Chapter 7


This chapter contains acts of naughtiness and BDSM related explicit material. If it squicks you to read that, this is not the chapter for you. In fact, this isn’t the story for you.

You’ve been warned.

The dungeon had been rearranged almost entirely for the demonstration I was about to witness. Folding chairs had been brought in and arranged in a half moon shape four rows deep. Already almost half of the seats were spoken for, and it was then that I realized I wasn’t dressed in all black. I had a moment of panic and looked up to Leif. I tugged on his arm a little and he looked down at me.

I pushed up on my toes and whispered, “I’m not wearing black.”

He took his arm from me and smoothly slipped out of his suit jacket to offer it to me. I slipped my arms into the sleeves and when he closed it in front of me I was draped in black.

“Problem solved,” he winked at me.

His simple solution made me smile and before I could stop myself I leaned in and kissed his cheek for his kindness.

“Thank you,” I whispered, and he rewarded me with a small smile.

“Come, let me introduce you around,” he said, reaching for my hand.

Leif led me to a cluster of people who were standing together, talking quietly and they all seemed to know each other. He introduced me to them one by one, and the way their eyes kept going back and forth between Leif and me I was sure they knew who I was to him. I was the new kid on the block, but Leif had obviously been involved with the club for a while if he was giving tours and knew everyone. The people I met were friendly, all of them welcoming to me into the fold and asking me questions about my experience level.

“This is all new to me,” I told them.

“I remember my first Dom,” a woman that introduced herself as Ophelia (which was quite a dramatic choice of aliases for my taste) said with a nostalgic smile. “I was nineteen and he just swept me off my feet. I haven’t looked back since.”

“Are you still together?” I asked her.

“No,” she said with a hint of sadness. “We were together for three years before we decided it was time to part ways, but he was a wonderful Dom. We see one another now and then at conferences, but he’s married to someone else and so am I.”

“Oh, well good for you,” I smiled.

I wanted to ask if it was difficult to think about her first Dom being with someone else, but I supposed it was no different than breaking up with your first serious boyfriend. There were memories and good times from every relationship once you got enough distance from the breakup to appreciate the time you were with someone. I wasn’t at the point yet where I could really be totally appreciative of my ex, but I hoped to reach that stage sometime in the future.

Mostly I stood there listening to the conversation going on around me. My eyes swept over the way things were set up and I noticed the collection of toys that were sitting on a table where the demonstration was going to take place. When it was time to take our seats the lights dimmed a little like they would at the end of an intermission at the theater, and Leif led me back to our seats. I was glad we weren’t sitting front and center since I wasn’t prepared to be thrust into the spotlight quite yet.

His hand didn’t leave mine when we sat, and I was appreciative of it. Another round of goose bumps went off when his thumb found the pulse point on my wrist and started to stroke it gently. Inside I was doing an almost spastic happy dance, but I tried to keep my features schooled the way he would. It didn’t work, but I tried.

The lights went out entirely once we were all seated and my eyes didn’t get the chance to adjust to the darkness before they came on again to reveal that Bunny was kneeling on the floor, completely nude, with her arms bound behind her back. I hadn’t even heard her come into the room.

“Hello, Scarlet,” Talon whispered in my ear and I jumped.

He chuckled while Leif squeezed my hand reassuringly, and then Talon went to go join his sub at the front of the room. Bunny hadn’t mentioned anything about this to me in the talks we’d had so I wondered if she had been ordered not to tell me, or if maybe this was as big of a surprise to her as it was to me. My hand stayed joined with Leif’s as the scene began in front of us.

It was strange to watch two people be so intimate with each other in a room full of people. I watched as Talon used various toys I didn’t know the names of, but Leif would whisper in my ear to me, to get Bunny almost to the point of an orgasm. She would beg him to let her cum, but she was denied. She tried to hold it, to force herself back, but ultimately was unable to do so. The pleasure stopped and Talon set aside the toy he had been using to stimulate her to pick up a flogger.

My heart beat even faster and I forced myself to keep watching as he flogged her inner thighs and stomach. Not too hard, but hard enough, I was sure, to be a little painful. I remembered reading something about how pain and pleasure when used in the right combinations, influenced one another so the feelings were heightened. That way it didn’t take much force for pain to feel much more extreme than it really was. What might usually just feel like an ordinary slap on the ass might feel much worse than it actually was.

I was fascinated by the concept, and it hit me that I would have personal understanding of it soon enough. What I was even more taken by, as the scene progressed, was how turned-on I was by the things I was seeing. It got so I was almost squirming in my seat, and not because I was uncomfortable with what I was witnessing, but because I wanted it. I was excited about the premise of getting to that point, and that caused a whole new set of feelings to start warring within me.

I was back to hearing those two voices in my head, one of them desperate for me to get Leif alone so we could just sign the damn contract and get started already, and the other was questioning my mental health for thinking this was a good idea. Getting those two voices to somehow meld and become one harmonious voice was the trick. I needed to get past the mental roadblock being thrown up that told me my interests and curiosities were wrong.

There were breaks in the scene to allow for changes of position and adjusting the way Bunny was bound. It was during one those breaks that Leif leaned into me and whispered, “Is this making you wet, Scarlet?”

My cheeks flamed immediately and I couldn’t find my voice so I just nodded. For the first time Leif let go of my hand—which was a little sweaty—and pushed my knees apart. My instincts told me to stop him from doing what he was doing.

“Trust me,” he whispered in my ear, and kissed it softly.

Despite how fast my heart was beating and how close I was to being overloaded I let him proceed. His fingers moved slowly up my inner thigh, and I buried my face in his shoulder when he got to my panties. He rubbed gently until I started to squirm, but before I could really get off on what he was doing, he pulled his hand away. I didn’t know if I felt more relieved or frustrated by his actions, but when I looked up into his eyes after his hand took mine again, there was heat there that I hadn’t seen before.

The scene resumed with Bunny and Talon, and Leif explained that they were working on her subspace training. Bunny counting along with her spanking, and for each set of ten that she successfully called out without stumbling or forgetting, Talon would reward her with his fingers in one way or another. He would take her almost to the point of orgasm, and then he would resume her spanking. It was a good thing Bunny was counting because even though I tried to count along with her I got transfixed by what I was witnessing.

The sex that followed was rough, but it allowed Bunny to have as many orgasms as she wanted and by the time they were finished I was damn near close to having an orgasm myself. I could honestly say I had never been so turned-on in my entire life, and judging by the way Leif was looking at me I was sure he knew it. I was completely fascinated by the entire process, and if the point of the two of us watching together was for me to be sure that I wanted to experience it for myself, I had gotten the point.

Talon untied the ropes that had been binding Bunny to the bench she was face down on, and he gently rubbed feeling back into her arms and legs. He was sweet and tender with her, gently stroking her face to keep her hair out of her eyes, and offering her little kisses of reassurance that he was proud of her, that she had done well. She looked at him with complete love and trust in her eyes, and I envied what they shared.

I wanted that. Whether it was right or wrong, it was what I wanted. That little voice telling me to seek psychiatric help was no longer welcome in my head.

“Should we speak to them?” I asked Leif when we stood.

“No. We’ll speak with them later,” he said, and led me to the door.

The other guests in the room followed us out. Leif led me down the corridor again, and back to the stairs so we could go up to our private room. He pulled the keys from his pocket to unlock the door for me, and when the door was open he gestured for me to go ahead of him. He was well mannered, which was something Gran had raised me to appreciate. She was big on manners, politeness and etiquette.

So of course the second the door was closed Leif decided to throw me off balance again, and he pressed me against the wall. He captured my hands and held them over my head in one of his, and his leg nudged my knees apart. My breath caught as our eyes met and there was hardly any time to wonder what he was up to before his hand was in my panties.

“Leif,” I gasped, and my eyes closed.

“Eyes open, Scarlet,” he said roughly. “Eye contact is something you will get used to. When you are on your knees, servicing my cock, you will look into my eyes or you will be punished.”

I nodded my agreement and committed that rule to memory as his fingers worked against my clit like he’d done it a million times before.

“You enjoyed the scene in the dungeon very much.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“What part did you like the most, and don’t lie to me,” he said as one of his long fingers slipped inside me.

I moaned loudly and resisted the urge to look away from his eyes. They were so intense that it was hard to keep focused on them. It felt like he was seeing my soul and every secret I held, and I wasn’t used to someone wanting to be that close to me. Would he always be that intense, or was I just feeling the way I was because he was new to me and we weren’t used to each other?

“Tell me, Scarlet,” he insisted, and his palm rubbed against my clit.

“Ungh,” I groaned and tried to get words to form. All I thought about was his hand and what it was doing to me, and the fact that I didn’t know him. This was so unlike me. I didn’t even know Leif’s real name, only the alias he had given himself, and I was dangerously close to having an orgasm up against the wall in a secret sex club.

Sookie Stackhouse, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

“Tell me, or I’ll stop,” he threatened.

My favorite part… what was my favorite part? I liked all of it, but what was it that really got me going? What was it that I had seen that would replay itself in my mind when I crawled into bed later? I needed to close my eyes to picture it but I was afraid to do it. Leif’s hand slowed down when I hesitated to answer him.

“The spanking,” I admitted, and I was thankful I was already flushed from what Leif was doing to me or my cheeks would have burned with the immediate rush of blood coming to them.

Leif growled a little and rewarded me for my honesty by slipping a second finger into me. I gasped and my hips moved away from the wall in attempts to get more friction where I needed it.

“Don’t be greedy, Scarlet,” he spoke softly but firmly into my ear. “What did you like about watching her get spanked? Did it make you want it?”

I nodded and squeaked out a yes. I bit my lip, knowing he was on track to make me cum soon. It wasn’t going to take much more stimulation from him to make that happen.

“What else did you like? What made you this wet?”

The words weren’t coming to me. My attention was too focused on what his fingers were doing for me to think straight, and I wondered if this was some sort of test but I didn’t really get the chance to think about it because the pleasure suddenly exploded. My knees started to shake and I held still while he stroked me through the orgasm. I had to remind myself to breathe and I couldn’t remember a time when I had cum that hard just from being touched like that.

Leif kissed my neck and slowly withdrew his fingers from my panties. He released my hands and held my chin so I would have to keep eye contact with him.

“Tell me, Scarlet, tell me what you liked about it,” he implored.

It took me a few seconds to summon the brain power to put my thoughts into words that would make sense instead of the gibberish that was threatening to come out.

“Talon took care of her,” I started. “Bunny did what she was supposed to do by counting and keeping up with Talon, and he rewarded her for it.”

“What else? Be completely honest. I know there’s more.”

It was uncomfortable to say it out loud but I had a sneaking suspicion that Leif already knew, or he wouldn’t be negotiating a contract with me.

“It made me… I wanted to know what it feels like,” I confessed, even though I was stumbling over the words. “In my head I tried to imagine being her.”

“And you liked what you imagined?”


Leif touched my neck in that gentle way of his and kissed my forehead.

“Thank you, Scarlet.”

“For what?” I asked as he stepped back.

“For trusting me to take care of you. I’ll have a draft of the contract ready by sunrise. We’ll meet on your next day off to go over it, and make edits. If everything is satisfactory to us both we’ll sign it and set up our first session,” he said.

I nodded because words were still playing keep away with my vocal cords. I straightened up my clothes and hoped I would stop shaking. Once again I was on overload, but I had trusted Leif like he asked me to. I had pleased him, and it gave me a satisfaction much greater than any orgasm.

Maybe Talon was right—maybe I was a natural submissive after all. Maybe this was exactly what had been missing from my life.


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