Chapter 6

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As soon as his fangs slid into her neck, Eric’s grip on Sookie tightened. Her sweetness burst on his tongue, and a deep, guttural growl rumbled in his chest. She tasted a million times better than anything he’d had in centuries. Her warmth, her heartbeat echoing in his ears… the smell of her desire wafting up to his nose. It was so tempting to pin her to the floor, or tear her panties away.

Just a few thin pieces of fabric separated their bodies and it would be easy to remove the obstructions. It would take less than two seconds, and he could be inside her while he fed. His instincts wanted–no, demanded it, but he refrained. He was going to wait for Sookie to make the first move and he was confident she would.

The sudden grinding of her hips against his wasn’t helping his resolve, though.

Eric was careful about listening to her heartbeat to make sure he didn’t take too much from her. Because of the fairy in her blood he wasn’t sure if that would change how much blood she could stand to lose before she felt weak. Plus Sookie had never been fed from before. For the moment he would have to settle for claiming her virginity in this way.

But the idea of another vampire’s fangs in her… It made him feel things again.


He wanted to mark her, claim her, rub himself all over her until there was no doubt who she belonged to. Even more than that, he wanted her to have his blood, to carry his scent inside her. He wanted to fuck her until she couldn’t move and he was equally exhausted, leaving further traces of himself inside her in other ways. The urge was powerful, almost like bloodlust.

Yet he couldn’t bring himself to take her against her will, either.

Eric had never felt anything like that before. None of his other pets had inspired a feeling like that. Not even Pam had evoked that feeling in him before she was turned. He had no idea what to do with it, or if it meant anything at all.

He continued to draw from her neck until her heart started to slow, and then sliced his tongue to seal her wounds and make them disappear. He hoped her taste would dance on his tongue for hours, days even. When he pulled back, he saw that Sookie’s eyes were closed and there was an unexpected look of near ecstasy on her face. Eric couldn’t help but lean forward and brush his lips against hers.

Sookie’s eyes fluttered open and looked back at him. Her eyes searched his, for what he didn’t know. When she found what she was looking for, Sookie returned the favor and brushed her lips against his before climbing off his lap.

“Goodnight, Eric,” she said softly, and then retreated from the room.

He was too stunned to speak. Eric listened while Sookie got ready for bed. He could hear the sound of water running, presumably while she brushed her teeth and washed her face. It hit him that she might be sleeping in the nude since she didn’t have any other clothing with her, and the thought of Sookie sleeping naked in his bed was almost too much.

Eric prowled around the first floor, trying to make sense of all the impulses running through him, trying to hold back the predator that wanted to go upstairs to finish what was started on the couch. The devious side of him wished he had rolled the dice and tried to get his blood into her so he would know what she was feeling, too.

Was Sookie having the same struggles he was, or was she climbing into bed without thinking of him at all? Was it possible she was already committed to someone else? Could that be the reason she was resisting him?

The tornado of thoughts and possibilities was driving him insane, but the sound of Sookie’s heartbeat slowing signified that she was falling asleep. The sound of her heart beating got louder and louder until he couldn’t take anymore. At vampire speed, he left the house and took to the sky.


Bill stuck to the shadows outside Merlotte’s. He could smell the shifter within as easily as he could smell the rotting trash in the dumpster, stale beer and all the grease used to fry food. The smell of human food was revolting to him now. It was a reminder of all the things he could never again in his life enjoy.

A late model Mercedes convertible was parked near the Wagoneer that belonged to Sam. The Mercedes belonged to Lafayette Reynolds, and even in its dilapidated condition, it was a rather opulent choice in cars. All of Sophie-Anne’s records indicated that Lafayette had been her best salesman. What Bill wanted to know was who had been supplying him. Had the blood come from the queen herself, or were there other vampires making donations? There were no real records to indicate the collection process.

Since Lafayette was a human, glamouring him would be simple enough. If he was a barbarian like, say, Eric Northman, Bill would torture Lafayette to get the information. Glamouring was a much more expedient solution. If Sophie-Anne wasn’t Lafayette’s supplier, Bill had interrogations to conduct, charges to file and ultimately death sentences to carry out.

Desecration of the blood was serious shit.

Bill did not want to be looped in with Sophie-Anne’s fuckery. He heard the sound of a drunken redneck coming out of the employee exit around the side of the building. Bill moved over to see if he recognized the man, but all he could see was the back of his head. He wasn’t alone, though. A woman had accompanied him, and she was currently on her knees in front of him. Bill heard the lowering of a zipper, and then the groan of the man.

He should have looked away, but Bill watched from the shadows as the redneck got a blowjob in the Merlotte’s parking lot on a busy Thursday night. Considering the hour, he would have thought the bar wouldn’t be so busy anymore. When the redneck had enough, he pulled the woman off her feet. She was wearing a Merlotte’s uniform. Her hair was dark and her legs were long.

The two of them kissed for a minute before the redneck yanked her shorts down over her hips and turned her toward the wall. The women bent at the waist and cried out, “Jason!” when her partner slammed into her from behind. Bill’s fangs extended as he watched them fuck hard and fast, almost as brutally as two vampires would. The woman came first, crying out to God, Jesus and whoever else might be listening to her.

Jason – who Bill was sure was Jason Stackhouse upon closer inspection – finished moments later. It was obvious from his movements, but Bill could also smell the sex as easily as he could the bayou about a hundred yards to the southeast. Jason took a minute to collect himself, and then zipped his cock back into his pants.

“I gotta get back to work, baby,” the woman said, and turned around to kiss him. “Leave your door open for me, okay?”

“You bet,” Jason said, and playfully slapped her ass as the woman went back inside.

In the blink of an eye, Bill was out of the shadows and face to face with a freaked out Jason Stackhouse. “Hey, man, what the fuck?” Jason demanded.

Bill caught the boy’s eyes and easily put the whammy on him. “Is Lafayette Reynolds inside?”

“Sure thing. He’s the cook.”

“And what other jobs does he have?”

“He works with me on the road crew and he sells things.”

“What kind of things?”

“Anything you need, he can get.”

“What about vampire blood?”

Jason thought for a few seconds and then said, “Yeah, I think so.”

“You’re going to show me where his house is. Can you get in it?” Bill asked.

“Sure can. Lafayette and me go way back,” Jason said with a dopey smile.

“Very good, Jason. Then maybe you can invite me in,” Bill suggested, and Jason just nodded. “Let’s get going then.”


The feeling of being watched pulled Sookie from a deep sleep. She felt the black hole of a vampire brain very close by. Being woken up that way was a little creepy.

“Eric, go away. You’re freaking me out,” Sookie mumbled, knowing he would hear her. She supposed it was a little sweet that he was watching her sleep, but mostly it was just weird. He also wasn’t moving. “Eric, come on… enough.”

The black hole started to move, but it wasn’t retreating, it was circling around her. Sookie finally opened her eyes and rolled over, fully prepared to give Eric a serious tongue lashing, but a dark figure in the window made her hand tingle. All Sookie could make out was dark hair that didn’t belong there. Eric hadn’t mentioned any nestmates, nor was that a detail in his dossier.

The figure in the window was too small to be Eric anyway, and before Sookie knew what she was doing her instincts took over and shot a burst of Light in the Creeper’s direction. The blast hit the creeping vampire, who let out a screech as she was blown back into the swimming pool. Sookie scrambled off the bed and went to the window to see Nora sputtering and flailing in the water.

Nora? What the hell was Nora doing at Eric’s house? Sookie marched out of the master suite, down the stairs and through the kitchen to go out the back door. Nora was struggling to get out of the pool as Sookie stormed toward her.

“What the fuck, Nora? You scared the daylights outta me! Do you have any idea what time it is?! You know I coulda blown your ass to kingdom come!” Sookie railed on, even as she helped her friend out of the pool.

“I was concerned about you,” Nora said, and wrung out her hair. She hated the chemical smell of the chlorine in the pool. “When I got back to headquarters I checked the GPS on your phone to make sure you got home safely, but the addresses didn’t match. I got worried.”

Sookie sighed and said, “I’m fine, Nora. Eric and I worked out a plan and it just made more sense for me to stay here.”

She backed off a little while Nora looked her up and down. Since Sookie didn’t have any of her own clothes with her, she had borrowed one of Eric’s t-shirts to sleep in. The shirt nearly hit her knees, it was so long, but the look on Nora’s face clearly indicated she thought something much more lascivious had happened.

Before Sookie could offer an explanation there was another vampire in the yard, and the flash of blond hair before Nora was back in the pool suggested it was Eric. The two of them thrashed around in the water, with Eric quickly getting the upper hand thanks to his advanced age.

“What are you doing here?” he snarled at Nora.

“Eric, it’s okay,” Sookie insisted. “She was just worried about me.”

“You smell like her,” Nora said in a strained voice and the fighting resumed.

Water splashed all over and rather than listen to the two of them argue, Sookie went back into the house. This was the sort of vampire bullshit that pissed her off. She had no idea why they were fighting, and quite frankly, she didn’t care. Sookie decided to ignore them. She grabbed a pair of towels from a linen closet and deposited them on the porch.

Without a word she went back inside, and up to her room. Eric and Nora were bickering in another language while beating the shit out of each other in the backyard. She rolled her eyes, closed the curtains and got back into bed. They were being ridiculous, and she was too tired to get involved in their argument. Sunrise wasn’t too far off, so Nora was going to have to go to ground somewhere if she didn’t haul ass back to the Authority.

Roman would wonder where Nora was, no doubt. But that wasn’t Sookie’s problem. What did perturb her was why Nora was so concerned about her if Eric was someone she could trust. Sookie lay there in the enormous bed and stared up at the ceiling until finally, one of the black holes downstairs disappeared. If Nora was lucky, she would make it back to New Orleans just in time for sunrise.

Sookie rolled onto her side and closed her eyes. Footsteps came up the stairs and then there was the soothing sound of Eric’s deep voice in the doorway.

“Are you alright?” Eric asked her.

Sookie sat up and took in his drowned rat appearance. Okay, so he was a very big, very sexy drowned rat, but still…

“I’m perfectly fine. I don’t know why you attacked your sister like that, but it was unnecessary. You probably woke up half the neighbors with that stunt. I was handling things just fine on my own, thank you very much. I don’t need to be rescued,” Sookie glared at him.

His sense of smell had to have told him it was Nora, and yet he had still attacked her. Why?

Eric didn’t offer her an apology for butting in. Instead he said, “You look sexy in red. You look fuckable in my clothes. Goodnight, Sookie.”

With that, he turned and left her alone. Sookie groaned in frustration and flopped back on the bed. Damn infuriating vampire with his sexy, wet ass.

Would it be too late to offer to towel it dry for him?

No, not going there! Sookie groaned again, pulled a pillow over her head and tried her best to go back to sleep.

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 6

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    • Oh Bill is definitely going to try something, just not in the way you’re expecting. I think the possessive thing throws him for a loop, but he’s not going to go all Bill on her where he’s running around yelling, “Sookeh iz mahn!” to anyone that will listen.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I love Sookie’s confidence & power over Eric; he’s not sure of his affect on her, I like that he doesn’t know what she’s feeling yet. She had the self control to walk out after he had her blood & leave him wondering. Eric & Nora fighting over Sookie was priceless & Sookie leaving them to it & going to bed was even better!
    Congratulations on the nominations – well deserved!

  3. Maybe it’s because of the show, maybe it’s from reading other fan fictions but all I know is that I don’t trust Nora. She creeps me the eff out, almost as much as Bill does. The difference is that I Bill just flat out pisses me off and I think that trumps the creepy factor. Speaking of the bag of douche, is anyone else worried about Gran? I hate that she’s home alone with him around. 😦
    As far as our panty soaking Viking is concerned though, I must give a huge Kudos to Sookie. The moment he told her how fuckable she looked in his shirt would have done me in. I would have handed over my v card in the bat of an eye. I admit that I am weak.

  4. Sookie Sookie Sookie…don’t you notice jealousy and suspicion when you see it. Lol Sookie’s description of them fighting was too funny. I’m thinking Eric fought with Nora on principle and she with him because she was jealous. Of course Eric knew it was her but what was she doing there watching Sookie like that. It would be too funny if Eric watched her from the beginning waiting to see what she would do. Love it!

  5. Aww, possessive/protective Eric is kinda hot 🙂
    Billy boy, you do realise messing with a Stckhouse is a bad idea right? You already know Sookie is with the Authority.. Silly Boy, I believe that ice you are treading on is a little thin.
    And yep, Nora ain’t happy!
    Lmao, nice parting comment for Eric 🙂

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