Earworm & New Chapter

So as I was chillin’ like a villain at home yesterday (after pulling an employee of the month move by voluntarily going in to work to finish up payroll and make my boss’s life a little easier on what turned out to be a shitbomb of a day there) I ended up catching most of an old episode of Behind the Music on VH1 Classic.

No, not that. The real show. It was a remastered edition of the Hall & Oates episode. If you don’t know who Hall & Oates is, you might be too young to be reading my work. Just saying.

Anyway… as you all know, Wifey loves her pop culture references. You know, like this…

If you can throw the ’80s in with that? Well shit, son. So thanks to VH1 Classic I now have this friggin’ song clouding up my brain matter.


Or you can skip the video and go straight to the new chapter.

Chapter 3: Vanished

3 thoughts on “Earworm & New Chapter

  1. HA! That was Hall & Oates comeback from the 70’s! I loved them. They were really popular around the mid-70’s, and then they disappeared for awhile. Thanks to MTV, they had a great comeback with their videos & great songs. Those “Behind the Music” shows were pretty good too. I had no idea they were running them on VH1 Classic… Damn! I hate being/feeling this old! Thanks for the info though! I hope the two of you have great birthdays & celebrate well!! 🙂

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