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Hi there!

I’m Meg. You probably already know that. I’ve been writing fan fiction for about five years now. I started in the One Tree Hill fandom as a loyal Leyton shipper, but a 100 chapter story burned me out and I haven’t written for it since. I’ve been writing for Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood since 2008. I mostly write Eric & Sookie, but different pairings or perspectives sneak in sometimes to keep things interesting.

I have a profile on fan fiction.net under the same pen name, but I’m tired of all the fuckery there so I’m moving over here.

Now that we got all the basic writer stuff out of the way, here’s some stuff about Meg…

* I’m the oldest of 6 kids. I have 3 sisters and two brothers. Two of my sisters will be living abroad soon. One is already in Berlin, living with her husband. The other has been accepted to the University of York for grad school and will be leaving in October. I’m excited and happy for both of them.

* All that stuff you read about the star sign Taurus pretty much fits me to a tee. I’m honest to the point of bluntness a lot of the time so I can come off as bitchy or mean, but it’s just because I’m not one for sugar coating. I suck at beating around the bush and I’m not known for blowing smoke up someone’s ass to make them feel better. It doesn’t do any favors and it’s a ‘nice’ way of being dishonest.

* I have an epic addiction to music. Like it’s seriously disturbing sometimes. There’s almost always a song in my head, and lyrics are constantly rattling around in there.

* I think Snuggies are the stupidest thing ever. If you’re too dumb to work a blanket properly, you should be sterilized. There is no need for you to procreate and pass on your weak genetics to some unfortunate child. Just no.

* Pretty much all of my idols are comedians because they can put a funny slant on the truth. Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Kathy Griffin… they’re all hilarious and incredibly smart. Also, it should be noted that Tina Fey is my girl crush. It’s legendary.

* I’ve lived in the Chicagoland area my whole life. I don’t put ketchup on my hot dogs, I like my pizza stuffed and I’m a Cubs fan. I’m also old enough that my preschool class learned the Superbowl Shuffle back in ’86, and some of the words to that song have stuck with me. Crazy, I know.

* The older I get, the more political I’ve become. I hate watching the news because it’s so goddamn depressing, not to mention the news in America is so biased. I’ve started going to BBC News for that reason. I don’t really align myself with any political party. I’m conservative about some things and liberal about others. It’s kind of the same thing with religion for me. There are too many ideologies and principles from different religions for me to say I’m one or another. The important thing is to figure out what you believe in. Fuck labels.

Celtic crosses
Alexander Skarsgård
My tablet, known as The Meth Lab
4th of July
Peppermint mochas from Starbucks
Jethro (one of my iPods)
Super soft blankets
The smell of fresh cut grass
Greek mythology
Acoustic versions of songs
Courtney Love. She’s a hot mess, but I love her.
I Love Lucy
Into the Wild– If you haven’t seen this movie, do it.
The smell of pears
My headboard. My grandfather built it as a wedding present for my Gram.
Cool breezes
Peanut butter cups
Diet Coke
Long talks with old friends
Watching/analyzing True Blood with my Baby Sister

1. My brother, Danny. He’s proof I can miss someone I never met.
2. My grandfather. Papa died when I was 10. I wish I could have known him better.
3. Uncle Bill. He died back in ’02 and even though I got to say goodbye, I miss him terribly.
4. Gram. She passed almost two years ago. I miss her as well.
5. George Carlin. Yeah, Gram & Papa would looove it lol.
6. Marilyn Monroe. Such a beautiful woman with such a sad life. I adore her.
7. Oscar Wilde. If you don’t know who that is, we can’t be friends.

Dawson’s Creek, True Blood, Southern Vampire Mysteries, Generation Kill, Being Erica, One Tree Hill and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Lucas & Peyton, Pacey’s & Joey, Eric & Sookie and Buffy & Angel.

I think that’s good enough for now. Thanks for stopping by!


Songs That Changed My Life

What Are You Afraid Of? // West Indian Girl

Ten Years Gone // Led Zeppelin

Existentialism On Prom Night // Straylight Run

It’s Been Awhile // Staind

Sidedish Friend // Rachael Yamagata

From the Inside // Linkin Park

The Weight of Lies // the Avett Brothers

Awake My Soul // Mumford & Sons

My Body Is A Cage // Arcade Fire

Irvine // Kelly Clarkson

Somewhere With You // Kenny Chesney

Head // OTEP

Only // Nine Inch Nails

Don’t You (Forget About Me) // Simple Minds

Just Dance // Lady Gaga

Society // Eddie Vedder

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I liked DEA. I always knew Eric was out for himself and idk why other people romanticized him so much. I thought at one point maybe they could make it work but there was a turning point I’m not sure when, when I knew it just wasn’t gonna work. Im happy she took the good guy cause I felt like she was always choosing these risky guys when she had a stable, loving guy right in front of her all along. I’m not going to lie after the 8th book I hated the series, I didn’t like how Eric was acting or Sookie but I think the final book reaffirmed my views about Eric (come on we’ve been warned that vampires rarely change from day to day)and redeemed Sookie(she was getting a little immature and naive after making so much progress, now she took a big step forward).

  2. Is there another format for storiesforevy? I can’t open mobi files and you can only download that form on her wordpress. Thanks

  3. I hated every svm book after ” from dead to worse”, so the last one I bought was “dead in the family”. it was so bad I couldn’t read another word by ch! after all the years of reading eric and sookie and all they went thru, WE WAS ROBBED!!! I still love them so now I read every ff I can find to continue my love affair with the Viking and the telepath. please continue with the great stories and fabulous writing, I look forward to it!

  4. I was reading Over You on Fanfiction. It only has 7 chapters. Have you started taking your stories down. I hope not. They are always wonderful to reread.

    • The completed version of Over You can be found on the Brainmates blog I used to share with Scribeninja when we were still writing together. There should be a link to the blogs I follow somewhere on the sidebar of my page. Otherwise you can Google “Brainmates WordPress” and it should come up that way. The only incomplete story there is Just a Little Heat. Scribe quite writing fanfiction before we could finish the story.

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