Days Off Are Glorious…

And I have had so few of them in the last few weeks it’s truly appalling. Somehow this week I managed to snag three. Today I pampered myself with a mani/pedi that was much needed. The condition of my poor tootsies tells me I need to get my booty back to the beach pronto. Who in Florida wants to adopt me? I’ll write you smut and make you tasty homemade Alfredo sauce. Seriously.

Oh and for anyone looking for the perfect opening line when meeting a celebrity, I think I found it today on Facebook. I suggested Missy use it next time she goes SkarsStalking because she’s always worried about what to say. I can pretty much guarantee he’s never heard this before:

Winner? I think so.

Since I happen to agree with Quentin Tarantino that goals are the thing you talk about instead of the thing you do, I don’t bother making New Years resolutions so I have none to share with you all. Who really sticks with them anyway? If you want to do something, do it. Don’t wait for the start of the New Year.

But, if you are a stickler for making resolutions I wish you all the luck in sticking with them.



Seeds of Memory- 4: A Promise to Keep

8 thoughts on “Days Off Are Glorious…

  1. I just love reading your thoughts. You have such an amazing mind, young person! Agree wholeheartedly about the resolutions. The timeline’s great if you need it, otherwise, go for it. Wishing you some warm weather.
    Buena Suerte en los todos y Prospero Año y Felicídad!

    • Muchas gracias!

      Weather hasn’t been too terrible. The forecasters were saying that this winter was going to be worse than last winter but so far it hasn’t been too terrible. Although this has been the darkest December Chicago has seen in a long time. I don’t mind the clouds. It’s good for when I have to sleep during the day so I’m not complaining one bit.

      I’m glad my strange brain amuses you. It annoys me most of the time. Stinkin’ flighty muses!

      Happy new year to you too! xoxo

  2. I’m about to move to a town with a beach, but I’m thinking high temps of 24 Celsius isn’t what you are looking for 😉

    The quote picture won’t open for me on this phone 😦 Could you please let me know what it says!

    Hope your tootsies stay happy!

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