I’m Having A Quandry

Okay so it was brought to my attention by RedJane12 that a one shot I co-wrote with Missy Dee for our Dirty Lemons page had been plagiarized by this lovely NO MA ALLOWED person. My gut reaction was to tell her I wasn’t going to bother clicking the link she had provided for me that would allow me to see exactly what was going on. I was good. I didn’t click the link and I didn’t get involved. I figured I don’t need that kind of frustration and nothing I say is going to stop a troll from trolling. The more attention you feed a troll, the trollier it gets.

But then yesterday my curiosity got the better of me. I decided I could go and take a look just to see what all the fuss was about. It was also brought to my attention that Angela was on the list of smut writers he/she had targeted for public stoning and had referred to her as a “dead smutty bitch” or something of that nature. It could have been “smutty dead bitch”. Either way, that didn’t sit well with me at all. I wasn’t close to Angela but we did trade comments back and forth, both on our works and on Facebook. From what I can tell, she was a very nice woman with a fantastic sense of humor. Regardless of whether or not I was a die hard fan of hers, I respected her work and the time/effort she put into it. Her death was tragic in many ways and for someone to make light of that… I just couldn’t abide it.

What can I do about it? Nothing. By the time I got to check out NO MA ALLOWED’s profile, he/she had already changed it to remove that little bit of nastiness. The excerpt from Little Red Wagon had been removed from her page and in place of the stories that had been plagiarized were “author’s notes”, ironically also against the policy of Fanfiction.net but apparently rules don’t apply to trolls.

I must be getting mellow in my advancing age because what I saw in those notes didn’t make me angry like they might have even a year or two ago. What I saw there made me actually kind of sad. I don’t know the backstory behind this person or what caused them to lash out so badly at people they don’t even know for reasons that don’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s pathetic. I suppose living in a country where there are mass shootings almost on a daily basis makes you put things in perspective. I have bigger fish to fry than what some troll thinks about internet smut.

Purely out of a need to feed my own curiosity I went to look at the “reviews” that were left behind. Not too surprisingly, a lot of them were guest reviews. Some of them were sarcastic and biting; some threatened to report the troll for their violation of TOS; some were downright vulgar and offensive. There were few comments that were worded kindly and attempted to be nice to a person who, quite honestly, doesn’t seem to have much kindness in their heart.

The reviews I saw made me sad. I know, I know, a lot of people would probably say she doesn’t deserve kindness or to be treated nicely. I’m not going to judge the people who left anonymous reviews calling her a cunt or telling her she needs to get laid to “fuck the bitch out of her”. I’m no one’s mother and we’re all adults here. At least we should be. If you’re under eighteen and reading smut on the internet, there’s nothing I can do to stop you. But I digress… The reviews made me sad. Why? Well, there’s a part of me that would like to think we’re better as a fandom than to stoop to her level of name calling and childishness. There’s also the possibility that you win over more flies with honey than vinegar but trolls are rarely won over and I know that.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a few choice words for her myself. What I was surprised by was that I didn’t want to log in and leave her a rant in defense of my work. I didn’t want to leave some snarky guest comment that said, “Fuck you and the dick you rode in on.” Instead, I looked to see who was on her hit list. I recognized a lot of those names. A lot of those authors are women that I have become friends with. We send Christmas cards, birthday presents, Skarsporn, help each other’s kids with school projects because we live in different parts of the country and we talk about our lives outside of fanfiction. These women have become a fantastic resource in my writing and also personally.

I was more hurt by this than I was angry. In case it’s gone unnoticed over the years, I don’t like to see my friends being attacked by others. Maybe it’s my Mother Hen Complex or the Taurus in me that gets all fired up and ready to stampede any fool unfortunate enough to wake the sleeping bull inside me. I don’t know if that list is sitting on her profile because she thinks it’s going to bring shame to the writers who are on it, but I can tell you now – and I’m fairly certain I speak for all of the authors on it – that they are fresh out of fucks to give. All of my fucks are tied up in other things.

Thinks that matter. You know, like gun control, women’s rights, the incredible fuck up that is our healthcare system in America, climate change, homeless veterans, starving children… the list goes on and on and on. I simply don’t have any fucks to spare for this person who had decided that internet smut is the best use of her energy and voice. I’m more concerned about cyber bullying and the posting of revenge porn than a group of authors who are writing imaginary porn. Maybe I just have my priorities straight? I don’t know.

In the end, I’m sticking by my decision not to feed the troll. I read Wifey’s fic response to Marie Antoinette and while it made me laugh, I’ve decided I’m not going to waste my time or energy dedicating work to her. What will it accomplish? A year ago it might have made me feel better. Now I’m just kinda shrugging it off and getting on with my day.

Before I go, though, I do want to say thank you to those that jumped up in our defense. I can’t speak for all of the writers out there but I know  for me your support is greatly appreciated. Your encouragement, reviews and sometimes your publicity mean the world to me. I would write no matter what but it is positively wonderful to be able to engage with the readers and answer their questions when they have them. That’s something that professional writers don’t always get to do. I feel incredibly blessed that so many people have continued to follow my work and grow with me in the time that I have been in the fandom. Sometimes I think I take it for granted.

I’m an old timer now. I looked at that list and some of those names I didn’t even recognize. It’s been a long time since I’ve published anything on fanfiction.net and for good reason. Hell, not a single word from Dirty Lemons has ever been published over there and yet we made the list. I guess that means we’re special, huh?




31 thoughts on “I’m Having A Quandry

  1. Beautifully said. I’m on her list, but I had no desire to justify her plagiarism by leaving any kind of review. In the scope of things, she’s a tiny person with the need to feel important. If she gets her feels met by cleaning up a single fandom on a fan fiction website, I feel sorry for her. Personally, I think the other grandsons are just as bad if not worse. 50 Shades was from Twilight… I’ve read more than one Harry Potter fic where Hermione is (graphically) raped and/or tortured… hell, there are How To Train Your Dragon fics with Hiccup and Toothless together (eww), all on FF. Net. It’s pointless to feed a troll’s need for attention, be it positive or negative. Glad to see that you’re in that same mindset.

    • Thanks, Ali! It’s absolutely pointless. It probably comes from getting into too many Facebook arguments with idiots over political crap. If I feel like getting into an argument with someone it’s going to be over something that matters. One could argue that she’s trying to violate 1st Amendment rights with censorship but I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. This is someone who is on their moral high horse and has nothing better to do with their time than being a pain in the arse. I don’t know if it’s attention seeking or what, but it’s just not worth getting in a twist over. There are plenty of other places for authors to post where things aren’t so “regulated” and trolls are easily banished from our own individual little kingdoms, or queendoms, as it may be. What can you do?

  2. What she posted over there was taken from WordPress sites, as you probably figured out since Dirty Lemons doesn’t post there.

    I will say though that the best way to get rid of a troll is to continue reporting the stories as not their work. Eventually, hopefully, maybe the admins over there will come to their senses and block the ISP rather than the user name

    I think s/he needs to go to their local mental health care clinic and get screened.

    I think you did the right thing though. You refrained, you didn’t feed the troll. Are they like Gremlins and grow and get meaner if you feed them after midnight?

    • Some bitches be trippin’, I guess.
      It would explain why she’s using fanfiction.net to report work posted on a completely different site that has not restrictions for smut. Maybe she hit her head when she fell down the rabbit hole? I don’t know. What I will say is that part of the reason I left fanfiction.net is because they weren’t doing a very good job of protecting their authors. They seemed to be catering more to the readers and those anonymous troll reviewers than to the people who were bringing traffic to their site in the first place. Sorry, but no. I’ll go somewhere where I can have some kind of control over what appears on my page and what doesn’t. If It wants to troll me here, I’ll get It’s ISP number and then we’ll see what’s up. Until then, It can stay over in the other yard and I’ll stay in mine.

      • Agreed. I do still have stories there, and post new ones but all the new ones might as well be rated G for all the extracurricular fun that isn’t in them *sigh*.
        It makes me wonder though, and I did think about this at work. If whoever it is is so against adult works do they read Romance stories? Do they picket book stores which sell adult themed books/magazines in the same place that they sell books for infants, toddlers, younger and older children? Do they stand outside and shout no MA allowed at the top of their voice, hoping to be heard and stop people from going about their business?

      • My guess is probably not. You know, since writing smut isn’t the problem, but posting it on the internet is. I get it. Truthfully, yeah, it’s violating the terms of service. I’ve read the policy several times. Has anyone ever truly abided by it? Nope, not really. Why? Probably because common sense says if you see something in a story you don’t like, you just don’t read it. You move on to something else. It’s really no different on the internet than it is browsing in a bookstore. Why this troll fails to grasp that concept, I don’t know. I’d say It’s a stickler for rules but It keeps breaking them to make their point. It’s okay if IT does it, but not us writers. Whatevs.
        I can think of better ways to spend my time.

      • My kinda juice box!
        I’ve got plenty of other things to do with my time too, in fact I’m fixing to create my weekly happy post :D. It helps me bring my troubles into perspective.

  3. I ignored her and continue to plan to do so. Histrionic and borderline personalities thrive on attention and drama. Best way to upset/discourage her is by refusing to play her reindeer games.

  4. i am on her hit list too and as an beta for EIM i was appalled at what she had written about her, i did not leave a message for all to see i sent numerous emails to FFN support email about plagiarism and cyber bullying. i don’t know how much it helped but i knew confronting her would get no where, she or her crew is feeding on our hate like a plague and it seems to only be making her think she is stronger than the rest of us. She spouts off for us to pull our smut down but damn her the smut isn’t even on FFN it is on WP. I guess she needs to figure out the difference but i am not the one who will be schooling her in the differences. Plus, it might just be me, but so many quest reviews, could it possibly be her and her cronies doing it to themselves to get our hackles up and to post our own nasty reviews. lunatics thrive on controversy and she has it in spades now every time a quest review goes up. Because you know she could delete the quest reviews with a click of a button. just saying. KY

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s leaving reviews for herself that are meant to piss people off. Truthfully, I don’t think it matters whether she’s doing it herself or if other people are leaving them. I noticed a few people are missing from the list since the other day. I would LOVE for her to take on FDM (Fardareismai2 if you’re not familiar with the abridged version of her name lol). Just to read the legalese that FDM could bury her in would be comical enough for me, and that’s without her expert level of snark. Then again I think she’s probably above that at this point, as are so many other authors. Like does this troll think she’s the first one to spring up? I’ve been dealing with this shit for about as long as I’ve been in the fandom. She’s not the first and she won’t be the last. There’s always going to be some keyboard crusader who thinks they’re going to burn the ass of ever smut writer out there and guess what? It accomplishes exactly nothing. Why? Because this is a complete NONISSUE in a world full of real problems. No one is breaking any laws. No animals are being harmed in the process of posting these stories. If your delicate sensibilities can’t handle foul language and filthy fuck scenes, get off the interwebs and go back to your sandbox where you belong.

      • Amen. Trying to police or censor the Internet is like what my daughter describes as a nightmare of hers: She works with 2-year-olds in a daycare center and they have a ratio of caregiver to toddlers. Her nightmare is that she’s there, at work, in the 2-year-old room, ALONE. With all 20 of them! She’s running around trying to corral them all into one place for juice, for snack, for diapering – that would be real nightmare – for just about anything you can think of, she has to do it all;
        Alone with 20 TWO-YEAR-OLDS!
        To me, that’s the equivalent of trying to police the Internet. Insanity.

  5. I was appalled to see Angela on there and her comments along with many other writer’s names. I did report her for her plagiarism when it was brought to my attention, but that’s it since I’m never on there to begin with. Once I stopped posting on there, I stopped having anything to do with ff.net because of all the guest reviews and plagiarism. I cannot believe this person complains about smut on ff.net and then steals others work and posts it. It boggles my mind why anyone would do that, but I’ve learned I’ll never understand why people do those type of acts.

    • To me it’s baffling why she would choose to plagiarize work from other sites that have absolutely nothing to do with the rules and regulations or terms of service on FFN. It just makes absolutely no sense. I haven’t been on that site in forever either. I gave up posting there a long time ago. Anything I read now gets emailed to me directly or I get a blog post notification. I’m too busy writing to get much reading done, as my inbox can attest to since I have tons of unread stuff kjwrit has sent me. I’m awful.

      It also never occurred to me to try and police other people. I can only think of one other instance when I reported someone and it was because they had written what was clearly a rape story and they were trying to pass it off as a “dark Eric” story. Like no, honey, that’s rape. When Sookie says no and Eric still has sex with her an in any way, shape or form, it’s rape. Otherwise, I let sleeping dogs lie. I may not like a story but that’s okay. No one is forcing me to read it. I just move on.

  6. Maybe I’m silly, but–looking at the “hit” list–I find myself honored to be on it. So many wonderful, talented writers. I do, however, wanna write in to complain that I was obviously “second string.” There’s the original alphabetical list and then some stragglers. I’m a — sigh — straggler. What I think is this: I have the company of wonderful artists and friends. I doubt the creator of that list has many people to treasure in the same way. And that’s sad. I’ll always fight against and report plagiarism, but I’ve become weary of fighting against basic asininity (except in cases like Kleannhouse outlined above when our beloved, deceased comrade was denigrated). As for myself, I’m choosing to ignore the hater, and be happy that I made the list of “hits” from the wonderful authors I found myself included with.

    • Oh it’s funny you mention that you feel honored. After I posted this tonight Missy Dee and I briefly considered writing an acceptance speech to post on Dirty Lemons for making the cut even though we don’t post on FFN. Like I said, I’m an old timer. I was around for when that fanfic union whatever they were called years ago were going around reporting stories in droves. I’ve seen plenty of friends have work pulled without warning or have their account suspended because of these keyboard crusaders. It was part of the reason I stopped posting over there. I didn’t feel like the site was respecting the talent that was bringing traffic to the web page. There are plenty of other options when it comes to posting and WordPress doesn’t monitor content or restrict what can and can’t be posted. So it just made sense to switch over.

      When Missy and I first started talking about writing together we made the conscious decision to post over here exclusively because we knew the kind of stories we wanted to write would get yanked in a second over there. We didn’t want to deal with the headache. The fact that the troll has taken it upon herself to go through WordPress accounts…

      But like you, I’m not offended that I made the list. I wrote what I wrote and I stand by it. I’m proud of the growth I’ve shown as an author and of the work I’ve done. I’m not interested in the validation of a troll; someone who probably doesn’t like themselves all that much. If it helps, you’re not second string in my book, and I know you’re not in the eyes of the people that matter around here. You’re a fabulous writer. Like all the others, she’ll get bored and go back under her bridge where she belongs before you know it. I’ve outlasted them all.

      • LOL. I’d happily be “second string” on that list of “hits!” Yeah–I remember the nonsense years ago that caused the exodus of so many wonderful authors from ff.net. Now, with the directory, I hardly miss reading from ff.net, though I still post there b/c of a few of my original readers. If I’m “disappeared,” it won’t break my heart. The fact that the troll has looked at WordPress and included writers that are only on it in the list of those breaking ff.net rules simply adds to the overall idiocy of her argument.

      • I really should just pull everything down completely. Not because of what this troll is doing but because it’s somewhat ridiculous to have my stuff there when I don’t update anything. I get tired of the PMs from people asking me to link them to WordPress. I’m not sure what’s difficult about doing a Google search for “makesmyheadspin wordpress” but it seems to be like moving the rock of Gibraltar for some people. And yes, the idiocy is overwhelming. I’m not sure why she thinks FFN rules apply to WordPress accounts. It’s brain damage at its finest, from all I can tell.

  7. I commented on her “stories”. I pointed out to her that she was posting someone else’s work – and I now have a follower lol!! I, along with a few other ladies, have been identified as a follower of smut because we signed in. I was disappointed to read that because she stole the work from another site, the lovely admins, wouldn’t / couldn’t do anything.

    • That’s exactly why FFN is a bullshit website. They’ll yank your stuff down for violating their TOS, yet plagiarism from somewhere else on the net doesn’t count? That baffles me. Frankly, if someone plagiarizes fanfiction there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it. It’s when they take it, edit it and try to make a profit from it (like that one asshole did to Heather) that we’re going to rumble. Seriously. I’ll straight cut a bitch for that.

  8. As a member of “the list”, I feel honored to be included in the higher echelon. I haven’t stooped to el/la troll’s level and replied to anything as I see her/him as nothing more than yet another in a series of FF trolls off their meds, but I just don’t have the time or the fucks to give to rabid keyboard drama teens.

    Trolls like that and the resulting lack of support from the “powers that don’t” over on FF are the main reason I positively dread posting over on FF these days. I still load most chapters there because of the readers who for whatever reason haven’t moved over to WP or other, better, sites, but when I find myself glaring at the screen in dread…

    For anyone wanting to permanently leave FF, here’s a handy little site where you can download all your reviews, stories, etc beforehand so you won’t lose anything: http://storymaster.the-code-monkey.com/story-master-v-2-0-beta/

    And now to continue ignoring troll-tantrums…yeah, I have dishes to wash and a doggie to walk. Life, yo.

    • Ooooh thank you for the link! I’m going to have to check this out. I’ve been thinking about closing my account over there for some time now since I never use it anymore. It’s just one less headache to deal with if I close it. Of course the stubborn side of me wants to wait until this troll gets bored and moves on to something else to fill her sad life with. You know how they say we can’t let the terrorists win and all that jazz. But good for you for not responding and feeding its faux outrage. For the life of me, I will never understand people like that and I hope I never do. Thanks again for the link!

      • I’m with you – I just do NOT get it. If they have a problem (real or imagined) with a story, then why don’t they just report it and get on with their day? Or, better yet, click off the story and find something more to their liking? Oh, right – that whole “being an adult is too hard” thing…

        Hope the link helps. Sometimes (rarely, but it can happen) it can take up to a day to receive the email with the compressed file to download, but it’s an awesome tool. I’ve never tried it to grab stories off other sites, but I keep an updated file of my posted chapters and reviews, etc., from FF for when the time comes for me to flounce off in a heated snit – but like you, Imma be stubborn and wait till she moves on to other things first… (Insert all appropriate finger-snapping and “So there”ing, too, dammit.)

  9. I looked up this one and didn’t like what I read. “catspats31” Like you I don’t understand them. If they don’t like what they read they don’t have to open the file. I did report NO MA to FF so I hope that was some help.
    Love your attitude. Thanks for the stories

  10. Well, I reported her mainly because of the harassment and then the plagiarizing she had done to two writers for whom I beta. Fortunately, the one writer was only harassed the one time, and the Queen was able to get plagiarized story removed, and the other plagiarized stories were removed as well. Trolls will keep popping up on that site; they always have, they always will. It’s a toxic site where they unfortunately allow people anonymity, and when that happens it brings out the worst in people. As long as they can hide behind that, they’ll do or say anything. The one thing those people won’t do is move on if they don’t like or are offended by someone’s story. At least they’re consistent in their rude & hateful comments.
    I’ll take blatant honesty, like yours, Meg!

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