Life.

Eric pressed me against the wall and picked me up by my thighs. My arms and legs wrapped around him as I got drunker on his kisses with each passing second. His fingers dug into my thighs and he shifted to slide into me. My backside bounced off the wood paneling on the wall with each thrust. His body pressed close to mine, keeping my tits from bouncing too hard.

“Goddamn, Baby Doll, you feel fucking good,” Eric grunted.

My nails raked his back as he fucked me. God, it was exactly what I had been missing. We fit together so perfectly in so many ways; it wasn’t just the sex.

Thankfully the wall I was up against was an outside wall or I would have woken anyone passed out next door. It was so good…

“Harder, Eric,” I moaned.

I got what I asked for when Eric pulled out, set me down and bent me over the bed. He drove into me from behind and my eyes rolled back into my head. Eric grabbed my shoulders to hold me steady and his hips began to slap against my ass with every hard, deep thrust. My fingers grasped for the comforter with the pressure getting more and more intense in my belly.

“Yesyesyesyesyes!” I chanted loudly as the orgasm erupted.

Eric stilled inside me and came with a grunt. My body trembled with the intensity of the orgasm and I was glad Eric had bent me over the bed when my legs went weak on me. The heat of Eric’s body warmed my back and he pressed kisses to my shoulder and neck.

“You’re perfect for me, Baby Doll,” he whispered to me.

If I didn’t want coffee so badly I would have told him to forget it and just come home with me to spend the day in bed.

Without an audience.

Instead I slowly pushed myself up. Eric slid out of me with a little groan and I stood up.

“Starbucks?” he asked me.

“Yep. I’ll see you there,” I promised.

Eric gave me a kiss and then let me get dressed.

Flaming Heart

Rather than sitting inside, Eric and I took our coffee outside to the parking lot. I lit a cigarette like I always did when I got anxious. I took a drag and then sipped my extra hot latte. A breeze blew my hair into my face and lifted the hem of the plaid shirt I was wearing with distressed skinny jeans.

“This coffee tastes like burnt rubber smells,” Eric said with disapproval all over his face.

“You need your taste buds recalibrated,” I laughed.

“So what’s on your mind, Baby Doll?” Eric lit a cigarette of his own and exhaled the smoke straight up in the air.

“Us, mostly. I know how relationships are supposed to go with bikers and their Old Ladies. I know a lot of them cheat and don’t think much of it because it’s always been treated like status quo behavior and the women can take it or leave it. Maybe for some women they can handle it, but I’m not one of them. I saw what it did to my mother and I know she loves my dad, but I also know it hurt her to know that he fucked other women when he left town. I don’t want to live like that. So I guess I’m saying that I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating. If you can’t live with that, then I need to give you back your ring,” I told him.

“Sook, it’s not the way it used to be,” he said, but I was no fool. I knew the way it went.

“Bullshit it isn’t, Eric. How many pairs of tits did you play with last night that weren’t mine? I let it go because it was your first night home and you earned your top rocker. It was a big deal for you and I get that. But night after night, ride after ride, I need to know that it’s just you and me.” I didn’t think I was being unreasonable.

I took another drag from my cigarette while I waited for Eric to reply. If he put myself in my place he might be more understanding of my position, but I didn’t know if his mind worked that way. The Eric I knew three years ago wouldn’t have hesitated to agree with me, but prison changed a person. I loved him and I wanted him to be happy, but I didn’t think asking him to be faithful was too much. It wasn’t something I could compromise on.

“Just you and me, Baby Doll; I promise. You’re the only one I want,” he said.

I felt a weight lift my shoulders. Eric leaned in to seal the deal with a kiss that curled my toes.

“I think we should spend the rest of the day in bed,” I proposed.

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Eric replied.

He resumed kissing me and the rest of the world just disappeared. I loved being able to get lost in him for a while. I knew it couldn’t always be that way, but for the moment it was absolutely perfect.



6 thoughts on “4: A Promise to Keep

  1. You know you love a person I they Ralph on you 2x and you don’t run for the hills. I glad Sookie knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask. I hope Eric keeps to his word.

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