Chapter 13

I was thankful that first night was spent mostly in conversation in front of Eric’s fireplace, because I was still a little shaken up from the punishment I’d gotten within a half hour of arriving at his house. We talked about little things, like the movies and music we both liked. I learned that Eric wasn’t born in America, that he was originally from Sweden, close to the border of Norway. He spoke a dozen languages, including Old Norse, which was very similar to Icelandic.

So in addition to being handsome, hardworking, intuitive and easy to talk to, he was also extremely intelligent. The insecure, damaged little girl that still lived inside me wondered what Eric could possibly see in me outside of being a willing trainee. I was a small town waitress who was wasting all of her fancy education by slinging fried pickles and cheap beer to rednecks who grabbed my ass better than they tipped. I hadn’t done much traveling and I wasn’t very cultured. The furthest I’d gotten from Bon Temps was the four years I’d spent down at LSU, and as soon as I graduated I was back home with Gran.

“What made you settle in Louisiana?” I asked Eric. “It’s a far cry from Sweden, I’m sure.”

“I’ve lived in a few other places in this country. I’ve lived in Chicago, New York, San Francisco… but something pulled me south. I’m not sure what, but I feel like I fit here,” he explained.

“You know, for someone with your business savvy, I’m surprised you didn’t settle in New Orleans.”

“Ah, but there I would be just another fish in the pond. Here in Shreveport I get to be a big fish. Not to mention, I have interests in Texas and Arkansas, so Shreveport is the ideal place for me to make my home base.”

“I haven’t left Louisiana in years,” I confessed. “Most of my trips out of state have been accompanying Gran on her battlefield visits.”

“You don’t strike me as the kind of girl who enjoys seeing battlefields,” he said.

“I’m not, really, but Gran asked me to go and I have a hard time saying no to her.”

“Ah ha. So then I take it you and your grandmother are very similar in character?”

“If anyone ever compared me to Gran I could die a happy woman,” I smiled. “Gran is my biggest role model, and I owe everything in my life to her.”

Eric knew that my parents had died when I was six and that Gran had raised me from that point on. I started to get a little nervous because I knew that talking about family meant we could get into the issue of Uncle Bartlett. It was going to come out sooner or later, but I was hoping for later.

But Eric didn’t make any mention of what had happened to me as a child. For the moment, at least, I’d dodged a bullet. We continued to talk about basic interests we shared and all the ways we were different.

I liked getting to know him and I was surprised to learn that he had chosen this house not so much for its size or layout, but because of the woodsy piece of land it was built on. It reminded him of being back in Sweden where his grandparents had a cabin in the woods that he spent a great deal if time at as a child.

“I would love to go there someday. Sweden, I mean, not necessarily to your grandparents’ cabin,” I told him.

“I think you’d like it there. Sweden is very… relaxed.”

“I’ve heard that about Scandinavian countries. What made you want to leave Sweden?”

“I decided I wanted more of a challenge.”

“Does that mean some of the businesses you’re invested in are international?”

Eric nodded and said, “I’ve traveled quite a bit, so I’ve got contacts on a global scale.”


He smiled at me and then pulled my face to his to kiss me rather passionately. I kissed him back of course, but in my mind I really was wondering why he was bothering with me. A sexy, rich man like Eric could have any woman he wanted. There were plenty of prettier, more confident, better educated or of higher class than me.

“Where did you go?” Eric asked. His lips were still against mine but the kissing had stopped.

“Why me?” I whispered.

“Why you what?”

“I’m just trying to figure out what you see in me is all,” I admitted. “Even from a D/s perspective I’m not much of a find since-”

“Stop,” he ordered in his Dom voice. “You will not demean yourself like that, Sookie. When you tear yourself down you insult me as well. In the short time I have known you you have exhibited more courage, fortitude, creativity and sincerity than anyone I have met in a long time. I chose you because I like a challenge, and even though I can see in your eyes how much you want to be a good pet, I know there will be times when you and I will knock heads. We’re both stubborn creatures of habit and we don’t break easily. My goal isn’t to break you; it’s to make you stronger, to help you find the person you were always meant to be.”

It was a damn good answer, and it settled some of the doubts in my mind.

“I need you to trust in yourself and believe in your abilities,” he insisted. “And remember that to me you are always beautiful.”

“I’ll try,” I promised.

“Don’t try, just do it.”

I wanted to argue that it wasn’t that simple, but I’d been punished once already and I had no desire to upset him again by arguing over something I knew I couldn’t possibly change.

“Now,” he nipped at my jaw. “Where were we?”

He started kissing my neck and found the spot that always made me gasp. We stayed there in front of the fireplace, kissing and pawing at each other until that wasn’t enough anymore, but then Eric surprised me by pulling away.

“Why did you stop?” I asked.

“Because tomorrow night we play, and I want to make sure you’re a little extra charged for it,” he said.

I gave in to the pout that wanted to show itself.

“Are you being a brat?” he asked.

“No, it’s just that my Sir did this to me,” I took his hand and put it between my legs so he could feel how wet I was, “And I thought he wanted to fuck me silly.”

“I do,” Eric smirked. “But not until tomorrow.”

“Oh, fine.”

I started to yawn a short time later, but it was another hour before Eric walked me down the stairs to my room.

“The fridge is fully stocked so if you wake up and I’m not here tomorrow help yourself. I have a meeting in the morning and may not get back until late in the afternoon . I’ll keep in touch via cell phone. If you need anything contact Bobby and he’ll make sure you get it,” Eric told me.

“I should be fine. If you’re not here when I wake up am I allowed to leave the house, or should I stay here?” I asked.

Since the following day was a Monday I couldn’t be angry that he had business to attend to, but if I had to sit around the house all day that could be frustrating. It would be nice to look around a little and get better acquainted with the library, but it was still good to know what his expectations were.

“You’re free to come and go as you please, Sookie,” he said. “But if you want to play you’ll be back before sundown.”

“I can do that. I doubt I’ll leave, but just in case I need to for some reason…” I trailed off.

“I’ll do my best to be back as early as possible,” Eric promised. “Is there anything else you need?”

“No, I think I’m okay. Thank you for tonight. I had fun talking to you about things outside of play,” I told him.

“So did I,” he leaned forward and kissed me sweetly.

I wanted to ask him to stay, but he obviously had escorted me to my room for a reason. Eric left me alone after wishing me a goodnight, and I headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed. As promised, I found every single item on the list I’d written up for him. From the brand and scent of shampoo I’d asked for to the exact right kind of dental floss, it was all there. It wasn’t that I’d doubted he would come through and get those things, it was more like I wasn’t used to someone catering to me that way.

Gran had taken care of me for pretty much my whole life but because money was always a concern we had to make due a lot of the time. I didn’t see anything wrong with not giving kids everything they asked for. Wanting things Gran couldn’t give me was part of what taught me to work hard enough to get it myself. But I sometimes wondered if not wanting to make waves or stress Gran out with money concerns made me think small. Did I hold myself back out of habit? Would I treat myself better if I had the means to do so?

Eric was doing his part to show me that I deserved to have the things that I wanted and I shouldn’t apologize for wanting them. The thing was I was a small town girl who had been raised with southern values. I didn’t mind having to make due or improvising. Because I hadn’t grown up with a surplus I had to learn how to prioritize and pick my battles. I knew if I had children I would raise them the same way, no matter how much money I had.

There was no shame in being in the fourth grade and not having your very own cell phone or being surrounded by video games or other popular toys that robbed children of the ability to expend energy or use their imagination. Of course I was a long way off from having children of my own, and I didn’t know if it would ever happen for me. As I was washing my face I started thinking about what would happen if I got pregnant with Eric’s baby.

We’d had sex without a condom four times, and he had cum inside me one of those times. Even if he hadn’t, there was still the possibility that I could get pregnant as long as he was in me. There was a reason that the pull and pray method wasn’t preferred for preventing pregnancy. I was on birth control, but of course pregnancies still happened when women were on birth control.

We hadn’t talked about what would happen if the birth control failed and we probably should. While I walked to the closet to find a nightgown to sleep in, I wondered if getting pregnant would mean the end for Eric and me. Would he stick around? I got the feeling he wasn’t the kind of guy to shirk a responsibility, even if it wasn’t always convenient for him to follow through, but I knew what it was like to feel as if I was a weight around someone’s neck, and I didn’t want Eric to ever feel that way about me. I definitely wouldn’t want him to feel that way about any children we might have.

It was fine to indulge me when it came to preferred mouthwashes but it was something else to agree to father a child just because I wanted it.

Finding a nightgown was difficult since Eric had a rule about being nude when we shared a bed, but there would be nights like the one we’d just had when we would sleep alone. Part of me was sad that I wouldn’t be able to curl up next to him and wake up in the morning with his arms wrapped around me. But then maybe Eric wasn’t a cuddly sleeper. Maybe he was the sort who preferred having room to move, or maybe he snored too loud and didn’t want to keep me up all night.

Eventually I found a small section of nighties, all of then made of red silk or satin, and slipped one over my head. I also found a black satin robe and a pair of black slippers. I took the robe and slippers out with me and put the slippers beside the bed while draping the robe at the foot of it. I didn’t put on a bra or panties since there was always the possibility that Eric might decide to come down and spot check to make sure that I was following the rules.

I climbed onto the bed and adjusted the pillows before I got under the covers. When I lay down and closed my eyes I tried to fool myself into believing the pillow I was hugging was actually Eric, but that didn’t really work for me. I tried to figure out how the scene the next night might go. Eric had explained that he had a general itinerary he followed when I came to play, but since I was new to it he was going to go slowly. I appreciated that.

I drifted off to sleep with dirty thoughts of being bound to the spanking bench running through my mind. At one point my eyes opened when I woke up briefly just to turn over and I forgot where I was. I could have sworn I saw a blur of movement but I told myself it was just my eyes adjusting, and went back to sleep. I slept like a rock after that thanks to the heavy curtains that blocked out all the sunlight. My cell phone told me that it was already noon. I hadn’t slept that late in a while, but I must have needed it.

I flipped the covers back and put my feet in the slippers, and then headed for the bathroom to take care of my morning routine. When I got back to the bedroom to get my robe I noticed a box that hadn’t been there the night before, I was sure of it, sitting on the dresser. I debated over whether or not to open it but figured if Eric wanted me to wait there would be some sort of instruction. I started by opening the card attached just in case.


Inside this box is your task for today but there is a catch. Open the box and follow the instructions. I’ll see you soon.


I smiled and tucked the card back in its envelope before lifting the lid on the box. Inside there was a pair of what looked like regular black panties until I picked them up and realized they had a little extra something in the crotch. Something that I was pretty sure would start vibrating. Underneath the panties were my instructions.


I want you to wear these all day from the time you wake up until the time we begin tonight. The catch is that I don’t want you to cum. Get almost to the point that you do and then turn them off. I am trusting that you will follow my instructions. If you cum, I expect that you will tell me later.

Enjoy your day.


Well that was quite the task. It was kind of evil, in my opinion, but a good challenge. It was a good exercise in trust and honesty. Of course I could probably get off a whole bunch of times, but then I would be failing in my task. Eric was expecting me to do as he asked, and if I couldn’t control myself I needed to tell him the truth, but I didn’t want to let him down.

So I decided I wasn’t going to let him down. I was going to deal with all of the teasing I put myself through and told myself that if I did as he asked I would be rewarded. I didn’t know what sort of reward I would get, but whatever it was, it would be worth it. Eric was always proportionate, as far as I could tell. I put the panties on and after figuring out how to get then going, I started the vibrator. At first it wasn’t bad, but that didn’t last for very long. Before I knew it I was close to cumming so I turned the vibrator off. It was difficult to be that close and deny myself what was right there, but I thought of the bigger picture and it didn’t seem so bad anymore.

Of course that’s because it was only the first time I’d done it. Three hours, and many almost orgasms later, I was anxious for Eric to get back. Distracting myself with books in his beautiful library was doing precious little to keep me from thinking dirty thoughts that only propelled me closer to orgasm. But no, I always held back. I didn’t cum once.

I was a good girl who followed Sir’s rules.

It was while I was in the kitchen making myself s snack that I thought I heard movement overhead. I hadn’t heard Eric come in but that didn’t mean he hadn’t. I hadn’t heard a peep out of him all day, aside from the notes that came with my present. I’d left him a message to let him know I was awake and had received my task, but there was no acknowledgement of it. Maybe that was part of the game.

I sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and enjoyed my English muffin mini pizzas. I wanted to make Eric dinner to thank him for being so sweet to me so far but I didn’t know what kind of foods he liked. I had yet to eat a meal with him, but I was looking forward to doing so.

While I was sitting there I started the panties again and my entire body tensed up. It was amazing that I hadn’t shorted the panties out. I was so turned-on by that point that I was sure that if Eric so much as looked at me I was going to explode. I’d lost count of how many times I’d gotten close to cumming before denying myself. The rebel in me thought maybe this was an extension of my punishment from the day before, but I knew that wasn’t the case.

I had taken my punishment without complaint and Eric had forgiven me for my transgression. He was, however, teaching me a lesson about self-control and the importance of being honest. Yes, I could get off just once to relieve myself but I would feel awful for lying to him about it. He said he would know and I had no doubt that he would. He would probably be able to see it in my eyes if I lied, and I knew that lying to him was even worse than not being able to control myself. If I expected him to be open and honest with me then I had to give it back, even if it meant getting myself into trouble.

When I was close again I turned off the panties and cursed myself s little for getting into the situation I was in. After I finished eating I cleaned up my mess and put my dirty dishes into the dishwasher. My phone started ringing and I dug it out of my pocket. Eric was calling.

“Hello,” I said.

“Good afternoon, Pet,” Eric said in an edgier tone that I had come to associate with his Sir’s voice. “How has your afternoon been?”

“A big tease,” I said and he chuckled. Ugh. “You’re evil. I just want that stated for the record, Sir.”

“Hardly. In fact, you will discover there is a method to my madness. By the time I get home that pretty cunt will be very wet for me. So wet that I could bend you over and fuck you with no further preparation,” he said, and the words made my thighs rub together which did nothing at all to calm me down.

“You’re going to make me cum if you keep talking like that,” I warned.

“You haven’t yet?”

“No, Sir. Your instructions told me not to, but I’ve gotten close. As a matter of fact I thought about going up to the playroom at one point and trying out some of Your toys. I kept thinking about how good it feels when You fuck me and I wanted to feel that, but I know I could never get that same feeling from a toy.”

He groaned and said, “Careful, pet, or I’ll embarrass myself by going back into my meeting with a stain on my pants.”

“Will you be home soon?” I asked smiling at the thought that I’d riled him up just a little bit.

“Hopefully within the next hour. I’ll text you when I’m close with instructions,” he told me. “I have to get back. I’ll see you soon.”

We said our goodbyes and I hauled ass downstairs to my bedroom to take a shower. I put my hair up to keep it from getting wet, and washed myself up. I went over my body with a razor to make sure I was still hairless and smooth. Eric wanted me in the panties he had asked me to wear so I put them back on under one of the dresses I found in the closet. The dress was soft and wrapped around me so I just had to tie it.

I grabbed a pair of matching heels and then went to the bathroom to fix my hair and makeup. A text came in from Eric with instructions, letting me know he would be home in twenty minutes. When I was ready I put my shoes on and then went upstairs to wait for Eric. He’d asked me to wait for him in the living room, panties on, kneeling in the middle of the room with my hands behind my back.

So I knelt down, turned on the vibrator and waited with my hands behind my back for Eric to come home.


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