Chapter 18

In the days that followed our trip to the orgy room I noticed there seemed to be some other side effects of that energy I’d been exposed to. It was like some good kind of radiation had hit me. Not only had my bruises healed up overnight, but my skin was clearer in general and I seemed to have a radiance to me that even Gran commented on.

I told her I got a facial. Gran could be open-minded but even she would have trouble accepting that I had attended an orgy hosted by what appeared to be a Greek goddess with the boyfriend she hadn’t met yet. Besides, I didn’t know how to explain it anyway. I couldn’t understand how I’d suddenly become physically flawless. There was even a scar on my leg from when I fell out of a tree as a kid that seemed to be fading, and I’d had that since I was nine. I wrote about everything I could remember in the journal I’d started keeping as one of Eric’s rules, hoping I could somehow make sense of what happened but it was still a big mystery to me.

On top of that my senses and reflexes seemed to be keener. I could see better in the dark, I could hear conversation in the bar with crystal clarity even with all the music and other noise going on around me. My sense of smell would lead me to finding little bits of old food hidden under the sofa or Tina when she would ignore Gran’s call. Everything tasted better and I was more sensitive to touch. I found that out when I tried to work on my task.

I found there were probably multiple lessons to be learned from the task I had been assigned, and it wasn’t just about getting comfortable using dirty words. Through all of my practice I also learned about new ways to get myself off. Things that I hadn’t thought to try before were quickly becoming staples of getting myself off. I tried different positions and different methods, testing to see what worked and what didn’t. I also practiced making myself hold off on cumming. I didn’t want Eric’s open season on masturbating to go to waste.

Over the next few days I realized the craziest side effects were the increased speed and strength. I timed myself one morning out of curiosity and discovered that if I ran at full speed I could make it to the mailbox at the end of the driveway in less than eleven seconds. Granted I hadn’t run to the mailbox on purpose since I was maybe ten, but I was sure my time would be much slower than eleven seconds. Then at work I was able to replace a keg without asking for help.

I explained the speed and strength by telling Sam about my gym membership (I’d started training three times a week and took a yoga class one of those days), and I told the same lie about having a facial to explain the overnight change in my complexion. He seemed to buy it but I wasn’t sure if I was happy about that. I didn’t like sneaking around and lying about things but there were certain parts of my life that I wasn’t comfortable discussing. Sam and I were friends but he was also my boss so I was careful about what details of my private life I shared sometimes.

But it was obvious something was different about me, even without all of my Super Sookie power. I was smiling more and more than once I caught myself humming under my breath. I’d discovered, after my most recent night with Eric, that he was a big fan of Motown music. It wasn’t unusual for me to start humming a tune by the Five Satins or the Temptations when I started thinking about Eric. I was working the lunch shift and the next day was my day off, which meant I was going to Shreveport when I got off work. We were playing that night and I was pretty wound up over it.

The anticipation was killing me and the naughty text messages Eric was sending every fifteen minutes weren’t helping me at all. On top of that, he had reinstated the rule about not touching myself when I’d called him the night before.

When I had asked why he had explained that it was because sessions were better if I was sexually amped up. What he didn’t realize was that it didn’t take much to get me going since we had met. I spent most of my time thinking about him in some capacity, and more often than not it meant I either ended up wanting to get myself off or I completely zoned out. Usually it was both.

“Sook?” Sam’s voice broke into my stream of consciousness.

“Oh, sorry,” I smiled. “I zoned out there.”

“I noticed. You’ve been doing that a lot lately. Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll try to keep my head in the game from now on.”

“Sook, that’s not what I’m saying. I just want to make sure you’re alright. You’ve been… different the last few weeks.”

“Good different?”

“Yeah, you seem happier. I’m not complaining about that, but I am curious what’s got you smiling so much.”

I took a deep breath and said, “I met someone.”

“I see,” Sam said, but he didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

“His name is Eric and he owns several businesses in Shreveport. Tara introduced us a couple of weeks ago,” I informed him.

“Is it serious?”

“Not yet, but it could be. I like him a lot. We have fun together and he… He’s good for me,” I said since it was true but also vague enough to encompass several areas of my life.

“Good for you, Sook. You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy,” Sam said, but there was something in the way he was looking at me that didn’t quite match what he was saying.

“Thanks,” I smiled. “Actually, when I leave here I’m Shreveport-bound since tomorrow is my day off.”

“You’re spending the night?”

“Yeah. Why, does that bother you?” I chuckled. Why the he’ll did Sam care whom I slept with?

“Just surprised, I guess.” His answer was honest but not what I had been expecting.

“I’ll probably regret asking this, but why?”

“You were with Beau for how long before you two finally…” he trailed off.

My spine stiffened at that and my amused smile faded.

“That isn’t really any of your business, Sam, and that was an entirely different relationship. It has nothing to do with Eric or what I have with him. There is no comparing the two of them,” I said.

“Of course they’re different, but I’m just wondering how serious it really is if you’re staying the night already. You couldn’t have been out on more than a few dates,” he said.

“How many dates we’ve been on doesn’t matter,” l argued, and not just because we hadn’t technically been on any. “The relationship is moving at a speed I’m comfortable with and that’s all that matters, so what’s your problem?”

“Why are you getting so defensive?”

“Because I don’t like the way you were looking at me, like you don’t approve of what I’m doing or like you think I’m a slut.”

“Whoa, whoa, I do not think you’re a slut. On top of that, what I think shouldn’t matter to you. As long as you’re happy that is all that matters. If you’re having doubts about your relationship don’t put that on me just to make yourself feel better.”

I scoffed at that. I was perfectly happy before Sam came over and started giving me those judgmental eyes of his. Thankfully he walked off and went behind the bar to talk to Terry.

“You know he’s in love with you,” Dawn said from behind me.

“What?” I whipped around. “What are you talking about?”

“Sam. He’s had a thing for you since… oh, probably about three seconds after he met you. Of course you were dating Beau when y’all met so Sam kept it to himself, but now you’re a free agent-”

“No, I’m not. I started seeing someone a few weeks ago,” I said.

“Ah,” Dawn nodded like that explained everything and if she was right about Sam having feelings for me then it probably did. “So what’s the guy like? Got a picture?”

I reached into my pocket for my cell phone and showed her Eric’s picture.

“Holy…” she trailed off.

“His name is Eric and-”

“Northman,” she said, and that got my attention.

“You know him?”

“You might say that,” Dawn smirked. “He’s pretty awesome in bed, isn’t he? Gotta say, I’m a little surprised you go for that rough stuff, though. You seem like the kind of girl who would rather stay a virgin for life than do it with the lights on.”

Was it Misjudge Sookie Day?

“Eric and I do just fine, thank you.” I took my phone back from her.

“Yeah, no doubt.”

I didn’t know what she meant by that but I didn’t like her tone. Thankfully her order was up so she let me be. I couldn’t wait for my shift to be over.

Eric moved me like I was nothing more than a ragdoll. My hands were bound behind my back and my ankles were zip tied together. One minute I was on my knees with his cock sliding in and out of my mouth and the next I was bent over, face down on the floor with him fucking me hard from behind. He grabbed my hair to pull my head up as he thrust deeply inside me. My heart was racing and I was close to cumming.

“Please, Sir, may I cum?” I pleaded. There was a rough slap on my ass and I cried out, but he kept pounding into me. “Please?”

“Not yet,” he answered, and then pulled out of me. I whimpered, wanting that orgasm so badly. “Tell me how much you need it, pet. Tell me why I should let you cum.”

“Because your cock feels so good, Sir,” I gasped when he picked me up off the floor and stood me up. “I love the way it feels in my pussy. You fuck me so good, Sir.”

“That’s a good start,” he said, and his fingers started to pinch and tug on my nipples. “What else, pet?”

I knew what he wanted to hear and my cheeks flushed as the words filled my mouth. I didn’t know how I knew the words to say, but I did. The question was whether or not I could get them to come out.

“Tell me or I won’t let you cum for a week,” he threatened.

“Because I’m a slut for your cock, Sir,” I said, and he pinched my nipples harder. I groaned and my thighs rubbed together.

Eric let go of my nipples and started to circle around me slowly. He kept quiet and didn’t touch me. I took the small break to catch my breath and reconcile the tears that were running down my cheeks from the throat fucking I’d received almost as soon as we were in the room. My arms were a bit numb from being behind my back and my ankles rubbing together like they did every time Eric moved me was a little painful.

If the goal was to keep me off balance and wondering what he was going to do next, Eric was succeeding. When he was behind me again his hand came up quickly and wrapped around my throat. I could feel his breath on my ear and neck, and he slid his cock between my thighs against my slick folds so that he rubbed its head over my clit.

“Who does this cunt,” he reached down with his other hand to grab it, “Belong to, pet?”

“You, Sir,” I answered immediately. His fingers found my clit and started to rub quickly. My knees started to buckle but the hand on my throat got a little tighter.

“My cunt wants to cum, doesn’t it?” he taunted.

“Very much, Sir.”

“Tell me, Sookie. Make me believe you need it,” he demanded.

“I need it, Sir,” I had to pause and refocus my attention on something other than his fingers on my clit or I wasn’t going to be able to hold back. “My greedy little cunt needs to cum so badly. Please, Sir.”

Eric tilted my head and kissed my neck roughly. I continued to whimper and try to hold back, but then he pushed me face first against the wall and thrust into me again. I screamed at the fullness of the invasion, and he started pounding into me again.

“Cum now, pet,” he ordered.

I didn’t have to be told twice, and came hard. Eric didn’t stop his thrusting or rubbing my clit. He let go of my throat and slapped my ass instead. It didn’t take long before I was close to cumming again, and he allowed it. I shouted and moaned my thanks for every orgasm he permitted me to have. He kept it up until I was damn near delirious with pleasure, and then he pulled out of me and cut the ties on my ankles.

My mind was fuzzy as Eric led me over to the spanking bench and bent me over it. I got my legs into position but he didn’t fasten the ankle restraints on it. While he went to the armoire to get something, I tried to catch my breath. I watched him make his selections and felt a chill go through me when he selected what looked like a leather paddle, a vibrator of some kind and what I recognized as a small anal plug.

“Tonight we try something new, pet,” Eric said as he approached me. “What color are we, Sookie?”


Eric came to a stop behind me and rubbed two of his fingers against my pussy until he could slide them in. I moaned and lay still while he fingered me slowly, teasing me until I was close to cumming, and then he pulled out and moved his fingers up to my other entrance. I gasped and tried not to tense up. Eric pressed against it but he didn’t penetrate me.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, pet?” he asked as he pressed a little more.

“No, Sir.”

The little plug slid into my pussy to get it lubed up, and then it took the place of his fingers at my back entrance.

“Stay relaxed, Sookie,” he said in a soothing voice as the plug began to slide in just a little. It was a small plug but it felt strange as it entered me. He didn’t push too far before pulling back.

It was tapered so that the end was small but got bigger the deeper he pushed. He went slowly, working it in and out to get the muscles there to stretch a little. I knew from the reading I had done that staying calm and relaxed was key. I trusted Eric not to go too fast, and he was good about paying close attention to me. He didn’t get the plug all the way in, but that was okay. I’d gotten a taste of what it felt like, and it gave me the chance to decide if I wanted to go further with it. It was a strange sensation because I wasn’t used to it, but I knew that if we worked at it slowly that I would probably enjoy it.

But before I could really give it too much thought I felt the cool leather of the paddle Eric had picked rubbing over the curve of my ass. My breath caught, knowing what was coming next. He moved that paddle down to my thighs before drawing it back up again.

“What color are we, pet?” he asked.

“Green, Sir.”

“Count for me after each one, but I want you to do it silently,” he instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

To my surprise, Eric teased my pussy with the tip of his cock, entering me just a little before pulling back. The shallow thrusts made me want more but thanks to the close attention he was paying me he knew when I was close or wanted more, and that was when the paddle landed hard on my ass.

I moaned at the immediate sharp sting that lit me up, and I didn’t have a chance to regroup before he swatted the other side. In my head I counted the swats. One… two… three… four… five… I waited for the reward of his fingers in my pussy, but I didn’t get it. I whimpered in disappointment, knowing I wasn’t being punished so he was testing me. Six… seven… eight… nine… ten…

“How many, pet?” Eric asked.

“Ten, Sir.”

“Good girl,” he responded, and rewarded me with deep thrusts of his cock.

“Yes! Fuck!” I shouted, and wanted to grab onto the bench but my hands were still behind my back.

Just as I was starting to enjoy the rhythm Eric pulled out and started paddling me again. I cried out in frustration but resumed my count so that when he checked in again (which he did at seventeen) I could give him the right number.

After that Eric cut the ties on my wrist and pulled me up off the bench. He spun me so I was facing him and held me by my throat while his fingers worked furiously on my clit, and he demanded that I cum. The closer I got the firmer his grip was on my neck. When I came he released my throat and the sudden abundance of oxygen seemed to draw out of the orgasm and make it more intense. My knees started to buckle on me, but Eric guided me back to the bed. He pushed me back and then dropped to his knees.

His mouth attacked my pussy and there were these little animalistic growls vibrating against my clit and lips. He nibbled at me and sucked on the swollen, sensitive skin, and then his tongue thrust into me. He held my hips in place and fucked me with his tongue until I was panting, writhing and begging for more. With all of the scene stuff out of the way, Eric was willing to oblige me a little more. He drove into me, and grabbed my breasts roughly as he fucked me.

His stamina never ceased to impress me and that night was no different. There were porn stars that would kill to have his control and creativity, and by the time Eric finally let himself go I was exhausted emotionally and physically. He came in my pussy and then held my legs apart to watch his cum leak out of me slowly.

He wiped it up with his fingers and put them in my open mouth. I sucked and licked them clean for him, and he rewarded me with a gentle kiss on my forehead. My eyes closed and I thought I might pass out.

A few minutes later I learned that Eric wasn’t quite finished with me yet.


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