First Feeding

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April 21, 2012

I can admit that my kissing experience is limited, but not one of the few boys I’ve kissed has come close to making me feel what Eric does. There’s no room for my moral code here. This isn’t just simple lust; it’s need. I want him for his handsome face and outrageously toned body, but I need him to make these feelings go away, or at least tell me how to make them stop.

Eric pins my body to the wall with his and rips away the new shirt I’ve only been wearing for a few hours. The feelings running through me only intensify and his shirt gets the same treatment mine did. He growls at me and pulls me away from the wall. My desire and need is pooling in the delicate lace panties Pam selected for me. Eric tosses me on the enormous bed and strips off his pants.

I get a good look at him and if I was still alive I’m sure I would be blushing. My maker is a perfect male specimen. Broad shoulders, long lines, defined muscles, long limbs… perfection.

He reaches out and pulls my pants off with just a tug. I don’t even have to lift myself up for him. I’m left with just the scrap of black lace that’s barely covering my lady parts.

“Your first lesson in feeding from a person is to know the places to bite,” Eric says as he climbs up onto the bed.

“You’re going to give me an anatomy lesson?” I ask incredulously. This isn’t what I had in mind.

“You’ll thank me for it when I’m finished,” he says with a smirk. “We’ll start at the top.”

I end up on my back with Eric caging my body with his. His eyes sweep over my face and then his head dips so his nose can skim the length of my neck. He inhales and licks the spot where I used to feel my pulse.

“The right Carotid artery,” he murmurs seductively. “It’s an easy target and is good for when you want to feed with someone.”

I feel his fangs scrape my skin between kisses to the spot but he doesn’t bite. Eric trails open mouth kisses to my chest just below my collarbone.

“The Subclavian,” he whispers, trailing more kisses toward my left arm. He pauses near my shoulder and adds, “Axillary artery is here. It’s good for nipping at.”

If I retain any of this information, I’ll be amazed.

His mouth moves to my bicep and he says, “This is the Brachial artery.” He sucks lightly on my skin and then gives the same treatment to my Radial and Ulnar arteries before nipping at my wrist.

His lips and tongue continue to map out my body, teasing me with nips and kisses until I think I’m going to go mad. He skips over my lace-covered bits and maps the arteries in my legs, saving the Femoral artery for last.

“This is my personal favorite,” he says when he gets to it.

Eric finally rips off my panties and I hiss. It’s only his command that’s keeping me from attacking him again. I can feel his arousal in my blood and it’s intoxicating. My eyes meet his as he nips at my thigh and the next thing I know, I’m begging him to bite me.

“In time,” he says softly, but with my new, superior hearing, I hear him just fine.

Instead he moves to my center and I gasp when his tongue takes a long swipe up my lower lips, tasting my juices for the first time. Eric growls in satisfaction and doesn’t hesitate to dive in. He spreads me open and his tongue moves so quickly against my clit that it puts a vibrator to shame.

“Oh God!” I cry out and grab his silky hair.

I’m so on fire with lust and need that it only takes a few seconds for me to release, and that’s when Eric finally bites. The unexpected pleasure I get from being bitten starts my orgasm over again. In less than a minute, Eric has made me cum twice. My body shakes with pleasure and my hunger is the only thing that keeps me rooted to the moment.

“Your turn,” Eric says when he lifts his head.

I can feel the bite healing itself, which is a curious feeling. It’s odd to be able to feel my skin knitting itself back together again. I definitely never felt that as a human.

Eric lies down on his back, everything flat except for one specific part of him that refuses to play dead. His stamina is impressive. I know from years of hearing things I wished I didn’t that most men didn’t have half of the staying power they liked to think they did. Eric isn’t human, however. Since I still can’t read his mind, I don’t know if his stamina is unique to him or if the same is true for all vampires.

I know that I feel energized instead of feeling sleepy like I usually do after an orgasm. Maybe my brain no longer produces the same chemicals it once did. I’m not sure why I can’t hear vampires either. I’ve tried to do some reading about it, but there’s very little information out there for telepaths. Of course I’ve never met anyone like me, who has the same disability I do. I’d like to, if only so we can compare notes.

At the moment, however, I’m being quizzed on human anatomy and when I try to remember Eric’s lesson, I realize that I have the ability to perfectly and completely recall everything Eric said and did. I remember every syllable, every kiss, every nip of his fangs.

So just like he did I start from the top, only I choose his left Carotid artery to nibble on. My fangs score his skin, making Eric hiss in pleasure, particularly when I lick up the shed blood. It’s strange to be able to feel all the things he does. Odder still is being aware of his emotions, yet they don’t mingle with mine. It’s like there’s a separate current running through me, connected to Eric by a string that only he can pull.

I take my time, moving from artery to artery, just as he did with me. Each noise he makes, along with the feeling that accompanies it is catalogued into my brain for later recall. There’s just the tiniest of twitches when I pause near his Posterior Tibial artery that brings with it a twinge of amusement in my blood—his blood.

My maker is ticklish.

Finally all that’s left is his Femoral artery and I move up his long legs to reach it. I feel this sense of warning in my blood that makes me pull back. It’s not quite the same instinct as what tells me to run, but it’s close. I’m sensing danger.

“Dawn is coming,” Eric says. “That pull you feel is the sun starting to rise.”

“Really? How do our bodies know that?”

“Magic, I guess,” he answers.

It’s as good an answer as any.

“How much time do we have?” I ask.

“Maybe twenty minutes,” he tells me.

“Then we have plenty of time.” I lower myself again and put the skills to work that I picked up from the heads of others.

I’ve never given a blowjob before, but there’s a first time for everything. I don’t try to do any fancy tricks, but Eric seems to be enjoying it judging by the things I feel in my blood.

“Look at me,” he commands and my eyes immediately snap up to his. “Use your hand on what doesn’t fit in your mouth.”

I follow his instructions and it pays off. His hips thrust a little bit and I can feel his pleasure mounting. Like he did with me, I time it just right so that right before he cums, I sink my fangs into his thigh.

“Fuuuuck!” Eric roars as he erupts.

His blood fills my mouth and I swallow it hungrily. The wounds heal quicker than I’d like, but in the blink of an eye Eric has me under him and his lips are on mine.

“Did I pass?” I ask him.

“You did very well,” he says, and I feel his pride and satisfaction. “At sunset you will feed from a human. For now, I have more bagged blood for you in the fridge.”

Eric gets off of me and he’s a blur of motion, going to the mini fridge and then back with two bags of blood. He tears one open and hands it to me.

“You will need to feed often, just like a newborn human,” he says as I drink. “The need will taper off in time and it won’t always feel so intense.”

I drain the second bag when he offers it to me and the warning feeling intensifies.

“For now, we will rest. We’ll talk more after dark,” he promises.

“Where do I rest?” I ask since I don’t want to presume we’re sharing a bed.

“Right there, unless you prefer to take the sofa,” he says.

“We both die for the day, right?” Eric nods so I say, “Then this is fine.”

He lies down on the bed but he’s not too close to me. I make myself comfortable and he does the same.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but thank you, Eric,” I whisper.

“You’re welcome, Sookie,” he responds.

I’m not entirely sure I’m happy about being a vampire but the alternative is meeting the sun and the only thing I know for sure right now is that I don’t want to die.

† † †

At sunset my eyes pop open automatically. Eric is already sitting up with a laptop perched on his legs.

“How long have you been awake?” I ask.

“About an hour. My age allows for me to rise before sunset but I have to remain in a light tight area until dark,” he answers.

If he’s Pam’s maker too, then I assume he’s more than 300 years old.

“How old are you?” I ask. I should probably know this information.

“Almost 1,100.”

Holy buckets.

“Seriously?” My jaw hangs open.



“It’s unusual for a vampire to make it this long,” he admits.

“Vampires are immortal, right? I mean if they don’t meet the… true death, I think you called it?”

Eric nods. “The true death can come in any number of ways. Sunlight is our biggest threat, obviously. Silver is the most common way for a vampire to be unintentionally injured. Silver applied to the skin with burn us. If ingested, it’s like poison. A wooden stake through the heart will kill you, as will beheading. Should you ever lose a limb, it will regenerate but it’s a slow, very painful process.”

“Have you ever had to regenerate a limb?” I ask nervously. I feel Eric pull back in the blood connection we share, shutting himself off from me.

“My maker was not kind. Ever. His methods of punishment were barbaric at best,” Eric says. His face is stony and expressionless, and since he’s pulled back his feelings I don’t know what he’s thinking of. “It took six months for me to regain my left hand the first time I lost it.”

I gasp and my eyes well with fresh bloody tears. To look at his hand and wrist I would never know it had ever been missing. My anger rises toward Eric’s maker. My feelings where Eric is concerned are still on shaky ground, but I wouldn’t wish the loss of an appendage on him, or anyone else.

“That’s awful, Eric,” I say softly.

“Regrowing my leg was worse,” he says with a smirk.

“Your leg?”

“There was a takeover attempt while I was living in Ireland back in the 1600’s. Cillian has been on the throne there since before I was turned,” Eric explains.

“Wait, wait, wait… are you talking about a vampire king?” I ask.

“Yes. I’ll explain our hierarchy in a moment. As a human I was a warrior, what history has misnamed a Viking,” he says and my eyes go wide.

My maker was an honest to goodness Viking? Holy buckets.

“Does that mean you wore one of those silly helmets and rowed around in one of those flat kind of boats?” I ask with amusement.

“No. History has been distorted and softened for children to protect their little psyches,” he says. “At the time I was turned, my youngest son was just beginning his sword training and he was just barely walking.”

“You were a father?” That had to be hard for him, leaving his children behind. It’s going to be hard enough never seeing Jason again. I couldn’t imagine having to abandon my children.

“Yes, but one thing at a time. We’re getting off track,” Eric says. “I told you that you would feed from a human tonight. I need for you to go shower and dress in the clothing I’ve left for you in the bathroom.”

I nod and roll off the bed. I could try to cover my body but I don’t see much point. Instead I use the new speed I have to hustle to the bathroom. I’m surprised to find that temperature doesn’t register the same way to me anymore. There’s no longer a need to wait for water to warm. I step under the spray and even though the water is cold it doesn’t faze me.

My preferred brand of shampoo and conditioner are waiting for me, along with the soap I like, and I find myself wondering how Eric knew.

He has a super sense of smell, silly, I remind myself. I suppose Pam could have caught the scents the night I was turned and gone out to buy these things for me while I was buried. I’m still not sure how I feel about being a vampire. I doubt I would have chosen this for myself, but Gran always taught me to make the best with what I have. I don’t have a pulse, but I’m not dead either.

Before I go making up my mind about this, I think I need to learn more about it. I don’t know enough about what my life could be like to make any snap decisions. I try to figure out what Gran would say if she was still here. She would probably want to box Eric’s ears for doing this without my consent, but beyond that, I don’t think she would think I was evil or an abomination. She would want me to be happy, to make the best of things and find a way to use my new circumstances for good.

It dawns on me then that I might not be telepathic anymore. What if being turned cured me? It would be wonderful spending eternity without having to constantly tax myself mentally to keep other people out of my head. It would be amazing to never again hear an unkind word that I don’t want to hear. I’m tired of knowing things I shouldn’t. Mostly, I’m thankful at this moment that I can’t read vampire minds. Being able to get a performance review in my blood is enough. I don’t need to know what Eric thinks.

After my shower I step out and dry off. I open a door to find clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories waiting for me. I’m guessing Pam selected these things for me as well. She’s got good but expensive taste. The top she selected has a designer label sewn into it so I’m sure it cost more than I made in a month. The jeans are perfectly pressed and the pumps have at least a five inch heel on them. Eric will still tower over me.

I get dressed and then style my hair, pulling it into a low, swooping ponytail off to the left and then braid so I can wind it into a neat little bun. I go light-handed with the makeup, opting to focus on my eyes. They seem bluer now. Maybe it’s just my improved vision. To my surprise, the heels don’t hurt my feet when I put them on. My balance isn’t affected and I find I can run in them just fine if I need to.

Eric is still in the bedroom when I go back in there, but he’s changed clothes. He’s put on a pair of black jeans and a hunter green T-shirt that’s hugging his broad chest perfectly. My fangs descend on their own and I berate myself for it.

“You’ll get better control of them,” Eric tells me.

He’s let himself loose in our connection again, so I feel his amusement. Of course my embarrassment skyrockets, but I get over it quickly. We almost had sex last night so it’s not like he doesn’t know I’m attracted to him.

“I hope so. Look, I’m sure you have a whole training process you plan on going through and I will try to be as patient as possible, but I do have questions,” I tell him.

“I will answer them to the best of my ability.”

“Do vampires age?” I ask since it’s a simple question to answer.

“Physically, no. You will look the same in three hundred years as you do now,” he answers.

“So if I shave my head tonight?”

“Your hair will be back by sundown tomorrow.”

“Interesting.” So I could change my appearance, but it would be temporary. That was good to know.

“Let’s get going. I’ll drive, you talk,” Eric suggests.

He goes to the mini fridge and grabs a bag of blood for me to drink before we go. It’s not very good cold, but it will do. Once I’ve finished it, Eric leads me out of the little house to a shiny sports car. I get in on the passenger’s side and wait until we’re moving to ask my next question.

“How many people have you turned?” I ask.

“You are my third child. Karin is a few decades shy of being 700. I released her long ago because she wanted to make it on her own.”

“Does she live in America?”

“Last time we spoke she was making her way to New Zealand, but my blood tells me that she’s still alive,” he says.

“So I have two sisters now.” I never would have thought my death would bring me new family. Family is something I’ve been lacking most of my life, but I cherish what little I have. “What about your maker? Is he still alive?”

“No. He formed a bizarre attachment to my brother prior to turning him. Alexei was too close to his mortal death when Ocella turned him. He was a sickly human and I believe that, combined with my maker’s poor decision to turn him when he should have just died, caused Alexei to go mad. He was prone to fits, and despite being so much younger than Ocella, he was able to get the best of him in a fight. Alexei beheaded him and then met the sun,” Eric tells me.

“Oh. That’s… I’m sorry, Eric,” I say.

“It was for the best. I’m much better off without the threat of my maker popping up and Alexei was a loose cannon who was dangerous to our kind,” he says. “Alexei required constant supervision would never be fit for release. Ocella would have had to kill him had he tired of toting Alexei around everywhere.”

“What about me? Will you release me someday?”

“Not for a long while. There is much for you to learn and it is my job to not just teach you, but to see for myself that you’re paying attention,” he says. “Right now your instincts will conflict. Your human morals will want to override the physical instincts and impulses you now have.”

“Do I have to kill people when I feed?” I ask nervously.

“No. That is why I’m teaching you how to properly feed. I will be there with you until you learn to control your intake. If you are unable to stop on your own I will intervene. The fewer bodies I have to hide the better.”

“Would you really hide a body?”

Eric looks at me and says, “I do what I must to protect what is mine. That now includes you. You will always have the benefit of my protection. All those who have sworn me fealty will honor your position as my progeny.”

“Do you have an important position?” Thanks to the Word of the Day calendar Arlene gave me every year for Christmas I know what fealty means.

“I’m a sheriff. Here in America each state has its own regent, and each regent has sheriffs in the various areas a state is divided into,” Eric explains. “I am sheriff of Area 5. Pam is my second in command. I report to Sophie-Anne LeClerq, queen of Louisiana.”

I don’t believe I’m dreaming anymore, but if I am this is one of the most detailed dreams I’ve ever had.

“Are there really that many vampires around here?” If so, how did I never know about them?

“You will see for yourself on Monday. There will be a mandatory area meeting to introduce you to my retinue,” he tells me.

“Like a vampire debutante ball?” I chortle at the idea.

Eric smirks and says, “Not quite.”

He pulls into the driveway of a very normal, nondescript house that could be found anywhere in America. A pristine, white minivan is already parked in the garage.

“You have a minivan?” I wouldn’t expect Eric to drive that kind of car.

“It’s Pam’s,” he says.

Ah ha. That explains it.

Eric parks his much sleeker Corvette beside it and kills the engine. Before we even get out of the car, I can hear the sound of several heartbeats inside. My fangs drop and I want to go in and feed. My body moves faster than my mind, but Eric is faster and stops me before I can go inside.

The hunger I felt last night starts to claw at my insides, demanding that it be sated. It’s hard to focus on anything other than that feeling, but I force myself to pay attention to Eric.

“If you don’t want to hurt anyone I need you to listen closely to my instructions and stop when I tell you to stop,” he says. “And I also need for you to tell me if you can hear their thoughts.”

I try to listen for them and I hear eight trains of thought that correspond with the eight heartbeats I count inside. When I try to sort them out, I find it’s much easier to do now than it was just a few days before.

I wonder how much this rug costs.

That redhead has a great ass. I wonder if she’ll give me her number before we go home.

Just ten more pounds and I’ll make my goal weight.

Dave is such a dick. This’ll teach him to cheat on me. Asshole.

I hope the sitter doesn’t invite her boyfriend over. Last time he scared the shit out of Gabby.

This is the fugliest couch I’ve ever seen.

I don’t like the way that guy is staring at my ass. Does he really think I don’t know he’s doing it?

I’m never going to finish that Flaubert paper on time. Maybe I can bullshit the last 2,000 words.

“I can hear them,” I confirm. “I can’t hear you or Pam, though. I think my disability is limited to hearing humans only. That’s bad enough.”

“Disability? Sookie, you possess a remarkable talent that most vampires would give a fang to have,” he says.

“Y’all are crazy. Trust me, you wouldn’t like having to live with other people’s secrets,” I assure him.

Being a telepath has kept me at odds with everyone my whole life.

“Humans are generally small minded and fear what they do not know, or do not understand. Your gift put you in a position of power, but they chose to manipulate you into believing that it made you inferior.”

I’m not sure I believe that, but I nod rather than arguing with him. No doubt Eric knows I’m just going along with him. One declarative sentence isn’t going to change twenty-five years of feeling the way that I do. For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt like an outsider. My disability has kept me from knowing the bliss of ignorance.

When I put up my mental walls I find that they go easily and stay put with essentially no effort from me. It’s like I just have to give my mind a command and it falls in line. The best thing is that even with the walls up I can still sense how many minds are present.

Eric leads me inside the house. It’s a normal split level and the décor is very retro American, like the house was plucked from the 1950’s and dropped in the new millennium. The walls are Tiffany blue and the furniture is snow white. I spot the fugly rug one of the guys was thinking of when we reach the living room. Five women and three men are in the room, all of them standing or sitting awkwardly.

Pam appears from behind us and says, “They’ve all been typed.”

“Excellent. I assume there’s one of each?” Eric asks her.

“Of course. Red over there is particularly tasty,” she answers and licks her fangs.

Eric’s hand presses against the small of my back and he leans down to whisper, “Pick one to start with.”

I take an unnecessary breath that ends up catching in my throat. “Just one?” I ask as my eyes land on a male about six-feet-tall with dark, short hair and striking blue eyes.

He’s gorgeous and I swear I feel my fangs throb, especially when my new and improved vision allows me to see his pulse jump in his neck.

“Him,” I whisper, staring at the boy I want.

“B Negative, you’re up first,” Eric says.

The group of strangers all look at each other, but B Negative smiles as he approaches us.

“Who am I here for?” he asks as he looks from Pam to Eric and then me.

“Sookie,” Eric answers and pushes me forward just a little.

B Negative’s grin gets bigger and I can’t help smiling at him, fangs and all.

“Let’s do this,” he says eagerly.

Eric leads us away from the group to a bedroom down the hallway. It’s a nicely decorated room that Gran really would have appreciated. The walls are buttery yellow and the bedspread is a shade of ivory or cream. It’s a pretty bold choice considering the amount of potential blood loss that could happen here on a daily basis.

“What’s your name?” I ask my… meal.

“Nate,” he answers.

“I’m Sookie,” I introduce myself and offer him my hand.

Nate takes it and kisses the back of it with a smile in his eyes. My eyes focus on his racing pulse and the only thing stopping me from biting him is that I don’t want to hurt him. I know I can make this painless for him, and that’s what I want.

“Have a seat, Nate,” Eric instructs, gesturing to the bed.

He starts to back up and I try to follow him, but Eric stops me. Nate sits on the foot of the bed and stares at me, maybe as hungrily as I’m staring at him. It’s not often that a man looks at me like this. The hunger in me is growing like it did last night when I was with Eric. Maybe I should have chosen one of the girls to feed from instead so I wouldn’t be so distracted by thoughts of doing unspeakable things with Nate.

I open a window in my mind to let Nate’s thoughts in. It’s a bold move on my part, but I’m curious to know if his thoughts match his expression.

She doesn’t look like a vampire. If it wasn’t for her fangs I wouldn’t know she was going to drink my blood. She’s pretty fucking hot. Wonder if I’ll get to fuck her when she’s done feeding.

I growl a little bit and Nate’s eyes move from my chest to my face. I want him. Badly.

Eric moves me closer to Nate and my feeding lesson begins.

“This is Sookie’s first time feeding,” Eric tells Nate.

“A virgin,” he says with a smirk. “I’m honored, Sookie.”

If I could blush, I would.

Eric ignores Nate’s flirting and says, “You want to trust and listen to your senses. Pay attention to the heartbeat, the things you smell under the perfume or cologne a human is wearing.”

I nod and when Nate tilts his head I can see his jugular dancing just under his skin. I inhale and smell soap, but no cologne. There’s a hint of sweat and… sawdust? A glance at his hands tells me he has callouses. He does manual labor. He’s tan, despite how early it is in the spring.

“Get closer to him,” Eric says.

I’m nervous for several reasons, but I push through it. Eric instructs me to inhale Nate’s scent, and I lean down to put my nose close to his exposed neck. My fangs throb and I feel Nate shiver when my lips graze his warm, vibrating skin. I feel the warmth of his hands on top of my jeans when he sets them on my outer thighs.

“Do you know where you want to bite?” Eric asks me.

“Yes,” I murmur, and lick the spot. I get another shiver out of Nate.

“Take your time, Sookie. You don’t need to rush,” Eric tells me.

I don’t want to rush. I want to enjoy this and I want Nate to enjoy it too. My lips keep grazing his neck and Eric is watching closely whispering further instructions about drawing blood to the surface of his skin.

“Listen to your instinct and when it tells you to bite, do it slowly but don’t hesitate,” he says.

It seems like contradictory instruction, but I think I know what he means. Nate moves me so I’m sitting on his leg. I get a little more confident and boldly kiss his neck. Nate groans softly so I do it again… and again until I feel that instinct telling me to bite. I glance at Eric and he nods.

After one more kiss on Nate’s neck I slowly slide my fangs into his skin. His grip tightens on me, but he’s obviously not feeling any pain. My hand cradles the other side of his head when his blood fills my mouth and the first swallow is like heaven. I take another pull and I’m careful not to get too rough in spite of the hunger in me.

He tastes wonderfully, and his body is responding to my bite in a sexual way.

“Listen to his heartbeat, Sookie,” Eric instructs. “You want to stop before it slows down.”

I moan my acknowledgment, and after two more pulls, I force myself to stop. I retract my fangs and pull back.

“Now prick your finger on your fang to heal the bite,” Eric says.

I drop my fangs and prick my index finger. When I see my blood pool, I rub my finger over the wound and watch the bite disappear.

“Whoa,” I whisper in amazement.

“Very well done,” Eric says.

I can feel his pride and it makes me happy.

“Thank you, Nate,” I say and kiss his cheek.

“You’re welcome, Sookie,” he answers in a husky voice.

I lift up off his lap and Eric steps in front of him. Nate’s eyes meet Eric’s and then his posture becomes relaxed while his eyes glaze over.

“You’ve done very well, Nate. Thank you for your service,” Eric says in a smooth, measured voice. “When you leave the room you will go on to the bathroom to clean up and then you will return to the living room to be with the others. You won’t remember Sookie, Pam or me after you leave the house. Do you understand?”

I want to protest, but I don’t. I’d like to feed from Nate again. Inside I pout while Nate stands up and leaves the room.

“Why did you make him forget me?” I ask.

“Because we can’t have him running around telling everyone that a vampire fed from him,” Eric says.

“He knew that I was going to feed from him. His thoughts sounded like he’s been fed from before,” I explain.

Eric growls and I feel his irritation.

“Come with me.” He takes my hand and pulls me along. Without knocking he throws the bathroom door open and catches Nate’s eyes again. “Have you been fed from before?”

“Yes,” he answers with that unfocused look in his eyes.

“What is the vampire’s name?” Eric demands.

“Diane,” he answers.

Eric growls again and then says, “The next time this vampire contacts you to feed, you will tell her to meet you at this address. Can you do that?”

Nate nods.

“Excellent. Finish cleaning up and then return to the living room.”

“Yes, sir,” Nate says blankly.

Eric is pissed off. Majorly.

We leave the bathroom and he says, “There are two important rules I have a zero tolerance for breaking. The first is don’t kill your meal. The second is to glamour them to forget when you’re finished.”

“Okay,” I nod. “Do you know the vampire he was talking about?”

“Yes. There’s a nest on the outskirts of Renard Parish and Diane is a part of that nest. Each vampire seeking residence in my area receives my rules verbally and in writing. There is a punishment for this infraction,” he tells me.

I gulp and ask, “What is the punishment?”

“It varies by age. If you were to make this mistake after I deem you ready to feed alone, you would spend a week chained in silver without feeding,” he says.

“A whole week?” My eyes go wide.

“Seven days. For Diane, it will be closer to a month.”

Holy buckets.

“That won’t kill her?”

“No, it won’t. It will weaken her, but it will not cause her to meet the true death,” he says. “Being my child gets you certain privileges with me, but I take my rules very seriously. Break them and there will be consequences.”

“Yes, sir,” I say respectfully. I can tell by my blood that he’s not trying to be a tough guy. Eric’s not fooling around.

“Good. Now let’s go see which other blood types you enjoy,” he says and leads me to the living room to choose another flavor to sample.


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