***Completed Stories

Here are stories that are completed.

No need to wait for updates here.

Full of Grace

SUMMARY: Sookie and Eric have worked together for years. She’s a sweet girl looking for love that always ends up in dead end relationships. Eric is the busboy with a mysterious past that never speaks. Then one night Sookie is brutally attacked on her way home from work, and it changes her relationship with Eric forever. Inspired by Untamed Heart. AH/OOC CONTAINS SEXUAL VIOLENCE.

Hot For Teacher

SUMMARY: History teacher meets bartender on the last weekend before school starts. A night together leaves her wondering if he’s the real deal. Imagine her surprise when the first day of school begins and Eric happens to be the new PE teacher. AH/Lemonlicious

Love With A Stranger

SUMMARY: NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Sookie’s had a bad week and decides a night of no strings attached sex is in order. Enter a man she only knows as Viking to give her the relief she needs. Mostly porn, dirty words, explicit content & a little kink. Now w/a little plot.

LTS Banner

SUMMARY: Eric & Sookie meet when she moves into the cottage next door for the summer. Explosive chemistry leads to a friends with benefits relationship. Only they’re forced to evaluate how they really feel when one of them starts dating someone else. AH/AU


The Playground

SUMMARY: In a world before the Great Revelation, Sookie’s life has gotten pretty dull. After being invited by Tara & Eggs, she decides to apply for membership at The Playground, an adult club that allows its members to explore their sexuality. In doing some research she decides to explore her submissive side & meets Leif… her future Dom. Includes D/s, BDSM & a few other surprises. OOC/AU

2 thoughts on “***Completed Stories

  1. I was reading some of your stories I have missed – your really a great writer. Did you ever finish ‘To Serve and Protect’? It’s a really great story.

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