2: Prospect


“So how many boyfriends did you make inside?” I teased Eric while we lay in bed.

“Not enough to take your place,” the charming asshole replied. Eric was always good with the lines.

He brushed back some of my hair and kissed my forehead. Like a lot of the guys I spent time with, he didn’t let his guard down much. Few people got to see behind the wall with him. It was in his best interest to keep it that way. Being part of the MC meant he wouldn’t be living the most honest life but as long as we didn’t have secrets, that’s all I cared about.

“Did you mean that Old Lady stuff?” I knew that was coming. “Or did you just need a good fuck?”

I smiled and answered, “Both. You’re an asshole but I still love you too.”

Eric lifted my hand. Three weeks before he got popped he’d put a ring on my finger. It was gorgeous rose gold with a black diamond stone in the center. It was exactly the kind of ring I’d always wanted, which told me that I wanted the life more than a life. While other girls were losing their shit over Tiffany’s and which frat had the best record of producing six figure earners, I was fantasizing about road trips on the back of a roaring bike through the middle of the desert.

Yep, I was destined to become my mother.

By picking a guy like Eric to settle down with, I was well on my way.

“Which explains this.” He kissed the ring.

“Well I hear diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

“I’ve heard that too,” he said. Eric shifted to roll on top of me. “Know what else I heard?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard plenty,” I chuckled.

“I heard Herveaux has a chick.”

“You mean Debbie?” I snickered. “She’s slumming. Mommy and Daddy own half of Minden and she’s bored. Their little princess is used to getting her way. She’s just trying to keep life interesting and she thinks hanging around the club is a good way to get her fix and piss off the parental units at the same time.”

“You sound a little bitter, Baby Doll.” Eric kissed the tip of my nose. His hips rocked, rubbing his growing erection against me.

My legs hitched up a bit higher to give him more room to work. The sex with him was damn near explosive and he knew it. It was hard to walk away from something like that and Eric knew that too.

“Nope, not bitter. I don’t like girls who get into this for a quick rush. They’re dangerous because they think it’s like being in the goddamn movies. They get caught up in their fantasy of how they think it’s supposed to be, meanwhile bullets are whizzing by their pretty heads and my friends are putting themselves out there to save their dumb asses.”

“So it’s a safety thing, huh?” Eric lowered his head to kiss my neck. My back arched and somehow my hands found their way to his ass.

“Absolutely.” Plus they were annoying twats.

His long fingers laced with mine and Eric moved just right to slide into me. I turned my head in search of his lips and there was no more talking for a while. Obviously the day wasn’t going how I had expected it to. With the way he had left things I had no reason to think he still wanted me, and I was never the pathetic type that was going to beg for another chance. If he was over it, then it was over.

Eventually there was someone pounding on the door. It was no surprise to me when Andy yelled, “Let him up for air, Sook!”

“Fuck off, Piglet!” I yelled back.

Andy Bellefleur was Terry’s cousin and a former detective with the Renard Parish sheriff’s office. Andy wasn’t the straight arrow he should have been to be wearing a badge, so he was relieved of his duties five years ago. Having his cousin as president of the club fast tracked his prospect period. He had been a full fledged member for just over four years. I don’t think I need to explain how he got the nickname.

“We’re having a board meeting. Northy’s invited.”

That was a first.

It was also a huge deal.

“I guess you better wrap it up,” I said to Eric.

He pinned my hands above my head and his hips moved faster. His kisses stifled my moans and it didn’t take long for either of us to cum. Eric sagged on top of me and kissed me slowly. It felt good to be connected with him again.

We reluctantly pulled apart and got dressed. His poor face was swollen from the headbutt and he had two black eyes to show for his fuckery, but he would heal. I knew firsthand that he’d survived worse.

“I’m sorry about the nose. It won’t happen again,” I promised him once we were both dressed.

He nodded and leaned forward for a kiss.

“I love you, Sookie.”

I tucked some of his messy blonde hair behind his ear. He needed a trim badly but the meeting was way more important than a haircut. Besides, scruffy looked good on him. He kinda reminded me of Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall back before he cut his hair off.

“I love you too,” I replied.

He opened the door for me to walk out first. I had no idea what went down during an initiation since it was closed to outsiders, but if that’s what was about to happen I’d know it by the top rocker added to the kutte that had been packed away since he got busted. It was no surprise that everyone seemed to know what we’d been doing but none of them were stupid enough to comment. I was Terry’s god daughter, after all.

In a perfectly synchronized move, the members of the Iron Horse got up and filed into the sacred room where all the meetings took place. Eric followed for the first time ever. As soon as everyone was in the door was shut. What happened next was anyone’s guess, but I had a pretty good idea that when the meeting was adjourned I really would be Eric’s Old Lady.

“Hey Ginger, I think we’re about to have a membership party. Get all the girls in here pronto and set up outside too,” I told my assistant manager.

Ginger wasn’t anywhere near as dumb as she pretended to be. She was a master at the dumb blonde routine.

I went back to the office and called my mom.

“Hello, Sunshine,” she answered.

“Hi, Mama Bear. I’m sure you heard Eric’s back.” If it wasn’t for all the loose lips around the clubhouse I might have thought she was a goddamn psychic by how fast Mom knew things.

“I do. Word is you gave him quite the private welcome back party.”


“We talked,” I acknowledged.

“Hard to do with his tongue down your throat.”

“He apologized for the way things happened. Said he loves me.”

I heard the blaring of a horn and then my mother cursing at a passing motorist.

“Fuck you too, you inbred goat fucker!” she yelled. I rolled my eyes. That was one of her milder curses. “Sorry, baby, that was Reverend Newlin cutting me off.”

Of course it was.

“Jesus, Mom, do you have to cuss out the goddamn Reverend?”

“You know that little shit stain would love nothing more than to see Iron Horse tossed out of Bon Temps. His grandfather started it and he’s determined to be the Newlin who succeeds at something other than impregnating his sister,” she said angrily.

There was no love lost between my mother and the Newlin family.

And for good reason.

Those racist, trick ass ‘men of God’ actually lynched Jesse Compton, one of the Originals, and blamed the blacks for it. It was a despicable act and thankfully, Pops didn’t take bait. All it really did was make it painfully obvious who wasn’t willing to evolve with the times. The civil rights movement never really died but it was always a hot button issue among Southerners. Folks were either eager to prove they didn’t see color or to explain why/how whites were losing their foothold in America.

“Yeah it would be terrible if we stopped doing all the bad things we do, like keeping the meth freaks in Hot Shot from dealing in town or front enough cash every year to make sure every kid at the elementary school gets all the medical care they need, new shoes or even meals delivered to their homes if they live below the poverty line.” There were plenty of kids on that list and if it wasn’t for the aid provided by Iron Horse there were a lot of families that would go hungry or without utilities at home.

We were getting off topic, however.

“That’s not why I called, though. I called because Eric is in a board meeting. Think he’s being initiated?”

I heard the sound of mom’s zippo lighting up. Even though her doc had been telling her to quit for the last decade or so, Mom couldn’t stay off the smokes for long. I understood it. I went back and forth with it myself. Like it or not, it was good stress relief and there was plenty of stress to go around. Not to mention, just about everyone in the club was constantly lighting up. It made quitting harder.

“It’s a distinct possibility,” she answered. “I know your dad had me get Eric’s kutte out of storage a few weeks ago and the books show an order for a patch.”

“Could they just be restarting his prospect period?”

“After doing a three year bid without complaining? I don’t think so,” Mom replied. “Look, I promised I wouldn’t tell you this but he’s out and it sounds like you two patched things up. Eric called me a handful of times to ask about you, you know to make sure you were okay. At first I told him to fuck off but he kept calling. Finally I came to the conclusion that he was being sincere. I didn’t tell him about the other men because it wasn’t his business anymore, but he knew you were okay. I figured knowing you could and would survive without him would give Pretty Boy a reality check and I think it worked.”

It sure sounded like it.

“Not telling me was the right thing,” I confirmed.

“I know.”

“Ginger’s getting everything set up. One way or another it’s about to get crazy here.”

“Yes it is. I’ll be there soon. Catering will be there soon too. I have it on good authority the newbie likes tacos.”

Sookie snickered.

“That he does. See you soon, Mom.”

“See you soon, baby,” she replied and hung up.

My mother wasn’t a conventional mom but there wasn’t any other mother on the planet I’d rather have than Michelle Stackhouse.

I slipped the phone in my back pocket and got to work.


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