Chapter 19

I woke up alone in my bedroom at Eric’s house the next afternoon at just after two. Despite how exhausted I was at the end of playtime, Eric had managed to keep me awake for a few more hours. He’d bent and folded me into positions I’d never tried before, and by the time he put me to bed I’d lost track of how many times I’d cum.

My body didn’t ache nearly as much as I expected it to, and when I rolled out of bed to go to the bathroom I checked my ass in the mirror above the dresser. I had been sure there would be some sort of evidence from the spanking I’d gotten the night before, but there was none. My skin was absolutely perfect and I wasn’t nearly as sore as I expected I would be.

My lady parts were a little tender, but considering how much fucking I’d done the night before it wasn’t bad at all. I called Eric to let him know that I was awake and that I planned to shower and spend the rest of my afternoon up in his library. His library was stunning and crammed full of books. Currently I was reading my way through his collection of Anne Rice novels. I’d read a few of them in the past, but they hadn’t really spoken to me back then. I found myself understanding them better now.

Despite the fact that I’d slept so late I ended up nodding off anyway. It was easy to do with how comfortable I was and the fire crackling away in front of me. The gentle pops and hisses, combined with the steady back and forth motion of my eyes over the pages had lulled me to sleep. I dreamed of Callisto.

Eric and I were back in that orgy room at the club but everyone else in the room was frozen in place as Callisto approached me. She put her hand on my stomach yet again, and that time her hand started to glow. I shoved her away but when I did I was taken by Longshadow and Madame Raven. Each of them grabbed an arm and pulled me backward. Eric walked toward me, following as I was hauled back by his business partners. They took me to the dungeon room and shackled me to a wall.

Eric remained quiet as he came toward me with Callisto and all of the people from the orgy room in his wake. I expected him to pick up a flogger or a maybe even one of the whips to punish me, but instead Longshadow and Madame Raven got to work tying my ankles in a position that would keep my legs open and my sex exposed. Eric reached out and ripped off my dress in one good pull, leaving me naked to everyone in the room.

It was so quiet I could hear a pin drop. The only thing I could hear was the wild, panicked beating of my terrified heart. Again I saw Madame Raven with fangs protruding from her upper jaw. Callisto stepped around Eric to approach me and I tried to squirm away from her touch but it was pointless. Her hand landed on my belly again and the glowing resumed.

“She would give you sons,” Callisto said, looking me dead in the eye. “She’s ready.”

Did she mean for Eric to impregnate me? I screamed. I didn’t want this. My worst fear was coming true.

“Octopus!” I shouted at the top of my lung. “Octopus! Octopus!”

Callisto let go of me and it was Madame Raven that stepped forward to take her place.

“It’s too late for safe words, little girl,” she purred. Those fangs looked positively deadly and not at all like they were part of a Halloween costume. “You should have run when you had the chance.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about. Run from what? Why would I have run from Eric? He had been good to me, hadn’t he? He had been kind, respectful, open about his expectations and his experiences; he listened to me and cared about my thoughts and opinions. We were getting along very well.

And yet, when she stepped out of the way it was to reveal a naked Eric behind her. He was very aroused and I started to plead with him.

“Eric, please, don’t do this. You know my limits. This is rape if I don’t want it and we agreed that you wouldn’t make me do this,” I said with as much conviction has I could muster. “You promised you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“It won’t hurt,” he said with one of those tender caresses on my neck. “In fact, you won’t feel a thing.”

It was on the tip of my tongue to scream once again, but rather than thrusting into me like I’d feared he was going to, he lowered his head and nuzzled my inner thigh. I heard a clicking sound that was so loud in my ears it may as well have been a gun firing, and then there was a slight sting in my leg.

“Sookie?” Eric’s voice infiltrated my sleep, pulling me back from the awful nightmare I was having.

My eyes popped open and my head was still thrashing to and fro on the arm of the leather sofa where I had fallen asleep. The dream was so vivid that it took me a moment to realize that it was a dream. Eric knelt down beside me and touched my throat in what was usually such a soothing manner, but in that moment all it did was make me panic. I threw his hand off of me and scrambled to the other end of the sofa to get away from him.

“Sookie, you were just dreaming,” he assured me, but didn’t move closer.

“What the fuck is Callisto?” I demanded. I had been thinking a lot about her and ever since that bitch touched me I’d been experiencing all those crazy ass side effects. She had to have done something.

“What?” Eric looked at me with confusion.

“Don’t you give me that innocent puppy look, mister! You’re her employer so if she’s something other than just a human you better tell me right now. I did not agree to having some crazy ass voodoo priestess messing with my body,” I said as I got up off the couch. I was prepared to fight him to the death on this.

“Voodoo priestess? Sookie, where on earth did you get that idea from?” Eric still looked confused. “Why don’t you take a deep breath and start from the beginning? I’m not following you here.”

I did as he suggested since Eric had never steered me wrong before and took a deep breath. I started at the beginning, telling him about how I’d felt different since the night we were in the orgy room.

“My senses are sharper, my reflexes are faster, I’m physically stronger and I heal at ridiculous speeds, Eric. Ever since that thing touched me I can do all of that. I bet if you put me in a pitch black maze with booby traps in it I’d be able to go through it without setting off a single one of those traps. I can smell the cleansers that have been used in your kitchen from all the way up here. If you went down to my bedroom right now I’d be able to hear you open and close a dresser drawer. That isn’t normal! On top of that…” I trailed off and decided to give him a demonstration rather than explain it.

“What are you doing?” Eric asked as I went over to the heavy desk with the beautifully hand-carved panels.

The piece was beautiful and depicted what looking like Viking warriors going into battle. The wood had a perfumed smell to it that Eric told me was natural when I’d first asked about the piece. The desk was built out of Verawood, one of the strongest, densest woods available. It was expensive to import but well worth the cost since the desk was virtually indestructible. The panels that depicted the carvings was made of cherry to give a nice contrast to the grain of the Verawood. I didn’t know how much the desk weighed but I was certain that it would take quite a bit of strength for someone to move it.

“I’m going to move this desk,” I said.

“Sookie,” he shook his head.

“Just watch me,” I insisted, and once I found the right place to grab onto it all I had to do was put a little weight into it and the desk (which was extremely heavy) started to glide across the floor the same as a sofa might.

I didn’t push the desk too far from where it had been, but then I went around to the other side to push it back so Eric would know it wasn’t a fluke. When I looked at him there was nothing to be gleaned from his expression. He didn’t look stumped, baffled, mystified or any of those things like he should have. I shouldn’t have been able to move that desk and yet I had.

“Do I need to move something else? Or maybe you want to see how fast I can run now?” I suggested.

Eric’s eyes narrowed a bit at my snarkiness but I wasn’t going to back down or apologize. I had a point and legitimate concerns. Eric had to know something about Callisto. It was possible my trips to the gym had improved my strength a little bit, but not enough for me to be able to do that, and they certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with my improved sight or hearing.

“Face it, Eric, Callisto did something to me. What other explanation is there?” I asked him as I plopped down on the couch again. “When I woke up the morning after we visited her there all of my marks were gone from the first play session we had. My hair has been thicker and shinier since then, my nails are growing faster and I don’t usually have severe acne but I don’t see so much as an enlarged pore anywhere on my body. And then there’s this,” I said, standing up to show him the scar on my leg, “I’ve had this scar since I fell out of a tree when I was nine. This scar was much more noticeable just a few days ago and now it’s almost gone.”

“Sookie,” he started and sat down beside me. His hand touched mine for a few seconds before our fingers laced together. “All of these occurrences are strange, I will admit that, but I have no knowledge of what Callisto may have done to bring this on. I will speak with her if that will make you happy, but I think you might be overreacting. It doesn’t sound as if any of these side effects are causing you harm.”

“No, they’re not, but that isn’t really the point, Eric. I don’t want to be a superhero. I’m just a barmaid from a small town where people will talk and look at me funny if I can push a truck free that gets stuck in the mud after a storm. I’ve got enough freaky in my life now that I’ve met you,” I said with a smile so he’d know that wasn’t an insult. “I don’t need folks showing up on my Gran’s doorstep to ask me to single-handedly move things around for them or to find some missing object of theirs. I don’t want to be the town weirdo.”

Eric smiled back at me and said, “Then clearly they’re unaware of the power you’ve always possessed right here.” His hands moved quickly to cover my breasts, and I slapped them away.

“Hold on there, fella. There are plenty of men in town who have been coveting those for years, despite what they hear in church on Sunday about the sin of doing so, especially since they’re married men and old enough to be my father or grandfather,” I told him.

“Give me a list of their names and I’ll make sure they’re down the sense that will allow them to ogle you in such a fashion,” he smirked.

“I’m not worried about that,” I shook my head. “What I’m worried about is the folks from Ripley’s Believe it Or Not showing up at my front door one day, or worse, some government medical team wanting to do experiments on me.”

“Okay, now you sound paranoid,” Eric said. “I’ll talk to Callisto, but I really think you’re overreacting to this, Sookie. Maybe it’s all psychosomatic.”


“Psychosomatic,” he repeated. “It’s like people who are hypochondriacs. They hear about symptoms of something going around and convince themselves that their scratchy throat is actually cancer or it’s the beginning of Bird Flu.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and said, “I don’t think I’m that bad, Eric.”

“What I’m saying is that maybe you have mentally made a bigger deal of this than you should,” he explained.

I sighed and leaned back against the sofa. Maybe he was right. Maybe I was freaking out over nothing. Really it wasn’t so bad being able to see better or move faster when I was at work. I wasn’t experiencing backaches or sore feet, which was a nice bonus of whatever had happened. I didn’t mind my hair being shinier or silkier. I definitely didn’t mind my skin clearing up or the advanced healing powers.

“You’re right,” I conceded. “I still want to know what’s causing all of this, but maybe panicking is the wrong response.”

Eric leaned over and kissed me sweetly.

“I’m sure you’re worrying for nothing, Lover, but I will speak to her to ease your mind,” he promised.

“Thank you.” I smiled and reached up to let my fingers play in his hair while I kissed him back. I assumed Eric was experiencing any of the same things I was, which was part of what made me think it was Callisto. She hadn’t touched him at all, which stood to reason I would be the only one experiencing any side effects.

I had no idea what she had done to me, but I was eager for Eric to get me some answers.


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  1. Sooo…. that time I think he crossed the line and lied lied to her. Not just omitted, but lied. How is he going to come back from this one?

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