I’m Still Here…

So back in September I started a new job. In January my supervisor gave his notice. When he left I got promoted. Awesome, I know. I’m stoked because it means I have a regular schedule and only work day shifts. The raise doesn’t hurt either. However, I’m still at work for more than 40 hours a week. Missy and I have been writing pretty regularly so that takes up a lot of my time when I’m home. My time to write at work is almost nonexistent anymore since there are way more people around during the day and I don’t have a private office. It’s not a good writing environment.

That said, I haven’t forgotten about the biker or the FBI agent. I’ve been looking for time to write them. I also promised Ali I’d read a work in progress of hers and I’ve been slacking on it big time. It would help if I didn’t pass out by ten most nights.

Tomorrow is laundry/DVR catch up day (I’m behind on Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and The Walking Dead like whoa). Maybe I’ll finally get some reading done for Ali. I also can’t wait for you guys to read the story Missy and I are working on because the characters are based on guys I work with and omg. I’ll try to get pics of them for you. I’m weaving real work stories into the fiction. It pays to be the only female in that frat house, believe me. It’s definitely the most entertaining job I’ve ever had.

Eh, what the heck? I’ll give you a little teaser…

Lay Low

Bobby was the kind of guy who liked to talk a lot of shit about how important he was. He wanted everyone to think he was tough but most of his stories ended with twenty of his “friends” kicking someone’s ass in his defense. I wasn’t sure how that made Bobby a badass, but whatever. The stories were either all bullshit or so warped to make them cooler that they became bullshit.

No one believed anything Bobby said.

But Bobby had something to prove, I supposed. I didn’t feel like I did. If I was in his shoes I may have felt differently. On some level I felt bad for Bobby. Life and genetics had conspired against him and the result was a very insecure liar. He was mostly harmless but he was pretty annoying most of the time.

He parked his beat up ’93 Ranger and got out. I had no clue what he was doing at the shop. It was possible that Hot Rain was going to do a side job for him. It wasn’t uncommon for guys to use the shop after hours. Hot Rain would do odd jobs for cash on the side on Sunday all the time.

“Eric, I’m gonna wash my car tonight. Can you get the Cobalt out of the bay over there?” Bobby pointed to a black Cobalt in the oil change bay that was up on lifts.

Was he serious?

“No, Bobby. Dawson’s working on it. Wash your car on your own time,” I told him.

He got that tough guy look on his face but I wasn’t intimidated by it. He walked by me into the office Sookie was in, much to her annoyance.

He was only five hours early for his shift…

“Hey, Bobby,” Sookie said as sweetly as possible. I could hear the undertones of annoyance.

“Oh good, it’s you and not Rasul,” he said like he didn’t stare at the schedule, waiting for something magical to happen.

I heard the creak when Bobby sat down on the other chair in the room. It probably muffled Sookie’s groan.

“My girlfriend and I broke up,” Bobby said and I heard Sookie try to make a laugh sound like a convincing cough.

“Oh, that’s too bad,” she said. “Ummm… sorry.”

“She called me the other night when she was with some guy friend of hers and said she was feeling sexual,” he told Sookie. I slapped my hand over my mouth. “I guess she slept with him. I was with my buddies from the bar when she told me so they went after the guy and beat him up.”


I was dying.

That Bobby story there is a true story. The guys I work with are characters. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Later, homies!

11 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…

  1. That is awesome. Hope things open up for you to share more soon! I was thinking about you FBI story the other day, wondering how all that was going to turn out. 🙂 thanks for making the time to write when you can 🙂

  2. I worked with a guy like that .. He actually said ” it’s not my problem if people believe my storys.. No one said they were the truth” I told him
    “When You say ” last night ..” Truth is implied .. ”
    This looks funny ..I love real life characters .. Sometimes it’s like you really can’t make this shit up it has to be real .

  3. Enjoyed this and glad to hear about your work success! I started a new job in February and I get the falling asleep by 10pm thing, except I still work until 10 some nights.

    I’m also excited about a biker story, cuz I am one. I wish I had more time to read and let’s not talk about how far behind I am on tv shows. I also like Chicago Fire and Chicago PD but also The Blacklist.

  4. Lol, nothing funnier than real life characters. If I ever pluck up enough courage to write a story I’m making one of my sisters a character. You could run a soap opera for years on her antics. And not in a good way!

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