The Screaming Blue Viking

I walked into Fangtasia to find Pam behind the bar. I stopped short, wondering if perhaps Mark Stonebrook had returned to the area and cursed my vampires. Shit. If Eric was running down the road toward my house right now…

“Sookie, there you are!” Pam greeted me with a little too much excitement for, well, Pam. The sight of her smile terrified me as much as ever.

“Pam.” I nodded to her, giving her a much smaller version of the smile that was plastered on her face. No fangs, of course.

“Come. You must try this.” Pam waved me over to the bar.

“What is it?” I stared at the line of shot glasses in front of her.

“It is a new drink I am thinking to feature but I need a human opinion as to its taste.” Pam pushed a glass of blue liquid toward me. It looked like glass cleaner.

“What’s in it?” I knew Pam wasn’t going to try to kill me. Well, not if she was in her right mind, that is. “Where’s Eric?”

“Eric is in his office. That is just a blend of liquors.”

“You’re being more vague than usual, Pam.” I looked at her funny and she actually laughed just for a moment.

“I am going to call it the Screaming Blue Viking.” She grinned and I was thankful I hadn’t started to drink.

“Does Eric know this?” I arched an eyebrow, suspecting he did which was why he was still in his office instead of wrapped around me like a cheap suit.

Pam nodded with excitement. It really wasn’t fair how much pleasure she got from teasing Eric. Her eyes were sparkling in the dim light of the bar as I held up the glass. I’d never really imbibed when I knew I’d be spending time with Eric. I didn’t know how alcohol in my system would affect him. Pam seemed to sense my concern.

“Don’t worry, you won’t do him any permanent damage.” Pam winked at me. Great. That’s just great.

I sighed and said, “Fine, I’ll do it.” I rose the glass to my lips.

“No, no!” Pam reached to stop me from drinking.

“Uh, Pam, how else am I supposed to drink this?” I arched an eyebrow at her.

“You must scream ‘Valhalla’ and then you drink.” Pam advised me with that same silly grin.

“You’ve got to be joking.” Only Pam wasn’t joking. I sighed and looked around. “Pam, no one else is here. It’s silly.”

“Oh, just do it. You really should have more fun in your life, considering how short it will be.” Pam admonished me. I scoffed at her but said nothing. I hated to admit it, but she sort of had a point.

I felt Eric’s irritation through the bond and I wondered if maybe he was mad at me for stalling in the bar. Wanting to get the whole dog and pony show over with, I screamed, “Valhalla!” at the top of my lungs and then tossed back the shot.

I had only just swallowed when strong arms spun me around and pressed me against the bar. Then the bond flared to life. Lustneedpassiondesirewantlove. All of it hit me at once like a runaway freight train. Eric glared at Pam who disappeared at vampire speed.

“Hello, my lover.” Eric looked down at me.

“Hello yourself.” I smiled at him, already feeling the warmth starting to spread through my body. I didn’t drink often. Since I didn’t know what was in that shot Pam had just given me, I had no idea how much alcohol I’d consumed but I was guessing it was quite a bit. I smiled sloppily at him.

“What, may I ask, did my child do to get you to scream like that?” I sensed a bit of jealousy blended in the bond along with Eric’s more primal feelings.

“She gave me a Screaming Blue Viking.” I giggled at the ridiculous name.

“Oh, my lover,” Eric clicked his tongue at me as his eyes turned predatory. Gulp. “The only Viking that should be inside you is me.”

And with that, his mouth devoured mine. Normally I would fight him off since we were in the middle of his bar, but it was Monday night. The bar was closed. No one else was there. At least, I didn’t think so. Eric might not have qualms about taking me in front of an audience, but he knew I wouldn’t stand for it. Or maybe just that one shot (combined with all the things bouncing around in our bond) was enough to push logic right out of my head.

Whatever it was that lowered my inhibitions- the drink, the bond or Eric’s kisses- my knees buckled. Eric held me up easily and when I started to feel myself melting under his mouth- which was now traveling to that special spot under my ear- he lifted me up onto the bar. He growled rather loudly when my legs parted so he could step between them. I was instantly thankful I’d opted to wear a skirt.

I felt myself caught in a riptide of lust. My mind was cloudy but my skin felt like it was on fire. Before logic had the chance to tell me this was a bad idea, Eric tore away my shirt. Ripped it right down the front and pulled it away from my body to reveal the lacy pink bra under it. Quicker than you can screamingblueViking, that was gone, too. His mouth traveled from my neck to my breasts as my fingers made their way into his hair. I was happy to follow his lead and only let go of his beautiful blond locks long enough to tug at his very soft crimson sweater. It had to be cashmere, it was so soft. His lips released my breast long enough for me to tug the sweater of his head and then we went right back to it, devouring one breast with his mouth while the other was palmed and kneaded before he switched sides.

My Viking was nothing if not a breast man.

I pulled his face up to mine after threading my fingers in his hair once again. He growled at me in the way that always got my lady business in an uproar. Our lips met and I licked his fangs, causing him to shudder briefly. I loved that I could do that to him. He re-payed me by running one of his hands under my skirt, his nimble fingers moving aside the very damp material of my panties. My breathing hitched as his fingers found their target.

He pulled me closer to the edge of the bar and flipped my skirt up. His head dipped down and I heard him inhale. “Valhalla.” He whispered and I giggled.

He began to tug at my panties and I lifted my hips so he wouldn’t just tear them off. I would be needing them later whether Eric liked it or not. What he did with them once they were off my body was anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they ended up in his pocket. He nuzzled my thigh for a moment before his lips trailed wet kisses toward my center. His fingers slipped inside of me and began to stroke lazily before his tongue began licking me where I needed him most.

“Look at me, lover.” He commanded from his position between my thighs, his eyes bright with desire.

I was already looking. I knew the drill. Our eyes locked while he continued his ministrations. His free hand roamed up my body to my breasts, teasing each one alternately until I took possession of his hand and brought his fingers to my mouth. His fingers and tongue moved a bit faster when I put one of his fingers in my mouth. I felt the start of my orgasm in the pit of my stomach. Slowly, almost painfully so, the deliciousness of it spread through my body. My walls clenched around his fingers and I cried out his name.

“Eric, please!” I cried, his index finger tracing my bottom lip.

“Please what, my lover?” Eric looked up at me innocent as can be, save for the hint of smugness in his pretty blue eyes.

By nature I wasn’t a vulgar girl so I can only say that it was the afterglow of my orgasm that prevented my inner censors from stopping the things that came from my mouth. I said a lot of things I wouldn’t normally say, but the most important thing I said was precisely what Eric wanted to hear.

“Please fuck me.” The words came tumbling out.

There was another growl and his fangs seemed to be longer than I’d ever seen them before. I was pulled from atop the bar and found myself bent over Eric’s personal table. My heart hammered in my chest when I heard his jeans unzip. I looked over my shoulder and realized I was in quite a compromising position. Literally. My skirt was up and pooled around my waist, my behind bare for anyone to see if they came gliding into the room. I didn’t care about that. All I cared about was seeing those jeans hit the floor and the knowledge that my Viking had opted to go commando yet again.

He entered me with one quick thrust that had us both hissing. His hands gripped my hips, holding me steady on the shaky table as he took me. He bent forward, shielding my body with his. Eric certainly had no issues with public nudity. His lips were close to my ear and it struck me, for perhaps the millionth time, just how tall he really was.

“Mine,” he whispered in my ear and it sent an unexpected thrill through me.

Normally, I wasn’t into that possessive vampire shit, but it was different when it was just the two of us. I knew he was mine every bit as much as I was his. I think I always knew and that was part of the reason I’d run from him for so long. I’d seen it as him trying to lock me in a cage, when really, by admitting that I was his, I’d set myself free. I loved him. End of story.

I grabbed onto the other side of the table while a voice that didn’t quite sound like my own escaped my throat. The bond was alive with love, lust and possession. I was surprised it wasn’t just Eric- it was both of us. My body started to tighten a second time and I knew my release was rapidly approaching. Eric pulled out of me and I groaned in frustration. So not cool. He spun me around and picked me up before impaling me on him.

“Guh!” Was the only thing I could say.

My arms went around his neck while he held me by my backside. I found myself up against the wall with him pounding into me. His eyes locked on mine. There was so much intensity in those pretty eyes of his. His lips found mine. His kisses were almost brutal. We were both so close. His fangs came down and I knew he would bite, alcohol be damned.

“Nuh-uh.” I held him off. “There’s a protocol before having a Screaming Blue Viking.” How I got those words out, I will never know.

It just so happened that Eric’s orgasm erupted at that moment. He screamed, “Valhalla!” and then sank his fangs into my breast, triggering my release as well.

He drank from me as my body shook with tingles of pleasure that I only felt when I was with him. He laved the wounds closed when he was finished and then set his mouth back on mine. Slowly he set me down on my feet, careful to steady me when the jelly they were made of couldn’t quite hold me up.

I smirked up at Eric and told him, “Tell Pam she’s found a winner.”

– FIN –

How to make a Screaming Blue Viking:

1 part Yukon Jack
1 part Rumple Minze
1 splash Blue Curacao (for color)

  1. Combine liquors in a shaker of ice and shake. Strain into shot glasses. Partakers must scream “Valhalla!” before doing the shot.
  2. Can also be served on the rocks in a large goblet for the brave warrior.
  3. A “loose” Nordic interpretation of the “Screaming Viking” from ‘Cheers’. The rather potent ingredients tend to cancel each other out, making for an easy to drink concoction that packs quite a punch. (Kind of tastes like Minty Scope)

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