Chapter 10

As promised, Eric took me on a tour of his house after we finished with the contract signing. We started by going to the kitchen so I could put my plate in the sink. Eric insisted I leave it there instead of cleaning up.

“Tonight is introductory, but I will expect you to clean up after yourself after tonight,” he said.

“I will,” I promised.

There wasn’t a maid at Gran’s house and she had always given Jason and me chores to do. I was no stranger to housework and I wasn’t expecting Eric to pamper me. The kitchen was particularly gorgeous, and if he allowed me to take full advantage of all the appliances and counter space I was sure I could almost start my own bakery in there.

“When you are here the common areas of the house are free to you to use at any time,” he said as he led me to the stairs that went down to another level. “Down here is where I do most of my entertaining when I have guests. There is a bedroom down here that will be yours when you spend the night. Until further notice sexual activity will mostly be restricted to playtime, and will take place at the club or upstairs in my playroom.”

When we got downstairs there was a wet bar and a cozy sitting area. Eric opened one door to reveal a guest powder room, and the other door concealed the bedroom he’d spoken of. The bed was enormous and there was a love seat in the far corner. The furniture looked heavy and expensive, but it was tastefully decorated.

“You are welcome to leave things here if you like. Before you go tonight I’ll have you write up a list of the things you need for hygienic purposes,” Eric said, and then opened a door that led into a walk-in closet.

When I stepped into the closet the light went on and my eyes went wide at the selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and coats that were already organized and occupying space.

“Eric, this is… This is too much,” I said as I looked around.

“Sookie, I told you it is my job to ensure that you have the things you need. There are times when you will accompany me to business functions, or we will meet with associates of mine and it will require you to be dressed accordingly. I assure you this was a small expense for me.”

I suspected as much since I knew his house alone had to cost him a small fortune, but my pride and Gran’s voice in my head made it difficult not to argue that all of this was unnecessary.

“I don’t want you to think that I’m ungrateful for these things, Eric. They’re all beautiful. The clothes are lovely, and I doubt I would ever buy a single one of these items for myself, but-”

“They’re yours, Sookie. This isn’t up for debate,” Eric said firmly.

I bit my tongue before I got myself in trouble and asked a question that I thought was important since I wasn’t sure of the answer and I wanted to be on the same page as Eric.

“So right now we’re not in play, but the rules still apply, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“So if I get mouthy or start sassing you that would count against me?”



Good to know. I had told him I wanted him to be tough on me in the beginning, and this was something I could change at any time if it wasn’t working for me anymore. Knowing that made all the difference.

“Do you expect to have problems with that?” Eric asked as we left the closet.

“Yes, I do. You can’t possibly be surprised by that.”

“Not in the slightest,” he said with a hint of amusement.

We continued on with the tour. His house was remarkable. It was a huge home, but it didn’t feel cold the way some large houses did. I could feel Eric’s energy in every room, and I positively lit up when we got to the library on the second floor. Eric had an office up there as well, but it was off limits to me. I had free use of the library anytime, and that was fine with me. Eric showed me where his bedroom was, but I didn’t get to see inside of it. From there we went up to a third level that was on the west side of the house.

There was a home theater but more importantly, the playroom was up there. It was good to know there was a little kitchenette in the theater that was always stocked in case either one of us needed something. The playroom was the room I would most likely spend the most amount of time in. The walls were painted blood red and all of the ‘furniture’ in the room was black. A large, black armoire took up a good portion of one wall and Eric walked over it to open the doors to reveal quite the collection of sex toys.

There were vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps and weights, gags, blindfolds, restraints, ropes, butt plugs and a few other things I couldn’t readily identify yet. The drawers contained cleaning and first aid supplies that had me asking, “Is that stuff for scenes, or to clean up with when we’re through?”

“They’re for cleanup,” Eric answered. “After tonight you will address me as Sir or Master when we are in this room. I will call you Sookie or pet. To start out with and to build up your tolerance, we’ll stick to old fashioned hand spankings.”

Eric put his hand on the small of my back and led me to this bench contraption that had a cushioned top to it that I would be able to rest my upper body against rather comfortably. There were two smaller benches about knee height for me to kneel on.

“Try it out,” he suggested, and I climbed onto it. Not easy to do without flashing him my lady business, but he was going to see it soon enough anyway. “This is the spanking bench. Get familiar with it. You will be spending a lot of time on it.”

I bent forward over the top and put my forearms down on the padded rest spots. There were restraints already attached to the table by D-rings, but if we got into rope bondage Eric would be able to use that as well. Comfort wise it wouldn’t be my preferred place to hang out and relax, but I supposed there were worse places to be. There were stocks in the corner, and that was something on my no list, at least for the time being. Eric leaned over me and one at a time fastened the restraints to my wrists and then my ankles so I would get the full effect.

“Are you wearing panties, Sookie?” he asked as his fingertips started to ghost up my bare thigh.

“No, Sir,” I responded in a breathy voice.

“When we are in this room you will speak only when spoken to unless I give you permission to speak freely,” he said as his fingers toyed with the hem of my skirt. “When you come into this room you will kneel and put your hands behind your back, and remain in that position until I give you instructions. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very good. Earlier we talked about safe words and the color warning system. Green means that your feeling okay and alright to proceed. Yellow means that you need for things to slow down. Red means that whatever is happening is too much and it needs to stop immediately. Your safe word is ‘octopus,’ and just to make absolutely sure that you have a way of communicating with me that you need to stop, I want you to snap your fingers three times. The nonverbal cue is necessary because there are times when you will be gagged and unable to speak. The safe word can be used at any time, including during a punishment, but it isn’t a way to avoid your punishment. If, at any time, I suspect that is what you are doing I will impose a one month break from your training to give you time to reconsider whether or not this is truly the lifestyle you want. We are both here of our own free will and as informed, consenting adults.”

“Yes, Sir,” I agreed. The only way I would use a safe word during a punishment was if it was something detrimental to my health, like if I was close to blacking out or something like that. Otherwise I would take the pain and let it motivate me to do better next time.

“Now when we are playing and you receive a spanking it is different from a punishment spanking,” Eric informed me. “When you are spanked during play there will be warm ups to prepare your skin for the impact. It will help to prevent bruising.” His hand started to rub over my backside in a slow, gentle way. “With punishment there are no warm ups, and I will not always wait until we are here in the playroom to carry out your punishment. If, for example, you get mouthy with me in the kitchen I could simply bend you over the counter and spank you with a wooden spoon.”

My breath caught at his words, not just from the image they evoked, but because of the tone of voice he used to say them. I felt myself getting wet at the idea of it so when Eric pulled my skirt up around my waist a few seconds later I started to squirm a little.

“But this isn’t all just about punishment, Sookie. My role is to correct your behavior in order to help you better serve me, but when you do well and follow the rules I will reward you,” he said, and I felt his fingertips on my lower lips.

I sucked in a breath and tried not to move. In the position I was in with my skirt up around my waist I was exposed to him.

“You’re getting wet for me,” he said as his fingers probed a bit more. “Tell me what’s making you wet.”

“Your fingers on me, Sir,” I said. “And the talk about spanking.”

“Good girl,” he said, and to reward me for my honesty he slid one of his fingers inside me.

I moaned and rested my face against the cool pleather surface of the cushioned bench top. His finger began to pump in and out, making me a little wetter with each pass.

“This is reward,” he told me. “Do you want to taste punishment?”

Did I? I hadn’t planned on it, but I supposed it would be a good idea so I said, “Yes, Sir.”

He withdrew his finger from me and I turned my head in time to see him lick it clean. There was a small groan of appreciation from him and then he said, “Your cunt tastes delicious, pet.”

The dirty words sent a ripple of naughty happiness through me. Again there was that feeling of pride for having pleased him, but I barely had time to think about it before there was the stinging impact of his hand spanking my left cheek hard. I whimpered as my blood rushed to the site of the impact and the pain started to radiate outward.

“What color are we, Sookie?” he asked me.

“Green,” I answered.

His hand moved over my right cheek for just a moment and then came down just as hard as it did on the left side. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there were two handprints forming on my ass because of it. My eyes started to sting with tears, and if I was that close to crying after only two swats I was in trouble when the punishment called for ten.

“You’re doing well,” Eric said in that tender, assuring voice and started to rub the pain away. “What color are we?”


“Very good. I’m going to release you from the restraints now,” he said, and got to work unfastening them. Once I was free he helped me stand up, but left my skirt where it was bunched around my waist. “I’m going to reward you for doing such a good job. Get on your knees.”

I had a feeling I knew what was coming, but I did as I was told. I knelt down and put my hands behind my back, clasping them under my bottom. Eric walked around me a few times, letting me sweat it out, until he came to a stop in front of me.

“Take off my belt,” he instructed.

I reached up to do as he asked, and then unzipped his pants when he told me to.

“Now reach in and take out my cock,” he said. “Remember what I said about eye contact.”

My eyes darted up to his immediately as I reached into his pants. Eric was definitely playing with a longboat, and it made me a little nervous since my ex was the only man I’d ever been with and he certainly wasn’t Eric’s size. Eric didn’t need to tell me what to do next but he did anyway.

“Suck my cock, pet. Show me your skills.”

I tried not to let my nerves get the better of me, or the fact that Eric was still practically a stranger. I told myself that we would get to know each other better, and this was what I had signed on for. It was time to nut up or shut up, so I leaned in and let my tongue dart out. I licked the underside of his cock from base to tip, making sure to keep my eyes on his. My tongue swirled around the head of his erection a few times and then my hand started stroking him. One of his hands moved to thread into my hair, and when my lips closed around his cock he started to thrust his hips just a little bit. My head started to bob and my hand continued to stroke what didn’t fit in my mouth. I was, by no means, a pro when it came to giving head. My ex had been patient with me about it, but all I knew was what he liked and I knew every man was different so I tried to keep it simple.

Eric started to thrust a little more and asked, “Are you still green?”

I nodded that I was as best I could with his cock in my mouth and kept going. A point came when he pulled away and for a second I thought I’d done something wrong, but Eric quickly cleared things up for me.

“How sensitive is your gag reflex?” he asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“I want to test it. When I thrust forward again I’m going to keep going until I hit the back of your throat. When I do I want you to swallow,” he said.

“Deepthroat,” I said.

“Very good. Do you have much experience with it?”

“I’ve done it a few times but my ex isn’t as large as you are. There wasn’t much to deepthroat.”

“I see,” Eric smiled a bit. What guy didn’t want to hear the word ‘large’ being used to describe his cock? “Are you comfortable allowing me to test you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very good. Still green?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Open for me, pet,” he said after tracing over my lips with the head of his cock.

My mouth opened at his request and he slid back into me. He thrust a few times before his other hand threaded into my hair as well, and he went deeper than before. I tried to breathe through my nose but that wasn’t easy to do either when I knew what was about to happen. When I felt the tip of his cock nudge my throat I started to swallow. It was much easier said than done, but I did it.

Eric wasn’t able to get his entire cock down my throat before I started to gag, but deepthroat training was something I had read about. I could master it if given enough time and patience. When he had gone far enough Eric pulled out entirely to allow me to breathe. I sucked in air and realized the lack of oxygen had forced a few tears out of my eyes, but before I could reach up to wipe then away, Eric was doing it for me.

“What color, pet?”

“Still green.”

I took his cock back into my mouth to finish what I’d started, and it wasn’t much longer before Eric was warning me that he was about to cum, and that was my ultimate reward, knowing I had pleased him so much that it made him orgasm. His cum was a privilege and one I should always strive to have. I felt him twitch a bit and then swell before he released in my mouth. I swallowed quickly but not fast enough. Some of his cum leaked from my mouth and onto my chin, but when he pulled out I didn’t use my hand to wipe my chin; I used my tongue.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said, remembering the rule about thanking him for letting me swallow his cum.

“Good girl,” he said, and offered me one of those neck caresses. “You may stand up now.”

Eric helped me back to my feet and I felt a little strange standing there with my dress all bunched up but Eric hadn’t told me to fix it, nor had he fixed it himself.

“Now would you like to experience a play spanking?” he offered.

“Yes, Sir,” I said eagerly.

“Take off your dress and then get back on the bench. This time I won’t restrain you.”

I was a little shaky as I took off the dress he had given me, but I did it, and I carefully laid it down on the nearby table so it wouldn’t get stepped on or stained. Afterward I climbed back onto the bench and assumed my earlier position. That time Eric stroked and caressed my lower back, thighs and my ass before delivering the first swat. It wasn’t quite as hard as the punishment spankings had been, but there was still a sting. I groaned and held onto the armrests.

“What color are we?” he asked.


A few more gentle touches later there was another slap on the other cheek.

“Sookie, I want you to start counting them out loud so I can hear you,” he said.

“Yes, Sir.”

Unlike with the punishment spanking there was some recovery time between each strike, and when I counted to three he rewarded me with his fingers. By then I was plenty wet and he had little trouble sliding two fingers into me.

“Your cunt is tight, pet,” he said as he twisted his fingers a little inside me.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“What color are we?”

“Very green,” I said as I started to feel an orgasm approaching.

But before we could go much farther he took his fingers away and resumed my spanking. Another five swats and his fingers were back inside me. By then I was sure my ass was glowing since it wasn’t used to being handled that way. I moaned and wiggled a little when Eric’s thumb brushed against my clit.

“Are you close to cumming, Sookie?”

“Yes, Sir,” I panted.

“Try to hold it,” he instructed, and applied more pressure to my clit.

I cried out and made my eyes focus on the intricate carving on the side of the armoire to distract myself from the sensations I was feeling. Eric pulled his fingers out again and resumed my spanking.

At intervals of five he would pause to finger me some more until finally I couldn’t take it, and I begged for him to let me cum.

“Not yet,” he said. “You’re doing very well so far, pet. I’m proud of you.”

Hearing those words made me feel good, but all of the build up only to not release was starting to get painful.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Before I could start pleading again with him, though, I felt a different part of him gliding between my folds. Eric was hard again and I was thrilled at the idea of fucking him. I wanted it badly.

“Do you want my cock in your tight little cunt, Sookie?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What color are we?”

“About to be blue, Sir, if I don’t cum,” I said without thinking about being cheeky.

Lucky for me we weren’t engaged in a scene or I would have been punished. Instead Eric laughed and put just the tip of his cock inside me.

“How does that feel, Sookie?”

“Very good, Sir.”

“Do you want more?”

“Yes, Sir, I want all of you in me,” I said in an almost desperate tone of voice.

Without further warning Eric thrust all the way in. I cried out and grabbed the armrests again. Holy fuck he was big. He waited a moment to give me time to adjust, but when he thrust his hips it was fast and hard, almost punishing. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back.

“This cunt is Mine now, pet. I will tell you when it gets to cum and my cock is the only one permitted inside it. Now who does this cunt belong to?” he demanded.

“You, Sir,” I said as he pounded into me.

“Good girl,” he said, and fucked me harder.

It didn’t take long for my orgasm to build and I asked, “Please, Sir, can I cum?”

“You may,” he said, and even reached under me to rub my clit to help me along.

A string of incoherent sounds came from my mouth and my muscles clamped down hard on his cock when my orgasm exploded. I saw flashes of color behind my eyes and for a second it felt like I left my own body. Eric continued to pound into me at the same pace and it didn’t take long before I was back at the edge.

“Please, Sir, can I cum?” I pleaded, even though I didn’t think I needed his permission since we weren’t in play. I was going to need for him to clarify the boundaries on some of the rules.

“You may,” he said.

“Oh thank you, Sir!” I shouted as the orgasm started. I thanked him over and over until I calmed down.

Half a dozen hard thrusts later Eric was cumming as well, but he pulled out and came on my ass and thighs. At the club condoms were mandatory but here it was another story. Both of us were clean per our medical records, and I was on birth control. At first I couldn’t move. My muscles were spent and I was exhausted. Eric was kind enough to retrieve a napkin from the cleanup drawer and wipe his cum off of me.

“What color are we, Sookie?”

“Green,” I smiled at him. “Thank you, Eric.”

As meaningful as it was to call him Sir, it felt like I needed to thank him as man who had just fucked me well and not just because he was my Dom.

He sweetly kissed my forehead and said, “You’re welcome, Sookie.”


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