Chapter 21

The smile lasted until I found the note on my dresser, written in Eric’s elegant hand. I loved getting notes from him, but this one was a task and I was a little overwhelmed by what he was asking me to do. Not because it was something that would push my comfort levels, but because it had potential to be quite time consuming and I had to work that day. Being able to fit it all in, no pun intended, could be quite the challenge. Per the note Eric had left me I was supposed to make myself cum fifteen times before midnight, and he wanted me to write about the experience.

You seem stressed, my pet, and there is no better way to relax yourself than with orgasms.


But fifteen in one day? I didn’t even know if I would be conscious after the fourth or fifth one. Of course I could stagger them out throughout the day so that I wasn’t fingering myself into a coma, but even so… that was a lot of touching myself. That is until I got to the last line of the note.

Look in your nightstand drawer. I left you a little something to help you accomplish your task.

I set the note aside and went over to the nightstand to open the drawer. When I saw the pretty red vibrator sitting inside I gasped and slammed the drawer shut. Was he out of his ever loving mind? I couldn’t keep sex toys in Gran’s house! Not that Gran was a snoop that went through my things when I wasn’t around, but I didn’t need her to find it by accident. What if I left it somewhere by mistake? What if she heard me using it? God, I would die of embarrassment.

It struck me then that maybe it was time for me to consider moving out of Gran’s house. I’d thought about it here and there in the past, but I’d never really given it serious thought because there was always a reason for me to stay. I worried about her health and her being alone for an extended period of time. Gran wasn’t very good about asking for help. She didn’t want to inconvenience anyone and years of living with her was enough to tell me what things she could and couldn’t do anymore. Before she could drop hints about the things that were on the no list, I went ahead and did them for her.

Mowing the lawn, getting things out of the attic, moving furniture around so the floors could be cleaned properly, even getting out or putting away some of her cast iron cookware was out of the running for her. I didn’t mind doing all of those things, but there was smaller stuff, too. Like bringing laundry downstairs for her, or picking up the slack on days when it was chilly and damp. That kind of weather made her joints and bones ache. I worried about her getting ambitious and falling down the stairs. I worried about her losing her balance just going down the front porch steps and breaking a hip on her way down.

Gran wasn’t mentally or emotionally feeble or weak, but her body just wasn’t going to maintain the same sort of strength as her spirit. The idea of leaving her alone didn’t sit well with me, even if I wouldn’t be far away. On the other hand, I had a life of my own to live and that meant being able to have my boyfriend spend the night when he wanted to without worrying what Gran would think of me in the morning. There were certain aspects of my life that weren’t any of her business, and I knew she would understand that much. Not to mention, if it meant I might end up married and giving her a great grandbaby she might actually encourage me to move out.

Was I really going to move out of Gran’s house so I could have sex whenever I wanted? That seemed so… shallow. I reminded myself that I wasn’t a child anymore. At the age of twenty-five it was perfectly acceptable for me to want to leave the nest, even if it was only for a little while. I was growing and evolving in other areas of my life. Maybe it was just time to really take away the safety net and see what I was capable of all on my own.

With that in mind, I took a deep breath and opened the drawer again. The box the toy came in was oval-shaped and the lid was the same color as the toy inside. The box proclaimed that it was the “#1 toy for couples,” but I’d never heard of it before. It was a U-shaped toy that had little ridges on the inner side of the prongs or arms or whatever you call them. I picked up the box and got the lid off. Inside there was a white plastic case with a plug attached to it, so I assumed maybe the case was a charger. At least if I kept the top on the case it wouldn’t be easy to assume what was charging inside it.

I set the case on the dresser and plugged it into the wall, figuring it was going to need time to charge up. There was a remote control tucked into the charger as well, which could be pretty useful. A guidebook was inside the box so I took that out to give it a looksee at how my new toy worked. It was designed so that one of the arms went inside me with the other would fit over my clit. There were six different speeds/patterns of vibrations to choose from and I could use the toy while Eric and I were having sex.

Obviously Eric wasn’t every guy since he had a pretty significant collection of sex toys at his house, but most guys I heard talking about them had issues with their girlfriends using toys like these. I took it to mean they were insecure about their ability to get the job done on their own, but that wasn’t always the case. Sure there were plenty of girls willing to stay in a relationship where the sex wasn’t so great because being alone was their biggest fear, but I liked to think that toys could benefit a relationship. From the research I’d been doing I learned that toys could become an integral part of a sexual relationship.

For some women, and I thanked God I wasn’t one of them, it was the only way they could have an orgasm. Whether or not men liked it, there were just some things they couldn’t do that made a woman feel good. No amount of wishing for it was ever going to make their dick vibrate. I considered myself lucky that I was with a guy who not only understood these things, but didn’t seem to have a problem with the idea of me playing on my own. There were certain things this toy he’d given me couldn’t do that he could.

While it was true the toy could probably give me a hell of an orgasm, it could never do what Eric had done for me the night before. It couldn’t show up, take a bath with me and tell me stories until I fell asleep. It couldn’t make me laugh or smile by telling me a silly joke or give me a hug when I needed it. Orgasms were wonderful, but they weren’t everything and I didn’t need the toy in order to feel fulfilled in my relationship. All I needed was Eric.

I realized, as I read through the fairly comprehensive list of suggested positions to try with the toy, that if he and I never did another kinky thing together I would be perfectly happy. I liked the things we did together—that wasn’t a problem at all—but I didn’t just see Eric as my Sir. Simply put, I was falling in love with him.

The little yellow light was on in the charging unit so I knew the toy was charging up. According to the book the battery would last for up to two hours before it needed to be recharged and the remote would work as far as ten feet away from the toy. I could hear Gran moving around downstairs and my cheeks flushed a little bit, knowing she was so close to me while I was basically reading a sex manual. Then again, she had been home when I’d been on BDSM websites. Thankfully she had no interest in using my computer. Every now and then she’d ask me to look something up for her, but since Gran had never used a computer she worried about breaking mine so she’d just ask me to do things for her instead.

I didn’t mind. It meant I didn’t need to worry about clearing out my browser history all the time. Nor did I need to worry about Gran opening an email containing a virus or something. I finished reading through the manual that came with the toy, and then set it inside the nightstand along with the box the toy had come with. It was suggested that I use water-based lube along with the toy but I didn’t have any. My cheeks flamed a bit more when I remembered I could make my own just fine if I let my fingers do the walking.

First I called Eric to let him know I was awake and that I’d found his note.

“Good morning, Eric. I got your note and your present. I’m going to do my best to get this done before midnight,” I bit my lip nervously as I paused. “I might have to do this in the bathroom at work tonight when I can get away for a few minutes. I’ve never had fifteen orgasms in a day so I don’t know how this is going to work out, but I’m anxious to give it a try. Thank you for coming over last night. I really appreciate you dropping everything for me when you didn’t have to. Hopefully you’ll let me repay you the next time we see each other. Okay, I’ll let you go now. I have work to do and I’m sure you do, too. Have a great day, sweetie.”

I hung up the phone and set it off to the side. I stared at the toy on my dresser and took a deep breath. It probably wasn’t ready for me yet, but I decided I was going to be ready for it. With that in mind, I lay back on my bed and made myself comfortable. I closed my eyes and tried to get something in mind that would put me in the right mood. When I imagined myself on my knees in the tub, prepared to pleasure my Sir with my mouth my hand slipped into my panties.

That was all the motivation I needed.

Hours later I was up to six orgasms and rushing through dinner service in the hopes of catching a break. I was determined to complete the task Eric had set for me. The toy he’d left was amazing, and I definitely wanted to experience what it was like when the potential of it was maximized. For the time being I would settle for using it solo when I was home and allowed to get myself off.

Jason had come into the bar just after six and the two of us ignored one another as much as we could. I was still pissed off at him for the night before, especially when I noticed the finger-shaped bruises on my arm from where he’d grabbed me. If I told Gran what he’d done she’d be furious with him. Some of our fights as kids had gotten pretty brutal, and after a while Gran stopped trying to talk us out of killing each other. Instead she’d send us out into the yard so we wouldn’t get blood on her furniture or walls.

“Go on and kill each other if you want to, but don’t come cryin’ to me when you hurt yourselves,” she’d tell us, and then open the screen door off the mud porch or the front door.

That never failed to get us to calm down. When we had Gran’s permission fighting wasn’t so fun anymore. As we got older our fighting became more verbal than physical. We outgrew the usual sibling rivalry crap that most kids go through, and even though Jason and I were never going to see eye to eye on much of anything, we could at least appreciate each other more than we had as children. There were things about my brother that I envied, just like I knew there were traits I had that he wished he possessed. By the same token, there were things we definitely didn’t like about each other and it was those things that usually caused us to argue.

Jason was self-centered and because of that he sometimes came off as being lazy or inconsiderate of others. I was reliable so sometimes he perceived that as being bossy or a suck-up. We just approached life in very different ways and it wasn’t up to me to say that one way was better than the other; I was just more comfortable doing things my way. I could concede that maybe I had some control issues since I preferred to do things myself a lot of the time just so I didn’t have to worry about relying on someone else to do it for me. Gran had always said if I wanted something done right it was best to just do it myself.

Unlike my brother, I committed Gran’s teachings to memory. The morals, values and whatnot she’d taught us set the code I lived my life by. Or at least I had until recently. What I needed to do, I decided as I was wiping down tables between customers, was come clean about some things. I needed to introduce Eric to Gran, and maybe even to Jason. I needed to clear the air in my life so things didn’t seem so convoluted.

I made it through the dinner rush without talking to my brother. The fact that he was sitting over by the pool table, which wasn’t my section, made things much easier. I was ignoring Dawn to boot, and it was obvious to Sam that there was some tension. Oh, and I was still mad at my boss for sticking his nose in where it didn’t belong. Why did everyone suddenly think it was okay for them to weigh in on who I was dating, especially since none of them really knew Eric?

The only one who I would be willing to give a break on it was Dawn, but she hadn’t tried to discourage me from dating Eric; she’d simply been surprised. Jason and Sam, however, were another story.

“Sook, you okay?” Sam asked when I got behind the bar to refill drinks for table nineteen.

“Having an off night,” I grumbled. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“Look, Sookie, I want to apologize for the way I acted when you told me about the guy you’re seeing,” Sam said sincerely, and I stopped what I was doing to look at him. “I uh… I let my feelings get in the way and that wasn’t fair to you.”

“What feelings?” I asked even though I knew.

“You know…” his neck started to get red and I watched it creep up to his cheeks. “I thought since you and Beau are over maybe you’d…”

“You thought maybe we could get involved,” I said, gesturing back and forth between us. Sam nodded and I sighed. “Sam, you’re my boss. On top of that, you’re my friend. You’re like a brother to me.”

He winced at my pronouncement, but it was true. On paper Sam was perfect for me. He was kind, sweet, hardworking, loyal, smart, fun to be around and I was sure he’d make a great daddy to any babies we had, but in reality, face to face, I didn’t feel that spark. There was nothing about him that I was drawn to in a romantic way. He didn’t light me up from the inside.

“So then this guy—”

“Eric,” I supplied for him.

“Eric… he makes you happy? Things are good?”

“Yeah, Sam, things are very good. He’s very good to me and I like him a lot,” I told him.

“Good,” Sam nodded, but it was hard to tell if he meant it, or if he was just trying to be nice because that’s the kind of guy Sam was. “You should be with someone who makes you happy and treats you good.”

“Thank you,” I smiled. “I appreciate that.”

I wanted to tell Sam that he deserved the same but it would just sound patronizing if I said that to him. Luckily my drinks were full so I had an excuse to make myself scarce. I dropped the beers off at table nineteen and after a quick round to check my other tables I figured it was a good time to take a bathroom break since things were pretty stable out in the dining room. Only when I locked myself in one of the stalls my focus wasn’t what it would be for a normal person.

Given the conversation I’d just had with Sam, though, I wasn’t able to get my mind to go there. I needed some sort of motivation, or at least to be able to cleanse my brain of Sam-filled thoughts. I tried for a good three minutes, but it just wasn’t happening so I gave up and went back to work.

As much as I wanted to complete my task it just wasn’t going to happen before midnight. I didn’t want to disappoint Eric, but there just wasn’t any way around it short of Sam sending me home early, and given the steady crowd that remained that wasn’t going to happen. It was around ten when I sent Eric a text to let him know that I didn’t see it being possible for me to complete my task.

Then at five minutes before eleven o’clock, Eric Northman walked through the door of Merlotte’s Bar and Grille, and the entire room went silent.


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  1. I’ve been assuming Sam isn’t a shifter because he definitely would have smelled vamp on her by now. guess we will see. I’m pretty excited to see what is going to happen now.

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