Chapter 12

I took my time getting ready on Sunday. Eric had been specific with me when it came to how he expected me to be groomed when I went to see him. There was a part of me that questioned why it mattered, but the sub part of me knew the answer. I was following orders and doing as my Sir wanted. The rules weren’t just to please him, but to help me be a better pet to him.

And I wanted him to be happy—no, I needed him to be happy. If that meant removing hair where he told me to, then I would do it. I wouldn’t shave my head for him but he hadn’t asked me to. Eric had emailed me a link to an article about collars and the ritual of a Dom offering a collar to his or her sub. The article was intriguing and not something I had given much thought about.

It got me to think about what my ultimate goal was, something Eric had asked me about before. What did I hope to get out of the experience? What had drawn me to the idea in the first place? I was woman enough to admit that it had something to do with the taboo factor. There was also a little bit of risk and danger but in a controlled environment.

What I was considering, and it scared me a little that it occurred to me at all, but maybe I wanted to belong to someone. For most of my life I’d felt like an outsider and I didn’t know why. I just never really felt like I fit in. Unlike my brother I didn’t have a million friends, I couldn’t hold court like he could, nor was I athletically gifted. I’d played softball some back in high school, but I didn’t really excel at it. That isn’t to say that I was completely without talent, but I just wasn’t one of those kids who turned everything into gold. I felt like I knew my place and it was nowhere special.

But when I was with Eric I felt different. I felt like he saw something in me that no one else did, and I guessed maybe that was why he had decided to train me. I had yet to ask about Madame Raven and how long it had been since he last acted as a full-time Dom. I was curious as to why he had given it up, and if he had chosen me just because he thought we would make a good match. Deep down I felt like it had to be something more than that.

I ran my hands over my legs to make sure they were silky smooth. I had done my lady parts before I got in the tub, and that was quite an experience. I’d never done it before and it felt strange to be completely bare there. It felt a little unnatural but I would get used to it. I was going to have to if I wanted to follow the rules. I had agreed to it, so Eric was well within his right to demand that I do it.

I washed myself thoroughly and once I was out of the tub and dried off I applied an unscented lotion that would keep me smooth as a baby’s bottom. Eric had asked me not to wear perfume, and I was okay with that. I didn’t normally wear it anyway. I dressed myself in one of my favorite sundresses and paired it with a cardigan and matching heels. It was still strange to not put on a bra or underwear, but it was just one more thing to get used to.

The good thing about the closet full of clothes and shoes waiting for me at Eric’s house was that I didn’t need to worry about packing a bag to take with. Eric had promised me he would have all the things I’d asked for on that list I’d written for him, so I didn’t need to worry about bringing my toothbrush, shampoo or even my hairbrush. He had told me to be specific about what I wanted. Writing down that I wanted toothpaste wasn’t good enough; I needed to write down what brand and what flavor.

When I gave him one of those looks that said he was being ridiculous he explained that I needed to get used to telling him what I needed, and if I couldn’t tell him about toothpaste then I wouldn’t be able to tell him about the bigger things. It seemed like such a silly thing to be particular about, but after he explained his reasons, I understood his point.

“I’m willing to take care of you because you will be doing the same thing for me, Sookie. My responsibility is to relieve you of outside stress so that you can focus on your training. If you’re focused on your training, that means you are serving me. If you’re serving me, you’re pleasing me. Do you understand?” he had explained.

And I did. It all made perfect sense. Now the hard part was telling Gran that I was going to be gone for two days. All I had in the bag I was bringing with me to Eric’s house were the things I needed for work on Tuesday. By the time I got home from work Tuesday night it was likely that Gran would already be in bed.

When I got downstairs Gran was sitting in the living room with the TV switched on and an old black and white movie was playing. Gran looked completely engrossed in the film and I hated to disturb her, but I didn’t want to sneak out, nor did I want her to worry.

“Gran?” I said nervously.

“You look pretty, honey,” she said when she looked away from the television.

“Thank you. I just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving and I won’t be back until Tuesday night,” I said.

“Where are you… Are you spending time with that man?”

Ah ha, so Eric had been downgraded from gentleman to ‘that man.’ That wasn’t good, but I wasn’t surprised by her reaction.

“You’re spending the night with him, Sookie?” Gran looked at me with judgmental eyes. My silence was answer enough. “You bring him by the house next Sunday.”

“Gran, it’s a little too soon for that,” I said.

“But it’s not too soon to spend the night together?” she fired back.

Maybe having Eric meet Gran was a good idea. Then he would understand where I got my sass from.

“Gran, it’s…”

“Is he married, Sookie?”


“You’ve been awfully secretive about him. With Beau you could hardly keep him off your tongue for a full sentence at a time when you first started out, so I’m wondering what it is about this fella you’re afraid to tell me.”

That I like it when he ties me to a bench and spanks me ’til I cum.

“It’s just that it’s still new to me and I don’t want to jinx it or scare him off by having him meet my family,” I explained.

“Will you at least tell me the boy’s name?”

“Eric. His name is Eric.”

“Well that doesn’t sound like the name of someone old enough to be your father,” she said.


“You’re not giving me much to go on, Sookie. I’m eliminating things that I can.”

“His name is Eric, he’s thirty-three; he owns several businesses and a beautiful house in Shreveport. Does that make you feel a little better?”

“Don’t sass me,” Gran said. “How did you meet?”

“A mutual friend introduced us.”

“Which friend?”

“Tara,” I said, and that got Gran to relax. She had always liked and approved of Tara. If Tara had put us together then he would be okay with Gran.

Now I just had to tell Tara that I was crediting her with introducing Eric and me. It wouldn’t be completely out of the question for Tara and Gran to run into one another somewhere in town, so having my story straight was a good idea. Besides, Tara was indirectly responsible for me meeting Eric. If she hadn’t talked me into applying for membership at The Playground I probably wouldn’t have met him.

“I still don’t like you spending the night at this young man’s house, but you’re an adult and I can’t stop you,” Gran said.

“I promise when I’m ready I’ll bring him over. I do want you to meet him but it’s too soon.”

“I trust you,” she said, which actually stung a little because I was lying to her on some level. I didn’t feel good about it, but that didn’t make it okay.

I bent and kissed Gran’s cheek, and then I left for my first session with Eric.

When I pulled up to the gate at the end of Eric’s driveway I punched in the code that he had given me. The gate slowly opened and I drove forward. I parked where I had the time before and picked up my bag to take it in with me. Eric had told me he would leave the front door unlocked and he would be waiting for me when I arrived.

As soon as I walked into the house I went to the right to take off my shoes and I lined them up against the wall like he told me to. I set my bag down by the fireplace and then went looking for Eric. When he said that he would be waiting for me I assumed he meant in the living room, but he wasn’t there.

“Eric!” I called out in case he hadn’t heard me come in.

All I heard was the creaking of the floor and the slapping of my feet as I walked around the house. He wasn’t in the dining room, kitchen, rec room… I was about to go upstairs when a pair of hands caught me from behind and pushed me up against the wall.

“Eric!” I cried out, scared shitless by his sneak attack.

His lips attacked my neck and his hand was up my skirt, between my legs and rubbing my clit.

“Nice and smooth,” Eric said, and then pulled my hair so he could look into my eyes. “My cunt is getting wet for me. Did you like being surprised, or do you like that I’m taking what I want from you?”

“Both,” I answered.

His fingers moved closer to my entrance to draw my wetness up, and then he was rubbing my clit again.

“Put your hands on the wall and don’t move them until I tell you to,” he commanded, and then yanked my dress up over my head.

I put my hands on the wall and he pulled my hips closer to him. His hand rubbed over my ass before giving it a playful slap, and then his fingers slid into me. I bit my bottom lip and tried to stay still while he did what he wanted. His fingers probed and pumped in and out of me at just the right speed. I was clutching at the wall but there was nothing to hold onto.

Eric wrapped a hand around my throat and applied just a little bit of pressure. Not enough to choke me, but enough to keep me where he wanted me. I heard his zipper go down and then he was thrusting into me hard and fast, over and over until I was begging him to let me cum. He denied me twice and when I couldn’t hold it anymore and came anyway, Eric pulled out of me and bent me over the nearest chair.

“Did I tell you that you could cum?” he demanded.

“No, Sir.”

He slapped my ass hard in the same place five times before thrusting into me again.

“Let’s try this again, pet,” he said and resumed pounding into me.

His stamina was impressive, to say the least. When I felt another orgasm starting to build I asked for permission to cum, and I was denied. I had presumed that was going to happen. I waited a minute before asking again, and again I was denied. Eric wasn’t showing me any mercy but I was actually glad about it. I needed to learn, even if it frustrated the shit out of me.

I guess we’re playing tonight.

But before I was given permission to cum, Eric pulled out of me and got me down on my knees. I opened my mouth on instinct and he grabbed onto my hair while he thrust his hips. I tried to keep up but it was hard to breathe. I was completely off balance by all of his sudden movements, but I liked what was happening. He was using me the way I had been wondering how it would feel to be used. Eric thrust a little deeper, hitting my gag reflex, and I wondered if maybe that was part of my punishment for cumming without permission.

I felt his cock swell in my mouth but before he could cum, he pulled out.

“Pets that don’t follow their Master’s rules don’t get their reward,” he said as he stroked himself.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I apologized. “I tried to hold it.”

“No excuses, Sookie. Either you follow the rules or you don’t.”

“Yes, Sir.” I felt a sinking feeling in my chest at the knowledge that I had disappointed him, even a little.

Eric continued to stroke himself and said, “Mouth closed, pet. You don’t get a reward.”

My heart sank further and I closed my mouth. Eric changed his aim and when he came it was on my chest and neck instead of in my mouth or inside me, and it wasn’t like the first time we fucked when it was sexy for him to pull out and cum on me.

This time it was a punishment, and it hurt.

“Stay there on your knees and don’t move until I come and get you,” Eric said, and then left me kneeling there on the hardwood floor with his cum running down my chest and stomach.

I bowed my head, feeling properly ashamed of myself for not following the rules. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but he was right—either I followed the rule or I broke it, and I had broken it. Tears stung my eyes at the disappointment I felt in myself for disappointing him. I wasn’t expecting to feel something so strongly, at least not so soon. I tried to talk the tears into staying where they were, but they spilled over and onto my cheeks.

It felt like Eric left me there for hours, and more than once I had been tempted to sit back on my heels to give my knees a bit of a break but I had the feeling he would somehow know. For all I knew there were cameras in the room and he was watching me. With a house the size of his I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a big security setup that I didn’t know about. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed before Eric came back into the room and ordered me to put my head up.

“Look at me,” he said. “Why are you on your knees, dripping with my cum instead of enjoying another orgasm right now?”

“Because I broke Your rule and came when You told me not to,” I told him.

“That’s right,” he nodded.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I apologized again. “I will do whatever You want me to in order to make it up to You.”

“Stand up.”

Eric offered me his hand to help me off the floor, and then he produced a damp, warm rag so I could clean myself up.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said as I wiped off the remnants of his orgasm.

When I was finished he lifted my chin and wiped my tears off of my cheeks. He bent down and kissed me softly, and the places on my face where the tears had been. It was tender and sweet, and when he was finished he hugged me to him tightly. His fingers were gentle in my hair, combing through it while I tried to gather myself. I hadn’t realized I was shaking until that moment. Emotion overwhelmed me and I started to cry again.

Eric shushed me in quiet whispers and started to tell me all the things about me he thought were beautiful. It was unexpected, and hearing it healed the wound in my chest. With one last kiss to my forehead he pulled back and gave me one of his smiles that made me light up inside.

“Have you eaten?” he asked me.

“No, not yet; I wasn’t sure what our plans were,” I confessed.

“Come,” he handed me my dress and then guided me to the kitchen. “You’ll eat and then we’ll sit and talk for a while.”

I found it strange that he didn’t mention anything about him eating, but for all I knew he already ate. What mattered to me was that it seemed everything was forgiven, and I had taken my punishment like a good pet, even if it had killed me a little that I had done something to earn it.


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