Chapter 38

Not even a full day had passed with this ‘gift’ I’d been given and already it was driving me crazy. There had to be a way to get it under control or Eric might as well check me into a mental hospital. I had never wanted to be a mind reader and now I knew why. I supposed under the right circumstances it could be helpful, but until I learned how to cope with this ability of mine it was going to continue to be a pain in my backside. For the moment, I was thankful that I didn’t have a job to go to or I would have had to take a leave of absence.

“Will you take me back to your house?” I asked Eric once I was in the car with him. “Gran is staying, at least for the time being, and I don’t want to be alone right now.”

Eric nodded but didn’t ask about what had happened with Gran. I was okay with that. I didn’t get the feeling like he wasn’t asking because he didn’t care, but because he wanted to give me my space to figure things out. What struck me the most, as the voices of the people in the hotel faded out of my head, wasn’t really that I was thinking about Gran or Hadley anymore. Somewhere in the back of my mind those things were still active, but they were no longer in the forefront of my thoughts.

My mind had shifted in a completely different direction. I wanted to forget it all, just for a little while. All I could think about was Eric’s playroom. When I closed my eyes I could feel the padded restraints on my wrists and ankles, holding me in place. I could feel the way the cool pleather that covered the bench would warm under my skin when I pressed against it. Most of all I could feel the energy of Eric behind me, considering his moves and how he was going to keep me off balance.

I wanted that feeling in real time.

“I want to play,” I said as he drove. “I want to turn my mind off and forget everything for a while.”

“You’re sure you’re ready to get back into that?” Eric asked me without taking his eyes off the road.

“I don’t know if I want it to be like it was before, but just for tonight… for tonight I don’t want to be Sookie. Let me be Scarlet. Please?”

Sometimes it was better to put your problems down, take a little time to sort things out and then pick them up again later. Not to mention, Gran had told me how to get in touch with someone from the fairy realm but she didn’t tell me who would be coming for me. How was I supposed to know if these fairies were trustworthy people? From what Eric had told me they were violent, magical creatures. I didn’t need one of them getting pissed off at me and fixing it so I could never turn off the telepathy.

Or worse, deciding to take me back to their realm with them.

The drive back to Eric’s house was spent in silence. He concentrated on the road, driving at speeds well above the posted limits, and I stared out the window, watching trees and other things as we whizzed past them in the darkness. Finally he pulled up to the gate outside his house and punched in the code for the wrought iron to swing back out of the way. He parked in the enormous garage that was big enough to be a showroom, and was out of the car to open my door for me before I could get my seat belt off.

It was still strange to see him move at speeds that fast. So fast that my eyes couldn’t really keep up with him.

“Could you run all the way to Bon Temps?” I asked Eric as I got out of the car.

“I could run all the way to Bangor, Maine,” he said.

“And you wouldn’t get tired?”


I shook my head as he closed the car door, and then led me to the house. Just watching him had the potential to make me a little motion sick.

No sooner were we inside than Eric grabbed me by my throat and pushed me up against the nearest wall. I hadn’t even gotten my shoes off yet. He kissed me hard and pulled hard enough on the jeans I was wearing to rip them at the seams. My eyes went wide, even though we were mid-kiss. I had said I wanted something rough and that I didn’t want to be Sookie for a night. Eric was clearly obliging my request.

His hands moved quickly, from one part of my body to another, groping, pinching and when he turned me around so I was facing the wall, he rubbed my backside before giving it a good smack that made me gasp and cry out. My core clenched a little and desire ran through me like wildfire. Eric got ahold of my hair and tugged it back at the same time he pulled down my jeans and panties. He nudged my thighs apart with his knee and then his fingers were at my entrance, teasing and circling while I tried to catch my breath.

“Are you sure you want to play, pet?” he practically growled in my ear.

“Yes, Sir,” I said breathlessly.

“Go up to the playroom. Get undressed and wait for me like the good girl I know you are,” he said, and dropped a surprisingly tender kiss on my neck where it met my shoulder.

“Yes, Sir,” I said, and started to pull my jeans up, but he stopped me.

“Did I tell you to fix your clothes?” he asked with fire in his eyes.

“No, Sir.”

“Looks like my pet needs to work on her listening skills,” he said. “We’ll start there.”

There was that odd combination of thrill and dread at the same time. I followed Eric’s orders and went upstairs to the playroom. Once the door was closed behind me I stripped out of my clothes, folded them neatly and set them off to the side where they would be out of the way. He’d told me he expected me to kneel with my hands behind my back while I waited for him, so that was what I did. Kneeling on that floor was a bitch for the knees, but I supposed that was part of the point.

I never would have thought that kneeling was something that could be considered a punishment, but after having done it I knew that it could be. Hell, it might actually be worse than a spanking. About two minutes (at least I think it was two minutes) passed before the door opened behind me. I kept my eyes trained straight ahead and listened for Eric’s footfalls as he entered the room. He moved silently and then he was slipping something over my head. My eyes were covered and my sight disappeared.

My heart leapt up into my throat before yo-yoing back into my chest where it continued to beat at a thunderous pace. Something thin and plastic was put around my wrists, binding them behind my back. The little zipping sound made me wonder if it was a zip tie that he’d used since it definitely wasn’t handcuffs. It wasn’t until I was bound and blinded that I could hear Eric moving around me. I tried to stay relaxed and take deep breaths but it was nerve wracking, not knowing where he was, what he was going to do or how long I might have to wait until he touched me again.

There was a clicking sound that I was sure was the door of the armoire opening on the other side of the room. God only knew what toy Eric was getting from inside that thing and all I could do was kneel there and wait for further instruction. My knees were starting to hurt and the tie on my wrist was tight enough that it was biting into my skin just a little bit.

I really needed to remember to be careful of what I wished for.

Then all of a sudden Eric was at my side, whispering in my ear, “What color are we, pet?”

“Green,” I answered in a shaky voice.

“You don’t sound too sure about that.”

“I’ve never been blindfolded before,” I explained.

“It heightens the other senses, doesn’t it?” he asked, and then I felt the tickle of something on my back between my shoulder blades.

The flogger?

Oh boy.

“Yes, Sir,” I said as the tails came up over my shoulder and then brushed over my nipples, making them a little harder than they already were.

The anticipation was really the killer. Something was going to happen but I had no idea what it was, and since I couldn’t see I had to mostly rely on my hearing for clues.

I didn’t have to wait much longer for Eric to really get things going. I felt the velvety hardness of his cock rub against my lips and without being told to open my mouth, I opened up for him. The flogger swung against my back and I moaned as he thrust himself into my mouth. I wasn’t quite prepared for it so I gagged a little, but he didn’t stop. The sub in me took over and went to work, sucking and licking while he thrust in and out of my mouth.

Sometimes he’d test my reflexes and I’d gag again, but he didn’t do it too many times. Drool dribbled out of my mouth and when he nudged the back of my throat the next time I did my best to swallow. Eric groaned and held himself there for a few seconds until I was starting to squirm for air. He released me for a few seconds to let me catch my breath and then he was right back at it. The flogger hit my back every time I gagged until finally Eric pulled out of my mouth.

I sucked in all the air I could since I didn’t know what was coming next, and then I was pushed down so my face was on the floor. He hadn’t hurt me in doing so, but it was an awkward position to hold with my hands bound behind my back.

“What are color are we, pet?” he asked me.

“Green,” I answered.

With that he thrust into me, filling my pussy perfectly. I cried out from the unexpected pleasure I was getting, and he held my wrists with one hand while he slammed into me over and over. He slapped my ass and I cried out again. I could feel the orgasm building and the slaps on my ass every few seconds did precious little to deter me from getting off on what was happening.

When I didn’t think I could wait anymore I asked, “Please, may I cum, Sir?”

“Yes,” he gritted out, and thrust a little harder.

My body reacted immediately and the pleasure exploded. I shivered and shook as he kept thrusting, finally getting me off my knees and laying me on my side. I thanked him loudly for the orgasm while fighting for air. Eric arranged me legs the way he wanted them and continued to pound into me. He pinched my nipples, nibbled on my neck and rubbed my clit until I was begging to cum again. He let me cum a second time before pulling out of me and hauling me up off the floor.

Eric walked me over to my old friend, the spanking bench, and strapped my ankles into place once I climbed onto it. My face pressed against the cool pleather surface and then there was the vaguely familiar feel of leather against my backside for a few seconds before Eric swung the paddle. The cracking sound exploded as the same time the sting registered, but it was the same sting that always made me want more. He alternated between the paddle, the flogger, his hand and then his fingers pumping in an out of me until I was so completely off balance and flustered that I nearly forgot where I was.

When the play was over, Eric cut the tie on my wrists, which were numb from being fixed in that position for so long, and removed the blindfold so I had use of my eyes again. He’d dimmed the light in the room so it wasn’t such a shock to me after being in the darkness for so long. Eric unfastened the restraints that were around my ankles and bent to kiss my forehead.

“You did very well, pet,” he said in a sincere tone that made my heart swell.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said in a shaky voice.

I lifted my head off the bench and started to move my arms to get my circulation going again. Eric helped with that, massaging my muscles gently and rubbing feeling back into them.

“How do you feel?” he asked me.

“Exhausted, but good,” I smiled weakly.

Eric lifted me off the bench like I was nothing more than a sack of potatoes and brought me over to the bed at the far side of the room. I lay on my side and Eric spooned up behind me, pressing his body close to mine. His arm wrapped around me protectively to keep me close. My eyes closed as his lips grazed against my neck.

“Dawn will be here soon,” he whispered.

My heart sank a little because I didn’t want to lose him for the day.

“Take me with you,” I whispered back. “When you go to rest, will you take me with you?”

I had to wonder what it said about me that I would rather be trapped in that room with him all day than be home alone in my own house, but at the moment it felt like a much better option than anything else.

“You need to eat,” he said. “You won’t be able to in my room. The door stays locked until sunset unless I override the system and it takes a retinal scan to do that.”

“Oh,” I said quietly.

I hadn’t thought about that so I was glad one of us was thinking a little more clearly. My night of avoidance was coming to a close and I was trying to delay it for as long as possible.

“Did you mean what you said earlier about the synthetic blood thing?” I asked Eric.

“Yes,” he said quietly.

“What about vampires staying secret? Did you just not want to say anything about it in front of Gran?”

“You asked me not to glamour your grandmother and my instincts tell me that she can be trusted but there is nothing set in stone at this point so it’s best that I say nothing. When there is something for you to know, I promise to tell you,” Eric told me.

“If those scientists really perfect a synthetic blood do you really think vampires would be able to stop feeding on humans?”

“I don’t know. There are certain perks to feeding directly from the source as opposed to out of a bottle,” he said, and his hand moved to my breast.

I smiled and said, “You certainly seem to enjoy it.”

“It’s what I’ve known for a thousand years, Sookie.”

“Do you like being a vampire?” I realized that might sound like a strange question but I thought it was legitimate considering Eric had hinted around that he hadn’t been turned by his own choice.

“It was a difficult adjustment for me in the beginning. I wanted to return to my children but I couldn’t. I knew they would be taken care of by my family, and I regretted them losing both parents at such a young age,” he told me. “I have always enjoyed living and being a vampire has allowed me to continue to do so for much longer than if I had remained a human. I have seen great tragedies and witnessed some of the most marvelous moments in modern history. I have no regrets.”

“Did you ever see your children again after you were turned?”

“No,” he said. “As a young vampire it would have been too dangerous for me. Newborns run on nothing but instinct, the same as human newborns do. My instincts would have told me to feed and it wouldn’t have mattered that they were my children. By the time the frenzy calmed it would have been too late. Not allowing me to see my children after I was turned may just be the biggest kindness my Maker has ever paid me.”

“What’s your maker like?” I asked.

Eric stalled but eventually said, “That’s another story for another day.”

He kissed my shoulder and his fingertips grazed up and down my hip until I fell asleep.


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