Always For You

SUMMARY: AH. After years of writing letters and chatting by webcam, Eric finally makes a trip to America to meet Sookie face to face. They plan to spend the summer together, but will he be able to leave her when the summer ends? Rated M for later chapters.

RATING: Mature

PAIRING: Eric & Sookie

STATUS: Incomplete, but it comes to me when it comes to me. It will be finished.

A/N: This was my first All Human story. I’m sad that it’s not finished yet, but I know how it’s going to end. It’s just a matter of getting these kids to talk to me. I think they don’t like the idea of being separated *le sigh* so they like to hide so they can be together. Poor things.

5 thoughts on “Always For You

  1. I Can’t Wait Til These Two start Talking To You Again. I Haven’t Read Anything Of Yours That I Didn’t Get Hung Up On, But This Is So Sad To Me ………… Missing It

  2. Please ! Please ! Tell Me If These Kids Will Start Talking To You Sometime Soon … They Have Been Quiet For About 7 Months Now,,, Maybe We Should Check To See If They are Still Breathing..? Lol…

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