The Wish

The Wish

I woke up on my birthday late in the morning, after a long, late night at the bar that included a visit from Eric. My libido was thrilled to see him. The rest of me, however, was less than impressed. Especially when he produced a beautifully wrapped gift that he insisted I open right then and there.

Since it wasn’t ticking and didn’t seem to contain something that was breathing, I thought I was safe. I was wrong. After pulling off the lovely red paper like a prim, patient little lady, I lifted the lid on the box. I peeled back the jet black paper and picked up a silky, scarlet negligée that didn’t leave much to the imagination. My cheeks flamed to match the color of the ‘gown’, and my lady business urged me to ask for the rest of the night off to model my present for the giver.

“For when you finally become my lover,” he whispered in my ear and even had the gall to sneak a kiss, that rascal.

His persistence turned me on but his arrogance annoyed me. If he thought embarrassing me in front of every customer in the bar was going to earn him a place in my bed he was sorely mistaken. I was no Weeping Willa, although there seemed to be one in my panties, crying buckets at the opportunity I was throwing away to get multiple orgasms.

Bring him home for a spanking. That’ll teach him. Or better yet, let Eric give us our birthday spanking… with his cock.

I was tempted to ball up the negligée and stuff it in Willa South’s big mouth before she got me bent over Eric’s knee right there in Merlotte’s. No doubt I needed to get laid, but Eric was a bad idea. He had flirted with me all through my relationship with Bill, stared at me like I was a walking Thanksgiving dinner and insinuated more than once that it was only a matter of time before I gave in to him.

Thanks to the minds of the fangbangers that hung around Fangtasia I knew he was damn near legendary in the sack, but I’d be damned if I was going to give in just because Willa started a flood in my panties and thought the best recourse was riding his longboat to safety.

“Keep dreaming, Eric,” I’d rebuffed, but Willa was already tidying up and preparing for Little Eric’s arrival.

Gran always said there’s no excuse for a messy house.


I put the filmy negligée back in its box but before I could thrust it back at Eric– no, let him thrust at us!— he was already gone. Arlene thought it was pretty and I briefly considered giving it to her since she would use it, at least, but her anti-vampire thoughts stopped me. I refused to acknowledge any housekeeping Willa was doing.

Completely mortified, I took the box back to Sam’s office where it stayed until it was time to go home. My boss, being the much more respectable type, had kindly bought a cake and while I was stashing away Eric’s significantly less respectable present, he got the candles lit and surprised me with it when I got back to the serving area.

Everyone in attendance sang me Happy Birthday, and when it was time I made a wish that made Willa weep for a different reason.

I wish Eric Northman would forget–

There was a loud crash when my idiot brother fell off his chair and I didn’t finish my wish. I rushed over to help him up and make sure he didn’t hurt himself. Luckily he hit his head so no damage was done. I love Jason but damn. Sometimes I don’t know how we’re related. I wasn’t the brightest star in the heavens but holy moly did he make me look like a genius by comparison.

I ate a piece of cake and after last call Sam sent me on home, excusing me from the usual closing time clean up I have to do. My brother, bless his heart, actually got me a decent gift that didn’t come from the Grab-It-Kwik at the last minute so I was fixing to go get a pedicure. Lord knows my tired feet could use a little pampering and a pedicure was a luxury I couldn’t usually afford.

After taking a shower and getting dressed I went into the kitchen to start my coffee and make myself breakfast. The answering machine was blinking so I pushed the play button, expecting to here a string of birthday messages from friends. There was a single message from Tara and the other was from Pam.

“Sookie, it’s Pam. Eric didn’t return to the bar last night and he’s not answering his phone. I’m assuming you finally gave it up and my maker is… entertaining you. Please have him check his messages. Thank you. Oh, and next time you come in drinks are on the house in honor of your birth,” she said.

I rolled my eyes at Pam’s message. I had no idea where Eric was. He left Merlotte’s before I could find something pointy to poke him with.

He has some he could poke us with.

Fucking Willa.

I knew Pam wouldn’t get the message until dark, but I called the bar back anyway.

“Pam, it’s Sookie. I don’t know where Eric is. He left the bar pretty much immediately after I opened my present. He sure didn’t entertain me in any form so I don’t know where the scoundrel is. If I see him I’ll tell him to check in. Thanks for the drinks. Bye.” I hung up the phone and poured myself some coffee. That would help improve my day.

♥ ♥ ♥

Hours later my toes were painted bright pink and my feet were about as relaxed as they were going to get. I’d given up on planning birthday parties a long time ago so my plan was just to enjoy my night off with a cheesy romance novel, some decadent ice cream or maybe an old movie on TV. I liked simple things.

The box containing Eric’s present was sitting on the chair in my room and I swear it was calling my name. Since I was alone I saw no harm in checking it out. I flipped the lid off the box and pulled the negligée up by its straps. I sighed at the realization that it wasn’t as tacky as it seemed the night before.

Actually, it was quite pretty. The hem was trimmed with scarlet colored lace and the neckline, while revealing, wasn’t as trashy as it could have been.

Let’s try it on and let him take it off.

After debating with myself for several moments I decided I had nothing to lose just by trying it on. No one needed to know about it. So I stripped down to my birthday suit and covered it with the lingerie the delusional vampire in my life had given me. I hated to admit it, but the silk felt good against my skin and when I saw myself in the mirror I gasped.

I looked… beautiful.

I didn’t look slutty or trampy like I would have expected. I looked elegantly sexy and not like a streetwalker.

Let’s thank him with a striptease.

Ugh. This unsolicited commentary from Willa needed to stop, but I knew it wouldn’t until she got her way. Unfortunately Eric seemed to be MIA so even if I wanted to give in to my hyper-verbal libido that wasn’t happening.

A knock at my front door got my attention and since it was quickly followed up by my doorbell ringing repeatedly I put on my robe and hustled to the front door to see who had come calling.

“Pam?” I was surprised to see her standing there and pulled my robe closed a little tighter. It was just barely dark. How in the heck did she get here so damn fast?

“You’re wearing Eric’s present,” she smirked.

“Just trying it on,” I reasoned. “I’m giving it back to him.”

“They won’t take it in ribbons,” she said snidely.

Yes, let’s let him rip it off of us! Cumfetti for everyone!

“That won’t be a problem, Pam,” I assured her and ignored Willa’s outburst. “Did you get my message? I don’t know where Eric is.”

“My blood led me here. He’s nearby,” Pam said.

“Well great. Have fun tracking him down.” I didn’t know what she needed to stop at my house for.

“No, my little telepathic friend, he’s here,” Pam insisted, gesturing to the house.

“No, he’s not. I would know.” My shields had been down since I got back from the nail salon. I don’t usually sense vampires while they rest, but since it was nighttime I should have been able to register Eric’s brain. I was only sensing one black void and it was coming from Pam.

“I trust my blood over your mental parlor trick,” Pam said with narrowed eyes.

“And I’m telling you Eric isn’t here,” I insisted. “And since you aren’t invited into my home you’re just going to have to take my word for it. Believe me, Pam; if he was here I would happily give him to you.”

I heard the subtle sound of Pam inhaling the air. Sniffing for clues. Literally.

“Satisfied?” I asked, knowing she wasn’t going to smell Eric inside my home.

I hadn’t seen him since he brought me back from that awful trip to Mississippi. He had saved my life, yet again, and while he didn’t say the words directly at the time I knew there was a debt implied. That is until I got that silver off of him during the holdup on the way home.

“If you see him–”

“I’ll be sure to let him know you’re looking for him,” I finished for her. “What’s the urgency about anyway?”

“That’s not really your business, now is it?” Pam snarked.

“Fine. I’ll be in touch if I see or hear from Eric,” I said and closed the door.

Pam never struck me as the worry for nothing type so something had to be happening, or about to be happening, if Pam was on red alert. Not that she was usually warm and fuzzy toward me necessarily, but she wasn’t quite so short with me either. I waited until I couldn’t sense her void anymore and then I went to the kitchen to start my supper.

I got out the old cast iron skillet that had been in my family for more than a century and set it on the stove to start heating. There was some breakfast sausage that needed to be cooked and I had a taste for biscuits and gravy, of all things. I got the oven started too and then pulled out the ingredients to mix up my own dough. Biscuits from a can were sacrilege or for lazy people, according to Gran. Since I wasn’t lazy and saw no reason to offend the Lord on the anniversary of another year of life, I started to measure out the flour I needed.

I was just about to start mixing everything together by hand when I saw Eric out in my yard, stumbling around with a confused look on his face, but he walked toward my house with purpose.

He’s come to make us cum!

Ugh. Not now, Willa.

I cursed myself for not going to change my clothes after Pam’s visit, but I just assumed her spideysense must need recalibrating. Before Eric could get to the door I opened it. He kept walking like he was fixing to walk right through me, and then looked stunned when the magical barrier that kept unwanted vampires from entering my home took affect.

“Eric, what is wrong with you?” I asked. Even I could tell something was off with him.

“Why can’t I get inside?” he stared at my doorway like he was inspecting it for some hidden apparatus that was keeping him at bay.

“Um because I took back your invitation, that’s why,” I said, folding my arms over my chest. “Pam was here looking for you. She’s all anxious to find you.”

“Who is Pam? Who are you? Why do you smell like…” he leaned in to inhale my scent. “Like flowers and wheat and honey?”

“Funny. You know who Pam is,” I rolled my eyes. “And you know darn well who I am, too.”

He shook his head but leaned in to inhale some more.

“You smell delicious,” he said. “Like I could devour you.”

I stepped further back into the house just to be safe.

“You really don’t know who I am?” Eric was good at playing possum. He got me once in Dallas and I swore to myself or would never happen again.

“I… The first thing I remember is being in the woods last night. I don’t know where I am. The sun started to burn me and the only thing I knew was to find this house. I hid in the shed there,” Eric pointed to the garden shed where the mower and my gardening tools were, “Until it felt safe to come out. Who am I? Do you know me? Why did I look for you?”

His confusion wasn’t just confusing to him. I didn’t think it was possible for vampires to get head trauma, but maybe he’d been hit by a car? I doubted he’d been in a car accident because I would have heard something about it by now if that was the case.

“Your name is Eric Northman,” I tell him slowly. “Did you check your pockets for a wallet?”

His large hands start to move around his body.

He can frisk us next if he doesn’t find it.

Down girl.

“No, I don’t think I have one with me,” he said. “How do you know who I am, but I don’t? Who is this Pam you speak of? Why is she looking for me?”

“One thing at a time, Eric,” I sigh. “First of all, why don’t you come inside? I need to sort out some things and I need to get my biscuits in the oven.”

“I’ll bounce off again,” he said when I waved him inside.

“No, you’re safe now. I invited you.”

Eric warily looked at the door jamb before walking into my house. I closed the door behind him and told him to sit at the table. For a minute I contemplated calling Pam. Eric was her problem, not mine. He sought me out, though. There had to be a reason for that.

“Eric, why did you come looking for me?” I asked him.

“Because my body was being pulled this way, almost like my blood told me I belonged here,” he explained.

“No, you most certainly don’t belong here. You belong with Pam,” I told him. “And before you ask again, Pam is your child.”

“I’m a father?” he smiles brightly.


“Are you my mate?”

Not yet, but we could try mating to see if we’re a good fit.

“No, I’m not. I’m… I’m a business associate.”

We should try merging with him.

“Then why is it that what I see in your eyes I can feel running all through me?”

I was still skeptical of Eric’s confusion. I didn’t want to believe he would go to such extremes to seduce me but with Eric I’d learned it was better to keep my guard up. He had an annoying habit of doing something kind and selfless, only to follow it up with something shady or self-serving.

“Do you know what you are?” I asked him.

He shook his head, again looking confused.

As I rolled out my biscuits I explained everything I knew about him, starting with the fact that he was a vampire. His memory loss seemed to be total. He could talk in more than one language but knowledge of his person and character was voided out. It was a shame just then that I couldn’t read his mind because it might have been helpful. By the time my biscuits were in the oven I filled in the blanks that I could, but it didn’t explain the blank slate in Eric’s noggin.

The next logical step was to call Pam. She had to come and get Eric. I couldn’t keep him and take care of him. He belonged with her and others of his kind that could look out for him until something was figured out to get him his memory back.

“Do you have a phone with you?” I asked Eric, expecting he would have a cell phone in one of his pockets.

Again his large hands went searching his pockets.

Those long fingers would fit somewhere else very nicely too.

Eric found his phone and handed it to me. Unfortunately it required a password and obviously Eric didn’t know what it was. That meant calling the bar and leaving word for Pam there since I didn’t have her cell number. A quick phone call to Fangtasia later and I’d left a message with Ginger for Pam. When I turned around to face Eric he hissed and his fangs dropped.

The next thing I knew I was caged against the wall with him pressed against me. His nose trailed up and down my neck and his lips skimmed my cleavage while Willa started smacking my lower lips to get them nice and wet in the hopes of being able to invite Eric’s not so little friend inside for a visit.

“Eric,” I whispered, riding that bizarre line between being scared and turned on.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered in my ear and then licked the shell of it, making us both groan.

Willa was just about to start a chorus of ‘Be Our Guest’ from Beauty and the Beast when the phone started to ring and I had to sneak out of my Eric-shaped cage. It was a good thing the phone rang when it did or I might have been willing to let Willa finally have her way, and that wouldn’t have been fair or something I could live with. Having sex with Eric now would be like if he waited until I was roofied at a party.

Of course that didn’t stop the horny vampire from following me when I crossed the room to answer the phone. He stalked like a giant cat, and the way he was pawing at me I might as well have been dipped in catnip.

Meeeeoooowww… let him play with our pussy.

“Hello,” I said, batting Eric’s hands away from me. Even without knowing our history he still wanted me.

“Ginger gave me your message. I told you so,” Pam said.

“Yes, Pam, you were right. Will you please come get Eric? He’s… not quite himself and I don’t know what happened to him,” I explained, and sucked in a breath when his big hands landed on my hips, changing Willa’s tune.

You’re alone and you’re scared but the banquet’s all prepared…

“What do you mean he’s not quite himself?”

“His memory seems to be… gone,” I told her and held back a moan when his hands started to move up my sides toward my breasts.

And it’s all in perfect taste that you can bet. Come on and lift your glass you’ve won your own free pass to be our guest…

“I’ll be there in three minutes,” Pam said and hung up without waiting for a response.

I bet he can make us cum twice before she gets here!

I hung up the phone and squirmed away from Eric’s busy hands.

“Okay, no more feeling me up,” I said. “If you’re hungry I can get you a TruBlood, but–”

“I want you,” Eric cut me off. “I don’t know what this TruBlood is but it cannot taste better than you.”

“That’s sweet, but no. Eric, I need you to focus for me okay?”

“I’m focused.” His eyes were fixed on my chest and when I looked down I realized Willa had enlisted some helpers that were pointing right at him.

Northman, party of one, your table is ready. We’re eager to service you.

I yanked my robe closed and tied it shut tightly.

By the time I looked up Eric was right in front of me, fangs bared and ready to cut through my skin like a hot knife through butter. He located his ability to glamour me and tried to push his will my way. Without thinking I slapped him across the face.

Instead of hissing and attacking me, Eric looked at me with a wounded expression.

“Why did you strike me?” he asked while rubbing his cheek.

“Because you’re trying to glamour me,” I told him. I poked his chest and said, “No means no, buddy.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized.

Kiss it better!

Well, that clenched it; Eric never apologized for anything, especially for trying to get in my pants.

The doorbell rang and Eric followed me like a lost puppy to the front door. Pam looked a bit frantic and Eric’s lack of recognition when he laid eyes on her didn’t help matters.

She began to speak to him in a language I didn’t know, but found it rude that they were carrying on a conversation right in front of me that I couldn’t understand since I had done her the favor of letting her know her missing maker wasn’t missing after all.

I cleared my throat loudly to get there attention.

“Y’all realize I’m standing right here, don’t you?” I asked.

“His memory is gone,” Pam said. It was hard to tell if she was upset or angry about it.

“Yeah, I said that already.”

“Eric, I need to take you to see Dr. Ludwig so she can cure you,” Pam said.

I remembered Dr. Ludwig all too well. She had fixed me up after I was clawed by that damn maenad. I was clawed as a reminder to Eric and I still somehow ended up owing him a favor for Dr. Ludwig fixing me up. Holding a grudge over it was probably a waste but I was still a little salty about that.

He would have made it up to us on the hood of his Corvette.

Thank you, Willa.

You should have let him grind our gears until he found the right one to make our engine purr…

I tried to bat away the images of a spandex-clad Eric and the feeling of his obvious… attraction rubbing against me while I was wearing those tiny shorts that some kindergarteners would have a hard time squeezing into.

“I want to stay with Sookie,” Eric said.

Oh hell.

“Eric, you can’t stay with me. You need to go with Pam so a special doctor can fix your memory. Obviously your reset button’s been hit and she can fix it,” I told him as sweetly as I could.

“Will you come with us?” Eric asked.

I looked to Pam who seemed equal parts amused and annoyed with Eric’s sudden clinginess.

“No, I don’t think I should–”

“Please?” Eric actually gave me puppy eyes.

Yes, let’s go with him. We can cheer him up with our tongue, breasts, hands, lips and vagi–

In the hopes of shutting Willa up and actually getting the stubborn, sad vampire in front of me to go get himself checked out I reluctantly agreed. So much for my biscuits and gravy supper.

♥ ♥ ♥

Two hours later I was at Fangtasia, dressed in a simple red and white striped cotton dress that had made both Eric’s and Pam’s fangs pop out, even if I didn’t get what the big deal was. I wore the dress all the time to cover up my bikinis. I attributed it to the red. They were just going to have to get over it because it was too hot and steamy outside for anything else.

Of course I forgot to take into account that Fangtasia would be practically bone chillingly cold without the patrons inside, and within five minutes I was wishing I’d brought a sweater. Lucky for me, Willa was back to having my pointers aimed at Eric like she was trying to let me know she had selected him to keep me warm. You know, as if Willa hadn’t already made that loud and clear.

I was flipping through a back issue of Redbook when Dr. Ludwig poofed her way into Eric’s office. He was sitting behind his desk and I could feel him staring at me, but he’d been quiet since we arrived. Nothing about the bar rang any bells for him and even though Pam wasn’t letting it show, I was sure she was worried about her maker.

“You again, little girl,” Dr. Ludwig addressed me. “How’s that back of yours doing?”

“Fine, Dr. Ludwig,” I smiled at her softly.

She turned to Eric and asked, “What seems to be your trouble, Vampire?”

“My memory,” he said.

“It’s all gone,” I offered for him. “I found him stumbling around in my yard looking confused.”

Dr. Ludwig smirked and set down her medical bag before approaching Eric. She was dressed in her usual surgical scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck. She wouldn’t be needing it for Eric, that’s for dang sure.

To my surprise, she started sniffing around him as she examined him for trauma that wasn’t obvious to the naked eye. I didn’t see a single cut, scrape, bump or bruise anywhere on him.

“I don’t suppose you know what happened to him prior to his slate being wiped clean?” Dr. Ludwig asked me just as Pam entered the office to observe, and maybe attempt to terrify the tiny doctor into fixing her maker.

“The last time I saw Eric was last night. He came up to my place of employment to give me an inappropriate birthday present. He left before I could give him the tongue lashing he deserved for it,” I told her.

“You can give it to me now,” Eric said with a smirk, but his eyes told me he wasn’t all there.

Yes, let’s lash him with our tongue! We’ll start at his neck and work our way down…

“Focus,” I said sharply, more for my own benefit than Eric’s. It got a snicker out of Pam, at least. I was glad someone was amused by all this nonsense.

“Well vampires don’t get head trauma that doesn’t cure itself with a feeding. Has he fed since sundown?” Dr. Ludwig asked.

“I tried to give him a TruBlood–”

“No, little girl, he needs real blood,” Dr. Ludwig looked at me pointedly.

“Oh heck no,” I shook my head.

He’ll feed from us and then he’ll bend us over the desk–

Willa was back to  setting the table for him but I kept shaking my head. I knew what would happen if I let him feed from me and I was determined not to finish what we started in Jackson, even though I was sure it would be spectacular.

“Get Ginger,” I said and stood up.

“But I want you,” Eric said, stealing my attention.

There was sincerity in his eyes and really, I knew he was telling the truth. He wanted me even when he remembered; he was just free of his arrogance at the moment. This was bare bones Eric in front of me. No vampire politics were playing with his head and there was no scheming going on.

“I don’t smell magic on him, little girl, so he wasn’t cursed. A feeding may be all he needs to get himself healed,” Dr. Ludwig said.

I knew I should have stayed home.

Damn irresistible puppy eyes.

“Fine,” I sighed.


Willa and Eric were cheering at the same time.

I wasn’t going to make this sexy, though. He could have my wrist.

But… but… our femoral artery is so much closer to where he can put his other parts when he bends us over…

I stood up; resolving to ignore Willa’s weeping, and crossed the room to Eric’s side.

“You can bite my wrist,” I told him, and his disappointment matched Willa’s.

Even so, he wasted no time dropping his fangs and licking my offered wrist. I held in the moan that accompanied the cool, gentle wetness his tongue provided. I remembered being pressed against him in Jackson after being staked and the feeling of my lips on his wrist while I fed from him to heal my wound. I remembered the pressure against my back as he’d rubbed himself against me, and the surprise of feeling his unusual heavy breathing behind my back. There was the burst of moisture on my back while his fingers manipulated me into one heck of an orgasm as I fed.

All of those things flew through my mind and by the time he actually sank his fangs into my wrist, Willa had released a torrential downpour in my panties. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped me when he took his first pull from my veins. Eric had a way of making it positively painless when he bit me and it was a good thing that Dr. Ludwig and Pam were standing by, watching Eric feed, or Willa would have gotten her way.

Eric looked up into my eyes the entire time he fed from me. The heat and intensity in his eyes made my ovaries tingle and Willa was ready to roll out the red carpet for him. When my heart started to slow down just the tiniest bit Pam spoke up.

“Eric, you must stop now,” she said.

He growled, wanting to keep feeding. Pulling on my wrist would do no good.

“Eric, you’ll drain me,” I told him, and that was enough to get him to stop.

“You’re delicious,” he said.

“Heal her, Eric. Prick your finger and rub your blood over her wounds,” Pam instructed.

Eric did as he was told and the little puncture marks on my wrist healed right up.

“How do you feel, Vampire?” Dr. Ludwig asked after a moment.

“Turned on,” Eric said with his eyes fixed on me.

I blushed at his honesty, although I wasn’t surprised.

“What about your memory?” Pam chimed in as Eric started to lightly pet my wrist.

Without warning he pulled me down onto his lap and I could immediately feel how turned on he was. I gasped while Willa urged me to move a little to the left.

“Nothing,” Eric said.

His nose skimmed my neck again, breathing me in. When his hands started to roam around my body I slapped them away.

“I’ll do some research and see if I can’t find out what the problem is,” Dr. Ludwig said. “This is very uncommon so I don’t know the proper course of treatment for it if a feeding doesn’t work. Monitor his progress and let me know if anything changes.”

Without another word she poofed away.

“Sookie, you must take him home with you,” Pam said.

“What?” My eyes jerked to hers. “No, Pam, I can’t take him with me. He’s your responsibility.”

“I have to open the bar. Things must appear to be business as usual around here and I can hardly run the bar and keep an eye on Eric at the same time,” Pam reasoned.

Son of a bitch.

He can stay with me. It will be  a tight fit, but I’ll make room for him.

I sighed and Eric’s lips grazed my neck. It made me wiggle in surprise and thanks to my position on his lap, it made him groan.

Pam cackled as she left the room, calling out over her shoulder, “Thanks, Sookie! You’re a doll!”

Fucking Pam.

♥ ♥ ♥

Eric was just plain giddy to be with me while I finally finished making my supper. Pam had sent him on with a new cell phone and it was a good thing I had that damn hidey hole that Bill had created in my spare bedroom, or Eric would have spent another day out in my shed. He was lucky I hadn’t gone out there for one of my lawn chairs or he would have ended up a crispy critter.

“Do you not like me?” Eric asked suddenly as he watched me eat.

I finished chewing and swallowed my food before answering him.

“It’s not that, Eric,” I told him.

“I can tell you are upset with me,” he said. Those sad puppy eyes were back in full force.

Dang it.

“We have had our problems in the past,” I told him, and proceeded to explain our history together. I told him absolutely everything, even the somewhat embarrassing parts.

When I got to the part about feeding on him in Jackson he said, “Maybe I would remember better if you showed me.”

“Ha! Nice try, but no,” I shook my head. “Last night was the first time I saw you since we got back from that trip. You and Bill have both stayed away from me. I wasn’t expecting you to turn up last night, and I definitely wasn’t expecting the gift you gave me.”

“What did I give you?” he asked with genuine interest.

“Remember what I was wearing when you first came to my house?” I asked and he nodded.

“I have good taste,” he said with a familiar, arrogant little smirk.

“That’s certainly debatable,” I sighed, and picked up my plate to take it to the sink. “I wish I knew–”

I stopped there.

My wish!

From the time I was a little girl every single birthday wish I had ever made came true. On my fifth birthday I had been visited by a pretty lady in a white dress. She looked like a fairy princess from one of my story books, and it turned out I wasn’t too far off. She was an honest to goodness fairy and her name was Claudine. She told me she was sent to look out for me and part of her job was to make my wishes come true. Only it seemed that was really only true when it came to birthday wishes.

When I was six Gran woke up the morning after my birthday to find a powder pink pony in the yard. When I was nine I wished for seven puppies I could name after the seven dwarves and I woke up the next morning to find them all curled up in bed with me. Gran had insisted I stop making wishes after I wished for a Justin Timberlake concert in my backyard and it actually happened when I was sixteen.

My wishes were dangerous, and as a child I didn’t understand how much power I had. I could do anything with my wishes, it seemed, and since I was never wishing for anything that was productive or modest, Gran had made it clear she didn’t want me making wishes anymore. So I had started to scale them back to little things. Like when I was seventeen I wished the water heater would never stop working. When I was eighteen I wished for Gran’s eyesight to get better. When I was nineteen I wished for Jason to get his job with the road crew. You know, little things like that.

I had forgotten the power of my wishes the night before but I was sure I was the cause of Eric’s lost memory. I had wished it away without thinking. This was all my fault.

“Claudine!” I hollered, which scared Eric a bit.

“Who is Claudine?” Eric asked.

“My fairy godmother, for lack of a better term,” I explained. “Claudine Crane you get your Tinkerbell butt down here right now!”

There was the tell tale popping sound, like a bubble bursting, and then Claudine appeared.

“Yes dear?” Claudine smiled until she saw Eric sitting there.

His eyes glazed over, his fangs burst out of his jaw and the look in his eyes…

“Hold on there, big fella,” I said, voluntarily parking myself in his lap in the hopes of keeping him from attacking her.

“Sookie why have you summoned me? I have fulfilled your wish,” she said.

“Yes, I know, and I would like to undo it. I wished selfishly and I didn’t get to make my full wish. Jason distracted me. Eric wasn’t supposed to forget everything, just me,” I explained.

I foolishly felt like wishing away Eric’s knowledge of me would somehow fix my problems. I hadn’t taken into consideration his blood tie to me and the fact that it would only confuse him. This was precisely why Gran had forbid me from making wishes.

“Is that really what you want?” Claudine asked. “I can only fix it once. Memory wishes are tricky and can do severe damage.”

“Why do you want me to forget you?” Eric asked, again with the sadness.

I sighed and said, “Please fix him, Claudine. This isn’t fair. I’ll just have to figure out a different way to deal with him.”

We do our best thinking while naked. Perhaps a good fuck will unclog our brain.

“You’re certain?” Claudine asked.

I nodded and Eric tightened his hold on me. This Eric was easier to deal with in some ways, but in others he was an even bigger burden than when he had his memories. Plus it really wasn’t fair of me to play with his mind. From a karma standpoint he probably deserved it with all of the people he’d glamoured, but it wasn’t up to me to make a decision like that. My Christian values didn’t like me doing the Lord’s work for Him.

“Alright,” she said, and a little pink glittery ball materialized out of thin air. It floated beside her for a minute and then headed straight for Eric right behind me.

There was a popping sound and Claudine disappeared. I watched Eric closely. He shook his head and then looked right at me.

Without saying a word he pulled my face to his and kissed me. My body responded to it because Eric is a good kisser, but I pulled away before we could go any further.

“Eric, no,” I said with my eyes closed. “You don’t know who I am. Some magical force drew you here, not me.”

He turned my chin so I was facing him and he said, “I know you made a deal to save the lives of others and it nearly cost you your own.” I gasped but he kept talking. “I know that you infiltrated the Fellowship of the Sun to rescue a vampire. I know that you saved yet another vampire after he betrayed you with his infidelity. You took a stake for another vampire you didn’t even know, survived two maenad attacks, defeated a serial killer that took the life of your grandmother and you have saved my life twice. You have done it with strength, determination, creativity and more kindness than anyone I have met in a very long time. You took me in today after I offended you with my gift and saw to it that I got the treatment I needed to be made well again. In all my years, Sookie Stackhouse, I have never met anyone like you.”

Once again I saw sincerity in his eyes and I felt my walls starting to crumble. To my amazement, Willa was completely silent. Eric obviously had his memory back and I had a decision to make. I’d been fighting him off half-heartedly since I met him.

But why?

I wasn’t sure anymore, but I also wasn’t sure giving in to him is the right thing either.

“I should call Pam and tell her you’re okay. You remember everything? Even today?” I asked.

“Right down to how perfectly that nightgown brushes against your thighs,” he said with heat in his eyes.

We should model it for him again just to be sure.

The doorbell rang and before anything more could happen with Eric, I got up to answer the door. Only when I opened it, there was no one there. There was, however, a single floating balloon with the words ‘happy birthday’ printed on it, attached to a yummy looking cupcake in a fancy red wrapper. I knelt to pick it up and there was a message written on the cupcake liner.

Happy birthday to my future lover. -E

It was simple and more in line with the sort of thing I preferred. The frosting looked like good old fashioned buttercream with sprinkles on it and the little bit of cake I could see beneath it looked like chocolate. I couldn’t help but smile as I brought my second round of gifts from Eric into the house. I headed back to the kitchen to thank him for his thoughtfulness, but to my surprise, he was gone.

♥ ♥ ♥

Two weeks passed without a word from Eric or Pam, so it was back to business as usual, except I couldn’t seem to get Eric out of my mind. The things he said to me after getting his memory back kept playing in my head. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I had been a bit ridiculous. I was expecting Eric to court me like a human would and he was more than a thousand years old.

Bill was considerably younger and was familiar with southern courting rituals. Of course he had done what was familiar. Eric certainly wasn’t Bill and therefore had his own style. I didn’t think Eric deserved a medal for not simply stealing me from Bill or for not just taking me against my will, but the fact that I continued to rebuff him only for Eric to keep coming back should have told me something.

His words and actions both proved he saw there was more to me than a warm meal and an unusual talent. His instincts and our mystical connection had led him to me when he was completely lost. He had put his trust in me when he knew nothing of himself or anything else.

I could have called Fangtasia to see how he was but I decided to do him one better. After months of Willa’s weeping, begging and near misses with Eric I decided it was time to shit or get off the pot, as Gran would say. Maybe he hadn’t checked in because he was tired of being shot down. I wouldn’t blame him if he simply gave up on me.

So I decided to play on his level. I curled my hair, did my makeup, found my red fuck me shoes that I wore the first time I went to Fangtasia and slipped on the nightie Eric had given me for my birthday. I covered myself with a trench coat and hoped I didn’t melt during the drive to Shreveport since my little old car definitely didn’t have working air conditioning.

Eric’s Corvette was parked outside the bar when I pulled into the lot. The bar wasn’t open yet and for all I knew he wasn’t even there. All the same, I got out of my car and walked to the back door. It took a few seconds but then the door opened.

“Sookie,” Eric kept the surprise from his voice and face.

He’s even more handsome than I remember.

“Eric. Can I come in? I was hoping we could talk.”

He stepped back and I squeezed in past him. The door closed with a heavy thud and I went straight to his office. He closed the door and went around to sit behind his desk.

“So, what brings you here, Sookie?” Eric asked.

“I wanted to see how you’re doing and make sure there aren’t any bad side effects leftover from my wish. Plus I wanted to apologize for doing that to you in the first place. I had no right to do that, no matter how frustrated I was with you. It was a mistake and I’m woman enough to admit that I was wrong,” I said.

Offer to let him punish us with a spanking right here over his desk. I’m sure he’ll forgive us.

“Apology accepted. Anything else?” Eric asked. He was taking a very business-minded attitude with me. There was no flirting, no wondering why I was in a trench coat on such a muggy day.

It completely threw me off my game and I was seriously considering Willa’s suggestion about that punishment, but then I said, “No, I think that about covers it. I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”

I stood up to leave and Eric didn’t stop me. I felt a surprising sense of disappointment as I left the office. Honestly I wasn’t sure what I expected, but it wasn’t the dull, lukewarm reaction I got. I drove home with a heavy heart and stopped at the Grab-It-Kwik because if nothing else, Ben & Jerry never turned me down when I needed them. I picked up a pint of cheesecake brownie, a loaf of bread and a half gallon of milk just so I wouldn’t look too pathetic.

When I got home I slid out of the trench coat and put my groceries away. I needed a shower after being encased in that coat for so long. I kicked off my shoes when I got to my bedroom and went straight to the bathroom to start the water for my shower. While the water warmed just a little so it wouldn’t be icy cold I looked at myself in the mirror. I tried to see whatever it was that Eric saw in me that made me special, but whatever it was didn’t have anything to do with my appearance.

Aside from my above average breasts, there wasn’t really anything all that spectacular about me. I had a few too many pounds on me to be a knockout by most men’s standards. My hair frizzed a bit during the humid summer months. My cheeks were a bit on the chubby side and I was only average height for a woman. Yet Eric used to look at me like I was beautiful.

The simple truth was that I had obviously fucked up big if he wasn’t even flirting with me anymore. But then I had slapped him when he tried to glamour me into wanting more. While it was true I had been good about not taking him up on his advances, I had still attempted to fuck with his memory. I was a hypocrite of the worst kind.

At least I’d apologized and taken responsibility for what I’d done, so I guess I wasn’t the absolute worst.

With a sigh I peeled off the lingerie and dropped it on the floor. It fell to my feet with a soft whoosh, brushing against my calves, while I stripped off my panties. I left the dainty material in a heap on the floor and pulled back the shower curtain just enough for me to step into the tub. The mild water felt good on my heated skin. I started by rinsing my hair to get the product out of it. I hated the way hairspray made my hair feel, all stiff and immovable. The next thing to go was all of the makeup on my face.

Usually I’d put on a little mascara, some eye shadow and maybe some lip gloss, but I wasn’t usually so heavy handed with it. Wearing makeup got me better tips at work, but even then I used it sparingly. I liked my face feeling fresh and it got greasy and clogged enough when I was at work thanks to the fryers. I hated coming home reeking of grease, stale beer and redneck but a girl’s gotta pay the bills somehow.

I lathered up my hair and then grabbed for my bottle of body wash to lather up the rest of me. I had just closed my eyes to rinse my hair when I got the feeling I wasn’t alone. I turned around and peeped an eye open to see a naked Eric standing in my shower, admiring my very naked, very wet body.

“Eric!” I screeched and tried to cover myself. I did, but I also got soap in my eyes at the same time.

His throaty chuckle did nothing to ease my embarrassment or frustration with him. That high-handed ass! What was he thinking inviting himself into the tub with me?!

Let him wash our naughty parts… with his tongue!

I blindly turned my face to the water to wash the soap out of my eyes with Eric watching with amusement. Jerk.

Before turning to face him again I made sure to cover myself as best I could with my right arm over my chest and my left hand covering Willa, much to her disappointment.

“What in God’s glory are you doing in my shower?” I demanded once we were face to face.

“Your choice of clothing on the floor suggests that you had something similar in mind when you came to see me. I wondered why you were wearing a coat on such a warm day,” Eric looked me up and down shamelessly.

“So you thought you’d just sneak into my shower with me?” I glared at him. This was precisely what I didn’t like about him.

His answer was a smirk.

Lick the corner of his mouth! Go on, do it!

“I don’t hear you telling me to get out,” he pointed out to me.

He was right. I hadn’t revoked his invitation to my shower or my home. Even more than that, I didn’t really want to. This wasn’t what I had planned but it was what God had given me. I wasn’t sure why he had played the cold fish in his office but maybe it was the dose of my own medicine that I desperately needed in order to understand his side of things.

We were two peas in a pod, Eric and me.

Since I still hadn’t sent him packing — and boy is he packing! — there seemed to be only one other recourse. I dropped my arms. It was my version of a white flag being waved. I was surrendering. We could have kept up this cat and mouse game forever, no doubt, but all I was doing was driving myself crazy.

Eric wasted no time claiming the spoils of his victory.

He took one shuffling step closer to me, cupped my face in his hands and bent down to give me one of those kisses that could probably wake me from a coma if the need ever arose.

There’s another need rising, don’t you worry!

Relieved to be called up for active duty, Willa resumed her housekeeping procedures to ensure the comfort of our guest. For the longest time we stood under the water, kissing like fools until I needed a break to breathe. Eric took his lips on a tour of my jaw, neck and collarbone, somehow managing to ignore the welcome mat Willa was attempting to throw out for him.

His hands moved from my face to my hips to pull me closer while his lips started to move down to my chest. I sucked in a breath and held it when his tongue flicked over my nipple. Eric looked up into my eyes when his lips closed around the little bud and I wondered if he heard Willa sighing with relief.

He’s got just the hose to put out our fire.

Or stoke it even hotter, as the case may be.

I was careful not to roll my eyes at my internal monologue and instead enjoy the sensations of his lips on me anywhere. At Willa’s insistence, I reached out to do a little touching of my own and wrapped my hands around his generous length. He groaned with my nipple in his mouth, but released it in favor of kissing my lips.

Maybe he’ll kiss my lips next!

Willa was incorrigible.

And greedy.

And in desperate need of attention.

In hopes of shutting her up, I guided one of Eric’s hands to her, and it was my turn to do some moaning.Thanks to his practice in Jackson, Eric knew just how to touch me, and Willa was immediately singing his praises.

The South has risen again!

My back hit the tile wall and once again he broke off the kiss to put his lips to work on my breasts. My hand moved up and down his shaft easily thanks to the water and his nimble fingers rubbed delicate circles around my clit until I was panting and close to begging for more. His long, thick finger slid further down and began to probe my entrance. I gasped and spread my legs a little wider for him.

All of a sudden he turned off the water. I might have asked what he was doing but he lifted me up like I was weightless and my legs wrapped around him. He stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel from the rack to the right. I let myself down and no words are exchanged while Eric dried me off. Everything that needed to be said was somehow communicated through our eyes, and once again I found myself a bit stunned by how gentle he was being with me.

I always assumed that if I gave in the sex would be rough and passionate, over with quickly and I’d be just another notch on his bedpost. Logically, that didn’t make much sense. Why put so much work into buttering me up just to give me a wham, bam, thank you ma’am? Then again, I knew from reading the minds of men the extraordinary measures some men were willing to go to in order to get their way where sex was concerned.

But Eric wasn’t just any typical man. He had more than a thousand years of carnal knowledge at his disposal, not to mention he could have just about anyone he wanted, anytime he wanted. Maybe he liked the challenge of pursuing me, but Eric didn’t reek of that sort of arrogance. I didn’t feel like he would treat me like I was a trophy he could wave in the face of others. He wasn’t in the business of demoralizing me. No, Eric always wanted me to see my worth and value.

I realized, as he dropped the towel to the ground, that I wanted to see myself through Eric’s eyes, even if it was just for one night. So I let go and let myself melt into him when he kissed me again. I pushed him back against the wall and he again lifted me by my thighs. Eric spun us around to pin me against the wall and my arms wrapped around his neck. He rubbed his hips against mine with his length trapped between us and rubbing just a little over my nub when his hips swiveled some.

I didn’t realize we were on the move until he laid me down on the bed. Eric stared down at me with intense lust in his eyes and rather than dropping on top of me he grabbed my ankles to pull me closer to the edge of the bed. His eyes drank me in and his lips traveled up the inside of my leg from my ankle to my thigh. He grabbed onto my hips to hold me in place as he licked up my slit and finally gave Willa those kisses she had been desperate for. She started fanning herself like Scarlet O’Hara on a hot summer day while I tried not to pull too hard on Eric’s hair when I grabbed a hold of it.

His fingers weren’t the only parts of him that were talented at getting me off. While his tongue flicked and sucked on my clit he worked two of his long, thick fingers into me and began to pump them in and out slowly. When my hips started to rise up off the bed, Eric held me down and sucked a little harder on my clit.

“Eric!” I cried out, and gripped his hair even harder.

Those fingers curled inside me and found a sweet spot I didn’t even know was there. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as his fingers stroked over it until my core was clenching and Willa started her weeping, this time for joy.

Eric released my clit from his lips but his fingers continued to stroke me as he kissed his way up my torso. He stopped at my breasts to nibble at the sensitive skin there and suck lightly on each of my nipples before moving further up. When he finally reached my mouth I could taste myself on him but I didn’t care. I wanted to return the pleasure he had just given me, but I wasn’t experienced with it and I didn’t want to ruin what had otherwise been a very good encounter.

I whimpered when Eric pulled his fingers from inside me and I gasped when I felt the tip of his erection nudging against my clit instead. We both groaned and Eric pulled back to look down at where he was touching me. I couldn’t help but look there as well, and watched him rub himself against me.

“Eric,” I moaned, “Please… I need you.”

It had been too long since the last time I’d had sex and I was through waiting. In the blink of an eye I was nose to nose with Eric.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve imagined you saying those words just like that, lover,” he said, and gently kissed my nose before pushing into me.

My eyes went wide and my back arched. He was big and I had never felt so full in my life. It was heaven. My fingers dug into his back and his hips pulled back slowly, letting me feel every inch of him – and there were plenty of them to feel – before thrusting in again.

My nails raked down his back to settle on his fantastic butt, and pull him closer. Eric groaned and dropped his head to my chest to take my nipple in his mouth. I felt the tickle of his fang against my skin and his hips started to move steadily, in a slow, deep rhythm. His mouth moved back and forth from one breast to the other and his thumb found its way between us to rub my clit.

I moaned and my back arched, forcing more of my breast into his mouth… not that he was complaining. I let go of his backside to grab his face and brought his lips to mine. Eric licked my bottom lip before sucking it and moving his hips faster.

“Oh God,” I groaned into his mouth and his tongue snaked into mine.

Our tongues battled while his thumb moved faster over my clit and I felt the pressure building deep in my belly. I was so close to the edge. My moans got louder and Eric’s thrusts got faster.

“Let go, Sookie,” he whispered to me like he did when the pain became too much after I was staked, only this time when I did it felt like the world around me shattered.

I held onto him tightly as I clenched around his length. A few more deep thrusts later, Eric stilled inside me as he released. He dropped on top of me but didn’t settle his full weight on me or I’m sure he would have crushed me. There was no biting, no feeding of any kind. His lips moved slowly up my throat to my jaw and then to my mouth.

He kissed me passionately and snaked an arm under my back to move us to the middle of my bed. When Eric rolled onto his back he brought me with him so I was lying on his chest, listening to his addictive silence.

“What now?” I whispered a few minutes later.

Obviously things had just changed between us, but I wasn’t sure how. Was this it, or was this the first time of many?

“Now I’m yours and you are mine,” he said in a quiet, content kind of way.

I lifted my head and looked into his eyes. He tucked some of my damp hair behind my ear and gave me a genuine smile that made my heart skip a beat.

“That’s it? Just like that?”

“I would hardly say that this has been simple, lover,” he said while stroking my cheek with the pad of his thumb.

He was right about that. I’d given him a run for his money.

“You’re not bored with me?” I asked.

Eric smirked and rolled me underneath him again.

“On the contrary, I’m curious to see how many different ways I can get you to scream my name when you cum,” he informed me. “For now, let’s see how many I can discover before sunrise.”

Before I could argue his lips were on mine again.

At that rate next year for my birthday Willa might be wishing for a vacation.

– The End –

 The Wish

24 thoughts on “The Wish

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  2. I love it! You know I love me some amnesia Eric. You’d think it wouldn’t surprise so many people, lol.

    Thank you again!

    *and I can’t believe you haven’t seen any of the Iron Man movies. The newest one is better than the first two put together.*

  3. Happy Birthday Kjwrit,

    And thankyou for sharing this birthday gift with everyone =D

    I am guessing when Eric was kissing Sookie goodbye after getting his memories back. Not surprising considering he had just heard Sookie admit that she wanted him to forget her.

    Very very glad that Sookie decided to be a little naughty when she went to him in Fangtasia, or he may have never realised. Thank goodness the weather was so hot that a trenchcoat was out of place!

    Awesome story, well put together as always 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday KJ! At least we have a happy ending here –more so than in DEA which will be out this week and…. well….
    You two make quite the team —HB1


  5. Happy Birthday KJWRIT!

    Somehow I think Willa and Betty would be fast friends. Could they be sisters, perhaps twins?

    Thanks for sharing Meg.

  6. What a wonderful birthday gift. This is the first chance I’ve had to read this. It’s my daughters birthday too, who is visiting from Germany along with her husband who is on R and R for two weeks from Afghanistan. So I’ve been really busy but I didn’t want to miss this. Just got a few minutes to read and it was so worth it. This is the Eric and Sookie we will always want to remember.So made for each other. Not the shit CH wants to shove at us. Thank for sharing and a belated Happy Birthday kjwrit!

  7. Excellent! Was over on Kjwrit’s site reading the wonderful ‘Secrets That We Keep’ & noticed the link to this story. Willa totally compliments Betty. Betty has a better monologue happening, but never mind. You managed to get the two together seamlessly. Their joining was lovely descriptive prose that maintained your high standard of writing. Had a wonderful time reading this little gem. Thankyou.

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