Chapter 14

When I heard the click of the front door closing I stopped breathing. This was it. I told myself to relax and just let Eric guide me. I knew I was safe with him, that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me. He would test my limits but he wouldn’t push me too far. I remembered what he’d said the night before about not wanting to break me, but make me the best version of myself that I could be.

I believed that with all my heart.

With that in mind I was able to take another breath, and as I was exhaling I saw Eric coming toward me. I smiled at him, but got a little nervous when I saw the way he was looking at me, like a lion stalking its prey. I suddenly felt extremely vulnerable there on my knees. I completely forgot about the buzzing in my panties for the moment, and focused my attention on Eric instead.

“You look lovely, pet,” he said as he approached.

Eric was dressed in another perfect suit, and he slowly unbuttoned the jacket. As he circled me he slid the sleeves down his long arms and then tossed it toward the couch. All of my senses seemed to be heightened and I credited that to my nerves all tingling along with the damn vibrator pressed against me in a torturous sort of way.

“Thank you, Sir. That suit looks like it was made to be ripped off of you,” I answered and kept my face forward.

Just then the vibration really started to get to me and even though I tried not to moan, I couldn’t hold it in. Eric’s hand settled on my head and I looked up at him when he came to stand in front of me again. My eyes met his and there was that intensity in them again that always made me want to look away. I didn’t know how he managed to make it feel like he was looking directly into my soul, but I knew no one else had ever looked at me that was. It was as exciting as it was scary, which kind of summed up the way I felt about the situation I was in at the moment.

“You may get your chance, pet,” he said, and held out a hand to me. “Stand up for me.”

I took the hand he offered and stood up slowly. Not an easy thing to do with my panties buzzing away and my legs a little numb from kneeling on the hardwood floor for the last few minutes. Interestingly enough I’d thought I was in decent enough shape before I started with Eric but now I was starting to wonder. Maybe by couch potato standards I was in good shape, but for the sort of activity we were about to engage in I started to think maybe he was on to something by insisting on a fitness routine for me.

Without a word Eric reached out and put his hand under my skirt. He pressed the vibrator a little more firmly against my clit and I gasped. Not fair.

“Sir,” I breathed. That didn’t seem very fair, but he could do what he wanted with me.

“Does my cunt want to cum?” he asked.

“Very much, Sir,” I said without breaking eye contact with him.

His other hand came up and touched my neck in that special way of his, only that time his hand wrapped around my throat to pull me closer. He kept looking into my eyes while his fingers manipulated the vibrator in my panties to push me further and I fought as hard as I could to keep from cumming. I had done so well and I didn’t want to disappoint him in the final stretch.

“Sir…” I whimpered, pleading with my eyes for a little mercy.

“What do you need, Sookie?”

I needed to cum but I wasn’t going to ask for it. If he denied me I was pretty sure it would kill me.

“Kiss me,” I whispered. “Please.”

I could distract myself that way. Yes, it would feel good, but it would give me something else to focus on aside from the vibrations I was feeling.

Eric had mercy, or maybe took pity, and gave in to my request. His lips brushed mine but I wasn’t having any of that. If he was going to kiss me, then he was going to kiss me. I got brave and grabbed his face to really lay one on him. It was, ironically, the first time that I had really taken any initiative in the physical aspect of our relationship. Eric didn’t seem to be expecting me to do that but he didn’t fight it either.

The kiss quickly became a battle of lips, tongues and even teeth. He nipped at my lips and for a second I thought I tasted blood, but considering the way we were going at each other it wouldn’t have been the strangest thing if one of us had cut a lip or something. The distraction worked and it was only when Eric pulled away that I realized he had turned my panties off. I hadn’t even felt it.

“Arms up for me, pet,” he said and I lifted my arms up over my head.

Eric leaned in and kissed my collarbone while he gathered up my skirt and started to tug the dress up over my head. He could have just untied it, but his method worked too. The dress fell to the floor somewhere behind me and Eric’s mouth started a slow decent toward my chest. He had commented on the night that he basically spent at Gran’s that I had the most magnificent breasts he’d ever seen.

I’d looked at him incredulously, thinking he was just saying it to be nice but that didn’t fit with everything else I knew about Eric so far. He wasn’t the type to say something just to appease me. I got the feeling like he would see something like that as an insult to my intelligence.

Besides, we had our rules about honesty and full disclosure at his insistence.

His mouth focused all of its talents on my breasts. I’d never had an orgasm just from someone touching my breasts but I was sure that if anyone could make that happen for me, it would be Eric. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing, and balanced the pleasure with a little bit of pain until I was panting and ready to pounce on him.

I was as wound up as I could possibly get and Eric somehow knew that because he stopped what he was doing and said, “It’s time to go upstairs.”

Yes! Finally, thank you baby Jesus!

Eric led me up the stairs and I’m not at all ashamed to admit my eyes were fixed on that perfect ass of his the whole time. Stairs did great things for his ass. I also found out I was wrong about not being able to get more wound up. Eric’s ass proved me wrong.

As soon as we got into the playroom a switch flipped in Eric and he got me by my throat again and pressed me against the wall. My eyes stayed locked on his so I only caught his other hand moving in my peripheral vision. It reached out and tore my panties off. I gasped in surprise but didn’t have the chance to really recover before his mouth was on mine. Just like downstairs the kisses were rough and he only pulled away so we could breathe.

“Take off my belt and open my pants, pet,” he ordered, and my hands moved to do as he said.

Eric leaned forward and I felt his teeth scraping against my neck. My breath caught for a second when he nibbled on my collarbone and the sensitive skin where my neck and shoulder met. My knees got a little wobbly and it was a good thing he hadn’t asked me to unbutton his shirt because my hands were shaking enough to render them essentially useless if fine motor skills were required. I slid his belt through the loops, and dropped it on the floor before I unbuttoned and then unzipped his pants.

“Let’s see how good my pet has been,” Eric said, and let his hand slip between my thighs. He growled a little as his fingers stroked over my slick sex. “You’re soaked, pet. Did you cum?”

“No, Sir,” I gasped when his fingers found my clit and started to rub a little.

“Good girl,” he said with a hint of a smile. “I will reward you for that soon.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Reach into my pants and stroke my cock.”

I did as he told me to, and wrapped my hand around his erection so I could stroke him. Our eyes stayed locked as we touched each other. My pulse picked up and it was becoming harder and harder to breathe. I was so close to cumming yet again when Eric pulled his hand away.

“Stop stroking, pet, and remove your hand from my pants.”

I stopped and Eric led me to the spanking bench. Without him having to ask I climbed onto it. He began to fasten the restraints one at a time, starting with my ankles.

“What is your safe word, Sookie?” he asked.

“Octopus, Sir.”

“And what color are we?”

“Very green, Sir.”

He moved up to fastened the restraints on my wrists, kissing up my spine as he did so. It tickled a bit in some places but I managed to keep my reaction just to a smile. The kisses were good because they helped to settle something in me. I already knew that I was safe and ultimately that I was the one in control of what was happening. I could walk away at anytime. I knew what to say to make it all stop and by asking me to repeat back my safe word to him Eric was reminding me of my power.

But I was going to give it all up and put myself in his hands. I was going to trust him to take care of me and take me one step closer to being the girl I didn’t know I could be until I met him. Eric fastened my wrists and very sweetly moved some hair away from my face so it wouldn’t annoy me. I didn’t know how long he was going to keep me on that bench, but I was sure my hair would get in the way again before we were through.

Eric disappeared from my line of sight but his fingertips ghosting over my skin let me know he was still close by. Since his arms were so long there weren’t really any guarantees of his exact position, but that didn’t matter.

The light touches continued over my bare backside, down my thighs and all the way to the soles of my feet. Goose bumps broke out on my skin and I found myself wondering what was coming next. The trailing of his fingertips was actually rather soothing but I knew there was going to be a flipside to the gentility he was showing me.

His fingers moved up my thigh again and then suddenly veered to the junction between them. I was wet and exposed to him, and as his fingers rubbed over my swollen lips all I wanted was for him to get the show on the road already. Either spank me or fuck me, but do something. I was going a little insane with all the hurry up and wait.

His other hand started to rub my backside and occasionally squeeze a little to get my blood flowing there. His fingers slid into my folds and found my clit. I squirmed a little in my position over the bench, but I couldn’t get far.

“What color are we, pet?”


He pinched my clit and before I could recover from the sensation that provided, his hand came down on my right cheek. I cried out from the pleasure/pain daily double I’d just gotten. He rubbed the spot that he’d just struck, and then went after my left cheek with the same force. I continued to squirm a little bit as his hand came down over and over. The sting radiated out in the most delicious way, but it wasn’t like when I was being punished. This was leading up to something good, and for every interval of five swats that I endured, Eric rewarded me by pumping his fingers in and out of my drenched center.

“How bad do you want my cock right now, pet?” he asked as he stroked me.

“Very bad, Sir. Please may I have your cock?” I pleaded.

Eric withdrew his fingers and I braced myself for him to thrust into me all at once, but instead he appeared at my side by my head. Somehow he had gotten his clothes off without me hearing it. He stood there naked and very ready to fuck. I envied his patience and hoped that someday mine would match.

His large palm was wrapped around his impressive, almost intimidating length, and he guided it toward my mouth. My lips parted and his other hand was in my hair, holding my head still while he fucked my throat. I tried to relax and not fight against it, but I still wasn’t used to being used that way. Thankfully Eric didn’t keep it up for too long.

“I can’t wait until you’re ready for me to flog you while you suck my cock. The noises you’ll make will feel incredible,” Eric said as he pulled out of my mouth. “Would you like a taste of the flogger, pet?”

Did I?

“I won’t do it too hard,” he promised and stroked my cheek. “You have been a very good girl today.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“I won’t push it if you don’t think you’re ready for it,” he said with a meaningful look. “But I think you can handle it.”

“I trust you, Sir.”

Eric bent and kissed me between my shoulder blades again, and then went to where some of his toys were in the armoire. He selected the flogger he wanted and lifted it so I could feel the tails on my back and ass. They tickled when he used it that way and I couldn’t help the giggles. His fingers invaded me again and resumed their slow in and out pumping. My mind focused on that pleasure until I forgot about the flogger.

Almost as if he could read my mind that was when the tails first struck my back with any kind of force. As he promised he didn’t do it too hard, just enough to let me have an idea of what it felt like. It stung a little, but it wasn’t too bad if he only used that much power in his swing. My muscles started to flutter around his fingers and I was left with no voice but to ask for permission to cum.

“Please sir, may I cum?” I pleaded. I needed it badly.

“Do you want to cum or do you need it?”

“I need it,” I whined. “Please, Sir?”

He swung the flogger again, that time a little harder and the tails cracked against my ass. I cried out and begged again for permission to cum. I was so close and Eric was still stroking me.

“Please oh please, Sir, may I cum?”

“Yes,” he said, and that was all I needed. The flogger struck me again and I let go.

I could feel my juices starting to run down my thighs as my muscles seemed to want to suck Eric’s fingers in deeper and push them out at the same time. My eyes squeezed closed and I saw bursts of color. Still Eric didn’t stop fingering me, but he did lose the flogger as I shouted my thanks for him allowing me to cum. He resumed the spanking by hand, and in no time I was ready to cum again.

That time he made me hold it for a minute, but then let me cum again. Already I was a trembling mess as I thanked him and I knew we weren’t finished yet. Our play sessions probably wouldn’t go much further in the beginning but I liked that he was exposing me to new feelings and sensations.

After I came a third time I felt exhausted, but Eric still wasn’t done.

I started to feel a little like I was floating in my own body, despite the shaking and trembling going in that I couldn’t seem to control. My breath came deep and even, and I was surprisingly relaxed and comfortable there bound to that bench. Eric’s hands stroked me gently, soothing away the sting in my backside. I felt the heat on my skin and the way it was spreading all through me. I closed my eyes for just a moment and the next thing I knew the restraints were being unfastened.

“Are you ready for your reward, pet?” Eric asked me in a raspy voice that made my lady parts start tingling all over again.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What color are we?”

“Exceptionally green, Sir,” I said.

“What kind of reward would my pet like,” he asked with an adoring caress of my cheek.

I didn’t know what kind of reward I could have outside of orgasms and I’d already had three. Really, at that moment, there was only one thing I wanted and that was to make my Sir completely happy. The best way to please him was by serving him. The best way to serve him right then would be to get on my knees.

“I want your cock, Sir,” I said.

“Where do you want it, pet?”

“My mouth, Sir,” I said.

“Stand up, Sookie.”

I took it slow since I was still a little wobbly, but Eric offered a hand to help steady me. He led me over to the impressive king size bed that was at the far end of the room. It had four posts and there was a hook hanging from the ceiling at the center of a mirror. It seemed so cheesy and naughty to see the mirror above the bed like that. It made me think of cheap, sleazy hotels that hookers rented by the hour with their johns.

Only I wasn’t a prostitute and Eric would only treat me like one if I asked him to. I climbed up onto the bed and got on my knees, but Eric had other ideas in mind.

“Lay on your back with your head hanging over the edge. Keep your legs spread for me,” he told me.

“Yes, Sir.”

I shifted my position to the one he wanted so that my feet were planted on the bed with my knees bent. The pressure on my sore backside was walking the fine line between pleasure and pain. I knew I was going to feel that spanking for a few days and every time I moved I would remember all of the delicious things He had done to me.

I watched Eric stroke himself a few times before he guided his erection toward my mouth. My lips parted for him without him having to ask, and I stuck my tongue out to lick the underside of his cock. Eric groaned and slowly slid his cock into my mouth. He moved slowly at first, lazily pumping in and out. I moaned around his shaft and kept my eyes trained up on his. My hand came up to stroke what didn’t fit in my mouth and Eric began to thrust a little faster. His considerable height allowed him to lean over me and reach between my legs.

His fingers stroked me slowly, rubbing over my lips before moving between my folds to find my clit. I moaned again as his cock went a little deeper down my throat. His fingers slid into me and pumped in and out at a rhythm countered to the thrust of his hips. My moans got louder as I got closer and closer to cumming.

“Cum for me, Sookie. Let me feel My cunt get tighter and wetter,” he said through a clenched jaw.

His palm ground against my clit and my hips started to move to get more friction. Eric’s hips kept thrusting quickly, even as I came again. Eric shuddered at all the moaning I was doing as the pleasure washed over me, and it wasn’t much longer before his hips moved even faster. I felt his cock thicken on my tongue and watched his body tense up as his release started. I felt the first jet of his orgasm hit the back of my throat. He stopped thrusting but I kept sucking and stroking, milking him to make sure I got it all. The roar that came out of him as his body jerked and shuddered was unlike anything I’d heard so far.

“Good girl,” he said when he was able, and pulled his softening cock from between my lips.

“Thank you, Sir,” I smiled up at him.

In what seemed faster than the blink of an eye, Eric was on top of me. He kissed me hard and let his fingers twine in my hair to guide my head from one side to the other. My legs wrapped around his waist and my hands moved up and down his chest. Eric’s kisses moved along my jaw and down to my neck. I watched in the mirror overhead as his lips moved along my skin, but then they traveled down the broad expanse of his back to his perfect ass, and my hands circled around to grab a couple handfuls of it. Eric grunted and I felt him smile against the soft skin of my breast.

“You taste good everywhere, pet,” he murmured and nuzzled against me for a moment before taking my nipple in his mouth.

He suckled, licked, kissed and nibbled one breast at a time, moving back and forth over and over until I was pleading for more. The rough part of our session was over, and when I looked into Eric’s pretty blue eyes I saw passion and need there, but he wasn’t trying to devour me. He was slowing things down to a much sweeter, almost vanilla pace. But then his mouth would concentrate on one spot in particular, long enough that I was sure he would be leaving marks behind. Between the bites and his powerful kisses I was hovering there on the edge which I was sure was what he wanted.

It seemed to take forever but Eric finally made it all the way down between my legs. His kisses became lighter, almost teasing. His hands held my hips as he tongue parted my folds and searched for my clit. My hands sank into his thick, silky hair and my eyes watched his as he explored me with his mouth. His tongue flicked and his lips closed around my clit, sucking gently before nibbling just a little. It was a good thing he was holding my hips because they started to move in earnest.

“More,” I moaned, and grabbed his hair a little tighter.

Eric shifted his hold on me so that his left arm was draped across my hips, freeing up his right hand so that he could slide his fingers into me again. I cried out as they started to thrust, and Eric held me down when my hips wanted to lift up off the bed. His tongue moved at an incredible speed over my clit and his fingers curled up just a little until they rubbed against a spot inside me that made my entire body feel good. Eric growled and the look in his eyes told me he was very happy about his discovery.

His fingers concentrated on that spot, stroking it over and over until I was begging him to let me cum. He nodded his head instead of breaking the seal on my clit, and the orgasm that exploded inside me was so strong I thought I was going to pass out. It seemed like every time we were intimate I reached a new high.

I’d thought the sex was good with my ex, but it was nothing compared to what I felt when I was with Eric. Eric paid close attention to my body and the reactions I had to the different things he tried. The things I liked he repeated and the things I didn’t seem so wild about he discarded. It was a little crazy how intense my body’s reaction was to the things he did. Especially since we were still so new to each other it was impressive that the sex was already so good.

I just hoped that it didn’t burn out quickly. It was my experience, based on things I heard from girlfriends, that relationships that start out intensely passionate don’t usually stay that way. Sometimes that passion evolves into deep love and companionship, while other times the fire goes out completely. If I got a choice in the matter I hoped it would be the former and not the latter. Being Eric’s pet wasn’t going to work if I didn’t feel the fire anymore.

Eric withdrew his fingers from inside ms and lapped at my juices for a few moments before he started to kiss his way up my body. When he reached my mouth I caressed his tongue with mine and wrapped my arms around his neck. His hips rocked against my very wet center and his cock slid against my folds. I moaned and rocked my hips up. We continued to grind against each other until we couldn’t take it anymore, and Eric thrust into me all at once.

“Fuck,” he groaned as my fingernails dug into his back.

He remained buried deep inside me for a few seconds before he started to move. My hips rose to meet his thrusts, and the better it felt the deeper my nails sank into his back until I was sure I was drawing blood. If I was, Eric didn’t seem to mind. His thrusts were slow and deep, and his lips were moving all over my neck and collarbone.

The experience was completely different from any other encounter we’d had to date, but I was definitely enjoying myself. We rolled over and when I sat up I moved my hands to brace them on his chest. I noticed there was blood on my fingertips and under my nails. Immediately I stilled and stared at my fingers, feeling awful for marking him up like that.

“Eric, I’m so sorry,” I said, completely breaking character for a moment. I didn’t feel like I was having sex with ‘Sir’ when he wasn’t roughing me up a little bit, and I wanted him to know I was apologizing to him as a person and not just my Dom.

“Sorry for what?” he looked at me curiously, and I held up my hands to show him the blood.

“I scratched you, I think. Well, gauged is more like it.” I lowered my eyes, ashamed of myself for knowing what I was doing when I had done it, but not lightening up.

“I didn’t even feel it, Sookie,” he assured me and kissed my palms. Just to make sure I didn’t slip too far out of the moment, Eric thrust his hips up and my eyes went wide.

Fuck, that felt good.

“Again,” I whimpered, and put my hands on his chest like I had originally planned.

Eric continued to thrust up for a little while and it impressed me that he was able to hold back as much as he did. I would have cum four times by then if I was him, but he was able to hold back. Of course, that got me thinking that maybe I wasn’t very good. Maybe he wasn’t enjoying himself as much as I was and I was so wrapped up in myself that he wasn’t getting anything out of the encounter.

Again I stopped, ashamed of my selfish behavior.

“Where did you go?” Eric asked as his hands gripped my hips.

“You haven’t cum yet,” I said quietly. “Is this not good for you? I can do better.”

Eric let go of my hips and grabbed my face instead to pull it down to his so I was forced to look at him.

“You are outstanding, Sookie,” he said with sincerity in his eyes. “There isn’t a single thing about you that doesn’t excite me, or make me want more of you. Trust yourself and believe in your abilities.”

I nodded, and loved that he had a mantra he was always repeating to me. Maybe one day I would actually listen to his advice since it was actually pretty good advice.

He kissed me softly and asked, “Now are you going to fuck me?”

“Yes, Sir.” I smiled and started to roll my hips a little.

Eric released my face and his head fell back against the mattress. I started to rise and fall, and the closer I got to cumming the faster I moved.

“That’s it, pet, cum for me,” he gritted out, and grabbed my hands to put them behind my back.

I leaned forward a little as the orgasm rushed through me, and Eric took over, thrusting up fast and hard until his body went rigid. I felt the telltale swell of an impending orgasm, and then he was shouting in a language I didn’t understand. Given how many languages he spoke it could have been anything, but it sounded sexy as hell leaving his mouth the way it did all strained and almost like gibberish. For all I knew that’s exactly what it was.

My muscles gave out on me and I fell on top of him in a sweaty, panting, gelatinous heap of a woman. Eric let go of my wrists but his hips kept thrusting just a little bit until he started to soften and had to pull out of me. That didn’t stop me from rubbing myself over his length, and I profoundly enjoyed his little shudders and groans because of it. His lips grazed all over my face, feathering little kisses on me until I finally climbed off of him and lay on my side so I could look at his beautiful face.

Eric’s eyes were closed and his thick, dark lashes were brushing against his cheeks. He was beautiful, which was a strange way to describe a man, but that’s what he was. I had yet to find a single flaw with him and I found that a little frustrating since I knew I had plenty. Every person had flaws, but Eric kept his locked away from me.

“What are you thinking?” I asked him.

“I’m thinking about an extraordinary job you did today, Sookie,” he said without opening his eyes. “For this being your first session, you have done very well and I’m proud of you.”

His words meant more to me than I could ever hope to express. I still didn’t understand why his approval was so important to me but I wanted to believe that someday I would know. My fingertips stroked lazily over his stomach and I cringed to see the blood dried crusty under my nails.

“Roll over,” I said.

“Why? Planning to do something a little… unorthodox?” he smirked, his eyes finally opening.

“No!” I laughed. “I want to check those scratches on your back and see how bad they are.”

“I’m sure they’re fine,” he said casually.

“Please? I feel guilty about it and I just want to make sure they’re not too deep,” I pleaded, making sure to put a little extra oomph in my eyes.

It took a few seconds of batting my eyelashes and plying him with kisses, but Eric finally consented and rolled over onto his side so I could check him out. Only when my eyes focused on his back the scratches were gone. How was that possible?


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