Happy Birthday KJWRIT!

Okay, so this year I thought I’d get a jump on Wifey’s story. Way back in February I was like, “I have the perfect plot, and this is going to be done way before Wifey’s birthday!” And what happened? That plot turned out to be a turkey. I started working on it but when I went in to read it a few weeks ago I had no fucking clue what the end game was. So I had to start over. Since my birthday is a mere ten days before hers, of course there was that reminder going off in the back of my head that Wifey’s was coming up soon too. I tried a couple of different things but none of it was working. So then this happened.


Of course I had no idea what that song was because I up until I searched YouTube for it, I’d never heard a Demi Lovato song. Then of course I was like oh sweet, she picked something angsty. All these dramatic images of a lovelorn Sookie filled my mind, and yet, I couldn’t get a single word out about it. I tried for like two days and there was just nothing happening. And then there was a blessing from plot bunny heaven that got me started on the path I ended up staying on.


That nugget of Skarsporn really helped to cement the scruffy Eric I had in mind. Please feel free to keep that pic as reference for when Sookie starts up with her random humping on Eric. I mean honestly, how could you not? I would.

So anyway, I knew this wasn’t going to be a short one shot, but that’s okay. Truthfully, I could probably flesh this out a bit more and turn it into a full story, but I’m happy with how it is. I broke it up into two parts just in case you can’t read it all in one sitting.

As for Wifey, I hope that your mom isn’t driving you too crazy. If she is, give her more meds or maybe take some yourself. Happy birthday my dear friend!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday KJWRIT!

  1. For some reason, there is no where to leave comments on the story pages, so I’m putting it here.

    A wonderful story! I may have a cavity now, but I loved it. I know there are men out there like that, it’s too bad they’re so few and far between though!

    • I always forget you have to click the stupid box to leave comments on pages. I fixed that.

      But yes, I agree that it’s a shame there aren’t more men out there who are willing to step up and take the package deal.

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