Power to the People

I don’t want to get too political here because that’s not what this blog is for, but since this blog has the most followers I wanted to share something. If you’re planning on protesting tomorrow, Saturday or any other time please keep the following information handy. It takes just one person to tip the scales from peaceful to violent and then all hell breaks loose. So whatever side of the aisle you’re on, please be safe and peaceful. The message gets lost when heads get bashed. 

As far as I’m concerned, Love Trump’s hate. 

All my love,


22 thoughts on “Power to the People

    • Thank you for reblogging this. I hope everyone is safe. I also just read that you shouldn’t wear contacts because if you get pepper sprayed, the chemicals can melt the lenses and they could burn your eyes, blinding you for life. Eeeek!

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  2. Wish I could be protesting too! Next 4 years are going to be rough. Putin should give us the courtesy of a reach around as he and Trump screw us.

    • Well if it’s half as good as the last 8 with Obama, Syria, Iran, etc. we will be having a different conversation. Trump may not be ideal to some, but at least he is Hillary and her lies.

      • Oh look! An ignorant right wing moron and viewer of Faux Propoganda.
        Hope you enjoy that vote for Trump when the RepubliCONS screw you deplorables over AGAIN.
        It beggars belief how easily the gullible are conned and swallowed the right wing smear campaign against the Clintons.
        Good luck when the Rethugs take your health care and you die or are bankrupted while Trump and his swamp dwellers give tax breaks to the 1%.

      • Whoa, whoa, let’s be nice. Name calling isn’t nice and I will not hesitate to delete all the comments on this post if arguing breaks out. I posted this to inform people of safe practices, not to start a war.

        Be kind.

    • You are a joke .i have been a democrat all my life until this year .and all the criminal ! Lies . Childish. We brought in illegals and let them vote and we still lost. Hell thats how we won the popular vote cubans and mexicans and people from all over . And we still lost and we even had abc. Nbc.cnn on our side telling the people what we wanted them to here. And the way the democrats have acted and are still acting .we may never get in again.
      Im not protesting. Im upset that i lost but im an adult and life goes on .the things that are planted in our heads is not true.billions of americans stand with the new president and they never liked how he acted .so im going to not jump on the band wagon and let this shit take over my life and see where we go the next 4 years

      • I don’t think protesting is childish. There are a lot of things happening with the Trump administration that are worth protesting. He’s only part of the problem, honestly, but there are definitely issues that need to be sorted out and there are millions of people who are pretty pissed off about how this election went. It’s within our rights to protest. I say go to it, my friends.

      • Careful, your ignorant white privilege is showing.
        Illegals were not brought in to vote. Sadly I doubt you could truly be a Democrat if you fell for that propaganda. Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes and Trump only benefited from the Electoral College which was designed to PROTECT SLAVERY.
        The Fairness Doctrine was dismantled by Reagan in 1987 which required that all matters of national importance be given balanced coverage.
        This led to the rise of Fox Propaganda which has filled the heads of the gullible ever since with the lies that the ‘other’ (blacks, Latinos, etc) are somehow taking ‘their’ country away.
        The Voting Rights Act was gutted by RepubliCONS in 2013 and RepubliCONS set about instituting unnecessary voting I.D. ‘laws’ designed to keep African American and Latino voters from voting.
        Voting rolls were purged deliberately to target these same groups and RepubliCONS have consistently worked to gerrymander voting districts to minimize the effect of the votes of non-white voters.
        All to retain white supremacy and power.
        Clinton’s detailed policy positions were ignored by the Press as they slavered over an email ‘scandal’ drummed up by RepubliCONS. An email scandal which was nothing of the sort.
        FBI Director Comey interfered in the election and possibly violated the Hatch Act by the release of that letter and its bogus claims just days before election day. Hardly surprising coming from a RepubliCON with a Trump sign in his front yard. So much for President Obama attempting to work with RepubliCONS who only seek power over what is best for their country.

        Newsflash people. Voting for RepubliCONS is voting for racism. misogyny, homophobia and against the best interests of anyone not rich, white and male.
        You might try educating yourselves instead of swallowing the lies from right wing propaganda outlets.

      • Hey! Enough! This is not the place for this discussion and I don’t appreciate your tone. I don’t want any arguing here. If you want to argue, take it elsewhere. I’m not going to tell you again. One more comment like this and I’m removing them all.

  3. Great information to have with you & share with those attending. So wish I was capable of marching! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I appreciate you posting this as it is informative. I will remember this when counseling those on both sides of the aisle. I also want to comment that if one was to block my roadway as many of these “protestors” (without a permit) are…I would continue to move my vehicle as they are preventing my tax paying, voting, employed self from getting to and from the very meetings that they wish their attorney shows up for…i.e. Client meetings and hearings.

    • While I don’t think it’s smart to protest in the middle of a highway or by blocking traffic, I also don’t advise running anyone over. That’s not a good counter argument. Like I said, the message gets lost when things get violent.

      • No, counter argument. I made a statement. If I was your attorney and these morons are standing in the road and I need to get to your arraignment… Is your argument that these individuals that are breaking the law trump your right to counsel? Please explain.

      • That’s not at all what I’m saying. What I’m saying is running them over is a bad idea, and also criminal. You having a place to be doesn’t give you the right to run someone over.

      • Also, I’m not going to argue with you. So if you’re looking for an argument, please go somewhere else. I posted this to help people. Your hostile attitude is unnecessary.

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