GusGus Has Arrived

This sweet little boy came into the world this morning sometime between 5 & 6. He still doesn’t have a name but I’m calling him GusGus after the fat mouse in Cinderella. He’s my cousin’s son. Her first baby. We knew before he was born that he had a deformity in his aorta. We knew that he was going to need an ultrasound at birth to determine just how severe it is. Everything looked fine. He’s fed and he’s needed diaper changes. His color is good. He’s 8lbs and 5oz of pure cuddlebug. 

He’s also in the NICU now. I’m not sure what happened to cause the transfer. He’s not on life support, his heart didn’t stop or anything like that. I’m pretty sure he’s breathing on his own. His poor mother is scared out of her mind and exhausted from the whole birth process. Right now his grandmother, my aunt, is looking into cardiologists here in Chicago that would be willing to accept him as a patient. Odds are, this little angel is going to need surgery. 

I don’t like asking people to pray because I don’t like to assume anyone’s religious beliefs, but I am a huge believer in the power of positive energy influencing a person’s ability to heal and the universe giving back good things when you put good out there. So if you wouldn’t mind thinking good thoughts for this little guy, I would be ever so grateful. 

Thank you.

44 thoughts on “GusGus Has Arrived

  1. I am sending this beautiful baby boy and all your family members all the positive energy within me. Be strong, there is so much treatment available in this area and he looks wonderfully strong and healthy, all good signs. Wishing you love, luck and strength. xx

    • It’s been diagnosed as coarctation of the aorta. I’m not familiar enough with cardiology to say anything about treatment, but my mom is an ICU nurse and has advised my aunt to get in touch with doctors at either Shriners Hospital or Children’s Hospital. Hopefully, he won’t need to be rushed into surgery. Right now it’s wait and see.

  2. Such adorableness!! Hopefully he’s in NICU just because he’ll get extra attention there instead of in the regular nursery. Sending tons of well wishes and good thought their way.

  3. Praying for the best possible outcome. Add the Congenital Heart Disease Program at Comer Children’s – University of Chicago Medicine to the list!
    He is precious! Congrats all around. XO

  4. Prayers for GusGus. NICU can monitor him way better than a regular nursery so as scary as it is have faith he is in excellent hands. He is absolutely adorable and those cheeks are just begging for kisses and num nums..

    • Absolutely. The NICU is where he needs to be with people who are trained to deal with babies in distress. Hopefully they’ll just get to soak up his cuteness and there won’t be any emergency situations.

    • I do too. We come from a fearless stock who feeds bears by hand. My great grandmother kept a brown bear as a pet in northern Wisconsin. I have a photo of her feeding it a fish while the bear stood on its hind legs. GusGus has some great guardian angels standing guard over him.

  5. Add my positive thoughts and energy to the group – he is adorable and those little chubby legs! He should be feeling the love by now – and I know he will be strong and healthy. Hope you get to see him soon 🙂

  6. He’s beautiful, and those cheeks! So sweet! I’m sure you can’t wait to hug him! Many thoughts and prayers for GusGus and his family. Please keep us posted on his condition. I hope & pray that all turns out as well for him as it has for our Baby Conner.

  7. He is so darn adorable! He’s a chunk butt it looks like lol! My grand babies were all chunk butts, I could just bite their pudgy cheeks! Ok so I’m a weirdo lol but I love babies!! Girl my prayers have already been said and will do them over and again. He looks so healthy and he just may have been blessed more than you know and will be as perfect as can be. CONGRATS to your cousin and you darlin! SQUEEEEE look at his perfect nose SQUEEEEE!
    Much love and prayers for all of you Miss Meg

    Ps was he born on the 24th? That’s my bday ans the 23rd is my oldest granbaby. ALL I CAN SAY IS HES PERFECT!!

  8. Sending positive thoughts to GusGus and your/his family. I hope he’s okay, and everything works out 🙂 He’s absolutely beautiful, one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve ever seen.

  9. Lots of prayers, positive, healing thoughts and love to GusGus & the whole family…wishing for a speedy recovery. And BIG HUGS for all too, especially GusGus, the gorgeous lil’ puddin’!

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  11. My little guy came 10 weeks early & we spent 40 days in the NICU, just got home last month. NICU nurses are angels on earth. I know what your cousin is going though, assure her he’s in the best place right now. I will say a little prayer for him tonight.

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