As it Was Made to Be

SUMMARY: Set in Chicago, two nerd virgins with tattoos meet in a tattoo shop by chance and sparks fly. How long will they stay virgins now that their paths have crossed? AH/OOC written by request for Scribeninja.

PAIRING: Eric & Sookie

RATING: Mature

STATUS: In Progress

5 thoughts on “As it Was Made to Be

  1. I firstly would like to say that I thoroughly enjoy everything that I have read here 🙂
    Which is why I am being so bold as to make a request 🙂
    There are some stories that I have not been able to get into, such as this one. The reason being that ‘hover’ menus are notoriously touchy (haha) on touch screen devices. Sometimes they work sometimes all that happens is the equivalent of a ‘click’.
    So my hopefully humble request would be to ask if you could please put links to your chapters that can be clicked?
    I understand that adding a ‘first chapter’ link from the story page, and then a ‘next chapter’ link to each stories’ chapter would be a cumbersome job.
    I can also appreciate that putting an index of chapters on the story page would take away from the aesthetics.
    In which case neither option Is ideal. Maybe a link at the bottom of the story home page to a story index page? Or even a ‘site’ index page?
    Just my thought. I would love to continue to read all your stories 🙂
    But anyways… Off to try and get into another story 🙂

  2. You keep yourself pretty busy with all your great stories but I do hope your muse revisits this one in the future.

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