Hot For Teacher

SUMMARY: History teacher meets bartender on the last weekend before school starts. A night together leaves her wondering if he’s the real deal. Imagine her surprise when the first day of school begins and Eric happens to be the new PE teacher. AH/Lemonlicious

RATING: Mature

PAIRING: Eric & Sookie

STATUS: Complete

7 thoughts on “Hot For Teacher

  1. How can I find all of the chapters? It shows complete here but I can’t get past chapter 9 (course I may be a dummy). On Fanfiction it shows 60 chapters but uncomplete. I love it and would love to read t in it’s entirety.

    • It is finished. I have it set to post a new chapter every day. When I did that I didn’t know if alerts were going out for it. So a new chapter will be available tomorrow night. There are 60 chapters total. So at least you’ll get a daily treat if this is your first time reading. Enjoy!

    • Hi there…

      First of all, thank you for all of your reviews over the last 2 days. I’ve read them all, but haven’t been able to respond to each, but thank you for taking the time to respond. That being said, I realize there are some kinks with this site that I’m still trying to work out and I have a high volume of work to move from and a regular life that needs attending to as well. Time is limited and so I work on this when I have the time.

      While I understand the frustration with the lack of next/previous links I would ask that you understand that what might be convenient for you might not be convenient for others. For me, the way I have things organized is what’s easiest for me. Without trying to be rude, that’s ultimately what I’m most concerned with. The chapters are there and available to read. I can access them easily from my computer or from my tablet, which can be a picky pain in my backside when it wants to be. I’m working on adding the previous/next links and at some point I may get into writing up a complete index but that day is far, far into the future.

      Thanks for reading!


      • Thanks for that. I completely understand 🙂 Just made the comment as.. Umm a ‘wish list’ sort of comment I guess?
        I have been doing a bit of research on what I can do with the hover issue for the iPad, and the short answer is not much lol. It’s a general pain in my ass for a lot of my web browsing, but certainly my issue not yours 🙂
        I any case, finally got into the story and have started reading it woohoo, but already know this. And I love it!
        Glad to know I am going to be getting daily updates, very excited 🙂

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