6: Rest


Godric? What was he doing in Bon Temps?

“Godric? Your Maker, Godric?” It wasn’t likely there was more than one but it wasn’t impossible.

Eric nodded. He looked as troubled as I felt. I didn’t like that look on him. I was used to a confident, plotting Eric who was thinking at least three moves ahead like a champion chess player. Chess was never my strong suit. I wasn’t much of a strategist, but I was creative.

Yet Godric’s reason for getting that close to Gran was escaping me.

I had no doubt that if she caught him in the right mood they may have had a heck of a conversation, but that still didn’t explain how Gran’s car ended up where it did.

“Can you tell where he is?” Maybe Godric saw something or someone who was giving Gran trouble.

“He’s closed off his end of the tie we share,” Eric told me. “I don’t know where he is, only that he lives.”

“How can you be sure?”

The tone his voice took on was one of numbness and it didn’t sound like Eric at all. “I would want to follow him into the sun,” he said.

Now I loved Gran a lot and there wasn’t much I wouldn’t do for her, but if I killed myself in her name, she’d spend eternity being damn mad at me. It wasn’t my place to judge Eric or his relationship with Godric, so I kept my thoughts to myself.

I tried to figure out what else they would have to talk about for such a long time. Religion, history, their children… Hell, even getting older or jaded by life. It wasn’t likely that they had run off to Las Vegas and got married, although the idea of it made me laugh heartily.

Eric probably thought I had gone over the deep end.

“Gran… and Godric… Las Vegas…” I managed to get out between guffaws. I stumbled back to an old rocking chair Gran liked to sit on sometimes in the morning.

I couldn’t recall ever hearing Eric laugh. I had heard plenty of snickers and there was whatever dorky noise that was in Dallas, but I hadn’t heard a legitimate laugh.

That trend continued.

He definitely thought I was nuts.

“If they got hitched we’ll have to move to Hot Shot where it’s acceptable to date your brother,” I said without really thinking it through.

In the blink of an eye Eric was hovering over me with the chair pushed back on its rockers so I was trapped. The serious look on his face made me sober up some, too.

“I don’t date,” he told me.

“I didn’t ask,” I replied.

We stared at each other. When it came to intimidating stare downs I was positive Eric had me beat. The only person remotely affected by my angry stare was Jason and that was only because he was smart enough to still be afraid of Gran.

I had no doubt that Eric could win in a standoff. He had hundreds of years worth of stubborn on me. That didn’t mean I was just going to give in.

So I stared.

He stared back.

It stayed that way until – surprise, surprise – the ancient vampire cracked first, but only to crash his lips into mine. In the back of my mind a little voice said it wasn’t the right time to be getting tangled up with Eric, but what else was I going to do? A storm had chased us back to the house and until the rain stopped, I was stuck there. I could pace or go to sleep but those things didn’t appeal to me much.

There was too much nervous energy running through me to sit still for too long. Never mind that Eric was a stupid good kisser.

My hands gripped his jaw but didn’t stay there. Instead my arms wrapped around his neck and he stood up easily, hauling me out of the chair. My legs wrapped around his narrow waist and he staggered into the kitchen with me wrapped around him. I ended up lying on Gran’s kitchen table with Eric hovering over me.

I could feel the bulge growing in his jeans, but his fangs stayed where they belonged, locked up in his jaw. The fact that biting me or feeding from me wasn’t his primary goal said a lot. Had he thought about it? Most likely. I knew he had wanted to get his blood into me since before Dallas. Of course it wasn’t just his blood he wanted to get into me.

He probably thought I was a prude for it, but I just couldn’t get frisky on the table where Gran rolled out pie crusts and biscuits. It didn’t matter since Eric lifted me off the table before I could tell him I wanted to move. In fact, I ended up in several locations before I found myself pinned under Eric on the couch in the living room. His full weight wasn’t resting on me, but I wouldn’t have minded it if it was.

Oddly enough, I felt safe.

Then the lights went out. Lightning continued to flash and illuminate the room. If it wasn’t already so damn hot I would have paused to light a fire for the light, but I didn’t really need it and I knew Eric could see just fine without it. His vision improved when I let him pull my dress over my head.

Finally his fangs dropped, but I took it as a compliment instead of as a warning. His black tank top sailed across the room and hit the hardwood floor with a wet thwacking sound. Truly, he was a sight to behold. That body was amazing and knowing it had been that way for centuries was nothing short of miraculous.

In that moment, Eric and I weren’t so different.

I couldn’t say for certain but if I had to guess, he was concerned about Godric. He’d gone to such great lengths to find his Maker and now he was missing again. Perhaps my pep talk wasn’t as effective as I thought. It was possible he still planned to meet the sun. I didn’t want to think about that possibility. Not just because I didn’t want Godric to take his own life, but because I wasn’t sure I could handle what it would do to Eric.

“Stop,” he said between kisses on my neck.

“Stop what?” I panted.

“Stop thinking whatever it is that’s making you feel like that,” he replied.

It was on the tip of my tongue to apologize but there was no point.

My mind got back in the moment when the rest of my clothing – what little there was left of it – disappeared. Eric’s jeans were gone too and because there had only been one other vampire before him there was no need to have one of those awkward yet necessary talks about birth control or STD statuses. It was a particularly good thing because his tongue was talented enough to make me momentarily forget my own name. I didn’t even get the chance to tell him no one had ever kissed me… there.

Judging by my reaction to it, I was sure he figured it out. My fingers threaded through his damp hair while his big hands pulled my butt closer to the edge of the couch. His tongue moved faster than humanly possible and in ways that I had no clue could feel as good as it did. I was breathing hard and for a moment my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was dying.

La petite mort.

The little death indeed.

But it didn’t stop there. I expected to feel the familiar sting of fangs piercing my skin but instead I felt Eric’s weight pressed on top of me and the very swollen tip of his impressive length finding its way to my opening. Thanks to the oral exam he had just passed with flying colors, I was more than ready for him. My fingertips dug into his ribs as he filled me a little at a time, slowly pumping his hips to give me time to adjust to his size.

The way I was feeling was too realistic to be a dream, although it crossed my mind that it was. In none of my other dreams were we actually having sex. It’s not to say that there wasn’t a first time for everything, but it just seemed too vivid. That was saying something, considering how real the other dreams had felt.

The couch, an armchair, the archway, the foyer and finally my bed were all witness to Eric’s thousand years of sexual experience. It was the distraction we both probably needed and the fruition of months of sexual tension I tried to deny. By the time we collapsed in a heap on my bed, it was close to dawn.

“How much longer do you have?” I asked him.

“An hour,” he answered, situating those long limbs of his.

“I don’t have a light tight space here,” I warned. “Bill always went home for the day.”

Long fingers slowly trailed up and down my back. It was soothing in a way I might not have expected before the dreams started. Bill had tried to make it sound like vampire blood could be used to control a human’s emotions. I wondered why – if that was true – why the dreams I’d had of him were always scary. Was it a warning from my sixth sense or had I predetermined what I thought a vampire should be like and applied it to Bill? Was it some combination of the two? Why were my dreams of Eric so different?

Why was I thinking of Bill at all with a very sexy, naked vampire lying next to me?

“I have a place to go,” Eric assured me.

“Do you have any idea what Godric was doing out here?” My respite from our investigation was over. “Did he say anything about why he was coming out this way?”

“Not to me. It’s possible he wanted to see you,” Eric conceded. “He could have just gone out exploring in the area. We stayed in Europe for most of my vampire life. We didn’t arrive in America until the mid 1800s. The Gold Rush happened and with the western expansion, we moved that way. I became a sheriff in the San Francisco Bay area and settled in for a few decades.”

That was more than I knew about his entire history five minutes before.

“How did you end up in Louisiana?” I asked curiously.

“It’s a long story, but the simple answer is that I wanted to be close to my Maker,” he answered.

I teased, “A thousand-year-old mama’s boy, huh?”

A playful growl rumbled in his chest but it only made me smile.

“I think it’s sweet,” I followed up. “Besides, I have no room to talk.”

A yawn prevented me from saying anything else. The storm had died down to steady rain. My yard was going to be a big mud field soon. No doubt Merlotte’s would see customers coming in who were filthy from going muddin’. In the meantime I was laying in bed, cuddling with a vampire that I wouldn’t have thought liked cuddling up until a few weeks before.

“Oh, and before I forget, you have to take the Jeep back,” I told Eric.

“Jeep?” Like he had no idea what that word meant. “I don’t know anything about a Jeep.”

Uh huh.

“Well if it’s not from you, Pam or Ginger have suddenly become my fairy godmother,” I snorted. Ginger barely knew who I was and I wasn’t convinced Pam liked me all that much. “There’s a note inside on Fangtasia stationery.”

“Oh that Jeep.”

“Yes, that Jeep.” I lifted my head to look at him. “You’ve done enough already. I can’t accept the car.”

“Wrong color?”

I rolled my eyes.

“It’s too much, Eric. I appreciate your gifts and the sentiment behind them, but a car is too much,” I explained.

“Actually Pam convinced me to skip the Range Rover I was looking at,” he told me.

“Good call,” I replied. “Seriously though, you have to take it back.”

“It’s a car, Sookie. I can’t take it back and ask for a refund, so unless you want to sell it…”

I glared at him. The look on his face told me he knew he was about to get his way.

“Don’t gloat,” I said.

“I’m hardly gloating.” He rolled us over and rained kisses down on my face and neck. His body was warm from being so close to mine and despite the anxiety I was fighting, I felt relaxed.

A truckload of orgasms would do that to a girl.

I found myself in unfamiliar territory when I didn’t want him to go. As I lay there in bed, watching Eric get dressed, I was tempted to tell him to stay. Surely we could figure out how to block the light out of a room. That was probably my worry over Gran talking. I wasn’t quite ready to admit that my feelings for Eric had shifted, even if he already knew it.

Reluctantly, I got out of bed and slipped on a nightgown. I followed my ancient benefactor and lead investigator down to the kitchen. He stopped at the notepad on the wall by the old rotary phone and wrote down a number.

“That’s my cell,” he told me.

“Okay. Thank you, Eric. For everything. I…” I trailed off, unsure of what else I wanted to say.

At the door he pulled me in close and kissed me goodbye. It wasn’t as demanding as the others, almost like he regretted having to leave for the day. I let him go and watched him fold his long body into the shiny sports car parked beside house. The car didn’t make much noise when it started, but I knew from experience the night before that it was a fast car. Eric drove carefully up driveway but I shook my head when I heard the squeal of his tires on Hummingbird Lane.

I locked up the house and climbed back up to my room. In truth I needed a shower, but I was simply too exhausted. Instead I closed the curtains and collapsed on the bed face down. Within moments, I was as dead to the world as my vampire would shortly be.


7 thoughts on “6: Rest

  1. finally, sookie showing some sense and letting eric bed her! but what’s up with godric? did he take her to hide her from the queen? Jason too?

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