Happy Birthday kjwrit!

I’m going to start with that gif because it had me in stitches yesterday and caused a makeup malfunction for Wifey while she was in the office. But from now on, anytime I have a bad day, this is my go-to gif for lolz.

Now that we got that tomfoolery out of the way we can get to the good stuff! About a week ago justwanderingneverlost put up a post on Instagram featuring this gem.

Wifey and I agreed that Girls Who Don’t Read are Skanks is our favorite, but ultimately it was Bibliobimbo that spoke to me. I had been through about 2154641 different ideas for her birthday fic. I thought I was slick back in February and might do something featuring Eric in spandex, paying homage to George Michael, whom both kjwrit and I are fans and were devastated to hear of his passing back in December. That didn’t work out, although the thought is still there so maybe at some point I’ll get a plot together that I actually like for the idea. Even Bibliobimbo had to get a reboot when I got about 3k words into the first version before I realized it wasn’t working. So I managed to get this written over the course of the last five days.

Maybe next year I won’t come down to the wire on Wifey’s present but it’s not likely. So, for your viewing/reading pleasure, I present


In addition to being Wifey’s birthday and Cinco de Mayo, the Cubbies are also playing the Yankees. What a day. I’m off to go cuddle GusGus. He’s getting so big!

Happy birthday Wifey! I hope it’s a great one!

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday kjwrit!

  1. Happy Birthday Kjwrit, a more deserving person couldn’t be found. Thanks for writing as well. I was a little surprised to see that Eric didn’t use his investigative journalism skills to uncover the embezzlement going on in Bon Temps. Great story though, loved it.

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