Chapter 3

I didn’t see Leif again before leaving The Playground. I went back to the dungeon once on my own and just looked around. There were so many things to be curious about. After Talon had finished up his session with a girl I came to know as Bunny, he was kind enough to lay down some of the basics for me from his perspective. It was nice because it gave me the opportunity to ask some questions that I hadn’t necessarily been able to find answers for on the internet.

The big question was, “How did you know this was something you wanted to get into?”

Talon was patient in explaining things to me, and was able to put into words his feelings on the subject in a surprisingly eloquent way considering the language he’d used when talking to Bunny.

“There is something artistic about this lifestyle, Scarlet. As a Dominant it is my job to take good care of my sub. There is a wealth of mutual respect between Bunny and me, even though it may not always appear to be that way. We each want to please each other, but we go about it in different ways. She wants to serve me, and because of that it is my job to ensure that sure is obedient and lives by the rules I set for her. Her dedication to being the best she can be drives me to want to help her be better. It may seem like I am the only one benefiting from our relationship because it appears to be crafted solely around my wants and needs, but the point is that my needs have become her needs. We are one and the same.

“You saw her being punished tonight because she didn’t follow my command not to cum. I could have caused her pain instead, but sometimes pain isn’t the answer. I’m sure you’ve heard that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain, and when your body is exposed to too much pleasure it no longer feels good after a while; it becomes painful. My slut learned her lesson by being forced to orgasm over and over again. I’m sure that sounds like a reward instead of a punishment, but I assure you, fifteen minutes on the Sybian with the speed cranked all the way up without being able to adjust your position to avoid all that vibration isn’t as much fun as it sounds like it would be,” Talon told me.

“Do you enjoy inflicting pain on your sub?” I asked him.

“I enjoy correcting her behavior and helping her to remember her place,” he told me. “Her tears are mine, so when she cries I know it is out of release from whatever she has been holding inside. It’s important to note that there is a huge difference between a dominant sexual partner and an abuser. The relationship I have with Bunny is all about consent. Nothing happens without her permission, Scarlet, and any time she feels like she’s about to enter a place where she feels unsafe or is not willing to go, she has a safeword that will stop everything immediately.

“A good Dom will listen for that word and respect his sub when she uses it. An abuser will continue on with little to no regard for the use of that word. An abuser will ignore your limits and not just push them a little. For instance, if you make it clear that you’re not into urine play,” he said, and I cringed a little at the mention of it. I didn’t see how anyone could be into it, but some people were. “That it’s a hard limit for you, then it would be completely inappropriate for your Dom to piss on you as a punishment.”

My expression very clearly showed what I was trying to keep to myself. If someone peed on me as a punishment that would be the last thing they ever did. No way in hell was I down with that, and I didn’t see a time in my life when I would ever be accepting of it. I hoped like hell that if Leif was serious about training me that he wasn’t into that kind of thing either because ew.

“I think I get what you’re saying,” I told Talon as he walked me out of the dungeon.

“It may take some time to come to terms with what is definitely not a vanilla lifestyle, but just because you enjoy being submissive doesn’t mean that has to be your life twenty-four-seven. Bunny and I see each other outside of here and we do normal things that any other couple would do. We go to movies, have dinner, take walks in the park, spend time with each other’s family… all that normal stuff. We have talked about living the life twenty-four-seven, but she doesn’t feel ready for that yet and as her Master I concur.”

“Have you ever lived the life full-time?”

“I have,” he nodded. “But I think it would be better if you talked to another sub about what that’s like since it’s different from my perspective than it is from hers. I’m sure my Bunny would be more than willing to take you under her wing if you’re interested.”

“That might be very helpful,” I admitted as we walked back toward the lobby.

Talon assured me that Bunny would be in touch via the website, and then excused himself to go get cleaned up. I stayed in the lobby until Tara and Eggs appeared close to midnight. They came down from upstairs where I had been told there were private rooms, as well as locker room areas for people to get cleaned up after, or before, playing. After a stop in the orgy room on the first floor I could see why locker rooms would be a necessity. I was afraid to walk in the orgy room, and would hate to have the job of cleaning that place up every night.

The Playground closed at four in the morning and opened again at nine in the evening. As far as I could tell that was plenty of time to get your kicks, and members were encouraged to meet outside of the confines of The Playground, as long as secrecy and anonymity were maintained—barring that members were in agreement to share their personal lives with one another. For some, I got the feeling, they didn’t want their private business being a public issue. I could certainly relate.

“So, what do you think?” Tara asked me as we walked out to the car.

“I think this is going to be an interesting experience,” I told her.

I didn’t feel comfortable discussing certain things in front of Eggs, which Tara seemed fine with. When we got back to Tara’s house I got in my car and headed home. It was well past midnight by that point, and Gran was already tucked in bed for the night. The porch light was on, and Tina, our cat, greeted me at the back door when I came into the house. I stopped to get myself a glass of water and take off my shoes, and then Tina followed me upstairs to my bedroom.

After getting my dress off I went to the bathroom and washed the makeup off my face and brushed my teeth. I was tired. Between the long day physically and all of the emotional ups and downs over the course of the night I was ready to pass out. Tina waited for me on my bed, and once I was snuggled in under my covers she curled up beside me and promptly fell asleep, as did I.

Two days later I was paying some bills on my laptop when an email came in from The Playground’s website, informing me that I had a private message waiting. I clicked on the link to the message and saw that Leif had sent me something. The subject line read: Training Resume. I clicked on it and the message opened up.

Dear Scarlet,

My apologies for being unable to get back to you the other evening; I was greatly enjoying your company. Please know that my offer to train you still stands, and if you’re serious about considering it I ask that you fill out the attached resume. It will give me a chance to get to know you better. Compatibility is important, as is communication and honesty. If this is going to work between us, I need to know everything about you. I don’t expect you to write it all down for me, as we will talk a great deal and that will help me to learn about you as well.

For now, I need to know the basics that aren’t listed in your sub profile that you filled out when you were still in the application stage. Based on what I’ve seen, however, I think we might work quite well together. Take your time filling this out. If you’ve changed your mind and decided that being trained isn’t for you after all, kindly reply to this email so I don’t waste my time waiting for a resume that will never come.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.



I opened the attachment he’d sent me and it seemed fairly basic, just like he’d said in his message. Some of the questions would require some thought and would force me to open up to him about things in my past that I would prefer to keep to myself, but I could understand why it would be important that he knew those things. There was a second attachment that contained an even more comprehensive list of limits for me to go through, and this time he wanted to know not just what I wanted to have done to myself, but what I would be willing to do with others.

It was a lot to consider and I was going to need some time to think it all over, so I decided it would be best if I emailed him back to let Leif know that it was going to take me a while to gather all of the information for him.

Dear Leif,

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to speak more, but I understand you’re busy. I greatly appreciate your offer, and I do accept it. I’ve looked over the attachments you’ve sent me and they’re pretty… detailed. For that reason I’m going to need a few days to fill them out before I can return them to you. Would it be best that I return them via this website, or do you have another way you would prefer to contact me?

Again, thank you for your offer, and I look forward to negotiating a contract with you.

Have a great day,


I nearly put my real name there, but figured he was going to find out what my real name was soon enough anyway. Since Talon and Bunny were in a relationship that extended beyond playing together I had to assume they knew one another’s real names. I couldn’t help wondering what Leif’s was, and tried to see if I could figure it out in my head. He looked like a Viking, so names like Gunnar, Lars and Thor were filtering through my brain, but I sincerely doubted any of those were winners.

I hoped to get an email back from him, but that didn’t happen… at least not right away. When I did get a response it was later that night when I got home from work. My back was killing me and I really could have used a good foot massage at that point. Waiting tables sucked, but at least it allowed me to pay my bills. After a quick shower I was on my computer, and elated to see a new message from Leif waiting for me.

He was delighted I was accepting his offer and had given me another email address outside of the website to contact him at. I was just about to click back to my gmail account when a little chat window popped up on the Playground’s website. It was Leif.

Leif: Did you get my message?

Scarlet: Yes, I just got it now. Thank you for getting back to me.

Leif: Out partying, were you?

Scarlet: Hardly. I’m a waitress at the local watering hole and I worked the closing shift.

Leif: I see. So you’re generally a night owl?

Scarlet: Something like that. Mostly I’m happy to have tomorrow off.

Leif: We could meet tomorrow. I have some free time.

I beamed at the idea of spending some time with him. There was something about Leif that just put me at ease, and I got the feeling he was correct about us getting along well.

Scarlet: I would enjoy that very much. Where would you like to meet?

Leif: You choose. I will come to you.

Scarlet: Okay. Are you familiar with Shreveport?

Leif: Very, and if I don’t know the place offhand I’ll rely on GPS to get me there.

Scarlet: Alright, then how about the diner on the corner of 84th and LeBlanc?

Leif: Sounds perfect. How’s 8 PM?

Scarlet: Perfect.

Leif: Excellent. And Scarlet?

Scarlet: Yes, Leif?

Leif: Wear red. Your prospective new Sir very much enjoys red.

Scarlet: Thanks for the tip, Sir. I’ll see you tomorrow 😉

Leif: Have a pleasant evening.

With that Leif was gone and I had a date to meet up with my first potential Dom the following evening. I was both excited and a little terrified, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get myself to sleep.


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