Chapter 3: My Lover

Day 3

Remember how Sookie said we aren’t/weren’t lovers? She can’t say that anymore. I rose before sunset but couldn’t leave the hole I’d rested in for the day. I woke with a hunger for blood and sex with Sookie’s scent still clinging to me. The smell only sharpened the cravings I was having. I could hear her moving around in the house, and all I wanted was to go to her.

Something was wrong. She was stressed, tired and scared. As soon as I was able, I got out of the hole and reached for the jeans on the bed. I heard Sookie approaching and took my time pulling on the pants. It was sneaky of me, sure, but I wanted her to catch me. I knew she had when I heard her make the most curious noise, like she was choking on a groan.

Her eyes on me were like laser beams, and there was an immediate spike of lust, longing and desire in her blood. I forced myself to keep quiet, even though my fangs were throbbing in my jaw. My body wanted hers just as badly as hers wanted mine, only she seemed to be lost in her thoughts. I moved in front of her and grabbed her shoulders, but she didn’t react until I spoke.

Granted, I’d technically known her longer, but I couldn’t recall ever seeing her so… out of it, and the lust was off the charts. Not even any embarrassment she was feeling could erase it. I asked if she was okay and of course, the first thing she did was apologize for barging in on me. Not that I minded, obviously. In fact, I was hating those jeans more and more with each second that passed.

Not only could I feel the lust rolling off her in heavy waves, but I could also smell her arousal. I would be shocked if I ever wanted to taste someone more than I wanted to taste Sookie at that moment. The smell was intoxicating. I forced myself to focus on her words as she told me Jason was missing, two women were dead and another was in the hospital. What was my Sookie doing while I was dead?

She made a hasty retreat for her shower. The thought of her warm, wet and naked was too much. There was a wildness in her blood that was screaming for me. I couldn’t ignore the call. I briefly contemplated going to the kitchen for a blood and letting her shower in peace but without realizing I’d done it, I’d discarded my jeans and went to her bathroom.

I couldn’t help grinning like a fool when I caught sight of her naked behind the curtain. My imagination had not done her any sort of justice. The night before, a comparison of humans and vampires had been made to antelopes and lions. I definitely felt like a lion, and based on the way her emotions danced from excited to nervous to preyed upon, Sookie was feeling like an antelope. I guess it is possible for a lion to want to caress an antelope after all. Only I didn’t want to stop there.

I lathered my hands and went to work washing her arms. My fangs dropped a little bit lower when I noticed the quivering of her breasts. I hadn’t touched them yet, but I was sure they were heavy, in addition to being two perfectly round spheres of flesh. I could see the jump of her pulse in her throat, and feel the anticipation in her veins.

She clarified once more that we had never made love with a shake of her head. I knew she was telling the truth, and I told her I was a fool. What was I waiting for? From all I’ve gathered, this other me should have had her. I couldn’t imagine why I wouldn’t want her. She couldn’t seem to speak. It was somewhat entertaining to feel the battle going on inside her. Her emotions swirled and I knew she was debating the right thing to do.

But when I told her to turn around, she complied. I stepped just the littlest bit closer to her so I could wash her hair. I felt her trembling when my considerable, and very hard, erection pressed against her back. She made a noise that made me want to devour her. The lion in my head roared, wanting to be done with the stalking portion of the program.

I asked if she was afraid of me, and there was a fresh round of internal debate happening in her blood. I felt her uncertainty waver until she made her decision. That was when I realized she wasn’t an antelope at all. She turned the tables on me and let her hands and fingers do a little exploring/washing of their own. I obliged her, moving to let her touch anywhere she wished. She was every bit as thorough as I had been, and her ministrations had me rocking against her.

The deep desire to feed on, and fuck her, returned ten fold. There was another wave of throbbing in my fangs. She was still washing the length of my erection when one of her small hands moved up my chest. She leaned in and sucked my right nipple into her mouth. I hissed quietly and told her to bite. She glanced up at me without releasing my nipple from her mouth, and then began to use her teeth. She scraped teasingly before taking her nibbles.

As soon as she released me, I began to reciprocate. What’s good for the lion, and all… Her skin tasted sweeter than I imagined it would. I let my hand move between her legs, making her squirm just a little. My fingers teased her folds while my tongue teased her nipple. One of her hands slipped into my hair, her fingers tangling in the damp strands. The hand between her leg parted her folds and rubbed against her nub. She jerked, ripping the shower curtain off its rings in a few places, but she didn’t seem to notice. I let a finger slide inside her, and her hips bucked against my hand.

I felt the rise of her pleasure, and reached around her and turned off the water. We separated long enough to dry off, but then she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and I was done. I leaned down and kissed her for the first time. Come to think of it, I don’t know if it really was the first time, but it was the first time I could recall. She kissed me like it wasn’t new to her. It felt like she knew me, like we’d done this before.

Her lips were soft and sweet, like all the other skin of hers I’d had the pleasure of tasting. Her lips parted and I wasted no time letting my tongue get acquainted with hers. She battled for dominance in the kiss, but didn’t protest when I cupped her breasts or let my mouth move along the line of her jaw and down the smooth column of her neck so she could catch her breath. Her pulse throbbed against my lips, and my fangs, among other parts, wanted desperately to be inside her.

I swept her up and carried her to her bed. She weighed nothing in my arms, and after getting arranged under the covers, we picked up where we left off in the bathroom. There we were, face to face, squirming against one another, determined to memorize every inch of each other. We attacked equally with lips, tongues, teeth and hands, but it was when she started stroking my length that I knew enough was enough.

I rolled on top of her and shuddered when she brushed the tip of me against her hot, and very wet nub. She groaned and put me at her entrance. From my exploration of her in the shower, I knew she was tight. Not a virgin (I would have been able to smell it), but close enough. A man of my size could be a discomfort to her and the last thing I wanted was for a single moment of what we were about to do to be not pleasurable.

“My lover,” I said as I pushed inside her.

Calling her that felt right, like it was the name I was supposed to call her by. Her back arched and she cried out as I slid inside her. Her nails dug into my shoulders. Her eyes closed, and that just wouldn’t do. I had an inside window into her feelings. I knew her blood because it was my own, at least in part. The only window she had into my feelings, my truth, was the way I looked at her. She wouldn’t know the truth if she kept her eyes closed, so I implored her to keep her eyes open. I wanted her to see me. All of me.

She shivered when I called her my lover again, and I was rewarded nicely for use of the term. Sookie stretched forward and ran her tongue over my fangs. If she knew what such a gesture would do to me, she didn’t let it show. Not only did it feel incredible, but it was like an acceptance and acknowledgment of what I am. As much as we may have been two people laying there, we are not the same.

I wanted her to feel the same rush of pleasure I had experienced, so as much as it killed me to leave the tight heat of her core, I pulled out of her and insisted she watch me. I moved down her body with nips and kisses, stopping briefly at her breasts. Her nipples were already pebbled when I reached them. After paying them special attention, I moved farther down, nipping, licking and tasting the flesh of her ribs, stomach, navel and hips.

She was writhing and moaning, and by the time I let two of my fingers slide inside her, I knew she was close to her climax. My fingers plunged in and out of her while my tongue teased her nub, desperately seeking any of the sweet nectar that had pooled between her perfectly tanned thighs. She grasped the sheets, but never took her eyes off of mine. I watched the wildness build in her eyes while her pleasure sang in my veins. Just before she exploded, I nuzzled her thigh and bit.

The first drops of her blood hit the back of my throat as she came undone. I could taste the wildness I’d seen in her eyes. I didn’t think anything could taste better than the sweetness that dripped from her core, but I was wrong. Her blood was intoxicating. I didn’t want to stop feeding from her, but the pull to be inside her again got the better of me. I healed the wound on her thigh and resumed my position above her.

She was still shaking and trembling when I entered her again. Her core pulsed around me with her aftershocks. I kept my thrusts slow and gentle at first. I let the rhythm build, kissing her hard and deep so the strokes of my tongue against hers countered the pounding of my hips. She moved to meet me, matching me thrust for thrust. My release was building but I was determined she would finish first. The scrape of my fangs on her neck and the circles of my thumb on her nub had her crying out. She exploded again, her walls gripping me so tightly I couldn’t hold back anymore. My release was almost violent, it was so powerful, and I shouted in a language I didn’t realize I knew.

“Det är rätt. Detta är bäst.” The words came flying out of my mouth in this language completely unknown to me.

I collapsed on top of her, eyes closed, and breathed her in. I didn’t want to forget any of it and I was uncomfortable with letting her see that little bit of weakness. How did someone I just met mean so much to me?

I remained there on top of her, listening to the pounding of her heart and the rush of her breath. She was so warm and relaxed underneath me. If I could, I would stay like that with her forever. As it was, I pulled back, curious to see the expression on her face. She looked a little troubled until she realized I was watching her. I waited for her to speak, and when she did, I wasn’t disappointed.

She was still a little breathless when she said, “I wish I could save orgasms in a jar for when I need them, because I think I had a few extra.”

I feel confident in saying Sookie will never run out of ways to surprise me. I couldn’t help but laugh at her admission. She was smiling and running her fingers up and down my back. I rolled us over so she was straddling me. Her fingers lightly raked up and down my chest and stomach while I stared up at her. I felt a bit dazed by how beautiful she was. She had no makeup on and her hair was a mess of waves and tangles the same shade of blond as my own hair.

I commented on how beautiful she was and she told me I had tried many times to get her in bed with me in the past, which was a relief since I’d started to think her beauty had evaded me. I asked her to tell me more about our relationship. She was cold and moved to stretch out beside me so we were face to face again under the covers. She twirled some of my hair in her fingers, while I let my fingertips trace patterns on her hip.

I learned my bar had been attacked, but I was more interested in learning about my history with Sookie. I found out we met at Fangtasia the previous summer when she was investigating two murders Jason was suspected of committing. She’d gotten Pam and me out of the bar before it was raided by the police. That was when she told me about her ability.

Sookie is a telepath. That certainly wasn’t expected. She quickly followed up by saying she couldn’t vampire minds. She could read Weres and Shifters some of the time, but human minds came in the clearest. I used that confession to my advantage and asked for her help when it was brought to my attention that a large sum of money had gone missing from the bar.

A previous partner in the business was the culprit and I staked him when he tried to attack Sookie. Then when she was attacked by a Maenad, I’d gotten my first taste of her blood when I sucked the poison from her back. In return for the healing I’d provided, she went to Dallas to help track a missing vampire. I ended up healing her a second time after she was injured at the Fellowship of the Sun church.

She explained the Fellowship was a group of religious extremists that called for the eradication of all vampires from the earth. I’d have to think on that a little more later. After she was healed, we ended up attending a reception together at the Dallas sheriff’s home. Sookie had my blood for the first time when I tricked her into thinking I was dying from a gunshot wound when the house was shot up by members of the Fellowship. She sucked the bullet from my chest and spat out most of the blood, but some had still gotten in her system.

She’d been furious with me for it, and wasn’t amused when I laughed during her story. If she thought I was going to apologize for giving her my blood, she had another thing coming. It seemed to be a wise move, since Sookie often found herself in dangerous, or precarious, situations. She gave me quite a glower when I told her that. She further proved my point when she told me I’d been her date/bodyguard at an orgy.

She’d gone in attempts to find her friend’s killer, and we ended up making out on the hood of my car. Our good time was interrupted by Bill, then completely ruined by the Maenad. The orgy became a massacre that Bill, Sookie and I barely survived. A few weeks after that, Bill was abducted by the king of Mississippi, in the hopes of getting his hands on a project Bill was working on for the queen of Louisiana.

According to Sookie, I threatened to torture her for information, but I couldn’t imagine myself hurting her. The thought of anyone marring that perfect skin of hers made my blood boil. I touched the spot where she’d been staked while she told me how it happened, and then how she’d been healed. Despite the fact that we’d made love less than an hour before, a blush painted her cheeks while she told me how I tried to take advantage of her in her weakened state.

I called bullshit on account of the lust in her blood as she spoke of it. She huffed, but did admit that I ‘kissed like a house on fire.’ She also admitted we probably would have made love that night if we hadn’t been stopped by a vampire named Bubba. I immediately had thoughts of finding this Bubba and staking him, but decided it wouldn’t matter, since I couldn’t remember anything anyway.

I gave Sookie my blood that night, and she’d thanked me for my offering by writhing against me until I orgasmed. It wasn’t very refined, but I was blown away by the knowledge that the simple act of her drinking from me was enough to make me come undone. She rescued Bill and killed Lorena, but when she was pushed into the trunk of a car and attacked by a starving and wounded Bill. I sensed there was something she was leaving out, but I didn’t push.

The fact that she had survived was nothing short of a miracle. On the drive home from Jackson, she was nearly abducted by werewolves looking for retribution for the death of one of their fellow pack members. It turned out Bubba had killed the Were to protect Sookie, but the pack didn’t know it. She returned home to an unexpected and very unwelcome party of Weres in her house.

Bill and I killed them all, and having had her fill of Supes for a while, Sookie rescinded our invitations. I went about my life in Shreveport. Sookie went back to work waitressing for her Shifter boss. She and Bill remained on the outs in the wake of his infidelities and the attack against her in the car. He was currently in Peru, gathering research for his project.

My hands began to roam Sookie’s body, and by the time she was done talking, I had repositioned myself to take her nipple in my mouth. My fang pierced her skin and I sucked hard to draw her blood into my mouth. Her breath caught and her body jerked. I lifted her leg up over my hip and entered her again, set on taking my time. We stared into each others eyes and kissed lazily until we met a mutual release. I delighted in her satisfaction, and hoped she knew I felt the same.

She surprised me, yet again, when she said I was beautiful. When she tried to downplay the compliments I’d given her, I wanted to correct her. When I said she was gorgeous, I meant it. Instead, I opted to have fun with her, since she was quite amusing when flustered. When I asked her what her favorite part of me was, I had expected her to say my penis, since it was quite impressive, even to me.

Instead, Sookie chose my backside. I realize how it probably seems insecure, but I had to ask. I supposed it served me right for her to use the word adequate to describe the part I had assumed to be her favorite, but it felt like a verbal kick in the shin. I put her hand on me, and the contact caused an immediate response. She smiled and a blush crept up her neck, while she thought of an alternative description for the flesh she was stroking.

“Maybe I should have said it’s a gracious plenty,” she laughed quietly in attempts to hide her embarrassment.

That description was much better. I wanted her again, and that was when I knew I’d never have enough of her. But rather than climbing on top of me like I wanted her to, she slid down the bed and took me in her mouth. Not wanting to be the only having all the fun, I persuaded her to turn her body so I could repay her the pleasure she was giving me.

It seemed her sweetness had only increased, and the idea of dying for the day with her taste on my tongue excited me. I used my tongue and fingers to bring her another release. I paid close attention to the noises she made, and the way her body moved when I touched her. It turned out she was just as talented with her mouth and hands, and when I swelled even more in her mouth, she relaxed her jaw and took me in deeper until I hit the back of her throat.

I released with another shout in the language I didn’t understand, but seemed to know. When she released me from her mouth, I turned her around and tucked her into my side. Both of us were so far gone, we muttered compliments and nonsense to each other until Sookie fell asleep.

I stayed there beside her in that in between stage for as long as I could. Now here I am at the kitchen table, and all I want is to crawl back in bed with her. I want her face to be the first thing I see when I wake later today. I want to get to know all of the things that make her tick, and I want her to know me just as well. Only, she already knows me better than I do.

She knows this whole other side of me I can’t even imagine. I don’t feel like the person she’s described to me. To hear the way she tells it, I’ve been rude, condescending, and completely insensitive to her feelings. That will stop from here on out. I don’t ever want to disrespect this woman, and yet, the other me has done it more times than Sookie can count. No wonder my attempts to bed her were always dismal failures in the past.

I also need to talk to Pam and find out what languages I speak. Perhaps she knows where I come from, and how long I have been a vampire. If she’s my second, I would imagine she knows a great deal about me and can fill in the blanks Sookie cannot. How did I meet Pam, anyway? No one has explained to me how I know these people, outside of the fact that we work together. Yet, I can tell there’s a difference in my relationship with Pam. It’s not the same as it is with Chow. Is Pam my lover, in addition to being my second? She’s a beautiful woman, after all, and I do seem to have a bit of a reputation for bedding beautiful women.

But all that ends now. Sookie is the only one I want. There’s something about her, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she’s different. I know I have a life I need to get back to, but the idea of leaving Sookie behind makes me incredibly sad. I want her with me. Always. I don’t want her miles and miles away, struggling to be safe or taken care of. I can provide all those things for her, and I want to. Although, I suspect her fierce sense of independence will fight me on it every step of the way.

I should be worried about my bar, or whether or not I am ever going to be myself again. Yet, the only thing I’m concerned about is whether or not Sookie will wake up regretting what we’ve done. She debated it quite a bit before we had sex, but she seemed sure of her decision. If she had still been doubting whether or not she wanted to, I would have stopped. It would have been difficult to do, but I would have, for her.

I guess the question now is, where do we go from here?


3 thoughts on “Chapter 3: My Lover

  1. OMFG, I love all the deliciously decadent details of Eric and Sookie’s sexy playfulness – lucky wench!

    VERY well done – keep up the good work.

    .-.-. errors found needing correction:
    1) ‘… she couldn’t vampire minds.’ [“couldn’t vampire” ought to be “couldn’t read vampire”];
    2) ‘Not wanting to be the only having all the fun, ….’ [“only having” ought to be “only one having”]

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