The Bonus to Working Overnights…

It’s quiet here at work (for the most part) overnight and I’m pretty much here alone so it means I have plenty of time to write. That’s how I was able to finish another chapter so fast. This chapter brings in a few new (but familiar) faces. Like this one… a personal favorite of Wifey’s.


Fiona? What’s this Fiona nonsense. Oh you’ll find out. In due time. *insert evil laugh*

The great thing is that I have a plot worked out in my head for this, which makes me super happy. I’m trying not to over-think it too much because that seems to be how I get myself written into a corner. Hopefully, all the bunnies play nicely and do their part. I foresee some angst ahead but what kind it is remains to be seen.

Angst babies, you’ve been warned.

Seeds of Memory- 5: Fireball

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