Chapter 56: Sex on Fire


By the time everyone finally got the hint that I was done for the night, I was in quite a state. After the little interlude in the hallway, the looks Eric and I exchanged were smoldering. All I could think about was sex. I’d gone much longer than three weeks without in the past, but it was the longest I’d gone while with Eric. And it wasn’t until him that I understood just how sexual I could be.

“Get me out of this dress.” I ordered the second we were safely locked in the house alone.

The blaze of Eric’s eyes made me throb. He looked unbelievably sexy in his summer suit, the top three buttons of his shirt already undone to reveal a peek his tan, chiseled chest.

“All night long,” he stepped closer to me with a predatory look in his eyes that had my heart hammering wildly in my chest. “I imagined fucking you in that dress.”

Oh, God. Yes please. Do it now.

He began to gather up the material of my skirt. The look on his face was priceless when he went to get rid of my panties, only to find out I wasn’t wearing any.

“Did you marry me without underwear?” He arched an eyebrow at me.

I tugged him closer by the waistband of his pants. “I ditched them during my last potty break. They were soaking wet from thinking about you fucking me all night.”

His hand slipped between my legs and we both groaned. His lips ghosted near my ear, his breath warm on my neck as he began stroking my clit.

“So wet for me, wife.” I loved it when he called me that. His fingers slid inside me. My hips reacted immediately.

“Deeper.” I groaned as he stroked.

His mouth moved to mine while I started to unbutton his pants. He stroked my core and my clit at the same time, while his tongue battled mine. I hot his pants open and pushed down his thighs just enough. I grabbed his very hard length that stood tall and proud at full attention, and did a little stroking of my own.

“Eric,” I gasped against his lips. “I need you inside me.” I was so close.

He removed his fingers and I whimpered. I took his hand and guided his wet fingers to my mouth to suck them clean. He growled and hustled me around to the other side of the couch. He kept me facing the patio doors so my back was to him. I heard his pants fall to the floor, and my heart hammered wildly in my chest.

“On your knees, lover.” He demanded, his voice husky with desire. I loved that tone.

I climbed on the couch, and turned toward the armrest so he could follow behind me. I bent over it, bracing myself on the blush arm of the sofa. He lifted the abundant material of my skirt and bunched it up over my hips. He teased my clit with the head of his erection until I was begging him to fuck me. He entered me hard, filling me with one smooth thrust of his hips in a way that only Eric could. I cried out, them moaned, when I felt him gyrate a little.

“Oh, fuck.” I muttered as he pulled out completely, only to slam back into me.

He continued on that way for a little while, and it drove us both crazy. I was just about to complain that I wanted him to go faster, when he grabbed onto my hips and began to pound into me fast and hard. I screamed a little with every thrust, my ass backing up to meet him. One hand let go of my hips to teach around and rub my clit. My walls clamped down hard, my first orgasm setting me on fire.

He slowed his thrusts, not wanting to come yet. I was still panting and moaning when the pounding started again. He pulled me upright and back a little so I was sitting on his thighs. I turned my head to kiss him. His tongue battled mine for dominance, and his fingers started to work my clit again so we would come together.

“Eric, oh, God! Oh, fuck me!” I screamed, and he somehow managed to thrust harder.

It was my undoing, and I came violently, shaking and scraping his neck and thighs with my fingernails. He pumped into me twice more and then roared with his own orgasm releasing deep inside me.

“Holy fuck, lover.” He sucked on my neck. “Fuck, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I wiggled against him, and he groaned.

“You’ll make me hard again.” He warned.

“Good.” I breathed as he growled in my ear. “I love with when you growl at me.”

He did it again, and it sent a ripple of lust through me. I wondered if I would ever get tired of him. In fifty years was I still going to feel the same throb in my chest when I looked at him? I was excited to find out. Slowly I regained the use of my legs and he helped me to my feet. He left his pants right where they were, and I’m sure if anyone happened to look in on us at that moment, we probably looked pretty odd.

He’d unzipped my dress and was in the process of removing it when I decided I wanted to go upstairs. So my dress was hanging open, and Eric didn’t have any pants on. What a pair we were. Once we got up to our bedroom he gently removed my dress so all I had to do was step out of it. I went to put it on its satin padded hanger while he went to work removing my bra. I was really starting to detest bras. No matter what style I wore, I was never comfortable anymore.

“Babe, will you turn the air conditioning up?” I pouted at him.

I felt so bad for him. Half the time he was freezing because I had hot flashes like crazy. One minute I was sweating bullets and bitching up a storm because I was so cold, and the next I was tempted to flip the thermostat the other way. He kissed my temple and went to the end of the hall to adjust the temperature for me. I figured we would generate enough body heat to make up the difference.

I went into the bathroom to get cleaned up just a little bit, and of course, to take a potty break. I walked back into the bedroom to find Eric removing his shirt and tossing it into the hamper. I walked over to our bed and climbed in on what was usually Eric’s side. I wanted to be able to look at his face, and I couldn’t from my side of the bed if I was going to lay on my left side like I was supposed to.

Eric didn’t question it, but then I was pretty sure all he cared about was getting in bed with me. Getting in bed naked was even better. The second he was next to me, I pulled him close and kissed him sweetly.

“What was that for?” His fingers trailed up and down my arm.

“For being so great. You’ve put up with all of my craziness and you don’t complain when I’m being the world’s biggest bitch. And because I love you.”

He kissed me back in much the same way and slid closer to me. “You know what I miss?” He asked in a gentle tone.

“Hmm?” My eyes closed lightly. I definitely wasn’t done with him yet, but I needed a nap. I had been out of bed for most of the day, and after that couch sex, I was pretty wiped out.

“Watching you writhe underneath me when I fuck you.” He whispered against my neck.

My lady bits perked right up, while the rest of me was begging for just an hour of shut eye before trying to go another round with him. I moaned when his hand moved between my legs again. His mouth latched onto one of my breasts, teasing me mercilessly in both places.

“Eric…” I wanted to tell him I was tired, but I couldn’t.

Before I knew it he pulled one of my legs up so my knee was resting up near his hip, and he entered me again. It wasn’t the best position, but it was the closest I was going to get to being on my back, and I didn’t have the energy to get on top of him. He moved in and out of me slowly, our eyes locked on one anothers the whole time. We kissed lazily, touching each other gently. For the moment, crazy wedding night fucking was out the window, and we were just enjoying each other.

And then the hormones took a nose dive, and I started weeping. Eric froze, a panicked look on his face. “Did I hurt you?”

I shook my head and swallowed the lump in my throat. “No, no.” I remembered the last time I broke down like that during sex, and it lead to a week in Louisiana. “I’m crying because I’m happy and pregnant and I love you so fucking much.”

He kissed me again, and started moving his hips slowly. I wanted to get closer to him, and from the way he looked at me, it was like he wanted to just crawl inside me. And damn, in the moment, if it were possible, I would have let him.

When we were both sated a short while later, I quickly fell asleep with my head on his pillow and his hand on my belly. I woke up a while later when another potty break was needed, and a craving for peanut butter hit me like a freight train. I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, then slipped on my robe and headed downstairs to appease the Bean.

I sliced up an apple and plopped a spoonful of peanut butter on a paper plate so I could dip. I looked at the small pile of gifts and cards on the dining room table. The backyard looked pretty good, considering how many people had been in it for most of the night. A few of the neighbors had dropped by, and it was nice to know we were settling into the neighborhood. We were making friends. We were building a life together.

I breathed a sigh of relief and said a small prayer to whatever higher power might be listening, thanking them for bringing me Eric and our daughter, and letting us have just one day where nothing went wrong. It was perfect. I found our digital camera on the buffet table, and powered it up to look through the pictures. Mom had taken way more than I ever could have needed, but she got quite a few good shots. I would have to upload them onto my laptop in the next few days.

Eric had arranged to take a week off of work. We were going to finish up the last few things for the nursery, including putting the crib together (finally!), and just spend some alone time together. Our days of doing what we wanted, when we wanted, were numbered. Pretty soon our lives were going to revolve around the baby. A part of me worried maybe it was too much too fast, but I knew we would make it work. There had been so many obstacles set in front of us already, and so far, they had only made us a stronger couple. We faced things together. Adversity was old hat.

Not that I wanted to tempt the fates into giving us something else to overcome, but I wasn’t really afraid of losing Eric. I dipped another apple slice in peanut butter and munched on it slowly. The Bean was sound asleep. The house was still. Even Jeter was snoring in his own way near the fireplace. The only other sound I heard was the occasional airplane flying overhead, or a police siren in the distance. We heard them often since we lived off of a rather busy street. All in all, it was peaceful.

I put my plate in the trash, washed my hands, got a glass of water and headed back upstairs to my husband. I smiled to myself when I realized what I’d called him in my head. My husband. Eric was my husband.

I came to a conclusion the next morning while Eric and I were attempting to shower together, that as soon as I was medically cleared to have sex after the baby was born, the first thing I wanted was to fuck my husband up against the shower wall. I missed being able to do that, and I told Eric as much while he washed my back for me.

Eric then proceeded to give me a list of things he missed being able to do, each one more dirty than the last, and by the time he was done with his litany of dirty words, I wanted to jump him. Stupid pregnancy wouldn’t let me do that, either. I told myself I only had a few weeks to go. But then we would be sex-free for a while.

In the meantime, we would take every opportunity we could. As long as I was feeling frisky, I decided to just go with it. God only knew when the hormones would decide sex was the worst thing on the planet. Our first full day as a married couple was spent mostly in bed, with me popping up between rounds to go to the bathroom. Eric brought all of our meals up to bed and refused to let me help him cook or clean up afterward.

“You’re still supposed to be on bed rest, remember? I’ve got this, wife.” The sex in his voice when he called me his wife was insane.

I giggled, then groaned, at the idea that I might end up pregnant again in less than a year if we continued our trend of not being able to keep our hands off each other. We were going to need to talk about future children and what sort of time table we were thinking about. With Eric being a few years older than me, I wondered if it was a big deal to him to have more kids right away. I knew I wanted to have at least one more baby- if we were lucky enough to get pregnant a second time- but I wasn’t sure when I wanted to do it. I figured that was probably a discussion best kept for after the Bean made her entrance into the world.

When Eric came back after lunch he had the camera and my laptop in his hands so we could look at the pictures from the wedding. As annoying as it may have been to have that camera trail me around for the better part of the day once Eric left, Mom had done a great job documenting everything about the day. Thanks to her, I would always know that they caterer’s crew leader’s name was Carlos. Yep, Mom brought her A game.

Eric put the ones we wanted to print into a separate folder on the laptop so we could burn them onto a disc later. Once we got all of the pictures we were going to get from anyone- there had to be at least a dozen digital cameras snapping away- we would burn CDs and mail them out to our family and friends of the best pictures. Eric thought it was a little silly to bother with a photo album, but I wanted tangible memories of our wedding. Maybe it was old fashioned, but it was what I wanted.

He took note of the pregnancy hormones about to rise up against him, and he quickly changed the subject. He did the best thing he could have at the moment, and that was divert my energy toward sex. He was certainly taking advantage of my new-found sex drive as much as I was. I was sore in the right places, and for the best reasons. I considered our first day as a married couple to be very successful.

Eric’s mouth on my breast woke me on our second day as a married couple. I smirked at the idea of him getting jealous of the baby having dibs on his favorite parts of me for a while, but I said nothing. In fact, I didn’t even most right away. I knew if I did he would stop what he was doing, and I didn’t want him to.

But then his mouth was gone and my eyes opened to see him staring at the little hand sticking up out of my stomach. He didn’t noticed that I’d opened my eyes, he was staring so intensely. He reached out just one finger and stroked that little hand. The expression on his face just about broke my heart. I watched the flutter of the little hand and felt it move under my sky. It was an amazing feeling.

Eric leaned down to kiss the tiny palm and whispered, “I can’t wait to meet you.”

My waterworks started over his whispered declaration, and damn it if I didn’t fall in love with him all over again. He looked up at me with an expression on his face that let me know he hadn’t intended for me to hear him. Then he looked troubled because I was crying. Happy tears or not, he hated it when I cried. He diverted me from my tears by letting his fingers slip between my legs and I parted my thighs for him so he’d have better access. Our eyes stayed glued on one another as he touched me.

Flames of lust licked up from deep inside me, and it didn’t take long before I was hovering on the edge, waiting for Eric to curl his fingers inside me and send me flying. His fingers had just curled when his phone rang on the other side of the bed. I groaned and panted through my orgasm while he gently kissed my breasts and neck. God, he was amazing.

“Are you going to get that?” I inhaled deeply, watching as he withdrew his fingers from between my legs, and licked them clean.

“Nope.” He kneaded my hip gently, his erection resting against my thigh.

“Then turn the ringer off. It’s distracting.” I winked at him.

While he rolled to the other side of the bed to make the ringing stop, I switched up my position so I was on all fours with pillows piled under my belly for support. I heard Eric’s phone snap shut, and when he turned around, he growled to see me positioned like I was. It might sound boring, but I missed being able to get on my back. I liked feeling his weight on top of me. I missed looking into his eyes and being able to pull him closer, or deeper. There was a lack of connection when we made love the way we were about to, but there weren’t a whole lot of options with my belly being so big.

Long fingers trailed down my spine. Eric’s thumbs massaged my lower back as he got behind me just right. I grabbed onto the slats of the headboard, and squirmed a little when I felt him teasing my entrance. I looked back over my shoulder at him, watching him look where we were about to be joined. I pushed myself back a little so that just the tip of him was inside me. His eyes found mine and he advanced just an inch at a time, moving very slowly until he was all the way in.

He pulled out just as slowly and his thumbs began massaging my back again. His thrusts were slow and gentle, and I have to say, I missed being able to go at it hard and fast. Slow and gentle was nice, and it definitely had its place, but the teasing of it drove me mad. One of the many things I loved about Eric was that he always knew what I needed, and just how to give it to me. So before I could complain, he upped his pace. It wasn’t as fast or demanding as it was on the couch two days before, but that was fine by me.

The headboard still knocked against the wall, and I hoped Amelia and Tray were deep asleep. Then again, I’d been awakened a time or two by the noise they made next door. It was just a hazard of sharing a wall. The only downside was that they were night owls, whereas Eric and I were early risers. We were big fans of morning sex, and had it quite often.

The pillows underneath me shifted with the increased pace of Eric’s thrusts so that my extremely sensitive nipples were dragging back and forth against the 900 thread-count pillowcases. It was a stimulant I wasn’t expecting, and when Eric reached around to rub my clit, I cried out. I felt some of his weight press against my back, and then his lips were on my neck and shoulders. It was too much. I tried to hold it off, but my orgasm won the battle.

I wanted to drop down, but I couldn’t. Instead, Eric pulled out of me entirely and helped me get on my side. He lifted my leg up onto his, and entered me again. I turned my head as far as I could so I could kiss him. The strokes of his tongue against mine countered what was happening between my legs. His fingers were alternating between rubbing and gently pinching my clit, and his efforts redoubled when I felt him swell inside me.

I pulled my mouth away from his, steadily chanting his name over and over until a bright light burst behind my eyes. My arm shot up to hold onto the back of his neck as I rode the waves of pleasure. He pressed kisses to my neck and the side of my face. His hand settled on my stomach, feeling for the Bean’s little hands and feet.

We continued on like that for most of the day. I managed to convince Eric to let me out of bed long enough for me to go downstairs, have breakfast and take a walk. While I was getting my heart rate up from the all the sex we were having, it wasn’t quite the same work out as it used to be, and I was starting to cramp up from being in bed for so long.

So, Eric put Jeter on a leash, something we rarely had to do, and we went for a walk. I got a little weepy when it dawned on me we would be pushing a stroller pretty soon. Eric reached for my hand as we walked and suggested we take walks together more often.

“I’d like that.” I smiled up at him and paused so he could kiss me.

We walked for almost a half an hour before Eric started to get worried I was overdoing it, and insisted we head back to the house. It was fine by me, since I was starting to get tired. We got back to the house to find Tom and Stella waiting for us in the front yard, talking to Amelia and Tray. Jeter starting barking up a storm when he realized we had company, and started pulling Eric closer to the house.

“Oh, there you are!” Stella waved in our direction.

“What are they doing here?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“I have no idea.” Eric kissed the side of my head.

Our parents had agreed to give us a few days alone together before they started bombarding us with pictures, questions, plans and whatever else they had in store for us. My parents were staying for another four days, and the Northmans were staying for a week. Tom gave us an apologetic nod, while Stella was groping my belly as soon as she was close enough to reach it.

“Mom, what are you doing here? We had a deal, remember?” Eric reminded his mother.

“I know, sweetheart, I know. It’s just, well, your father and I got to talking last night…” Stella trailed off, looking over her shoulder at Tom, who looked like he would rather be having testicle removed than have this conversation.

“And?” Eric prompted.

“Well, we-”

You.” Tom corrected, getting him one of those glares from Stella.

“Fine. I was thinking about what you could do with your empty house. It’s not such a good economy right now, so selling it would probably be difficult.” Eric and I stared at Stella with matching blank expressions while we waited for her to get to the point.

“Yes, Mom, we know. That’s why we haven’t put the house on the market yet.”

“Well don’t.” Stella ordered.

Eric and I looked at each other, and I had a terrible feeling I knew what my new mother-in-law was about to say.

“We weren’t planning to. At least not for a while.” Eric clearly hadn’t figured it out yet.

I tried not to wince beside him. I liked Stella, I really did. I just wasn’t sure I was going to be able to maintain that if she only lived a few miles away. It was one thing when she was in California and we could easily fib our way out of things. It was another when she could drop by, claiming to be in the neighborhood.

“What if your father and I moved in there?” Stella asked with a big grin on her face. Eric’s jaw dropped. Tom closed his eyes and shook his head.

Stella looked to me for an answer, and before I could stop myself, I said, “You’re going to love Chicago.”


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